Inside Ivanka Trump’s Chaotic Life Raising Three Children with Husband Jared Kushner: ‘I’m Exhausted 90 Percent of the Time’

07/21/2016 at 10:30 AM ET

In an expansive two-part interview with PEOPLE this week, Ivanka Trump is opening up about balancing her many businesses, raising three children with her husband Jared Kushner and dealing with the demands of her father Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign.

Ivanka Trump has every reason to be tired.

Between raising her three kids,Arabella Rose, 5, Joseph Frederick, 2, and 3-month-old Theodore James with husbandJared Kushner, running the Trump Organization alongside her brothers, helming her own personal brand of Ivanka Trump shoes, diamonds and more, a website devoted to helping working women and consulting on her father Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign, “My life is chaotic right now,” says Ivanka, 34. “I’m exhausted 90 percent of the time.”

“Being a mother is the most rewarding experience, but also the most wild and stressful.”

On the home front, Ivanka says she and Kushner, 35, are still getting used to life as a family of five.

“We’re acclimating to our new reality of having three babies at home. So it always takes a little while to adjust and find your family’s new rhythm,” she says.

“Jared is really incredibly hands on as a dad. For him what’s most important is his family. So we work really hard during the week and we really prioritize weekends for just being sort of reconnecting as a family. It’s very seldom that we’ll have a commitment on a Saturday or a Sunday. It’s really about us being together.”

Ivanka Trump
Christian Witkin

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On the weekend, Ivanka likes to get out of the city to the family‘s country house.

“I love gardening with the kids, so that’s something I have a lot of fun with,” she says. “We produce a lot of produce. We’ve got tomatoes, strawberries. It’s so much fun, I never grew up doing this.”

Yes, she cooks it up herself.

“One of the things [my husband and I] enjoy the most is cooking: I love to cook and he loves to eat,” says Ivanka, who specializes in soups and, due to her daughter Arabella‘s sweet tooth, baking.

“I always viewed a meal as a failure if people were still hungry by dessert because I would make so many different things, but Arabella loves dessert so we now start backwards,” she says with a laugh. “And she helps me in the kitchen. Baking is a fun thing to do with kids because there’s a lot of mixing and pouring and measuring. And that’s something we enjoy doing together.”

Of course Arabella and Joseph are still getting used to their little brother.

“Arabella was incredibly excited about Theodore when I was pregnant with him, and Joseph had zero interest. In fact, he would tell me that he did not want a baby. I was very nervous about him and he’s really a mama’s boy, so I was very nervous as to how he would react to the competition in the house,” Ivanka confesses.

Ivanka Trump husband Jared kids
Source: Ivanka Trump Instagram

But now that Theo is 3 months old, “Joseph is now more interested in Theodore than Arabella is,” Ivanka says. “He’s always asking to kiss him. ‘Can I hug my baby, can I kiss my baby?’ And for Arabella, the novelty of Theodore wore off really quickly.”

Since she nursed her children, Ivanka says, “there were moments” of jealousy from Theo‘s older siblings. But she works hard to create individual time with each of her kids.

“I think everyone has to work extra hard to make the older siblings feel loved and secure of their place when you’re going through a time of transition,” she says. “I try to carve out special time with each of them. Joseph loves playing with cars. Arabella could read with me for hours. Poor Theo. He’s always the one where they’re interrupting his time with me. But ultimately I think it will be good for him.”

When it’s time for work, Ivanka relies on her trusted nanny — and her extended family for support.

“My mother-in-law lives two blocks away. And my sister-in-law Vanessa [Donald Jr.‘s wife] is a machine. She has five children and she’s Wonder Woman to me. I have no idea how she does it,” Ivanka says with a sense of awe. “She can take all of them and not even notice.”

— Charlotte Triggs

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Linda on

Awww. poor rich Bi!tch.

BebeMums on

Gosh, Ivanka, get a housekeeper and a nanny! Maybe a cook during this campaign period!

Elsie on

I couldn’t hate trump more but she seems like a tuned in good parent

Drumpf Daughter Love on

It’s gonna get worse. Melania won’t put out for Ivanka’s Daddy after Trump threw her under the bus at the RNC and Ivanka will be busier than ever fending off Daddy’s advances.

Edyie on

She’s beautiful, successful and I really like her, but please Ivanka don’t try to act like you are a normal middle class mom working and raising three kids. If I were you, I would embrace my wealth and success and have a nanny, housekeeper, chef, etc. I wouldn’t judge you, I would envy you!



