Kim Kardashian Reveals Saint Said ‘Dada,’ but Admits She ‘Wanted Him to Say Momma First’

07/23/2016 at 08:59 AM ET

Friday was a big day for Kim Kardashian West, to say that least. Her son Saint said the word “Dada” for the first time.

“He said ‘Dada’ today, three times, and I was like, ‘What?,’ ” the reality star, 35, told E! News at MGM Grand’s Hakkasan in Las Vegas on Friday. “Kanye [West] was so excited. He was like ‘I told him to say that.’ I was like, ‘I just really wanted him to say Momma first.’ ”

The excitement continued into the evening, albeit in a different state, as Kardashian West headed to Nevada to celebrate the bachelorette party of one of her friends in Sin City.

Kim Kardashian in Vegas
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Kardashian West arrived at Hakkasan at 1 a.m. local time on Saturday with her squad, which included the bachelorette, as well as pals Larsa Pippen — wife of NBA legend Scottie Pippen — and E! News host Maria Menounos.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star looked stunning in a black figure-hugging dress while hanging out in the club into the early hours of Saturday morning.

“I’m definitely to my goal weight,” she told reporters, referencing the 70 lbs. she lost since giving birth to Saint in December, adding that she’s “definitely down way more than I expected.”

Since having her son Saint, Kardashian West has been a staunch supporter of the Atkins diet.

“The Atkins diet is so easy to me, because there are so many sweets and treats and stuff to keep you satisfied along the way,” she said, adding that her husband is “super into working out,” giving her a support system.

On Saturday morning, Kardashian West wasn’t completely thinking about her diet, sipping on Veuve Clicquot champagne with her group and taking selfies with friends and fans that clamored to be near her VIP table.

While listening to the sounds of Fergie DJ, Kardashian West beamed, trying to shift much of the attention onto her bachelorette friend.

“I’m so excited to be back at Hakkasan,” she told the crowd, encouraging them to party for her betrothed friend.

At 2:30 am, the reality star and her crew left the club.

— Mark Gray

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Anonymous on

No one gives a crap! Please stop writing articles about these two!! It’s a shame she’s even famous! It’s sad that she is a role model for kids today! Her and her husband our ruining our youth!

Anonymous on

That is just not true! We were all there and cot it on cell. He said ”yo ho” and we were not shocked! Whatz up?

ddnnj on

What he was trying to say was, “Get these egomaniacs away from me!” but dada is all that came out.

Elli on

She looks exactly like Kris in that picture.

Gramma2Four on

Yawn. Next.

Cynthia Young on

Awwww your son learned to say ‘Asshole” before he dais Mama. That’s cute.

Jeffrey on

PEOPLE……seriously, you are like a crack addict when it comes to the Kartrashians. Can you even go one damn day without talking about this family. I canceled my PEOPLE subscription because I was tired of paying to see this crap. Now I have to unsubscribe to your PEOPLE email updates to get away from them… need to go to rehab!!!

Anonymous on

Of course she wanted him to say momma, it’s all about Kim. Do the Kardashians own People? Why do we always have to see something about them EVERYDAY? They are nothing. Take a break from writing about them, they are not news worthy.

jezmyopinion on

Ha ha. He’ll be saying the myriad of nannies names before he says mom.

Cheryl S on

@Anonymous-She and her husband are ruining our youth? How about raising your children so that the actions of celebrities, whom they’ve never met nor will ever meet, do not impact our youth? It’s ridiculous to blame celebrities for how children are being raised ; take accountability as a parent!

Anonymous on

Who cares?!!!!!

Anonymous on

Like her son knows who she is…

Cj on

The kid may have said mama if she were ever around him. He’s going to learn the nannies name before he ever says mama. People magazine you are disgusting always reporting on this stupid egotistical, self absorbed twit.

S Luv on

What? Why is this in your magazine? Totally useless. Not entertaining.

amyinoaktown on

She probably did say it first, but KK missed it because she was saying cray, cray…..

Jane O'Neil on

I’m sure it was “Die Die” instead.

Eliz on

Of course he said “dada” first, developmentally that’s the first sound babies make. Non-story!

carol on

All I see in the photo is veins in her breasts. Ick!


90% of babies say Dada first you idiot

patty on

I kind of figured his first words would be “Na Na” for Nanny.

Meagan on

Ok…..she is a pretty woman, especially all made up, but she does not look “stunning” in that photo. She looks wet and like she needs a dress that actually fits her.

Charlotte on

Better to say da da than dum dum. That will come when he realizes his parents are I D I O T S!!


90% of babies say Dada first you idiot. Then the story swithes about your weight loss? Anything to keep the attention on you

Katie on

So who did Kim blow at people to get them to write nothing articles about her? Their 15 minutes are up. Move on already.

Jeannie on

Kim, just be happy he didn’t look at you and say ” ugh”

SW on

I am so tired of the “Kardashian” crappo makng headlines. No one cares Kim, about any of it. You’ve got enough money surely, leave the rest of us alone now!!!

Peggy on

I think Saint was saying Tay-Tay.

me on

Maybe the delay in saying your name first has something to do with leaving the club at 2:30am. Just throwing that out there.

guest on

It’s funny if he looked at her and said Momma, slut. Yep, that would be so appropriate.

