Meghan King Edmonds on How Hormone Shots Were the Worst Part of IVF: ‘It Was Really a Roller Coaster Ride’

07/18/2016 at 01:00 PM ET

For Meghan King Edmonds, the moment she found out she was pregnant made all the effort and pain — both physical and mental — involved with IVF totally worth it.

“It was completely surreal,” The Real Housewives of Orange County star, 31, said in a recent interview for PEOPLE Now of when she and her husband, former professional baseball player Jim Edmonds, found out they were having their first child together. “It was like something you see in a movie.

“I remember exactly where I was,” she continues. “I was in my bathroom in my California house, and Jimmy was out in the hallway. And I called him in and he was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s real!’ ”

Meghan King Edmonds on Pregnancy

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Edmonds is currently about five months along with their daughter, who will be her first child and the fifth for her husband, who has four other children from previous marriages. Edmonds revealed the news of her pregnancy exclusively to PEOPLE in June.

The current season of RHOC, which premiered in June, has been chronicling Edmonds’ journey with IVF.

And although the reality star and sales executive isn’t a big fan of needles, she says having to give herself hormone shots actually wasn’t as bad as what came after.

“For me, with IVF, it was the hormones. It was really a roller coaster ride,” says Edmonds, who notes it was better to give herself the shots because she felt more in control of the experience. “Feeling exhausted and bloated … it changed my lifestyle. I’m used to working out every day, and I wasn’t able to because I was tired.”

She adds, “And my ovaries were growing so big that [it] was actually dangerous if they would’ve gotten hit. They could’ve bursted.”

Their daughter isn’t due until around the holidays, but the spouses of almost two years are already throwing around name ideas — including one moniker in particular.

“We’re thinking about the name Watson, we really like that,” she says. “And that’s one of Jimmy’s family names. But I don’t know, we’ll see.”

While Edmonds notes they haven’t made any final decisions, she says she’s more than ready to name her daughter so she can get to work.

“I need to monogram things,” she jokes.

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Jenny on

Correction, his 5th child not 3rd, also with 3 diff women!

ccuu on

I hate this drama queens. I injected myself every day and once a week with hormones to have my child. Seriously I hate women like this, it is not a big deal, everyone has to deal with it. Watching this idiot cry and make a video of it was ridiculous.

Sam J on

She is disgusting

Debbie on

Check your facts: Jim Edmonds has two children from his first marriage & two children from his second marriage.

Please on

These articles on her IVF “journey” are rediculous. She went through it one time. It worked on the first try. That’s not a journey. I’d rather hear it from someone who has been through it a few times. I’ve done it six times. It worked twice (the first time on the first try). Other than that I had two failed cycles and two miscarriages. Going to be trying again soon too. Good for her that she didn’t have to suffer through years of infertility, but she definitely didn’t go through a journey. It minimizes what some people who are actually struggling to conceive have to go through. Stop acting like a martyr already.

BabyLove on

It’s a blessing that Megan was able to have success the first time around. Unfortunately, she did not have the support of her husband along the way. I also went to HRC Fertility to go through the same process twice. First attempt was a negative and second attempt resulted in a miscarriage. I did however have my husband at every single appointment. Without his support there is no way I would have been able to go through the process.
There are many of us that go through infertility and regardless of each situation we need to support each other every step of the way.
I hope that what we saw on TV is not an indication of the support she will receive from her husband when the baby is born. Best of luck with your bundle of joy Megan!

Hanna on

She is a dumb, boring idiot and shouldn’t be on this show. All she does is butt into everyone’s business. Take her off!!!

.... on

I can 100% guarantee to Megan that the worst part of IVF is not the shots, or needles, it is when it doesn’t work and you do not get the pregnancy you tried so hard for, paid so much for, went thru so much for.

Also in most cases, unlike hers, the couples tried naturally for years before eventually turning to pills or shots plus insemination before going to IVF and it still not working. So, be happy it worked the 1st time you tried and … shut up. That’s all.

Louisa on

Babies are painful!

sharon Little on

I can’t stand her.She hardly had a journey,it worked on her 1st. try.I wish it hadn’t been shown,I’m not over Yolanda & all her I.V’s yet.If shes over the moon,great,I’m happy for her.However,it is sad her husband showed zero interest.I;m sure he could’ve gotten at least one day off to be with her.Last season, he showed zero interest in her,also.

Madison on

She should consider herself very lucky because I had to go through this 5 times before I got pregnant with my son. On a side note, I wonder why she can’t see that that husband of hers is so nasty and seems like he doesn’t give a sh!t about her. He’s too old and crabby for her.

peace on

I like Megan I feel bad that the hubby is not with her & shows no interest…… I don’t see that changing ……. I wish her lots of luck & great times with her family……

Susan on

Oh my heart bleeds. I’m a Type 1 diabetic and those tiny syringes do not hurt. I get that it’s weird the first time, but after 3 years of injecting several times daily, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.