R.Carr on

Gosh. To the previous comments. Jealous much? They Trump’s are rich, yes, we all know that, but watching them & getting a little insight on them, I respect them for what they’ve accomplished. They’ve worked hard & yes, they had opportunities that most people don’t but they used those opportunities to thrive. How many rich kids do we see who are druggies & lazy & rude & expect you to kiss their feet? Not the Trump kids. I’m really impressed by this family more every day & I respect them the more I learn about them.
Now, time for the haters & trolls to jump in…..

hbb on

Where do you grow a garden in Trump Tower or NYC?

Carol Senal on

Oh so sad. I’m sure she has a nanny, a cook and a cleaning woman or maybe two of each.


Donald Trump should worship the ground Ivanna walks on. She is the reason that
Ivanka turned out well.

just me saying on

What a joke! Million dollar baby has enough nannies taking care of her 3 kids 90% of the time. Must be exhausting for the nannies.

gracie on

Are any of us seriously supposed to believe what this woman says. She has been groomed for years to be her father’s vision of “the perfect woman” .
She is entitled, privileged and has zero clue how to relate to the average mom of three kids who works outside the home and has NONE of the extensive resources Ivanka has. She reminds me of a modern day Stepford wife and yet she has a HUGE role as the Trump puppeteer ,overseeing how the Trump campaign is managed. I can only imagine what she is like when things do not go her perfect picture way…there is a photo of her T the convention last night…during Cruz’s speech…and she looks like one very
scary and angry woman.True colors.

Pyoderma on

Exhausted from what?? All that nip tucks after the fact? Then STOP birthing an army of soccer players.

dlraetz on

Cry me a river. She has more than enough money to hire all the help she needs both in the house and professionally. Use some of it wisely.

Or get off the campaign trail selling people how super duper her daddy is

Anonymous on

Gee….tough life, Ivanka. Having that nanny is such a burden and the going to the “country home”. what a hardship.
I will admit it’s probably time consuming cleaning up her dad’s misstatements, remarks, and general nasty comments. I guess Melania doesn”t babysit?

Nice on

She definitely has more help than the average working mom, but she also wears a lot more hats and prioritizes time with her kids. Putting aside her father, I think that is quite impressive.

Sonia on

Poor Ivanka !!!! She is so ridiculous , poor little rich girl who does not have to cook, do the dishes, shopping, ironing, taking care of children 24/24 …….

karolyn lapka on

Why not ge Melania to babysit?
she forgot to mention the housekeeper and driver. Must be tough.

serena on

She is such a well-mannered, smart, beautiful lady. All of Trump’s children are examples of his SUCCESS!

Kelly on

She seems so nice and sane next to her dad but I’m sure nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, chauffeurs r involved. Then there r the spa days , flexible work days. All that goes a long way to help .

tooquiet4me2005 on

I’m shedding a silent tear.

exit82 on

well- she seems decent enough but I still don’t understand how anyone would think she is qualified to give political advice- but on second thought- look who she’s giving it to.

Sparkle on

Stop having so many kids if you can’t handle them all!!! Not hard!

Di on

Yes, being an active hands on mother is/has always bee very demanding of your time. I would be even more impressed if this article featured an ordinary working middle class mom.

Rosiealeo on

I love her. So beautiful and smart. A great role model. Who cares if she’s rich and has nannies, I think that’s awesome and I wish it was me 🙂

DG on

Nanny or not, you still need to give 3 children attention. I spent four hours with my friends 3 young kids and I was exhausted!

amyinoaktown on

She cooks meals all by herself! Whaaat??? It must be exhausting going back and forth to your weekend country home.

Oh please!! on

I suggest we all take a moment to imagine Melania changing a big poopoo diaper wearing her elegant convention cream dress with flare sleeves… yeahhh not happening!

Michelle on

Privileged White Woman from an Immigrant Family who supports RACISM and SEXISM, and her Elite Brethren. Not Impressed.

Poppy on

/sarcasm on/ Oh, you poor, poor woman. I just don’t know how you manage it all day to day. /sarcasm off/
No sympathy for a woman that was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and doesn’t have to work for anything she has, including being a mother. Being a mother means being there, not handing your responsibilities over to your numerous nannies. Oh, your country house? Well, la freaking da.

R on

Wow. People are soooooo jealous. What a sad trait. If you hate her why do you both

Anonymous on

Please stop breeding. We don’t need anymore idiots

abigailwinslow on

So many cold hearted people- she has every right to be exhausted. She does so much! Even if she has nannies and cooks etc. what I take away from this article is that she makes a lot of time for her family given all that she has going on.

All you commenters act like she ran around complaining and begging someone to write about it. People interviewed her and that is what is happening in her life. People came up with the headline. I have a senior level position at a Fortune 500 company and one 9 month old and I am tired all the time.

