Zoë Saldana Says Grandparents and Nannies Are a Huge Help in Raising Twin Sons: We ‘Have a Great Village’

07/27/2016 at 11:30 AM ET

Zoë Saldana has proven her space-influenced acting skills, zipping around onscreen universes in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Star Trek films — including the newest installment in the latter series, Star Trek Beyond.

Perhaps a more out-of-this world challenge for her? Juggling a hectic filming schedule with parenting twins. Luckily, her husband Marco Perego is there to help her find the balance.

“We’re a good team, but we also have a great village, so his parents are around. And when they can’t [be], then my mother’s around, but we always have our nannies,” Saldana, 38, tells PEOPLE of parenting now-20-month old sons Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio with Perego, who is an Italian-born artist.

“If we’re [filming] on location, my husband will be with us for 10 days and then he’ll fly back for four, but we can’t be more than one week away from each other,” she adds. “That’s a promise we’ve made that we’re trying to keep.”

Zoe Saldana Star Trek Filming with Twin Sons
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The feminist actress and dancer is also candid about how her life, and its scheduling priorities, has changed even after the cameras stop rolling.

“Last summer, [when] we were shooting [Star Trek Beyond], the whole cast got to spend more time together because half of them are not parents yet, and I had twin boys that were 6 months old,” she recounts. “I had just gotten over breastfeeding and I just couldn’t come out every evening after shooting and having dinner.

“I didn’t want to, either,” she continues. “I wanted to go home, and [with] the only 20 minutes that I had, I wanted to bathe my boys and put them to sleep.”

Run …. Corran… Correte

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At least they're recycling…

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And though the mother of two understands the changes that come along with having children, there are some things about her pre-mom life that she admittedly misses.

“These are sacrifices that you make and you have to make them willingly, but you also have to be disciplined and determined,” Saldana says.

“Every other day I wanted to drink a bottle of wine and pass out like I used to — watching, like, investigative shows,” she admits. “I can’t do that [now].”

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Dawn on

Those babies are delicious!
And, Zoe, you can still have half a bottle of wine after you out the babies to bed haha

JustSayin on

Nannies? As in plural? For two children? What does her husband do? It just seems odd to need nannies. Why have children if you can’t take care of them yourself like normal people? Your parents, his parents, you and him and ya’ll still need more than one nanny?

Tammy on

@ JustSayin, she has to work, plus they have money and can afford to hire nannies!

J on

What’s wrong with her having nannies if she can afford it. Her husband is a working artist. Also, it’s not a grandparent’s job to watch their grandchildren 24/7. Maybe they have a 1st shift nanny, 2nd shift nanny, and a sleepover w/ grandparents. Their choice.

Gharam on

The so-called father needs to get a dna test because those twins look nothing like him. Something is wrong! The father is white!?!

Vinny on

Their twins are so cute! Good for them.

Juan on

Her twins do not look swirly they look 100% BLACK.


Why are her children so dark?

Juan on

Boy, her boys are really dark.

BeenThere77 on

😂 her children are too dark to be half white. Clearly some posters don’t know DNA works.

Shocked on

Her boys are really dark?? Really!?? What in the world. If you have kids you know that the genes can run deep on any side. I have mixed raced siblings and some look really “white” and some look really “dark”

Mrs. B on

I wish she’d show their faces or don’t even bother to show them at all. For those who are commenting on their complexion- their mother is brown skinned. They took after her more than their father.

rowansmom711 on

I guess it’s a good thing that she can’t drink a bottle of wine at night all the time and “pass out” like she used to. That’s alarming.

Peachy on

20 minutes a day with your kids? Seriously, do you think they will even know you or be influenced by you in any way? Sacrificing would be not working while you are bf and your babies were infants and you could only get in 20 min a day with them. Sorry, she shouldn’t have had kids… “Always” having the nannies…such a cop out.

Lauren on

I’m shocked by the negativity on here. This woman is opening up and being candid about her life. Twins are HARD! Shoot, one baby is hard. Just let her do her thing.

Ange on

At least she is honest about it and not acting like it is all her and all great. Kudos

Smh on

Nannies!!!for 2 children!!!!i stopped working when we had kids until they were in school full time…we made sacrifices and did w/o while minus the one income. Poor thing spent 20 minutes bathing her kids and putting them To bed….wake up this is not parenting….it doesn’t take a village it takes being a parent

Lena C. on

Having a nanny versus using a day care for outside help is no different. And there are many many day cares in the world to help parents out. Like regular parents, Zoe and Marco work – so you have some help you. Not a big deal. As for skin tone, between the light in the pictures as well as it being summer, it is quite possible for them to be dark. Please note how Zoe has beautiful dark brown skin and her husband has lovely olive skin. I could see how her yummy babies ended up the way they did. Shoo nasty trolls.

wow really? on

I see the mental midgets are commenting again. She said she had 20min break while she was filming the movie, what about that didn’t you comprehend. She didn’t say it’s all the time, only while she was filming. She needs nannies because of filming scheduling. She can’t just stop working in the middle of a scene to tend to her babies, also husband is working tooooooo.

GetALife on

Geez! So many judgmental people here!! There is such thing as highly successful parents that work FULL TIME (40+ hours a week) and contribute something valuable to society, as opposed to those of you who hover over your kids every minute of the day while planning “play dates” and happy hours with all your stay-at-home-mom-friends. I guarantee you Zoe’s children will grow up feeling loved, privileged, well-educated AND will love their mother every bit as much as all your perfectly raised children love you! So, go find something else to occupy your time while your children nap instead of judging other parents on PEOPLE.com in your exuberant amount of spare time as a full time parent!!

@Smh on

@Smh; get off your high horse and stop whining. You are NOT her and I doubt you make as much money as her. She HAD a different career, one that is demanding in a different way but that also gives her the ability to hire as many nannies as she wishes and she can afford it. Clearly you seem to think that you are better than her when it comes to parenting, you’re not! To each there own.

LizOrtiz on

Yes honey work if you must but I see you being the boss, from your man’s all the way down to your momma. Hell as long as them babies are healthy right?

M Love on

I don’t know about you women but I raised 6 kids on my own after my husband passed and the only thing I took a 20 min break was to pray for strength. Kids are grown, well adjusted and independent. Without nannies and all the extra. To each their own indeed.

Meena on

Zoe’s twins are so cute!

Jamie on

What’s wrong with nannies? Not only are they helping, Zoe and her Husband are giving employment to people who want and need it.