Happy Baby! Kim Kardashian West Shares Adorable New Video of Giggly Son Saint

07/27/2016 at 03:54 PM ET

File this under: Cutest baby picture you’ll see all week.

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West took to Snapchat to give fans a glimpse at her adorable (and rarely documented!) son Saint, 7 months — and it’s safe to say that smile could melt ice caps.

Saint West
Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

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In the Snapchat video, Kardashian West, 35, films her baby boy in his stroller. Saint, wearing white shorts, a black t-shirt and one very cute bib, giggles as he looks to the side before making eye contact with Mom.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who welcomed Saint on Dec. 5 with her husband Kanye West, 39, has remained fairly private about her little one, sharing only a handful of photos publicly since his birth — similar to the way she handled daughter North‘s first year. (North, 3, is now quite the social media star.)

Most recently, Kardashian West revealed her son said the word “Dada” for the first time.

“He said ‘Dada’ today, three times, and I was like, ‘What?’ ” the reality star told E! News at MGM Grand’s Hakkasan in Las Vegas on Friday. “Kanye was so excited. He was like: ‘I told him to say that.’ I was like, ‘I just really wanted him to say ‘Mama’ first.’ ”

— Aurelie Corinthios

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Mrs. B on

He’s a cute baby. He looks like Kim with Kanye’s complexion.

erica2 on

He looks like a black version of his cousin Mason to me the kardashian genes are strong!

Mandy on

Those kids are the only things cute about that family! Kendall’s pretty cute too, however.

Just saying on

The kid does not look swirly. He looks 100% black, not mixed.

nancie on

He is really really REAAAALLLY CUTE! So is his sister.

Callie on

I’m sure the video was shot by the nanny because Kim was out and about shopping or taking nude pics of herself!!!

Steph on

Yeah right the kid was looking at mom. The nanny is the one who cares for the kid. I’m not sure if he’s cute or not! Do the chop and crop him too?

Anonymous on

He looks like Kanye. When North was a baby, she looked more like Kim.

carolsercombe on

His complexion is completely different from his sisters. They are both cuties though.

Kelly on

He’s adorable! I forgot she had another baby.

Samantha on

Adorable… Cute kids!

Anonymous on

I hate to say anything nice about these people, but – my goodness – that is an absolutely ADORABLE baby!

mama on

too dark.

Marcia Moger on

Isn’t there anything in this world more important than the Kardashians and every move they make. I am sick of the constant mention and photos of people who are not in the real world and every move they make plus a big butt naked in your face from every angle…..who does s she think she is? GET REAL KIM!

Dark on

Boy he’s really dark.

Brit on

This one is cute…his sister, not so much. Too bad they’ve wound up in such a narcissistic family.

Anonymous on

Kim and Kanye are obnoxious, yes. But they do have gorgeous children!!!

masonlookalike on

I agree he looks like his cousin Mason!


Am I the only one that seespecially him smiling until he looks at his mom??

Mrs. B on

People who are commenting on the baby’s complexion being too dark need to be quiet. He’s the color that God wants him to be. I think both of her children are adorable. Anybody who says something mean about a baby is an evil person.

Ginger on

Is he wearing makeup? LOL. Just kidding, He does look cute.

skigirl25 on

Hope he doesn’t grow up begging people for money like Kanye did.

rachel on

They have cute kids.

me on

There actually IS a new baby!

Please Please Please Look At Me on

He’s cute, but do you have to suck the air out of our atmosphere with your self centeredness? Other people have cute babies too. Can’t you think of someone besides yourself? You make me S I C K.

Anonymous on

He looks like Lamar , hmmmmm Kim …..

Sara on

He looks like Lamar odam … Hmmmmmm kim

Anonymous on

Does that oreo have on finger nail polish?

Really? on

Does that oreo have on finger nail polish?

Anonymous on

What are whe done having a party in Vegas so you want us to think its time for the kid?

Anonymous on

She doesn’t spend too seconds with this kid.

