Jackson Rathbone Introduces Daughter Presley Bowie: My Baby Girl Will Make My Son a ‘Better Man’

07/18/2016 at 04:45 PM ET

Jackson Rathbone is opening up about why he decided on a non-traditional name for his baby girl Presley Bowie, who was born May 31.

“Presley is just a name I’ve always loved,” the former Twilight star, 31, tells PEOPLE. “It’s kind of rockabilly, a little bit of my Southern roots and heritage. And Bowie is a family name from my mother’s side. And I’m also a fan of David Bowie, so it’s a tribute.”

Already father to 4-year-old son Monroe Jackson VI with wife Sheila, 28, Rathbone was excited to be having a girl.

“Having a boy first and then a girl, I think it’s going to make [Monroe] a better man when he grows up,” says Rathbone, who adds that his son has been “the sweetest big brother.”

“Whenever we want to change a diaper, he wants to help, and he gets us a diaper, and he’ll get the wipes if we’re in a different room,” the actor and musician continues. “He likes to hold her and give her kisses, tell her goodnight.”

Jackson Rathbone Introduces Presley Bowie
Denise Crew

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Even though Presley — whom Rathbone describes as “very relaxed” and “chill” — is only 7 weeks old, she’s already reached a sweet milestone.

“Last week, she gave Mama a smile with a big face of dimples,” the proud dad says. “I think it was just because she had a big meal. Whenever I have a big meal and I get to take a nap, I smile too!”

While adding another member to the family has been challenging — “There’s no such thing as easy when it comes to dealing with kids!” says Rathbone — he’s also been enjoying the new dynamic.

“It’s been fun too,” he says. “Monroe likes it because it’s like, the boys are going to go — ‘Daddy and I are going to go do this, and the girls are going to go do this.’ I love it. It’s so nice to have a boy and a girl. It’s our little family of four.”

Will the Rathbones become a family of five down the line?

“We’re going to take some time,” says Rathbone. “In a hypothetical sense, sure, why not? We’re open to multiple ways of having kids.”

— Gabrielle Olya

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ddnnj on

The best boys/men are big brothers to younger sisters. I swear this is true. It’s the best birth order possible IMO

Me on

They’re a beautiful family. Congratulations and best wishes!

seabot on

They are a beautiful family. Congrats to them!

Those names though on

Monroe Jackson
Presley Bowie

Oh dear trailer trash

Ronda Johnson-Dove on

FYI to the rude person who commented on the kids names, Monroe is actually a family name that has been passed down in Jackson’s family for several generations. Jackson’s first name is also Monroe, as is his father and so on. I believe this is the 8th Monroe in the family. And if you are so concerned with them being “trailer trash” you might want to Google the Rathbone family, they are far from being trash. Jackson’s great grandfather was one of the Founders of Standard Oil, one of the biggest oil companies in this country. They are VERY well off and believe me, his parents have a huge home in Midland, Texas and the house he and Shiela own is definitely not on wheels either!!!

Madison on

Congrats & much love!

Sarah on

What a good-looking family, and that blanket – I want one and I don’t have a baby. To the person saying “trailer trash” about the names, Monroe is Mariah Carey’s daughter and Bowie is one of Zoe Saldana’s boys in addition to several others since David’s death, so your opinion hardly counts!

Hmm on

I don’t think there is a “best order” to have children. Whoever is born first gets a bit more responsibility which in turn matures and prepares them to be “better adults” regardless if male or female. If people treated and taught their children the same than all boys/men would know to respect women and all girls/women will know to respect themselves and be independent. No female needs an older brother or any man for protection and no male needs a little sister to learn how to treat females when they have a MOTHER and FATHER to lead the example. Its called instilling proper morals and values when raising them….

Hmm on

@ Sarah they said the names were rockabilly themselves knowing their name taste is kitschy and a bit trashy. Oh well. Their kids, their choice but lets be honest Monroe is hideous as a first name and Presley Bowie doesn’t even flow nicely. They couldve done better but chose not to. They like the odd rockabilly bootleg vintage style it’s just a shame they force it on their kids.

anon on

What a sweet family! G-d bless!

Those names though on

Ronda Johnson-Dove: just because they came from wealth, and may have their own money, doesn’t make whoever these people are any less ridiculous for the stupid names they gave their children. Sorry, I know you are the president of their fan club, but Presley Bowie is stooooooooooopid.

stinky on

& SHEILA….lol!!

stinky on

i don’t know who these people are, but that’s a cute family pic above…the one with the little boy behind the sofa.

Nikki on

This chick got lucky with Jackson. They knew each other for a few months before she got pregnant. Now they’re this loving family. She’s def not on the cuter side.

Lala on

Long hair on little boys, why people?! It is rarely a cute look.

Amy on

Beautiful family! That little boy is adorable!!

Mel on

Very cute family but I agree with another poster here. It is not siblings that make you a better person. It’s how you are raised. I am a girl with a big brother and there was never any looking out for me. And even if there is a big brother looking out for his little sister, that doesn’t mean he is going to treat all women with respect. If that were true there would be a hell of a lot more equality among genders. The second you call your little girl bossy or tell her the little boy who hit her must really have a crush on her it all starts going out the window.

You're a troll Hmm & Those names though on

Love the names. As for the people commenting on how hideous their names are. I’m sure your names are better. *sarcasm* Have a nice day trolls !

Melinda on

That couch look old, and the tattoes are hideous.

Peter on

Look at that woman’s gross tattoos. Vile.

Erinbay on


jasmine on

Some of you guys are rude as hell. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that’s no excuse to be so cruel and judgmental. Karma is a b**ch so don’t be so surprised when she comes back to bite you in the ass.