Ivanka Trump Praises Her ‘Amazing Siblings’ as She Reunites with Her Children Following RNC

07/22/2016 at 11:00 AM ET

Ivanka Trump is back home with her kids, but part of her is still reliving the past few days.

“So proud of my amazing siblings,” the businesswoman and daughter of 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wrote on Instagram Friday, tagging her brothers Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump, as well as sister Tiffany Trump.

The scene-stealer in the snap is Ivanka’s 3-month-old son Theodore James, though, who is looking into the camera with an adorable smile on his face while strapped to his mom’s front in a baby carrier.

“Great work!” the mom of three, 34, adds to the Instagram caption, pointing at a CNN recap showing herself and her three siblings giving speeches to support their father at this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ivanka Trump Instagram Following RNC
Source: Ivanka Trump/Instagram

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Though Ivanka seems to have found a lot of fulfillment in helping her family along her dad’s campaign trail, it seems the feeling of being back home with her kids — Arabella, 5, Joseph, 2½, and Theodore — is extra sweet.

“I’m going to miss this little boy when I’m in Cleveland!!! NYC [to] Cleveland #RNC,” she wrote next to an all-smiles photo of baby Theo Tuesday.

And of course, Arabella and Joseph were on their super-busy mom‘s mind too.

“Missing my monkeys!” she wrote next to a sweet shot of herself with all three of her little ones, shortly following a post that showed her FaceTiming with them.

Missing my monkeys!

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Ivanka’s sibling-appreciation post comes less than a day after she introduced her father as the Republican party’s presidential nomination, where her speech included a call to women — and mothers in particular.

“Women are paid equally for the work that we do, and when a woman becomes a mother, she is supported, not shut out,” she said.

“Gender is no longer the factor creating the greatest wage discrepancy in this country, motherhood is,” Ivanka continued. “As president, my father will change the labor laws … he will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all.”

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Shay on

This woman needs to shut up. No one is buying what she’s selling. Only the brain dead Chump fans believe anything she has to say about her racist, misogynistic puke of a father.

Go back to la la land where your father’s influence is the only reason you are where you are.

Sharon on

I would have had more respect for this woman if she had spoken the truth about her father. Lying through her teeth to get him elected is a perfect example of the apple not falling far from the tree.

Shut up, Ivanka, and make sure you produce your merch in China so the American workers don’t get the honor of slave labor wages to make you filthy rich.

Ivanka Sells Her Soul on

It’s too bad that Chump has trained his whole family to jump. He rules with an iron fist, and this woman asks how high when he barks. She’s not an independent adult. She’s so stuck to daddy that they might as well be having s e xual relations.

Chump's Daughter is an Idiot on

If she thinks that anyone believes her lies about her father, she’s even more of an idiot than I thought.

Ivanka the Sheep on

Does anyone believe what this well trained rich woman says?

Kelly on

You did an amazing job, as did your siblings. Your star is only beginning to rise. I am with you all!!!

kelly on

4 Lonely a** demo’s. Go back and listen to some more of Hilllary’s lying. While she sits with blood on her hands. Can’t run an Embassy, let alone a coountry.

Barb on

Congratulations, Ivana – you seem to have it all, in addition to being a devoted daughter. I am sure your Father is so, so proud of all your accomplishments plus the enormous help you and the rest of your siblings have been able to give him. (You must be exhausted.) I can honestly identify with your feelings. I would walk through any fire for my family. Not everyone (by a long shot) understands that.

Weird on

It’s all about Trump and his family. It would be nice to focus on the issues everyone are concerned about. This is the weirdest presidential race I have ever seen. It’s like watching a reality television show.

Chris Christie's Belt on

Keep making those dresses in China!

sarah on

I think she did a good job at last night speech.

guest on

She did a fantastic job at last night speech.

Sarah on

Her kids are adorable.

April on

Cute! She did a great job. I wish the tweens and teens would aspire to be smart, successful, and classy like her instead of trashy, crass, petty, and stupid like the KarTRashians. Society would be so much better. I’m younger than the 3 older sisters yet I’ve always had my head on straight in comparison to those fools. Always starving for attention. Ivanka is so much better and put together.

RAS on

I think she did a fantastic job that was very well received.
The Trumps understand about business and success and what the average american needs so they have a chance to do so.

olivia on

Aww she has cute kids

D on

Great speech Ivanka and you looked gorgeous girl!!

Gia on

Sigh. I actually liked Ivanka Trump. She’s classy. But her father is the least fit presidential candidate. His persevering, jumping the gun, win at any cost approach may make him a success story in the cutthroat lane of corporate world but representing & running a country is a whole other field altogether. Honestly, an entrepreneur tycoon or chef can bark orders, throw insults, be judgmental, harshly deem anybody as deadweight so as to eliminate the weak & do just abt anything to get their job done, ruthlessly even, & still end up coming out on top & considered successful, respected & accepted the way they are coz it’s expected of their industries norm. In the business realm, that is. But presidency is completely different. Tackling Social policies with care, being inclusive of everyone, striving for peace, harmony, equality, acceptance, tolerance all requires wisdom, of sound moral values, decency, eloquence, tact & sensitivity in character & in speech just as much as a leader has to be firm, decisive, swift, effective & efficient. If he’d stuck to the corporate world, most ppl would be fine with his leadership style because it’s expected but not POTUS. Perhaps just coz he have experience in the economic sector makes him think he’s capable of “making America great again”.