Mila Kunis Has Felt Shamed for Publicly Breastfeeding Daughter Wyatt ‘Everywhere’: ‘If It’s Not for You, Don’t Look’

07/21/2016 at 04:00 PM ET

Mila Kunis pregnant breastfeeding in public
Mark Sagliocco/FilmMagic

Even celebrities experience breastfeeding shame.

Mila Kunis told Vanity Fair that she’s gotten glared at for feeding her and husband Ashton Kutcher‘s daughter Wyatt, 21 months, in public.

“I support every woman’s choice in what she wants to do and whatever makes them happy, but for me, I did nurse my child and I literally breastfed everywhere,” Kunis, who is pregnant with her second child, says.

“There were many times where I didn’t bring a cover with me, and so I just did it in a restaurant, in the subway, in the park, at airports and in planes. Why did I do it in public? Because I had to feed my child. She’s hungry.”

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Explains Kunis, “I need to feed her whether it’s out of a bottle or out of my boob, no matter where I was.”

Neither she nor Kutcher understand the dirty looks that sometimes accompanied her feeding sessions. “It took us a little back because people actually looked at us in a shameful [way], and we were like, ‘Oh my God,’ because it’s so not a sexual act,” she says.

Nursing or Not? Moms Talk About the Pressure to Breastfeed

Regardless of the scrutiny, Kunis, 32, says she’ll continue to do what she needs to do for Wyatt and their new baby.

“That’s what I chose to do, but I think it’s unfortunate that people are so hard on women who choose to do it and do it in public,” the Bad Moms star says. “In the States and in our culture, we sexualize the breast so much that there’s an aspect of it that people just don’t know how to wrap their head around the idea of showing your breast in public.”

She understands that not every woman feels the same way, however, but insists, “If it’s not for you, don’t look.”

Kunis previously called breastfeeding “a great workout” on The Late, Late Show in 2014.

— Lindsay Kimble

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Tracys38 on

And she could not understand why? You can’t fix stupid!!!

Izzie on

Okay, I get it, a lot of women who breast feed want to show off as though they are doing something amazing. Perhaps, though, when you nurse, you could be considerate of the comfort of others. I know, crazy thought! I’ve been around plenty of nursing mothers who are discreet and still manage to get the job done.

Alison on

That’s what blankets and mommy lounges are for not to mention cars and restrooms. How does one forget a blanket???? Idiot!

Ali on

That’s what blankets are for. Who forgets a blanket for a baby? Mothers want us to be understanding but they have no understanding or appreciation for how we feel. It’s all about them!!! Get over yourself. Use the mothers lounge or the restroom, you inconsiderate jerk!!

sly on

It used to make me uncomfortable but I just figured that was my hangup, not the mom’s who needs to feed her child. Good for you Mila!

TC on

Oh get over it Mila, you and your Hollywood pals. If we don’t like to see a boob in public deal with it. You have to have manners and tact and realize it is not for everyone. Cover yourself or go in the ladies room. I’m so tired of hearing this. They are just being defiant.

Enough on

I’m a woman I have great boobs, but I have manners and respect for other’s unlike you. COVER UP OR GO AWAY.

dee on

if you look at a picture of a baby nursing and a picture of some one in a swimsuit with just the nipple covered you see less boob in the nursing baby.

Peggy on

The kids feeding schedule should factor in to your running errands time. If it’s a tight two-three hour schedule then run your errands during that down time. I can see why people are offended, it is a private nurturing act. We as a society also don’t want to see full on PDA or to watch a couple fight in public. A little common respect goes a long way. We were founded by a religious sect, being a prude runs in our blood. Sorry.

Becca on

I’m failing to understand how someone feeding their baby in public is inconsiderate? Maybe if it makes you feel that uncomfortable for a mother to be feeding her baby you should explore your hang up with breasts?

Dee on

and if nipples are so bad, why don’t men have to cover theirs

Anonymous on

I’m sooooo sick of seeing breastfeeding stories!!! Almost as sick as seeing stories about the Kartrashians!! People act like breastfeeding is something new. If a breastfeeding mother is gonna allow people to intimidate her into feeling some kind of way, because she is feeding her baby in public. She has more problems then the public itself!

Raidergirl926 on

I’m sooooo sick of seeing breastfeeding stories!!! Almost as sick as seeing stories about the Kartrashians!! People act like breastfeeding is something new. If a breastfeeding mother is gonna allow people to intimidate her into feeling some kind of way, because she is feeding her baby in public. She has more problems then the public itself!

noor on

It’s bad manners – I don’t know what is wrong with women for them to flaunt in a public place what is essentially a private act? Do you poop in public too Kunis? What’s next – changing diapers on checkout counter of a store? Breastfeeding at a restaurant table? Why do people want to subject their quirks on others?

Anonymous on

OMG! I can’t believe the shamming from all of you trolls! Women who breastfeed in public don’t do so to “show off as though they are doing something amazing.” They are just feeding their child. If you don’t like it, don’t look. Babies need to be fed.

Hack on

Reality is – if you choose to breast-feed in public and I am in public – it is my right to stare. If you’re going to make me uncomfortable by feeding your baby with your breast right in front of me while I’m trying to eat at a restaurant – and you don’t want to be discreet- then I will continue to look the direction I am and if you’re in my view I’m not going to alter my view to make you more comfortable. That is the reality

Ari on

I completely agree with Mila. This is something natural and beautiful between a mother and child. If you place something on it as being indecent that has more to do with you than the act itself. I always covered up, but even than people felt uncomfortable about it. It seems wrong to me…it’s just an act of love and nurturing.