Give this lady a break. You would all be happier if you weren’t so b*tchy towards other people. Spend your energy on something other than hateful comments.

ME on

If she gets the help, everyone hates her. If she doesn’t, she dumb… Hater is gonna hate, no matter what she says.
I think she is lovely,well spoken classy lady. She’s lucky to belong to a rich family and that she has the option to get all the help she wants. So, why the hate?… Life is not the same for everybody.
Some of us have to work harder for what we want in life, some people have all they want from the beginning. When people start accepting that this is a fact of life, we’d be happier.

? on

P act like she is running for office, not her father. Wonder why they are not focusing on Melania?

christine on

Look I don’t want to judge…I myself was a stay at home mom till my kids were in school fulltime….Now My husband and I work hard during the week in our positions but we play hard on the weekends and vacations with the kids. I am not a fan of a nanny and such as I don’t want anyone raising my kids but she seems to be a great mom

Anonymous on

Just because she has money doesn’t mean she automatically should just sit on her ass and let everyone do everything for her. At least she’s trying to have a career and be a parent. I didn’t read any complains in the article, no “I don’t even have time for myself” or “the kid are really draining my energy”. What I read was how it is a lot of work having kids but she is happy to be doing it. I am not a Trump fan at all but that doesn’t mean I should hate on everyone around him even if I don’t have any reason to.

Mta on

I’m a mom of three with kids close in age to her own it is not easy. However I would like her to keep it honest in that she has money and can afford help and that she’s lucky. Moms respect other moms who own what they are and here she isn’t.

NicoleH on

please, she must have plenty of help. with all that money she cannot fix her big teeth?

Anonymous on

awwww Poor Little Rich girl. No one is going to respect her when she can have (or has) a nanny, a housekeeper and probably a driver too. She really has no idea what it takes to run a household like normal people do.

Kar on

She is really beautiful and so are her children.

Me on

Go take advice from your stepmother, excuse me Michelle Obama

Erin on

Ladies, envy is unbecoming and reflects an insecurity. She can’t help having been born wealthy. A life like that has its challenges that those w/o wealth can’t imagine. Yes, it’s different, but money doesn’t equal happiness or a problem-free existence. I don’t support her father but I am also not into bashing other women. She is still a human being w/ feelings and she appears to be trying her best to juggle many things, even w/ the help she has. And to that other post, 3 kids is hardly a soccer team!

Guest on

The only part of her statement that is true is the “hands on” part…but it doesn’t pertain to raising kids. Many rumors and gossip sites reporting about her husband’s roaming eyes and hands and other body parts, especially when Ivanka is pregnant. Either she doesn’t care and the marriage is still in tact to look pretty for the media, or Ivanka is really not as smart as she pretends to be.

Samantha Swoboda on

I like Ivanka. Not a fan of her dad, but I do think shes quite interesting. A very strong woman… and I’m sure she has help.. Id love help if I could afford it… and she can… so why not?

Tami on

She looks amazing for having a 3 month old. I guess being that tall helps. Even with lots of help, I’m sure it is exhausting raising 3 small children, but she can afford it.

Anonymous on

Then stop having kids!

jt on

Love her! What an ispiration to so many women!

HEH1978 on

I’m positive she is currently being sued for “stealing the shoe designs” from other designers for her brand. Sounds like that should be an easy job for her.

J on

Wow I sense a lot of jealously on here. It is not her fault she came from money. Who cares if she has a cook or a nanny. She does a lot more than just raise her kids. She runs organizations among other things. I mean I am not a fan of the family but good grief most of you people are just keyboard warriors with low income jobs and no education. Must be where your hate comes from.

Natalie on

You chose to have three kids. Deal with it. I’m sure you have nannies for all three of them anyway.

catfriend99 on

Racist in a pretty package. She wholeheartedly supports a racist. Those that support racists are racists. Ergo Ivanka is a racist.

Summer on

She works for her dad’s company. It’s not like she’s worried about job security if she comes in late or has to leave early. Come on. And she’s wearing that 3 month old completely wrong in that carrier, so I’m skeptical of her previous claim that she carries him while she drops the kids off at day care (plus she said in this story she has a nanny?).

Deb e on

Maybe she should stay home with her kids then on the road with her father

Bobbie on

Did some of you even read the whole article? She has a nanny and extended family who help out. She works all day – like most women these days – she cooks the meals. Of course she’s tired. They have a family farm, that’s where the gardening, etc., comes in. Neither, her brothers or she got involved with drugs, etc. So she has money. She was born into it (not her fault), but still works for it…along with her husband. She comes across as just like everyone else…except she’s wealthy. So lay off!