Tanya on

Not a fan of Kim or Kayne but their son is truly adorable!!

angela on

He’s beautiful

angie on

He’s the kid with the beauty ..North will probably have the brains

ellwn on

Beautiful boy and sweet video! You can tell he is a happy loved baby! North is a beautiful little girl, I love her little teeth when she smiles. Love seeing videos of her. Lots of cuteness going on!

Vee on

I feel sorry for the West kids. They have ridiculous names, narcissistic parents (who I imagine can’t wait to get them off to plastic surgeons), and won’t know what normal life is like without cameras flashing around them.

Nick on

where’s my comment PEOPLE? Or was it not good enough for you since I’m not praising KIM? Poor mite has a ginormous head and ears….THAT’S why he is in the stroller…and she hasn’t posted many pics…..KIM must be gutted and waiting for his hair to grow in… SORRY if the KK fans are offened….cute smile though.


Those pictures were done around father’s day, June 19. A little late in posting them.

jesse on

Wow. He looks like an boy from Ethiopia.

sue's on

I agree with the person saying that North looks like her mom and little bit like Kris and Saint looks like his dad… Yes both kids are cute…

TigerMoon2 on

I just came to make a comment, didn’t even read the article except to note the cute baby picture. Cute baby! I wasn’t going to come here at all, until I realized something. That I don’t care about seeing pictures of Kim and Kanye’s kids… because I don’t like Kim and Kanye. A lot of people don’t, and I think it’s a shame that Kim and Kanye’s kids are going to suffer for it. Maybe they need to clean up their act before it gets any worse. Cute baby, though.

Ain't sayin she's a gold digger on

Looks like Kanye. Beautiful children.

desertmom on

I believe that Kim and Kanye should leave their kids out of the lime light for a while and allow them to be kids as our chance to be kids is not very long. And the children don’t need to have all the mean, nasty, negative comments made towards them, Shame on any parent who puts their children in that situation, can you imagine what the bullying is going to be like, when these children go to school and the other children realize who they are? Unless Kim and Kanye do as Will and Jada did, by making their own school for their kids so they could control who was in their kids classes. And at this point I am going to claim rights on any school Kim and Kanye come up with in the future for their children…. Because now that the idea has been put before them ……..

bmo on

Instead of having to remind everyone that she is a mother, she should behave like one and not bash other people’s children, or blame them for her husband’s stupidity.

skigirl25 on

That was stupid, People Mag. We wanted to see the giggle, not a reporter saying that there is a video of Saint giggling.

Lyn on

Hopefully he inherited some brains from his grandparents because his mom and dad are morons.

Anonymous on

Poor kid has no chance in life. Hopefully his nannies raise him somewhat well.

Rosie on

what a cutie! Not a fan but Kim has some gorgeous kids!!!!

kathyfromfla on

Cute kid. Sorry you have to be with parents such as yours.

Tanise on

There is no such thing as 100% black.

nope on

what a gorgeous kid.

Heather on

Omg I love him sooo adorable😀

Anonymous on

Dark is beautiful😄

Anonymous on

Some of these comments are beyond disturbing, he’s a child and this is a mom and child/baby site. This site should be monitored and the comments should be removed. If you don’t like the family, stop reading, clicking the stories and or commenting. Pretty simple.

Heather on

You are gorgeous Saint, black is beautiful they all hating over here wishing. That melanin you have , they wish they could have but they here too busy putting on sunblock or out there sunbathing to be like you☺️

Jessica on

Yes, her kids are adorable. Too bad they have such sh!77y parents and family to grow up in. Hope these two can become better. Hopefully the nannies are raising them right. Sorry Kim, but posting photos of your cute children will not change people’s thoughts on you.

Dawn on

desertmom, I totally agree with you, but you have to see that’s why Kim had them. They’re accessories to her fame. You always hear of them being away. It’s best for the kids, though. I would hope it’s all an act they make of themselves for Hollywood, but I really don’t see it being that way. They are two narcissistic parents who will do ANYTHING for attention. They could be good people to even get attention, but want to be those making people hate them.

Darryl on

So cute a God bless