MichelleR on

Breast Feeding is one of the most natural human acts. She’s right that breasts are over sexualized too. Perfect comment – “You don’t like it, don’t look.” Womens bodies are beautiful, and how those bodies nurture their babies is beautiful. Kudos to Mila K and Alyssa M for not allowing anyone to shame them. Amazing role models for mothers everywhere. Proud.

Nina on

She is totally right! It’s completely normal thing to do. All of you women with bad comments should be ashamed!

Gilda on

Pretty soon women will want to give birth publicly or better yet do the dirty deed of how the baby was conceived. All three actions are normal human functions? Yes! But for God’s sake! This world keeps getting worse by the minute. I’m going to start relieving myself in public because gosh darnit it’s normal right? Mila…you and the rest of the “Me” generation are contributing to the next generation that should be called “Loser”.

jsd47 on

OMG why do people have to keep going on about this subject. Just always keep a blanket with you and cover up. Don’t people have anything to do beside complain about nothing. If you don’t like it don’t look

go girl on

I am a woman, mother and pediatrician so a I understand the value of nursing but I must say I do not agree with the idea that you can nurse anywhere anytime without taking into account others. The health benefits are in the milk not the breast. You can bottle feed is need be.or nurse but why can’t you be discreet take others into account We live in a society and that means we live with others. just because you are a nursing mother that does not give you the right to disregard others. No one is saying not to nurse that are just asking to be discreet. The bond to your child is not based on your breast if it is then fathers would never bond, adopted mothers and fathers would never bond bottle feeding parents would never bond to their children and we know that is not only not true but foolish and rude . Just my opinion Mila Feed away

DaGuest on

There are enough real issues in the world without going looking for them. Nursing a baby results in less exposure than seen at most swimming pools or beaches – or virtually anywhere. Haters need to go find a worthwhile target.

Natalie on

Mila just feed your daughter where ever you see fit. Someone such as myself doesn’t care. Why? Because I have other things to be concerned bills, my 401K, my health insurance.. Opinions are like A..holes and everyone has one.

Robin on

To all the people saying breastfeeding should be in the ladies room, let’s have a lunch date. I’ll eat on one toilet and breast feed my baby, you another eating lunch all while some random is experiencing diahrea in the next stall. Appetizing, don’t you think?
Breastfeeding is natural. Get over it. Don’t look if you don’t like it.

Stacy on

Well said, go girl!!!

Ashley on

Women need to stop getting so offended over this. I never exposed my boob to breastfeed, I always covered up in public. I understand that not everyone wants to see my boob hanging out, especially those with children. Why would I want a stranger to see that anyway? It’s a private moment between me and my child.

Supermom on

Wow! I cannot believe all of these comments. What a bunch of disgusting a**holes! Who says she isn’t discreet? Just because someone doesn’t use a cover or a blanket doesn’t mean their breasts are just flopped out for everyone to see. I nursed all of my babies and never used any sort of cover more than a handful of times. Would any of you want to eat with a blanket tossed on your head?? Grow up. Oh, and I have nursed in a restaurant several times….oh no! How inappropriate of me. I think what most of you ladies are afraid of, is your significant others seeing another woman’s breast. Breastfeeding mothers are not the problem here….rude people who make a big deal of it ARE the problem.

Inky on

I know the sayings and theories that “Breast is the best” and all that yada yada yada… Maybe Breast milk is what’s best but I find it to be really unnecessary to just take you boob out of your shirt and start breast feeding in front of a bunch of children at Disneyland… No one wants to see that. NO ONE. Neither does your husband. It’s bad enough the had to see the baby come out of a familiar place that’s near and dear to his heart and then you’re gonna turn around a ruin the boobs in front of him too? Nothing is sexy about Nat Geo!!! Oh and one more thing another peeve of mine is when you see a women breast feeding her 5 year old. Ummm that’s for them, not the child. It’s so the mother still has a connection and is able to keep their child a baby for as long as possible. It’s weird.

Anonymous on

I agree these stories are getting old bc it brings all the idiots out to comment on something they should have no say in…. Like how a mother feeds her baby. It’s crazy how creepy all these anti breastfeeding in public people sound. People completely out of touch with the world and obviously holding some deep seeded issues. Most babies don’t like to be covered while nursing and I’m not squatting on a toilet to feed my kid or toting around a bottle of previously pumped milk that can possibly spoil. Get a life. No one is showing off they are FEEDING a child. Go find another topic to get all hot and bothered about. If you want to stare at me while I feed my baby I’m not uncomfortable you’re just a creeper who needs a life.

tnflash on

Really?? Maybe she should think about showing some decency.

Guest on

I really don’t mind breastfeeding in public so long as they are covered. It’s not hard to remember a blanket (yes, experience here). But…I think just whipping your boob out is a bit…much. I never forgot a blanket when I was breastfeeding. Yes, it’s natural and normal, but there is a middle ground here, like using a cover.

Shauna Lee Thompson on

You’re are being extremely inconsiderate of other people’s discomfort.

roper1965 on

This shouldn’t even be an issue – breastfeeding is 100% natural and not sexual. Kudos to Mila

jessiemaystorm on

The comments on here are so disappointing but sadly not surprising. No breastfeeding woman should have to hide away in a TOILET to feed her baby, or feel embarrassed because she doesn’t put a cloth over her baby’s head while its feeding. A kid’s gotta eat, and the breast’s primary function is to provide milk, NOT to be a sexual object, so if you can’t handle seeing a feeding baby without feeling personally offended or uncomfortable, that’s not the mother’s fault nor is it her problem to deal with. Maybe I’m lucky but here in Melbourne, Aus, I rarely see mothers cover their babies whilst feeding them and I’ve never once heard anything negative said. And so it should be. Women have been breastfeeding their babies since the dawn of time. Get over it.