Ivk on

Do you KNOW what it takes to be me? It is exhausting!

– Ivanka

ELC on

Beautiful family. Ivanka seems to have it all…good for her.

cj on

I just love some of these comments. You all do know you are reading a Celebrity/Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous magazine-website right? No one would read about the middle class working woman with 3 kids who had a laundry full of dirt clothes waiting to be washed, sink full of dishes waiting to be washed, and the endless list of to-do things she has to do after she gets off work, picks up the kids, cooks, dinner and runs errands. With the help of course of her trusty, handy, sexy middle class husband. Oh wait, he has to mow the lawn, fix the dryer, take out the trash and help the kids with homework. Come on somebody give me a magazine where I can READ ABOUT MY LIFE. LOL – no thanks, I’ll read about the lives of the rich and famous and just day dream for a little while of how cushy life could do with all that money. BTW I’m sitting at soccer practice reading a magazine on my Kindle. I’m superwoman and so many people would love read about it wouldn’t they – NOT.

Anonymous on

Gross. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her?

packer on

What about Ivana Trump, did she not raise the kids. I have notice that Ivana is not even mentioned at all.

jaintn on

Good lord, she’s really milking the down home “I’m just like you are!” routine to get Daddy elected. Can’t stand the sight of any of them these days.

mimi on

why they never say “I’m lucky to be so privileged and have whole lot of staff to do this neverending homework”?

Hillary on

God Bless all of the Trumps. They are truly an inspiration and I am confident that they will fix the horrific mess that Kenyan guy has made.

anon on

Hey @Guest – we get it, you don’t like her… I have more respect for working moms who don’t have help, too, and I can’t stand her bigoted vulgarian father. But you are very wrong about her husband and spreading rumors of infidelity is classless. There are enough reasons, countless reasons, not to like these people, you don’t have to make very not nice things up.

Heil Trump on

Her right implant is way higher, what a botch job.

Daddy probably insisted she get them.

Anonymous on

she is a beautiful woman. the orthodox dudes really got america’s best women cornered. sometimes i wonder if she had passed up the orthodox traditionalist what her choice is. would she have 4 bioengineered kids? would she become a phd? what does Ivanka want? she is much tougher than I am to keep putting up with everything. she is absolutely stunning and has earned her right.

trish on

Oh please…there is no way a couple with their money and numerous business ventures, does not have at least one nanny and other help.
I take my hat off to single mom’s and other parents who work long hours that cannot afford any help and on tight budgets.

bert on

Incestl Ivonka
Mendacious Melania.
Dishonest Donnie
a perfect family

Ginger on

“It’s very seldom that we’ll have a commitment on a Saturday or a Sunday.” Wow, I can’t seem to escape all the family functions. They must never see their extended family.

Tina on

I think this is the first time I actually like her.

marcat on

Please, she has a nanny for the five days a week and only looks after them on the weekend! Many women do this all on there own, I did.

Bunnie on

Gee, I feel so much better about my no-longer-average middle class. I only have 2 born 17 months apart that cost me my legal career and couldn’t afford a nanny BEFORE the ixnay to the paycheck. I don’t envy her success and darned sure don’t wish I was in her shoes with her dad, that Trumplet Marla Maples and being in the public eye but it’s annoying as crap for someone who can afford to hire as much help as needed whine about being tired 90% of the time. I’m tired 110% of the time!!!

CanadaGurl on

Oh boohoo (not)

Cindy on

Oh please! This woman has money coming out her ears for nannies. Let’s see an article about REAL LIFE, you know a mother of 3 , who works 2 jobs and is making a REAL LIFE wage not this over the top rich woman. I’m so over these people, so OVER THEM.

John on

I just read the story of Ivanka Trump and how exhausting it is to be her. Maybe Ivanka needs to reduce the stress loads she has to give herself more time to spent with her family. Sell off those companies, hire more people to drive, cook, clean, nanny and manage your daily stressful life.
I think most middle class Americans reading a story about how tough you have it is very disgusting and shows the Egotistical lifestyle Trumps live.

purpleiris55 on

Yes Ivanka, it must be exhausting watching the nannies, cook and housekeeper work. Hopefully with the $250 million tax evasion lawsuit, you’ll actually find out what it’s like to work for 20 cents an hour in prison. Orange is the new de la Renta.

guest on

Beautiful Family…I love the last bottom picture the look on the babies face is priceless!

JD on

She’s gorgeous! And her cute hubby sounds like the perfect Jewish husband. 🙂 Ugh and so much easier on the eyes than that nasty snaggle-tooth Michelle Obama!! Yikes.

