Ivanka Trump Is Missing Baby Theodore While at Republican National Convention

07/19/2016 at 07:30 PM ET

Ivanka Trump is working hard to balance her role as a supportive daughter and doting mom.

On Tuesday, the businesswoman shared a relatable mommy moment when she took to Instagram revealing how much she’s going to miss her newborn while she’s in Cleveland supporting her father Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

“I’m going to miss this little boy when I’m in Cleveland!!! NYC [to] Cleveland #RNC,” she captioned a smiley photo of her youngest child, Theodore James.

Ivanka Trump son Theodore
Ivanka Trump/Instagram

And the day after her Tuesday appearance at the RNC, Ivanka gave her followers a glimpse into her busy night — which included time spent chatting with her children back home.

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“A quiet moment Facetiming with the kids minutes before my father officially became the Republican nominee for President of the United States!” she wrote alongside a photo her backstage.

The mom of three — she and husband Jared Kushner are also parents to daughter Arabella, 5, and son Joseph, 2 — later shared a family snap featuring her kids, writing, “Missing my monkeys!”

Ivanka, 34, welcomed her third child in March, but she didn’t let pregnancy or a newborn stop her from being an active participant in her father’s presidential campaign, as she’s showed up to a number of his rallies and events.

Ivanka Trump son Theodore
Ivanka Trump/Instagram

The double duty paid off on Tuesday night, as Ivanka saw her father — who was named the GOP’s presumptive nominee in May — become the party’s official candidate during day two of the RNC.

Ivanka’s brother Donald Trump Jr. announced the 89 votes that put the billionaire businessman over the minimum requirement of necessary delegates, after which Ivanka called the moment “surreal,” as she and Donald Jr. teared up.

— Naja Rayne and Anya Leon

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Obkb on

What a cute baby.

noah on

Choices Ivanka. Choices. What i want to know is how do the Trump children watch their father call people names, as a bully does, and have pride in that? When the gkids are taught anti bullying in school… the first being. . Don’t call other kids names. How do they reconcile that with their child? Yes, It hurts their feelings but grampa does it and he shouldn’t? Grampa has a problem? Or not even gkids but own child Barron? Don’t be like your dad? He’s a bully? Maybe Melania hasn’t been around because she doesn’t like what she hears. Now she’s kinda stuck. Even the kids started to diminish from sight the more he bashed away with name calling. He may think it’s catchy but it’s disgusting for a man wanting the office of the presidency. Someone needs to tell him middle school is over, bullying needs squashing so grow a pair and learn something from the calm, steady hand of the current president. … like him or not.

Katie on

He looks just like his dad, Donald! I’m sure ivanka and Donald trump are super proud parents of this little thing. 👍🏻😊

Mrs. B on

He’s a cute baby.

Anonymous on

That is a beautiful baby!!

Lorrie on

Wrong choice! Baby should come first. Not a packed room of politicians.

Anonymous on

She has 2 older children–a son & daughter. She doesn’t miss them, only her baby? And I’d rather have a POTUS with previous political/White House experience than 1 who’s a billionaire, bully, anti-gay (& probably other minorities), reactionary businessman who’ll likely do whatever he pleases IF he’s lucky enough to actually win the office (or if he finds a way to influence/buy his way into it), despite counsel from his politician VPOTUS & others to react calmly in certain situations & not fly off the handle, & probably use the nuclear codes when the head of another nuclear country pisses him off enough (which, I’m sure, will be EASY)!

Spare me on

Then go home, stupid.

Aboz on

Katie Donald isn’t the father. Ivanka is Donald Trump’s daughter so unless she had a baby with her brother I’m assuming it’s her husband’s baby.

Stacy on

gorgeous little one

mary on

adorable baby. I have always thought Ivanka seemed like an intelligent woman, but man, I have lost ALL respect for her being such a vocal part of this campaign against hating women, racism, lying, etc. We are on day 2 of the convention and we have heard NOTHING about what Trump actually plans to do, how is this ok with all his voters? as long as we are calling Hillary a liar, all good? Do his supporters really not care about what he plans on doing once in office, or is name calling now a full time job worthy of respect and power?

James on

Have you explained to them why grandpa makes fun of disabled people? When they see that video, I wonder how much shame they will feel.

stacey on

A bunch of little cuties!!!

Guest on

To be fair, I’m sure Chelsea is not going to tell her kids that grandpa had many affairs and cheated on grandma in the Oval Office. It goes both ways, don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

blessedwithboys on

Who cares if the mother misses her baby? That’s her own selfish choice for leaving him. But the baby didn’t get to choose to wake up each day and not know where his mother is. A newborn needs his mother’s breast, not 5 minutes of Facetime. How sad.

claudiazz22 on

Speaking about hate, there seems to be quite an exhibition of it here. How do you reconcile your written words of hate posted online with your own children? Change begins at your own doorstep.

Sarah on

They are Jewish.

Anonymous on

Can we stop pretending nannies don’t raise her children?

Anonymous on

Look more like an advertisement for her handbag than a picture of her “talking” with her kids! What a posed pose.