Mila Kunis Jokes Second Pregnancy Is ‘Completely Different’: I ‘Have No Idea’ How Far Along I Am

07/20/2016 at 02:30 PM ET

Mila Kunis is nothing if not honest about the ups and downs of parenthood.

The 32-year-old actress stopped by Live with Kelly Wednesday to promote her new comedy Bad Moms while, ironically, dropping some wisdom on what it’s like to be an actual mom to a toddler while expecting baby number two.

“The other day, someone asked me how far along I was and I was like, ‘I have no idea,’ ” said Kunis, who is already mom to 21-month-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle with husband Ashton Kutcher. “I was like, I can tell you when I’m due, and then I can do the math backwards.”

Admittedly, the Family Guy actress hasn’t been quite as on the ball with tracking her second child‘s every growth spurt.

“With [my first pregnancy], I could tell you precisely what she was developing, and what stage it was … but [with] the second one, I’m running after a toddler or I’m working, so I’m like, ‘Oh that’s right, I’m pregnant,’ ” she says.

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As far as pregnancy food preferences and dislikes go, Kunis has definitely experienced her fair share this time around. Namely, she “can eat eggs all day long,” but there’s one thing she can’t handle.

“I can’t eat meat. It’ll look delicious to me, and I’ll take a bite of it and I’ll be like, ‘Uh-uh. Can’t do it,’ ” she says, adding that ground meat, like a burger, is completely fine while a whole piece of meat like a steak isn’t.

The That ’70s Show alum also shares that she has only done this film between babies one and two, and that since she’s gone filming for long hours, the projects she takes on have to be really worth it. “[This is] the first time that I’ve ever left my daughter for three days. It’s rough.”

But Kunis isn’t completely removed from Wyatt’s everyday activities, even though the latter is a little confused about what’s going on when her mom isn’t in the same room.

“I have a thing called Nest Cam in my family room, so I totally spy on my kid eating breakfast,” the soon-to-be mom of two admits. “And then I talk to her and she thinks Mommy lives in a camera, which is frightening and horrible anyway. But it’s rough. It’s hard being away from your kid.”

During a Wednesday appearance on the Today show, Kunis also gets real about the pressure to balance her work and home life. But surprisingly, there’s only one person she’s really feeling it from.

“[When] I got pregnant with Wyatt, I put so much pressure on myself to think about how I’m going to balance work and life. And I realize it’s impossible. And I think it literally ate me alive,” she confesses. “No one put the pressure on me — I just did it fully to myself.”

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Fortunately, Kunis said Kutcher has been a completely hands-on father — from the start.

“He’s an incredible father — there’s not even a question. Some men, and it’s okay, they take a little bit of time to adapt to having a baby and feel comfortable,” she explained. “Wyatt came out and two seconds later he had it down. He was swaddling and changing diapers.”

Bad Moms — which also stars Kunis’ real-life fellow moms Kristen Bell, Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate — is out July 29 nationwide.

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Marky on

Like this couple; they seem so in love, and seem to be hands on with their daughter. It isn’t easy for any working parent…when I worked after my child turned one, I found it to be very difficult….I think it’s great when people in any field, let along entertainment, can work one at a time….so one of the parents is with the child when the child is small. JMHO. She is lovely, as usual.

rory on

why is she suddenly omnipresent? She was always a “private” celebrity, we didn’t see the wedding or hear about the birth or see the newborn, and now she can’t stop talking about hookups and cravings (don’t eat meat EVER!) and her marriage and her work (what a crappy movie that surely is)…why??? And why does the Today Show even exist???

Anonymous on

I think it’s odd that she always refers to her child as her “kid”. She never says my daughter or Wyatt, it’s always my “kid”.

Mom of 2 sweet boys on

Well Rory, aren’t you a ray of sunshine?!
Mila has been out of the spotlight because she was busy being a hands on new mom. This is her first movie since she had her daughter and she is promoting it, so she’s back in the spotlight doing press. She has a young daughter and is obviously pregnant so it’s natural for her to talk about those them. She tries to keep her daughter’s identity private for safety, who could blame her? She’s not obligated to plaster pics allover social media, but she’s still open about her life as a mom, and her marriage, good for her! She looks radiant, and I think her and Ashton are one of the coolest and most real couples in Hollywood, along with Kristen and Dax. Can’t wait to see the movie, it looks hilarious 🙂

Anonymous on

@Momof2sweetboys – I totally agree. Of course, I don’t her and Ashton or Kristen and Dax personally, but there is something very normal and down to earth that emanates from both couples. When I read what Mila says in interviews, her comments on parenting are completely relatable. Not pompous, just real. I see the commercials with Kristen and Dax and it’s totally believable that they do their own laundry.

Hollywoodista on

@rory Are you familiar with the way the entertainment industry works? Actors (like Mila Kunis) star in films and then are under a contract with the studio to promote those films via interviews on various television and radio shows. Since the film is called “Bad Moms” and is about motherhood, it’s only natural that she’ll be asked questions that pertain to her own experiences with motherhood, including her current pregnancy. It’s something that literally every other celebrity does.

Not sure why her life choices, like whether or not to eat meat, bother you so much. Live and let live. As for why the Today Show exists, I’m guessing it’s because people watch it.

MinaLax... on

Promoting a movie is one thing but talking about your sex life with your husband TMI! She is actually becoming quite annoying and I can’t seem to get her off my tv or magazine cover. Demi outed Ashton years ago for having the smallest penis in Hollywood. So promote your movie and spare us the details.

Momof2 on

I laugh! Pork in any form was horrible during my second pregnancy, one look and I was in the bathroom! Funny how our bodies play these evil pregnancy tricks on us! Good Luck to them!

Rhonda on

Rory, for one thing, the great thing is, you don’t have to read or watch anything about her….so stop it.
I was the same with meat. Couldn’t eat it, could hardly go to the grocery store because I could smell raw meat a mile away. Meat, chicken, coffee, all things I loved and could eat or drink them, more because of the smell. She is fun and happy and is having fun with her life. Good for her!

Anonymous on

I agree with mom of 2 sweet boys…Rory go away! Gees She gave a completely normal interview..they asked about her pregnancy and she answered..

Anonymous on

Really Rory? If you don’t have anything worth while to say then just don’t. She is out promoting her movie like any other actor/actress prior to movie debut. The hosts ask question the actors answer, which stirs up conversations. Therefore you have a talk show…if you don’t like them, don’t watch them..

Chev Chelios on

Strange woman, but her candor is refreshing if somewhat cloying. It is difficult to reconcile the years she spent in a relationship with McCaulay Culkin with the ‘applie pie existence’ she reports with her current beau.
Now, like Kutcher, Kunis is commercially ubiquitous and seems to live for the public eye . Worse, her ‘discussions’ on family life seem downright creepy.

No matter, I don’t consider a ‘celebrity’ to be a worthy life coach and I certainly wouldn’t start with her.