Marla Sokoloff Jokes 4-Year-Old Daughter Acts Like Her ‘Colleague’: ‘She Calls My Friends By Their First Names’

07/29/2016 at 10:45 AM ET

Marla Sokoloff has two little girls under the age of 5, but one of them — her older daughter, 4-year-old Elliotte Anne — is already getting a head start on growing up.

“[Elliotte] literally thinks she’s a colleague of mine,” the actress, 35, told PEOPLE Wednesday at the Crown Media Summer TCA Event for the Hallmark Channel in Beverly Hills. “She thinks that she is an adult, calls my friends by their first names. She thinks she’s in everything.

“She is in probably one of the most hilarious phases of her life thus far,” adds Sokoloff, who is married to composer Alec Puro and also mom to 16-month-old daughter Olive Mae.

Marla Sokoloff Parenting July 27 2016
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Sokoloff, who is known for her role as Stephanie Tanner’s frenemy Gia on Full House and later starring on The Practice, also touched on her younger daughter‘s current milestones.

“She’s just in that sweet spot,” Sokoloff says. “I remember [experiencing this age] with my older daughter … and that is just, from here until 2 is so fun.”

The actress and mom of two adds, “She’s just learning to walk and talk, and so that experience is so great.”

The PEOPLE blogger admits that she — like most moms — follows her instincts in the hopes that she’s doing what’s right for her daughters.

“When you’re like, ‘No, we need rules, I’m changing it.’ Then you’re like, ‘Oh no, now I’m too mean,’ ” she shares of the insecurities she faces when tackling how to find the right balance in disciplining her kids.

” ‘How am I supposed to do this?’ I think I question everything,” she says, adding jokingly, “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.”

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SMH on

Misguided parenting at it’s best lol it’s cute now but it wont be when she’s mouthing off with zero respect for her elders. Children don’t just miraculously grow out of “phases”. We’re supposed to teach and guide them through the phases with morals, manners, and respect. If she thinks she’s equal to an adult, she will eventually think she doesn’t have to listen to any adults, if they don’t nip it in the butt. Kids test their boundaries and she is allowing her daughter to be a real testy one.

J on

My daughter is 8 and I’m 35… While my parents didn’t talk to me about how to address adults I make sure my daughter always refers to adults by Miss or Mr (Mr Bob, Miss Lisa)… I’m not sure if she’ll respect adults more than a child that doesn’t address adults in the same manner but I’m trying to do the best that I can to teach her to respect her elders.

Mrs. B on

It’s not cute that a child refers to an adult by their first name. It’s disrespectful and her parents need to teach her now what’s appropriate to say. If they don’t teach her how to properly address adults, someone else might do it. I’m sure they don’t someone else correcting their child,

Kim on

It’s interesting to me that people find it a problem that children address adults by their given name. I always did the same as a child and, gasp! I was a kind and respectful child, and grew into a kind and respectful adult.

Denise on

I agree with the other writers the disrespect that it shows by allowing a child to call adults by their first name. We were always taught that you are to address Elders as Miss or mr. Or uncle and auntie and endearment but never by their first name. Children need to learn boundaries early and consistently and they also need to learn that there’s a lane that they’re supposed to stay in as a child. They are not pretty much should baby weigh in on adult conversations. As we see today with a lot of Millennials they grow up to be spoiled brats who think that they can say and do anything in any situation. And I can tell you from working in the workplace with them it’s not cool. So to the actress who thinks that is funny it’s really not when your child doesn’t know how to be respectful and doesn’t grow up to be an adult that’s respectful and understands boundaries well. Take heed.

Elizabeth on

Why is this so disrespectful?? I hate when people call me Mrs… The name a child uses doesn’t always reflect disrespect – does the child use good manners, make eye-contact, use appropriate tone and language. That’s much more important that using a first or last name.

Fauxshion on

Way to perpetuate BAD manners publicly! Children need to learn to address adults with respect & not by first name basis!

whitney8580 on

I would prefer for anyone, even children, to call me by my first name rather than throwing Miss in front of it. My kids call my friends by their first names and their aunts as well and they know their boundaries. Maybe it’s a Southern thing or a generational thing but I hardly find that disrespectful.

anonymous on

Kids growing up need to learn to learn manners and respect to others so they’re more likely to have good manners when they’re adults.

Hea on

We stopped using Miss, Mr and Mrs in the 60s here. We use first names and still manage to show respect. My worth is not in my title.

Omeca on

I don’t know her in person, but it looks like she has well mannered daughters.

Wow on

It’s not the lack of titles that is disrespectful. It’s the mentality that she allows her daughter to think she has equal say in an adult conversation that will lead to boundary issues. Kids are kids. Adults are adults. Kids who think they’re adults and the adults that act like children are the problem.

von on

Nothing is wrong to call people on first names though calling Mr, Mrs, Miss sound more polite.