Stephanie R. on

I am very sad to hear all these Negative comments. I breast fed both of my children it did not mater where I was if the baby as hungry he got fed. To say have more respect, you are stupid , idiot and such negative views of a person you don’t even know you are just a part of the big problem. ALL women have the right to feed ANYWHERE the want. So ALL mothers feeding their babies should use the women’s lounge? Heck no! You see all these women feeding bottles to their babies anywhere the want and we cant. SHAME ON YOU IF YOU ARE JUDGEMENTAL. We should be uplifting each other not being a part of the problem. This is a natural act not pole dancing. OMG

Kat on

WOW, these comments are incredible! I can’t believe the negativity here. This just makes me want to breastfeed my baby in public more and more. Sheesh, get over yourselves people, this is a normal act and isn’t sexual in the least. If it’s hot, I don’t want to cover my baby with a blanket. And feeding in a bathroom stall? F- that! You go eat in a bathroom stall. Someone mentioned changing your child in public – YUP, I have done that too! Dirty diaper changed on a picnic table while we were on a bike ride. Big f-ing deal. This isn’t showing off, this is nourishing a child. Chill out and quit being so damn uptight. What rock are these trolls living under?! LOL

shazam on

At no time while I am out do I need to see someone’s sloppy exposed breast. Its foul. This is coming from a mom who breastfed..>DISCREETLY! Believe me you are no hero for breastfeeding, as most moms at least try to… and of course baby needs to eat, but have some respect for others, if not yourself..cover the breast….the baby does not have to be covered…just the bubs!

JF on

I breastfeed my 4 month old son whenever and wherever I need to. I try to be discreet, but when it is 90 degrees outside I am not covering his head with a blanket. And there is no way I am feeding him while sitting on a nasty dirty toilet in the ladies room. Get over it people. Team Mila!

Jo on

This nitwit makes it sound like the kid is hungry all the time, everywhere she goes. Babies don’t eat 24/7! Get over yourself and your breasts, Mila, no one really cares about you or your kid. And perhaps you should consider weaning the 21-month old or you’ll have two sucking on you like an old brood cow. Another Hollywood idiot looking for attention.

rainy on

It’s not about it being sexual, is it? Maybe the objections are about something else? I don’t know, to me it’s no different than feeding yourself with your hand! No big. I guess this is one of the hazards of a country founded by Puritans …

21 months and she’s still breastfeeding, AND she’s pregnant with her second?

K on

Wow. Just wow. Breasts are for feeding our children. Some of us can and some can’t. I struggled, but did my best and what was best for my kids. Blankets on 90+ degree days and just not feasible. Both of mine are summer babies. And often blankets distract the child so much that it draws out the feeding.

And you want someone to nurse in a bathroom?!? Disgusting! Never. If I wouldn’t eat lunch there, my child won’t either!

I would excuse myself when I felt it was necessary, but it’s not like I had it hanging out, like most moms!

Get over it. It’s natural and not all all inappropriate.

Sean on

Please God please let me see Mila breastfeeding, I’d offer to hold the baby for her just so I could get closer to one of the breast

gymbo on

An age old question of whose rights are greater. ALL of the people in her presence have rights greater than her’s. She’s a baby that likes to do this crap. She’s done other uncalled for crap such as w/Justin Timberlake a couple of years ago on some awards show. I used to really like her. She’s not worth my time anymore. I no longer frequent her movies and encourage others who disapprove of her actions to do the same. That’ll get her attention. White trash Mila!!

Michelle on

Mila Kunis is awesome! Breastfeeding is a natural thing. I’m not going to eat under a blanket so my child isn’t either.

blessedwithboys on

Good on ya Mila! #abnormalizeartificialfeeding

@go girl If you believe the benefit is in the milk and not the breast, you need to go back to med school. Or perhaps dental school with a specialty in orthodontics. Or maybe you ought to study speech and language pathology.

MM on

She sure does become annoying when she has a movie to promote. With the abundance of TMI stories about the relationship with her husband. There are always going to be people who don’t like that. Who cares. You’re not going to get arrested for breastfeeding so why complain because of “dirty looks”.

jojo on

It is only in the United States that people have problems with mother’s breast feeding their children. In Europe there is never a problem with this.

Just a Duck on

No one wants to go out to eat and see that. Blech.

Anonymous on

Oh my God what a bunch of pathetic morons you people are. You’ve got a problem with a mother feeding her baby? The baby should be covered under a blanket just so YOU AREN’T OFFENDED? Offended by a breast….. You go feed your child the way you want to and let others do it the way they want to. Keep it up Mila, who cares what these idiots say? And respond with whatever remarks you want because I’ve already wasted enough time on responding to fools so I’m getting on with my day and the rest of you trolls can go feed your babies under their blankets as if it’s a shameful act.


Ugh, I just can’t take it anymore. If she can’t understand why people don’t care to see her nude boob out in public, she may need a lesson in etiquette. I am so surprised at the fact that should considers that being is just common courtesy. I realize that babies have to eat but there are nice benches in most restrooms and many other places to breastfeed without being right out in the public. There is nothing prudish about not wanting to watch breastfeeding right in front of my face as I am out and about on the street. If I was complaining about a bathroom, lounge or even a park bench that is off to a corner than I may be off base.

Tiff on

More peer to you Kunis. I just gave birth and I can’t tell you how important breastfeeding is. I plan on feeding my newborn wherever she get hungry.