Anonymous on

It’s great she has worked so hard in life. However don’t complain about being tired when you have a nanny, and other help. There are people out there struggling to make ends meeting working numerous jobs just to make ends meet. That is one tired mom.

Sophia on

Yep I’m sure she has to stay up with them and go to work on time in the morning….. Oh please!!!

ben on

boo hoo

wississippi on

If she had any brains at all, she’d be too embarrassed to show her face. Perhaps she’s a sociopath like her father?

lyn on

i have a nanny and a housecleaner and i am by no means wealthy. that is what having two incomes can afford you. most of you trolls wouldn’t understand that as you collect unemployment and disability checks for a living.

V on

There is way too much hate in these comments. Those who ridicule her are jealous of her success, family and ability to manage it gracefully, plus incredibly bitter. Yes, she has a ton of help but even when you do, those are still your kids, that is still your husband, that is still your job. No need to be shaming that mommy – she is a rockstar. You are probably being critical bc somehow in your delusional pro Hillary craptastic version of feminism, it makes you sick that someone has been able to do it all, with grace, and happens to also be a conservative. You are awesome Ivanka. Keep doing you!

MM on

What is with the obsession People have with this family?

paula on

good for her. she has it all and still works hard. no shame in that.

lyn on

i have a nanny and a housecleaner and i am by no means wealthy. that’s what two incomes can afford you. but most of you trolls wouldn’t understand that as you collect your unemployment and disability checks.

Carylee on

Melania was thrown under the bus by trump
I like ivanka she has a lot going on but capable. Sure she has ones of nannies and housekeepers

Not so impressed on

Oh please, cut me a break. She just wrote how impressed she was that her step mother drops off and picks up her son Baron from school every day. EVERY day!

With all the nannies and housekeeping help she has, she has nothing to complain about. She doesn’t even drive herself anywhere! This is the most disingenuous article ever.

People Magazine, you really disappoint me with articles like this one.

jan on

so tired of Ivanka and other women who can afford to have nannies, housekeepers, chauffeurs, etc. complain about how tired and exhausted they are. There are millions of mothers out there working one or two jobs outside the home and are taking care of their kids, their homes, etc. who can’t afford the nannies, etc. She’s so out of touch with many women in this country.

nance on

Trump has lovely kids who are all brilliant. they may have a lot but they have all had to work for it and go to school. They probably had a tougher upbringing than most, and it shows.
People are so envious of money, good go out and do something to make it. Don’t blame others for their success. I also know hey give a lot to charity.
Finally anyone who thinks the Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, Kennedys, et… didn’t have money they did and do.

truthguest on

Just logged on to see the nasty comments I knew there would be on this article. Never disappointed. So many nasty, unhappy Americans.

style1m on

A beautiful, intelligent woman with such sophistication and grace. She is truly an icon…love her!

Anonymous on

She’s an impressive young woman.

Anonymous on

Yes, a lot of commenters sound jealous, but can you blame them? Work and travel are stressors, but they feel different than wondering how to pay your rent or feed your kids.

myuntidydesk on

No one is forcing her to have a shoe line and a diamond line. (The latter being so necessary in today’s world… rolls eyes). I don’t doubt that she loves her children, but I’ll save my sympathy for parents who HAVE to work… who don’t have nannies and family available to watch the kids when they are sick and cannot go to school. People who don’t have someone who can shop and cook and clean for them. And this isn’t political, because if I heard Chelsea Clinton whining like this, I’d say the same thing about her!

Dimarie on

Jealous much? She’s amazing, works hard…last time I checked you aren’t seeing the trump kids in jail, doing drugs,etc. then again she’s a smart business woman and oh yeah a republican. You liberals are pathetic. Stick to worshiping Obama and Clinton who do nothing but breed incompetence.

Anonymous on

Oh my god – reading some of these comments. Crazy!!!! What the hell is wrong with people? She is wealthy. Get over it. She is not complaining – she is simply giving an honest interview about the adjustment of going from two kids too three and her busy schedule. So she has a nanny! She can afford it. So what? So does all of HOLLYWOOD! Do you think she doesn’t mother? Do you think she doesn’t love her kids? Shame on you people. Are you all going to verbally abuse Chelsey Clinton when her interview comes out next week? I highly doubt it. Someone made a shitty comment about plastic surgery. Really? What does that have to do with anything? Talk about a lack of empathy from a mother giving her truth. Are we going to address the fact that Chelsea and her family stood on the steps of a hospital waving like they were royalty when she brought her babies home. Like she was Kate Middleton. Talk about about a bunch of judgemental, verbally abusive people.