Amy on

Probably trying to say Dumb Dumb

Ho'sTheWord on

How did he know who to call “dada”???? When your mom is a ho, hard to know who da daddy be!!

Girl Detective on

He did say mamma first. To the housekeeper.

Cleo on

Ugh, she always has to stay relevant. Who cares?

amy on

I call BULLPOOP. 7 months old? Really?

Truth is on

what is she trying to morph into??

Francine on

And in *important* news, 80 people were killed this afternoon and 231 injured in an ISIS attack on Afghan protesters in the Afghan capital.

Kim who? Oh yes, that inconsequential bimbo.

Anonymous on

Oh let’s cream Taylor Swift ILLEGALLY and when press does not go Kim’s way we can call People and make news on what our children just exclaimed. Funny, Kim has a HUGE head start on harming another woman and is not ahead only 7 days later – has to resort to heart string tugging children’s stories. The kids are gorgeous though.

Lois Lane on

I am so sure it will be “Bitch” before it is MaMa. But this story is sickening considering its Kim’s last real concern after trying to bury another female only seven days ago. And Kim had a HUGE head start!! So if she has to resort to her kids so soon for heart tugging news–desperate is not the word.

Psychic One on

Are you sure his first word wasn’t “Like”!!

Anonymous on

Saint probably said “momma” first…but to the nanny.

Geuest on

My baby said da da first too. But, he didn’t have a dad around as his dad left me when pregnant. He had never met him or heard of him. So, I knew his “da da” words were just babbling.

DL on

Big news! Puhleeze…The kid says a word that may or may not be Da Da, so she rushes off to Vegas to celebrate all weekend. He would have to know who she was if she expects him to say her name. Those poor kids!

Anonymous5 on

She gets paid for everything she says by name, from the name of the club, to the diet to the champagne. I don’t think she is stunning, and I think calling her son Saint is oretentious. If he’s a Saint, that makes them parents of a Saint?
I think we know enough about these people. I don’t like either of them. I don’t like what they did to Taylor Swift, they committed a felony, and it seems a mean thing to do to anyone. I wish People would write about someone else. Years ago People wrote about real people.

Anonymous on

Y’all are making me regret subscribing.

kathyfromfla on

Really, People- this is news? Nobody cares! I feel sorry for Saint. Trashy Mom. Crazy da da!

Ellie on

What a lame, bs article. This kid’s parents out creating nasty drama for a young girl…illegally taping her calls and trying to demoralize her…and People comes out with this nonsense on their kid?? No one gives a sh@t.

Anita on

This woman has never worn a dress that actually fit her properly. Her breasts look crammed in there. And why is it that she (nor her sisters) ever wear any Yeezy outfits other than during a fashion show. It’s because Kanye’s tattered clothing line looks ridiculous and they all know it.

gardenboy on

The kid probably said “dada” to the gardener and “momma” to the maid,as they are the ones it sees more of!!

Gigi on

We all know he’s not going to call her Momma, he’s going to call her the big B word. Boys a usually always treat their mothers and other women just like their Dada’s do. Kim’s head looks way to big for her body now. I wonder if she’s had the stomach surgery.

Vanessa on

I’m surprised the kid knows who his parents are.

anonymous on

Kim looks gorgeous in this pictures!

Sam on

Gorgeous. …

olivia on

Saint will probably be saying, who is this Beach

Wow on

@Cheryl while I agree with you to an extent, parents are not the only influence a child has in this day and age of social media. Once they hit middle school to high school, they form their own opinions and stick to them. We can all try to instill only the best of morals and knowledge in our children but it will always be there choice on whether or not to heed the lesson. “Role models” like Kimye, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Beiber are what they look up to and want they want to be in their youth unfortunately.

Anonymous on

you do realize that don’t have to click on the article, read it and or comment? Everytime you do you are causing more traffic and the site to keep bringing more articles for the family.

puzzlenutty on

What he really said was “Nanny”, since that is who is actually raising him outside of the publicity shots!

jan on

poor Kimmy–she’s had to share attention with the events in France, Germany, Turkey, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Dallas, the Trump circus in Cleveland, the upcoming Democratic convention in Philadelphia, the Pokemon Go game, etc. After the Taylor Swift feud, she had to go ask the nanny for info on her son so she could post the “look, everybody, look what a great mommy I am” story.

Hea on

I don’t understand her hairstyle. It looks either completely wet or extremely greasy.

JPO on

Sausage ready to burst….

jackie on

I only hope that People’s editors actually read their audiences’ comments. No one want to read any MORE about the Kardashian family. What have they done for charity? What have they done to improve our world? Do they have any talent? I expect better from your magazine and that’s why I canceled my subscription. You might as well join forces with National
Enquiror. Trash!

Anonymous on

funny how people on here whinge about Kim and the Kardashians, and yet she has the most comments on here LOOOOL. So basically you all saw the headline, her picture, clicked, read it then proceeded to comment on someone you supposedly detest? yeah make sense. Ahem.

Anonymous on

No one. You do know what that means, right? . That means, not one single person and that is just not true. They have a LOT of fans. Nice try.

Tina on

This is a fantastic picture of Kim!