Anonymous on

Breastfeeding is not a private act anymore than feeding your child a bottle is. I don’t have any breastfed babies anymore an d won’t since we are done having kids but you people are awful. My daughter would not take a bottle for anything and the amount of criticism people give for feeding your child gave me severe anxiety issues. Feed your kids, let other people feed their kids. If you don’t like it, don’t look. If nobody makes a big deal of it, nobody will do it to ‘show off’, which is a ridiculous idea to begin with since I have never ever met a woman who feeds her child to ‘show off’

ddnnj on

Newborns need to be fed whenever wherever. 21-month olds can wait until you are out of public.

rwup itrwip on

MILA we know since you have been blabbermouthing TMI about you and kutch lives that you had casual sex no relationship that you were that way before him except with you at least spent the nite and that you have a swinger life style yet married would and we hear you tell others to look away while you pull your tit out yet you are in public an being in public means being considerate of alls eyes minds there are people under 18 and you should show respect for what they may not understand unless Wyatt enjoys the nudist that will think nothing around her on the subway etc sharing all there selves in front of her I mean don’t look right. YOUR A REAL TRIP MILA for real.

Rdl1964moonpie on

Find a private place. I don’t care to see you breastfeed any more than I care to see you change diapers. Ever heard of looky-loos or pedophiles? If you are so stupid to believe the world is so innocent go back to “That 70’s Show”. Grow the blank up!

guest on

I know it is feeding your child but I still think it should be done in private out of plain sight and under a blanket if possible. It is not a sexual thing at all it’s just who would want their boob out in public for all to see. Especially in this day and age with cameras and video at our fingertips.

Unbelievable on

Wow . . . ‘if it’s not for you, don’t look’ . . . did she REALLY say that??? Don’t be an exhibitionist . . society doesn’t have to put up with what any individual decides she/he wants to do!!! Geez – next we’ll be expected to just ‘not look’ so people can urinate in the streets!!! Get over yourself!

Tina on

@ Alison – do you eat your meals in a restroom or car??? If someone told you to go eat where you go to the bathroom – you’d lose it. Get real. People can see pictures of Kim Kartrashian flashing her boob$ daily, but get worked up over a nursing mother!!! As well I’ve yet to see a nursing mother who ‘flaunts’ or goes out of her way to show her breasts. Baby gets fed, top is pulled down. What the he// is wrong w/ people!

Summer on

The writer of this article made the headline sound like she’s still nursing, but her actual quote is all past tense. Not that it matters, because the WHO recommends nursing til 2. People comparing breastfeeding to pooping and sex are pathetic. I have breastfed my 5 month old discreetly in public without a cover. I have several nursing tops with minimal exposure and my son’s head covers any exposed skin. It just looks like I’m holding him.

Anon on

Hang on Ali and Alison: Do you eat in a restroom? Why should a baby you idiots???

Lara on

I breastfeed all my children /without ever exposing my breasts to the public/ , but if I go to a restaurant / or whenever/ I don’t want to see or hear or smell a sucking, burping, farting baby, neither anybody’s veiny breast, even if it’s you Mila. Thank you!

me myself on

In some parts of the world, women breastfed their kids everywhere. Breasts are never viewed as sexual, they were created for feeding babies and not for sexual pleasure, thats just an added benefit.

Jax on

Ridiculous. Remember your blanket then! Don’t be shocked that people don’t want to watch you feeding. Gimme a break and have some consideration.

John Roseborough on

Breastfeeding in public is the norm in many other countries and should be looked upon as normal. Breastfeeding a baby during their first two years helps to ensure a very strong immune system. People who make derogatory comments really need to take a more mature look at things.

lindy500 on

I literally breastfed everywhere
Except for home…

Laura on

Wow! Never knew there could be so many haters (especially woman on woman hate) on this subject. As a FTM to be I plan on breast feeding my child. While I did buy a cover up, I feel the need now just whip it out whenever and wherever I want since it seems to piss so many people off. Screw you all and your negative, hateful comments. To all those other moms out there that want to do right by their child and breast feed (even those that can’t breast feed) let’s pick a day to make national breast feeding day and whip it out like its our job (because it is)!

guest on

Well, then I guess she wouldn’t mind if, in the middle of the street, I pull down my pants and pee right in front of her and her child. I mean, peeing is only natural and when I have to go I have to go. Besides, society is oversexualizing reproductive organs. Right?

Vee on

Breastfeed all you like to or need to, moms, just try to be a little polite and do a bit of a coverup. It doesn’t even have to be a blanket — a colorful scarf or some such will do. Don’t you carry a burp cloth or something like that when you take the baby out and about? Scarves go with almost outfit you might wear; you can even wear one as a belt if you want. Be creative, nurturing… and polite.

Allison on

I breast fed all 4 of my children. I feel that if you are uncomfortable, dont look! Those who choose to bottle feed, good for you. Mila chose to breast feed- good for her! Would you expect to eat your dinner in a bathroom? I never took my kids into what people consider “lounges” because it is a room off the bathroom. It is disgusting and would never wanted to feed my child in the bathroom! Shame on you, those who criticize!

Stan on

Mammals have been doing it for millions upon millions of years. Get over yourself, Mila Kunis.

fedcamper on

They were probably offended because she did it with a lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

Anonymous on

Almost 2 yrs old. Come on your an idiot. Get a sippy cup.

Cee on

Ummmm Ali or Alison NO mother should nurse in a restroom !!! Would you eat in a restroom? She should nurse wherever and however she chooses to do so. I like a muslin cover for myself but I have friends that don’t and I am always in awe of them. A mother feeding her baby as nature intended is never shameful!!!

Anonymous on

A newborn at almost two years old lol. Buy a sippy cup.