Cali on

Maybe she wants to raise her children different than how she was raised. There is nothing wrong with that. She seems to be a really nurturing mom.
Good for her. I love the family picture. Just like any other young family trying to do the best they can to raise their children.

rubyovertherainbow* on

What an awesome young woman !

Guest on

Don’t you mean that your staff of nannies, maids, etc are the ones exhausted 90% of the time? You cannot convince us that you and the hubby are raising those children without any help whatsoever.

MSS on

I feel so sorry for her. NOT !!!!
She probably has maids, cooks, nannies , and any other help available to her.
I am retired now, but I had a full time job for 35 years. My travel time was 2 1/2 hours round trip. Got on the train at 6″00 AM and got home at 7:00 PM. I still did laundry cooked cleaned etc. I do have a wonderful husband that helps. Forgive me if I can’t feel sorry for her

Cate on

At first I was ticked when I read the headline, but I think that’s reaction”People” was trying to get. It seems more like she’s saying she’s exhausted not because she has three kids, but because of everything that’s going on right now. I’m not a fan of her father’s politics, but she seems pretty decent.

Jen on

The same nanny’s that raised her are raising her children no doubt.

The Views of Laura on

Wow, the degree of envy is incredible. She’s a beautiful woman, with a beautiful family. She’s not a privileged crack head out there whoring herself selling her sexuality like many out there do that are in her position, and she doesn’t come off like a bitch. So what if she was born into her family, she didn’t chose it. At least she’s not wasting her fortune in bars or parties. Some of the people in these posts need to get a life or find God or something. What’s funny is that in many families that are average and/or affluent there is always one kid, when you have so many, that comes out messed up and doing crazy stuff. So far, daddy Trump and each of their moms have done a pretty good job.

sk on

Right. It must be exhausting to go from a chauffeured car, to a private jet, to your chauffeured car, to see your kids with the nanny, or nannies. Cooking, great when you have a housekeeper who buys the food, puts it away, and maids that clean up…

She is so entitled she does not even have a clue.

Ryn on

She’s not like you!! How many nannies, cooks, etc does she have? Why don’t they ever admit it!!

Irie on

I wonder if I would be seeing so many vitriolic comments if her father were a[n] (uber rich democrat) Kennedy instead. I seriously doubt it.

laura on

Wow! What a bunch of jealous hateful nasty people with the comments on this board. A beautiful , smart and classy woman whether you like Trump or not.

Lynn on

I am so impressed with Ivanka Trump!!! Great daughter, mother & beautiful too. So sorry to see all the haters on here that are obviously jealous of you & your precious family! People who want to work hard for a living & not live off of the system & draining our country of its wealth. Its so sad to hear the hate in their hearts. This is the very reason we are seeing what is going on in our country today. Bitter hearted people who want entitlements handed out for life. Just know Ivanka that your family is truly loved & you are being prayed for.

Allen on

What a beautiful family you have Ivanka. I wish you and your family all the best! Will continue to support you! Sorry for all the JEALOUS HATERS. I am totally impressed with you and all of your siblings !!!!!! That speaks volumes for your DAD! He will be the greatest President ever!!!!!! Keep up the good work! Prayers for you & your family today & always!

queenslogic on

I don’t believe that crap about being exhausted when she’s got the financial resource to help out with the kids. I also see this with Kim Kardashian as well when she whined about being tired. Here’s my take on that they have the money to hire help and they’re free to take all kinds of breaks where as the real moms I know don’t have the luxury in doing that. I remember when growing up and my mom just needed a breather nobody offered to help her. Few moms have supportive family to help them out when they need a break. My mom was not as fortunate to have people offering to help her when she needed a break, So for Trump and Kardashian to complain about being tired put them out there in the real world and see if they could do what they’re doing without the financial resources they have to manage they would be burned out. I am interested to see how moms respond to this.

queenslogic on

Lyn…….You may have nanny and housekeeper, but you clearly have money to afford this kind of help. Don’t matter about the two incomes the fact that you’re snippy about the real moms that are speaking out about this article painting Ivanka Trump as this beautiful, well to do woman when we all know she has nannies managing her kids and she doesnt drive herself around anywhere. Growing up going to private school in the north shore communities of Chicago I saw a lot of nannies at the homes of these privileged and pampered women. Many are not jealous it’s them calling this article on the BS. I agree with a lot of the posters here that she’s painting a false picture of parenthood when she’s got the money to afford nannies, housekeepers, and drivers. I am sure Nicky Hilton has the means to hire help for her child.

