Tig Notaro Shares Her Mastectomy Scars in Photo with Newborn Twins: ‘This Is My Life’

07/19/2016 at 02:45 PM ET

Double the snuggles!

New mom Tig Notaro took to Twitter and Facebook on Monday to share the first up-close photo of her twin sons Max and Finn, who were born via a surrogate to Notaro and wife Stephanie Allynne on June 26.

The snap shows the comedian, 45, relaxing on a bed, one son flanking either side of her. She cuddles one baby on the left, while gazing down lovingly at her other son to her right.

“This is my life,” writes Notaro, whose mastectomy scars from her battle with bilateral breast cancer can be seen in the picture.

Tig Notaro Twin Boys Snuggles
Tig Notaro/Twitter

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Notaro has all the reason in the world to celebrate her new journey as a mother after a 2012 diagnosis of bilateral breast cancer — which generated a now-iconic stand-up set for Notaro titled “Hello, I Have Cancer.” The news and resulting battle came around the same time of her own mother’s death.

Four years later, Notaro — who is now cancer-free — and Allynne are happily married and first-time parents.

“People are hard on comedians who have kids and start talking about them all the time,” she told PEOPLE in June. “They’re like, ‘Ugh, they lost their edge.’ I can’t wait to lose my edge.”

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J on

Congrats to Tig and her wife!

Samantha on

Who is this person? Never heard of her but she’s really gross!

NotanAhole on

Your attitude is grosser than gross, Samantha

Shay on

Now that is a beautiful picture. Congrats on the 2 miracles. May you all live long, happy, and healthy lives.

Sharon on

Love of oneself and love of child is heart warming to behold. Namaste.

TheWondersOfLife on

What a pair of cuties. Congrats to the happy couple. Live long and prosper. 😀

mer on

I have never heard of her up until now, but I love the story.. and all of it in one beautiful picture.


This picture is completely unnecessary. We all know what a double mastectomy is. My husband had a colostomy but we didn’t post pictures of his bag. People are ridiculous with posting every personal image.

KP on

I love Tig! She is hilarious. I first saw her on Jimmy Fallon and became an instant fan. And what cute little babies she has. Congrats to you, Tig!

WonderWoman on


Anonymous on

What a beautiful picture of her and story@

Samantha, What about her is gross?

Guest, she posted this on HER social media. People/CBB decided to take the picture and write and article. YOU decided to click it, read it and comment about it. If you find it so disturbing, then avoid it. Scroll and roll. It is very simple.

laure50 on

Tig is a great example of courage and authenticity. Plus she’s f-ing talented and funny as hell.
I appreciate seeing what mastectomy scars looks like. I’m sure they are unique to the individual, but in the picture, they are less disfiguring than I imagined they would be. I bet that for women who have them, Tig’s willingness to go public, makes them feel less alone.

rachel on

She isn’t “sharing” her mastectomy scars (That would mean all of us would have them, duh). She is just posting a photo! What her chest looks like is incidental. And did you have to use “battle” twice? She didn’t “battle.” She had a disease. She had TREATMENT. It wasn’t a battle. Jeez. Not even figuratively. It’s not warfare. I had breast cancer. I have a mastectomy scar. I don’t “share” it because who would want part of it!? I don’t display it either. Cute babies, I like the name Finn but Max is just too common a name … I hope the whole family is happy and healthy for decades to come. As for the scar, mine doesn’t look anything like that.

Anna on

@GUEST if a guy was lying topless on a bed you wouldn’t think anything o it. You certainly wouldn’t compare it as the same thing as showing someone’s balls. Sexualizing breasts is one thing, but she doesn’t even have any of those, so I’m not sure what your issue is?

Poppy on

Yuck. Not everything needs to be public. Have some class…and shave your damn pits!

Anonymous on

She is gross. I have never heard of her either.

Anonymous on

Nasty and gross. Never heard of her.

Wow on

So it’s okay to show a woman’s bare chest if she’s had a double mastectomy, but it’s indecent to show a woman’s bare chest if she still has breast tissue??? What we are telling women is that they’re only acceptable if they’ve been maimed or disease ridden.

LilahK on

Such a loving and beautiful photo! Congratulations to Tig and her wife on the arrival of their gorgeous twins!

LifeIsGood on

Oh, sweet beautiful babies! Congratulations to Tig and Allynne on the arrival of their sons. May their family have a long, happy & healthy life together.

sally on

SO, I guess we really have gotten to the point that we post everything!
Sorry, I do not feel everything is appropriate.
What happened to keeping things classy?

sally on

This is ridiculous and unnecessary! How embarrassed will her babies be one day? Should I have put my babies on my naked breasts? NO, of course not! Breasts or no breasts, it’s not appropriate!

H.A. on

I used to sleep that way with my twins sons . The best . 💙💜💚 now they are big sweaty boys . It’s true what they say , they grow up fast . Enjoy your beautiful babies .

Claire on

This is the perfect opportunity to have the small-minded, mean little people show their colors. They’ll be the same people who’ll “bless” the Duggars and call the babies conceived with science “miracles” but only if they’re born into homes that they agree are Correct. Hypocrites.
Spew hate then slime everyone with fake love.
Good for you, Tig! May you, your wife and the boys enjoy a long, happy, healthy wonderful future.
Love wins.

Barbara on

Tig you are such a wonderful representative of all of us BC warriors. Congradulations to you and Allynne on the birth of your sons.

Barbara Ur a Moron... on

It’s “congraTulations”.

Valerie Evans on

Was this pictures really necessary?

Redd on

Tog is an amazing comedian and has been through so much with the loss of her mother and fighting cancer. I wish her happiness!

Hea on

@rachel – Just because you don’t feel like you battled doesn’t mean she didn’t. We all deal with disease differently. For some, cancer is a war fought within and against your own body, a body that’s betraying you in the worst way. I visualized in order to cope and understand my feelings.

Ann Sorensen on

How disgusting, poor babies

Congrats...but ick on

Congrats on the beautiful boys and beating breast cancer! This is the beginning of a new life of happiness for you.

(But please…shave your pits. That is just downright disgusting)

C on

Love how open she is to sharing her journey of her mastectomy and her blessing of the twin babies.Wish her wellness and happiness on her journey

larkwoodgirl on

Good for her. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She survived cancer and she is beautiful to everyone of us who have done the same.

TheWorldsGoneMad on

Never heard of her.
And I think this is tasteless.

ricochet on

…so confused 😣

Mary Christine Walker on

To Samantha: if you took the time to find out about Tig Notaro, you would learn she is a great person, who has a great career making a lot of people laugh, a beautiful wife and now,a beautiful family! Research before opening your mouth!

Janice Allen on

I really enjoyed your stand up called Boyish girl interrupted, twosetss 221 stands for twosets of twins, awesome, arn’t they. You are are the best. Thanks for making my day

Sariah on

Can someone with implants after mastectomy post the same pic of their chest? If this was an attractive women it wouldn’t be at all ok to post this pic but because she’s lesbian and butch it’s totally ok to post a topless pic because nobody is going to sexualize it. Lame.

Sarah on

Children need a mother and a father. Period.

Melinda Wynn on

I watched ” One Mississippi” this week on Amazon. Loved Tig…didnt know till now while reading that ” Kate” and Tig are a real life couple! Congrats on Everything. Can’t wait to see more of their work.