Nellie on

I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing this story. I’m
Sure if people saw mila kunis nursing jn public, it wouldn’t be nasty stares she would be getting. Especially in today’s social media world where every moment is captured and sold for a quick buck

Breastfeeding Babies is Awesome on

To all those feeling uncomfortable by a women breastfeeding in public get thee to a therapist STAT!!! You have serious issues that should be dealt with!!!

Deborah on

I’m all for breastfeeding. My sister and my niece did and several friends of mine did it. It’s a natural and beautiful thing. Those who are against breastfeeding in public need to stay away from the European countries. The women over there breast feed in public all the time and don’t cover up while doing it.

Anonymous on

Even when you bring a blanket it bothers people, but have a half naked girl with her tits hanging out just cuz and that’s ok. People please

meredithalleruzzo on

I breastfed two kids during the 1960s and rarely had problems. That was an era of serious social change but I didn’t want the hassle of dealing with irate people. So we always found a place in the car or restroom, where I threw a blankie over us. It is possible to compromise.

Marsha on

We have a culture that is SATURATED with sexuality. Pornography is literally mainstream. We have completely degraded morally in this country. But, my God, if a woman breastfeeds a child in public she’s condemned to hell. I’ll never get it. I will just NEVER get it.

pixyprincess on

If you think it’s gross to go sit in a bathroom to have your own meal then why would you expect a baby to eat in the bathroom? It’s only a breast. If you’re so disturbed by a woman breastfeeding because you can’t handle seeing a breast, then perhaps you need to grow up.

B on

I’m assuming none you people offended by the act are from Ontario Canada, where it’s perfectly legal for a woman to go topless in public. I can imagine what you overly offended morons would do then

And yes- I’m a woman, yes I breastfed, no I didn’t use a cover always. Yes I breastfed at restaurant tables. I would NEVER feed my child in a bathroom or hot/cold vehicle. If you can’t teach your kids or husbands or hell yourself that it’s completely normal to breastfeed and that the baby is hungry then your just as bad as the idiots who think girls should dress more discrete to keep men from oversexualizing them

Get over it.

molly on

Until you’ve had your own child and breastfed them in a bathroom standing up while in a stall because you didn’t want to “offend” others.. you really have no clue! Its ridiculous and the baby has to eat. I learned quickly that it didn’t matter what other people thought, my child needed fed and I would feed her wherever possible. She hated having a blanket over her and would uncover regardless of how I tried to keep covered. Sure, I didn’t just flop one out when I needed to feed her, I tried as discreetly as possible, but there were moments when yes, someone might see a nipple slip.. Nothing others haven’t seen before! (Helloooo Janet?!) My point is that mothers should stop bragging about breastfeeding and others should quit worrying about where it’s happening. Feed the baby and move on!

natural on

I hope she is still nursing her. And she is wrong, it is sexually arousing to MANY people. I agree you should do it, period, without embarrassment, and I did with mine; but to say it is not sexual is naive. Breasts are secondary sexual attributes. Many men love to kiss/suck them; many women like having that done. And …well, never mind.

nasty on

Why do so many people say “Why should your baby eat in a bathroom, YOU wouldn’t.” SURE I would! why would I not eat in a bathroom???? Or in a car? Sure I would. What is wrong with people???

Christina on

Restrooms … hm … I breastfed my daughters while sitting on toilets, and the flushing would scare them. Looking back, I can not believe I treated them and myself with such little respect. If I were to do it all over again, never would I do it in a public washroom. Plus I am embarrassed at women bashing other women below – Chris Rock is right when he says women hate other women.

Erin on

To those of you who think a breastfeeding mom should go to a bathroom to feed her child, that’s disgusting. Would you eat your meal in a dirty bathroom? Probably not.

Mom of 2 sweet boys on

Wow, to all of you with the negative comments, just wow! What a bunch of Hippocrates! If the sight of a nursing mother doing something so natural is offensive to you, than how can u even go to the beach, the pool or even walk through the mall? I see more exposed breast in places like that and on posters than I have ever shown in my combined 27 months of breastfeeding. With or without a cover, I was still discreet. Some babies pull the cover off! And suggesting moms schedule their errands to get home to nurse?! Seriously? When babies are hungry they get FED, wherever they are, bottle or breast. Deal with it! If u don’t like it, look away!
As for the restrooms? I have enjoyed the comfort of a nursing lounge many times, but if you wouldn’t eat your lunch in the public bathroom, how could you suggest a mother nurse her baby in there?! Get over yourselves, women have been breastfeeding their babies in public since forever, the Pope even encouraged mothers to nurse in church if the baby was hungry, it’s what breasts were made for. How can u compare it to peeling or pooing in public? Really? Those are private and smelly, intimate acts. Nursing is natural. Any nursing mothers and babies have the same rights as a momma giving their baby a bottle. FED is best!!
Go Mila, rock on momma!

sally on

I think what she should be saying is use common sense. NO ONE wants to see you boob while eating a meal. Show some class. On a plane- if it keeps baby quiet- breastfeed away! At a park- go ahead- but try to use some discretion. We have many ways to do it with class. No need to bare your whole chest for the world to see. Some women enjoy stirring up controversy just to make their point. Just do your thang- but do it with a little class!

sally on

Erin above- that is the stupidest thing I have heard today! Lame, to say the least.

Missy on

So let me get this straight…she does what she wants & expects others to look away. But these people do what they want by giving her a dirty look…shouldn’t she take her own advice and just look away? Breastfeeding does not have to be sexualized to be gross. Putting on deodorant or brushing your teeth are not sexual but you still don’t do it in a restaurant. Cover your body. You’re the only one impressed that it squirts milk!