queenslogic on

@Hillary…….the next time you call someone snaggle tooth let’s see a photo of you and we’ll critique your appearance. Our First Lady is a beautiful and classy woman who is not full of herself and is very graceful and down to earth.To all the posters who say people are jealous they’re not they’re just not buying Ivanka’s sob story about how tired she is when she’s got the resources to hire help. Not all single and even the married mothers have the luxury of taking off when they want and having someone to watch their kids. Also having help if a child or children are sick and they have to stay home to care for them. There are single and married mothers who have had to give up their careers to stay at home with their kids because they can’t afford to hire help for their kids. A lot of these pampered women don’t have to lift a finger to do the everyday things many single and married mothers have to do without help and still have to work 2 jobs to make it on very little. If Ivanka had to live on food stamps like many single and married mothers who don’t make enough money do she would not be sane after that. My hats off to the single and married mothers who still get up every single day doing what they do and dealing with a decline in income and losing their jobs to where they’re struggling to live every day. My mom was a classic example of what a real mother was who was a single mother by divorce and had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet to care for her two daughters. People treated her funny and rarely had a break and yet she managed to go back to school and become a nurse and got herself in a better position on her own and nobody helped her get there. There are single and married mothers doing that along with working. You got married women who barely see their husbands due to their work schedules where she leaves for work in the morning and her husband does not see her until it’ time for him to leave for work at night after he picks the kids up from school and does the daily chores and other responsibilities.

Ann on

It is interesting how easy it is to twist the truth. We all have only 24 hours in a day; rich or poor. This is a woman who was out on the campaign trail barely a week after giving birth. Who takes care of the new born? Nannies of course. These power hungry greedy ones will do anything to get more if it and gloss over everything else with half truths and lies. I raised three kids and I know the time it will take to do that iWeb I was doing everything Ivanka is supposedly doing with her kids fir fun. May be once a month not routine. She can’t be in the boardroom and kitchen or the garden with equal time commitment.

sarah on

Ivanka may have nannies help but her 3 kids are very cute.

L geegee on

Very well done Ivanka…You have a beautiful family…Keep up the good work….

T on

I usually don’t leave comments on these sites but I’m wondering when people runs an article this week about Chelsea having the same lifestyle as Ivanka, will there be all this hate being written? Both of the women come from privilege lifestyles, both have gone to have successful lives, both have house keepers, nannies, cooks, drivers, gardeners, country homes, leave them alone. It’s their parents running for office not them, but if you throw stones at one candidates child or children in this case be adult enough to take the bruises when the story covers the other candidates child and their lifestyle.


I can’t believe the nasty, jealous comments below. A lot of professional women with multiple children have nannies instead of daycare because it isn’t much more expensive and the kids can be taken care of in their own home. I have known people from wealthy homes who chose to live off their parents or trust funds, not even trying to hold down a job. Even if you are against Trump, he appears to have raised, with tremendous help from their mothers, articulate and successful children. As for you haters, do you think Chelsea Clinton is dropping her kids off at daycare and clerking at Wal Mart?

Guest on

Beautiful family! Love her…..

Go Away on

Anyone with a 12-week old and two other very young children who is banging on about gardening and baking adventures is living in la-la land.

Quit the facade love and realise that we all make our own choices. You choose to keep yourself over-committed, leading to feeling exhausted so often. Don’t whinge about your own choices.

She’s like Gwyenth Paltrow, I just can’t warm to her.

Sandra on

I despise Donald Trump. But there is no denying that his ex-wives raised wonderful kids. They are all poised, smart and gracious.

That being said, I don’t doubt Ivanka is exhausted, she has three kids under 5! So why is she playing the role of candidates wife? The official excuse for Melania’s absence is that she is a full time mother to 10 yr. old Barron. Ummm … yeah he’s 10 and in school. Ivanka should be home with her newborn, toddler and preschooler. Not schlepping all over the country so Melania can hide in Trump Tower.

Nancy on

I like her; she’s educated, is an executive & designer, and is a mom & a wife. Never mind that she has millions of dollars to help her pay for help. Bottom line is that I admired a woman who can juggle a career and family and looks good doing it. Good for you, Ivanka. I may not like her father much, but she’s someone to look up to as a professional, mother, and wife.

Stella Perez on

Oh BooHoo! Poor little rich girl; try raising your children on minimum wage without health insurance and caring for a sick parent. You, your father and the pathetic political party you belong to have no idea what real working class folks do everyday to get by. Crawl back from the rock from whence you came and do America a favor by fading away into obscurity as quickly as possible. Dump Trump Save America

CGalvan on

poor thing like you don’t have the money to hire nannys, housekeepers
and whatever you need. Try raising those kids on minimum wage and working 2 or more jobs!!