Momof2 on

You idiots are what’s wrong with the world. There is nothing g wrong with breast feeding at home or in public. To the morons saying that’s what rest rooms are for, are you new? Rest rooms are for using the toilet!! How about next time you are at a restaurant and a woman starts nursing her child you take your food and go sit in the restroom on the toilet and eat there. Oh no cause that’s good right? Or just put a blanket over your head while you eat. I hope and pray non of you self entitled ass hats ever procreate.

The Free Woman on

Keep it under wraps honey! We don’t wanna see it–so how about you get a clue?

kimpm16 on

I nurse my 22 month old in public. It is legal in 49 states for a woman to breastfeed in public. My right to feed my daughter when she is hungry trumps other peoples rights that don’t want to see it. I you don’t like it, don’t look. Thank you Mila!

Just me on

When a baby needs to eat, she needs to eat and mom’s breasts have (excellent, free, and already at the correct temperature!) food. The shamers need to get a life and find something else to think about.

Ella on

So nice to see someone with the right attitude! Whenever I see a woman breast feeding, my only thought is ‘Thank you for doing what’s best for your baby.’ How could anyone possibly be offended by that?

Kathy Smith on

I breastfed both my children until they were a year old. I didn’t care what anyone thought because my one thought was to take care of my children.

40ishGuy on

Well… If you’re not comfortable with your husbands seeing my nipple, then look the other way, so that your husbands can continue to look at my nipple. Nipple, nipple, nipple. There, I said it! :), Love… Mila’s evil twin. lmfao.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story for entertainment purposes.

40ishGuy on

Mila, will you be going on a breastfeeding tour? Let us know via the mass media. I would completely support that. Any extra breast milk could be donated to homeless or used to fill the glasses in those ‘got milk?’ commercials. lmfao. Thanks for the material honey. 😉

Heidi on

It is ridiculous that our country is so uptight about breast feeding. A breast feeding woman is not flaunting her breasts, she is FEEDING HER CHILD. What is the big deal? She should not have to hide, or throw a blanket over her breast (and the child’s face). It is not bad manners. It is not something that needs to be hidden. It is a natural way to feed a child. If you can’t handle it, look away!

40ishGuy on

Breastfeeding should be celebrated, not frowned upon. When my kid was born, his mom was hesitant because people were discouraging her from trying it. I as a father was upset about that. She tried it, and it was difficult for her, but she did it for a few weeks at least. It’s a natural process that should be celebrated. I’m a dude, and even I know that. After that, I was up nights with the bottle while she slept. Nice right? So, you see, the moral of the story is that women should breast feed, so that men can sleep at night, and still to goto work the next day functional. Just think about it like that the next time you see a woman breastfeeding. Gettin’ the job done.

40ishGuy on

Breastfeeding should be celebrated. When my kid was born, his mom was hesitant because people were discouraging her from trying it. I as a father was upset about that. She tried it, and it was difficult for her, but she did it for a few weeks at least. It’s a natural process that should be celebrated. I’m a dude, and even I know that. After that, I was up nights with the bottle while she slept. Nice right? So, you see, the moral of the story is that women should breast feed, so that men can sleep at night, and still to goto work the next day functional. Just think about it like that the next time you see a woman breastfeeding. Gettin’ the job done.

Anonymous on

I am a grandma now , and breast fed my kids . It has always been like that , people are so rude. I remember driving home in tears , so sad really . You are doing such an amazing thing for your babies 🙂 giving them such a gift ( you know all the reasons) honestly my point of view now is people who can’t e kind are just big dumb asses! Then I pic them as a donkey lol

Vee on

I think she is right. If it’s right for the mother and the baby then why would it be anyone else’s business?

Kelly on

To everybody saying use the ladies room – YOU go eat where fecal matter and urine are. Public restrooms are filthy. People A) Get urine and Feces on their hands and DO NOT bother washing their hands. Not every rest room
Follows the cleaning it every couple of hours (things happen). Not to mention what would happen if she or another woman fed their babe right after someone got sick with the norovirus WHICH is extremely hard to kill?

You get over yourselves, blankets are something that are easy to forget. I washed it and left it on the drier I was in such a rush… Both hubby and I thought the other has it…

I’d love to see your serve your toddler on a toilet.
Nasty judgemental women.

Michelle on

I can’t believe these comments… And from a nurse and pediatrician nonetheless. Does anyone on here that is so against breastfeeding in public realize that harassing a woman for breastfeeding is discrimination and against human rights/ the law? Which is better, giving up breastfeeding because your holed up in your house and depressed or living your normal day to day life while still being able to provide the best nutrition for your baby?

I 100% agree with Mila and I think attitudes need to change so we stop discriminating against women. Everyone thinks the world revolves around them. I for one am not going to spend an extra hour of my time pumping, or plan my day to go out at inconvenient times or feed my baby in a dirty bathroom just because some discriminatory people want to be stuck in the past. And why should you need to cover yourself like you’re ashamed? That’s just breeding all this wrong discriminatory thinking. Just go out feed your baby and get on with it. If others want to shame and harass you for feeding your baby and living your life you can prepare a card to hand out next time explaining to the offending person what the law is (this is LLLs suggestion in my city)

Dee on

Maybe, it was the age of the child that people were shocked about! An almost 2 year old child hanging off a boob, is a little, or should I say, a lot, strange to see!