Petra on

Please this is ridiculous. She would have at least 2 full time nannies as well as cleaners, cooks and housekeepers. Stop the lies Ivanka it makes me lose respect for you.

ldstep on

Oh yes……..I was just saying how EXHAUSTING it was for me to pack a weekend bag and head to my ‘weekend country home’ all the time. Oh wait……I’ll get my maid to pack it. Problem solved.
Poor Ivanka……..what a rough life.

Jack Frost on

Wow, what a rough crowd we have here, are you all on the Left? Ivanka is very impressive, no doubt she should be tired, and the pressure of the campaign I am sure takes its toll. Her husband is one lucky dude! I always look forward to seeing more of Ivanka. She appears to have a lot of class, and I assume she has just that…Trump 2016.

Mela on

Only one nanny? Come on. She “needs” help 24/7, which means 3 nannies during the week plus at least 2 on weekends. I am sure that she has a cook (I saw a beautiful array of cut fruit on a tray in another article, and I am sure she did not do that herself), a housekeeper and probably a cleaner, in addition, as most professional housekeepers do not clean on the side.

Enough already on

How ridiculous you haters are. Ivanka is smart, accomplished, successful. And that makes her worthy of your disdain? I’ll bet not one of you have ever hired a cleaning service (like probably 50% of my friends have, none of whom could be remotely considered rich), hired a babyitter or put your kids in daycare while you worked. Never ordered out for food you didn’t cook yourself? Never had a demanding job that took you away from your family for more than 8 hours? Lucky, lucky you. Instead you would laud Chelsea for her million dollar jobs to do essentially nothing beyond being the daughter of someone with whom they want to curry favors. Yeah, you’re my kind of people.

jg1965 on

No sympathy. You, dear, have been given everything you want in life, EVERYTHING. And you have more money than most of the people in the US, you have o reason to complain. You can hire a nanny, quite your job, afford every luxury (housekeeper, cook etc). Your story does NOT resonate with ACTUAL working moms. Please.

redhotrash on

funny how the main stream media asks Ivanka incessantly how her father treats women, but they never ask Chelsea

Chelsie Smith on

Are people not reading the article…it says right in it that she has a nanny…

Lisa on

She has the money so why not stay home and take care of your family? If you are so exhausted, you should prioritize your responsibilities and put your family first all week…not just on the weekends when it is convenient for you. Sorry but I don’t feel sorry for someone who choses to work when she doesn’t have to and then complains about it. What about all of those parents that would love to stay home but can’t because they need the income? They don’t have the help you do and those are the ones that are exhausted 100% of the time.

Raine on

The article failed to mentioned that in June 2016 her shoe lined was sued by Aquazurra for stealing shoe designs.

Cherie on

Ivanka seems the very nicest person and she and her husband have a lovely family. I know she was raised so different from the rest of us,but she is very likable. I’m very happy for them and I hope her father will be president and she and her husband has some part at the White House. She will bring class and graciousness wherever she goes.

Donna Means on

These comments are for the most part from vicious, nasty, jealous democrats! Ivanka is a very beautiful wife, mother and working woman. These vicious critics need to look at Chelsea Clinton and they will see the same or maybe worse! All of the Trump children are classy and hard working.

Mia on

She has nannies and chefs and caretakers to help raise them so i dont know how she can be tired. I raise my kids while working at a warehouse while fighting my mortgage company to keep my little house. Im so not interested in her being tired…

catherine on

She is so annoying, just handed everything but still tells you she’s great!

Jema on

She seems very together more so than dad. They seem like a very happy couple and want to do the right thing for their children and family.
It’s not her fault she’s so filthy rich. I wish her and her family the very best.

claire on

i think Ivanka is the epitome of a great successful woman – both personal and work life. All the negative comments are just from people who are JEALOUS and jealousy is really so bad!!! Jealous people won’t admit that they are jealous but they are !?!
We have no control over other people’s comments but we have control on how to handle these comments and Ivanka has showed how disciplined and mature she is in all of these. I truly admire her 🙂

Mia Nameis on

I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I would be dating her.

dW on

The Trumps have enough funds to pay some people to keep her kids .She can t fix her daddy so she should exert her energy with her kids and husband .After the investergation she may have to raise her kids alone

Marian on

She’s beautiful, talented,, has children that look happy and looks like she loves him, looks like he loves her, looks like q wholesome family. I’d like to hear that they have a charitable fund and that the children will earn their own way, that the fortune will do more than make the family wealthy. If only Big Daddy could become fully human, feel loved, not so needy.

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deniese on

People…we love the Trumps and their spouses… We are tired of all the same old Hollywood people and the deceitful politicians. America is Great and its time to hear about Great people. for giving me a platform to speak. A Christian who still stands to Our National Anthem and am grateful for redemption thru Christ Jesus my Lord. Deniese