Stop shaming breastfeeding mothers! on

First of all, for all those wondering why she’s still breastfeeding her child at 21 months – the World Health Organisation recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively the first 6 months and then continue along with supplemental food till 24 months at least, if not longer. Secondly, babies breastfeed not just for nourishment, but also emotional needs. Since breastmilk digests very quickly, depending upon their activity level, they might sometimes need more feeds. Hence the term on-demand feeding. Formula fed babies remain full for longer, but breastmilk provides nourishment and immunity like formula never can. The composition of breastmilk caters especially to the baby’s needs – higher fat content when the baby is working on important milestones like walking, antibodies when the baby is battling an infection; the composition varies even within the same day at a different time. So to the quack who’s pretending to be a paediatrician – no doctor would recommend feeding formula or pumped breastmilk over direct breastfeeding. And the idiots suggesting that she go feed the baby in the toilet – urgh! Would you go eat in a toilet? And I have a baby myself and never travel without a cloak, but my infant lately seems to enjoy playing peekaboo. I try to be as discreet as possible, but if the baby pushes away the cloak, there’s nothing I can do. And if we’re out and she doesn’t want to eat solids only wants to breastfeed, I’m going to feed my hungry baby, no matter what. Your car may not be nearby, the car may be sweltering hot, there may be no feeding rooms where you’re at, plenty of reasons why you would have to feed in public. It’s the first thing any human does when they’re born and the way you a holes paint it, you would think it’s a shameful crime feeding a hungry baby! Get an education, you red necks! Stop shaming mothers who are doing the right thing for their babies!

suzie on

I bet she didn’t forget diapers or wipes. I bet she also didn’t forget her cell phone and expensive sunglasses. I don’t have to look but should I tell my 7 year old son who is trying to eat his grilled cheese not to stare at her big boob during lunch. If you think the US has a negative cultural view of breasts than cover it up with a blanket or hooter hider. You don’t have to fight it just because you’re a celebrity and you think you have a platform.

Anonymous on

Oh honestly! A breast is a breast, a nipple is a nipple, remove your heads from a certain part of your anatomy people! Breastfeeding is a mother feeding their child who needs nourishment!
Just because breasts are over sexualised is not a reason to object – plus never have I seen a mother feeding her baby show more skin than anyone on a beach in swimwear. In fact I distinctly remember seeing the breasts of an older lady repeatedly while on holiday…and not on a topless beach either, one with plenty of families, children and ‘ordinary public’ *gasp* are you as outraged now?!
At the end of the day its just skin. Are you as shocked by a shoulder, leg or foot?

Another thought…if you are outraged over the possible presence of a breast because of its ‘sexual connotation’ do we all need to go around wearing masks now to cover our mouths as they could also be involved in a sexual act? Grow up!

It's a no boober on

Simple, at home whip it out and go au natural. In public, use a blanket.
Mila, would you nurse openly in front of your in-laws? I think not. Treat the public like they’re your in-laws at the veryleast.

Katherine on

I find the comments about making others comfortable while breastfeeding extremely annoying! Sorry honey, buy my feeding my child – their literal survival of life – is not about your comfort. It’s about the comfort of my child. You can still be very discreet and not use a cover. Most babies do not like to be covered when nursing. Can you imagine how you would feel if you had a blanket over your head when you were trying to eat? Gah. Get over it. Here’s another crazy thought…JUST DON’T LOOK. And really, a restroom?? Would you feed your child a bottle in a nasty restroom? No? Ok than why would you want to nurse a baby in one? That’s not what blankets are for. Actually blankets are for a bed, not a child’s head. I’m sure all the judgemental women on here that are telling Mila to consider the baby’s schedule and to try and work around that must really have perfect children that follow a schedule to a T. Wow, congrats on that. Most babies I know don’t have a set schedule. When they’re hungry, they’re hungry and most times you can’t control the circumstances. Feeding a child is not a “private” act. It’s a feeding – whether it comes from a breast or a bottle. Good for you Mila. I applaud you. Breastfeeding in public should be the norm. We’re all so conditioned to look at the breast in a sexual way that we’re offending when we see a child feeding in public but we have no qualms whatsoever about scantily clad women on TV, in movies, on magazine pages. Just like those instances we can choose to look away if we do not want to see those images, look away if you see a mother nursing her child in public. It’s that simple. Life is not about your comfort. It’s not all about you. This coming from a mother that nursed her first daughter and is formula feeding her second.

karen on

to all women and female children;
You either use the bottle or go in a room or do not do this baby thing in Public.It is offfensive, vulgar, inappropriate, I for ine get disgusted when you women think you can sit and show your privates> DONT DO IT.You disgust me. Yes I am a mom.!!

Jay Kid on

She is only doing it for attention, She knows that some people are offended buy it so she is shoving it in there face just to get someone to say something so she can stand on a soapbox to push her rights as a spoiled little girl. A blanket would solve all the problems of being able to do it anywear she wants.

mer on

I can’t believe people (and women!) still have an issue with public breast-feeding. It’s so fuc*ing normal, get used to it and stop bothering us with these “manners” and “considerate” and “cover by blanket” bull*hit! It’s happening, better jump on and stop living in the last century.

Angelika on

This is a 21 century, if women want to breastfeed in public that’s fine as long as doing in discreetly.

Ltkforever on

I do agree with Mila on the aspect that mothers should not get dirty looks from others because they breastfeed in public. I do however believe in finding a quiet spot to do it in, instead of a busy restaurant. This is not to make the other people around you feel less uncomfortable, but out of respect for your child. Personally I’ve always retrieved to a quiet space somewhere to breastfeed, because that was a special, tender moment between my son and I and I didn’t want to disturb HIS mealtime by sitting in a bustling restaurant with lots of noises and distractions. I personally found the breastfeeding to go much smoother for both of us if we weren’t sitting in a busy crowd of people. I realise that finding a quiet spot is not always an option(especially if you’re out alone with your other children too) but trying to make it a nice time for your baby is top priority.

Tra on

Seems kind of ridiculous that I have to alter my view to make you more comfortable. How about you make yourself more comfortable but not getting in my view.

me on

Even if you don’t have a blanket to cover, it’s not like women are stripping shirts off and being naked!! Lift the shirt up a little and no big deal. People really ned to grow up and stop sexualizing everything. It’s so ridiculous. Everything is sexualized all around us— but God forbid we feed a baby, not locked away in a bathroom. Come on!

Debbe on

Breastfeeding to me is a private matter. Just like I don’t like seeing people kiss, or pee. But with that said, I am. Lt going to publicly shame a woman for doing that even though I chose to breastfeed in private. What I dont like is when stars post a pic of them breastfeeding, it is unnecessary. A private moment with baby and mom and not for public. In public milk away but posting pics of it is odd.

jenno1 on

Completely natural. As is going to the bathroom or having sex. Would you do either in public? In a park in broad daylight? In a restaurant? In church? Have some respect for the people around you. Cover up or go to a discreet location. It’s not that hard.

Nikki on

If they can show their breasts to feed a baby then they shouldn’t have a problem with the rest of us bringing our clothes to a restaurant or on a subway, stripping down and getting dressed in front of everyone. What the hell. I need to get dressed and change clothes. And I guarantee you. The rest of the world damn sure isn’t going to want to see my ass!

Guest on

Cover your boobs! I don’t want to see a big, ole floppy boob hanging out and a child sucking for all it’s worth when I take my children to a restaurant!

katie on

Umm if the kid is almost 2 shouldn’t breastfeeding stopped almost a year ago??

Guest on

People understand that babies need to be fed. It is the principal of how some choose to breast feed in public that irks most folks. People sitting down at dinner don’t want to see someone’s boobs. She can pump her milk at home and feed her child from a bottle or discreetly go to the ladies room to feed her child. Everyone does not need to see her body parts while she feeds her child.

Erin on

Breasts are for breastfeeding. They are to feed a child. Sometimes mothers are in a humid area and a blanket over a child would be uncomfortable for the child. I’m with Mila. You choose where you look and what you feel. That’s not anyone else’s problem. It’s not like it’s some guy with his penis swinging around. Calm down.

Jane on

Alison, how would you like it if you had to eat in a restrosta just to make someone else happy?! That’s such a nonsensical argument. I love how you call someone you will never know an idiot. What a wonderful addition to society you must be.

Really on

Let me first say I breastfeed my son in private for my own comfort. However, it amazes me how offended people get with mothers nursing their babies verses half naked women flaunting their bodies in public.

Really on

Let me first say I breastfeed my son in private for my own comfort. However, it amazes me how offended people get with mothers nursing their babies verses half naked women flaunting their bodies in public. I didn’t think I was doing something amazing. I did it because nursing is very healthy for my baby! Shame on those who make it a dirty embarrassing act.

firstlanguagespeakingproject on

“Not a sexual act”


So why people find feeding a baby “dirty” and should be kept hidden really tells you a lot about American culture’s way of thinking. It’s such an oversexualized nation.

For Realz on

Ok. I’m calling BS. This is stupid. I was shamed for NOT breastfeeding my daughter when she was born a few years ago. I heard all about how I was damaging her health, immune system, brain development, etc. Others being uncomfortable at a peek of a stranger’s breast is not the same thing as shaming. I seriously think people do not understand how to properly use the words “bully” and “shame.”

D on

I have never commented on an article before but after seeing some of the hate filled comments I felt compelled to speak. As a mother who formula fed one child and breastfed the other….these comments are disgraceful. Feeding a baby is only that…feeding a baby. If you don’t like what you see look the other way and grow up.

Syn on

All u dumb asses saying restroom, would you eat in a restroom?

Iris on

So every grown person has the right to eat in public but a helpless, hungry newborn does not? Since when is eating a private act?

Chris on

To the idiot that calls herself, “Supermom”… you put it….”would any of you want to eat with a blanket tossed on your head” The answer is no, we wouldn’t want to eat with a blanket tossed over our heads but I also wouldn’t want to suck a breast in order to gain sustenance either. We’re talking about babies, not adults. You grow up….. and if you think some of us are sitting around worried about our significant others seeing your old saggy breast, you can let that thought go…..we really don’t care that they see it! My belief is that you all enjoy doing it and try to get a reaction. Go for it….do it on the Times Square billboard for all I care. Just make sure you are doing it to feed your babies, not your egos that are narrowly hanging on to doing this one job!!!

naniam4ever on

Breastfeeding is about providing nourishment to babies/young children. We do not hide and eat our meals neither do we have them in the bathroom; why then should we feed our children in the bathroom or out of sight. Hypocrites have no problem cheering or ogling a scantily clad woman at the beach but are quick to berate a mother nourishing her child. If these same children were lacking in nutrition those complaining would be the first one yelling to jail their mothers. Continue to feed your hungry children wherever you may be. Breast is best, feed on!

justanotherblogger on

I am frequently shamed for masturbating in public. If it’s not for you, don’t look.

Brian on

Wow Im sorry but eating and going to the bathroom are two totally different things, i dont know about you but i go out to eat in public ,,, i dont go to In and Out and say give me a blanket with that double double i have to go in the bathroom to eat this bad boy…. If your getting offended because you see a book feeding a child, you have major problems…..

magicalstorytellingblog on

It happens I guess. If anyone bothered to be a kind human being, they would have gone up to her and given her a napkin or a scarf – considering others as well as herself. But you’re right. One does not forget a blanket. You have the bottle with you, you take the blanket with you. Its like a habitual rule. Then we can ask the magazines to stop writing these silly articles on celebrities and write something much more important instead. Things that matters you know….