Courtney Stodden Suffers Miscarriage: They Are ‘at an Emotional Loss for Words’

07/17/2016 at 09:20 PM ET

Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Courtney Stodden has suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with her first child with Doug Hutchison.

“It is with a heavy heart to inform you that last week Courtney Stodden suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage,” Stodden’s manager Gina Rodriguez said in a statement to PEOPLE.

“Courtney and her husband, Doug, are at an emotional loss for words and are using this time to grieve with their close family and friends.

“Please respect their privacy as the couple try to cope with losing their precious baby and seek the support they both need,” the statement continued.

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Stodden, 21, and Hutchison, 55, first announced that they were expecting a baby in May.

The Big Brother U.K. star said at the time that she felt “happy about [her pregnancy] but extremely overwhelmed.”

On Saturday, Stodden tweeted, “I love you my sweet angel.” She followed up with another tweet, writing, “God is embracing you.”

Two-and-a-half years after tying the knot, Stodden and Hutchison were legally separated.

However, nine months later the pair reconciled, as Stodden’s mother Krista Keller told PEOPLE that her daughter “found out that she really, really loves Doug and he’s the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.”

— Maria Mercedes Lara with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Pam on

How terribly sad for them.

Harcinab on

I don’t wish a miscarriage on anyone. It’s heartbreaking.
But there is something to be said about keeping things private and off social media. I don’t think she was even second trimester?

Anonymous on

This is why you don’t announce a pregnancy to the press within the first month.

Olive Oil on

Miscarriages are very hard to deal with. However, if she was due in May, that would mean she is pregnant for 11 months.

Nick on

Announcing your pregnancy doesn’t cause a miscarriage. Every baby should be celebrated no matter what.

Jennifer on

The only thing she really, REALLY loves is his money.

Erin on

Far be it from me to stick up for her…but how many of your friends are posting about their pregnancies on Facebook constantly?

Elle on

@OliveOil She announced it in May, not that she was due in May.

wississippi on

That baby dodged a bullet, for sure.


I feel so sorry for this young woman. She did not get the kind of parents every child deserves.

Tina on

The circumstances between her and her husband shouldn’t matter right now. No one deserves to have this happen to them. She is still young so if she so chooses she and her husband can try again. Nobody knows what the future holds but she and her husband have every right to live their lives the way they want to.

Joan on

Please stop criticizing her for revealing her pregnancy early. It wasn’t her choice. It was leaked and she was upset about it and instead of lying confirmed. And as we’ve seen lately from a few other celebrities, miscarriages can happen anytime during pregnancy. It’s just a loss, no blame. Stop coming down on them.

gk on

That’s so sad. I’m so sorry for their loss.

pcc on

I do not believe she had a miscarriage.

Guest on

I agree with pcc

Curious on

I don’t think it was necessary to request their privacy be respected because I doubt people will know who they are… it’s very sad and I do hope they are able to find peace.

Sarah on

@pcc what’s your theory?

wm on

This is the best thing that could have happened. Can you imagine being the child of these two idiots? God was watching over this unborn child.

Guest on

It probably has to do with all that silicone in her body.

guest on

Also agree with PCC. Her announcement was too early for her to show and she always seems very desperate to stay relevant.

MH on

Thank u Jesus! She and her husband are depraved & nasty.

forreal on

I agree that she likely terminated her pregnancy. She said herself that it wasn’t planned. Let’s be honest here. This girl at 22 wasn’t ready to have a kid. She says she had a miscarriage but we know the real story.

Charlotte on

Always sad when miscarriage occurs. But who is Courtney Stoddard? Is she famous ? Why is she famous? Are there a bunch of common people invading their privacy?

Hoax whisperer on

Miscarriages are heartbreaking and terrible. It recently happened to a friend of mine and she is absolutely inconsolable.


Ms. Stodden was never pregnant to begin with. This is an orchestrated publicity stunt. It find it despicable that she shamelessly mocks a difficult issue for the sheer purpose of self-promotion. I repeat, she was never pregnant.

sailingblue on

Their entire relationship has been scripted. She was not 16 when they married, she was in her 20s. She was never pregnant, either.

reader on

very sad…did she not have a fall last week? I saw a picture and she was wearing 5 inch heals and fell onto the grass or sidewalk.

Anonymous on

A blessing in disguise.

rubyovertherainbow* on

A blessing in disguise.

Anonymous on

I agree with @Hoax whisperer 100%. That girl will do anything for publicity. Red flag #1 was her announcement at 4 weeks. I saw a couple episodes of Couples Therapy featuring Courtney and Doug. That girl is out of her mind.


Well with that much bleach and silicone in her system no wonder…

Kathleen on

Interesting how many people feel and express some sort of personal loss when someone they’ve never met has something like this happen. Not sure why it affects some and not others. On a similar note, those expressing “she’s young, she has time,” etc are the absolute WORST things you can say in these situations and you should avoid that. But she asked for “privacy,” which suggests we are all intruding in her life anyway.

Kim on

They announced the pregnancy last May, she wasn’t due in May!!!

Candace on

I feel so bad for both of them. To be so young and have so much life and potential and for him to just now be experiencing parenthood and then have it all disappear is just heartbreaking. Regardless of how people react to them, remember that they are people too, and even though they are different possibly than most of us – they have a right to be so… I hope and pray that in time they will heal and become stronger through this and God will bless them with a child – when the timing is right and they are prepared emotionally and ready to be the parents that child will need. I wish them peace and hope the healing power of love surrounds them.

Valerie Evans on

First, she is NOT 21.. SECOND, I really doubt the whole story. They have tried every trick in the book to get attention, and they think they are Reality Star material.
They are both full of baloney.

routeinebook on

why would we not respect their privacy? We don’t care. And “it is with heavy heart to inform you?” What? hahahaha

Becks on

Throughout her pregnancy she looked like she was on drugs and had more plastic surgery. Keep it off social media, especially when NO ONE cares!

Michelle on

You all should be ashamed to judge someone who gives you the right do you no her personally??wow hate for any of you to get prego next 👏

Hmm on

It’s probably from that fall she had last week.

Merry on


Is that all you could come up with? I doubt he has that much. But you are a nasty, foul piece if work.

Witch. I feel bad for her. Even if they seem like 2 messed up people, no one should experience losing a child.

Lena Court on

They were expecting a baby in May? We are in July right now, she’s been pregnant at least a couple of weeks. Counting to May, that would be 10 months!! BS

I don't wanna know on

I’m afraid ms Stodden has serious mental health problems. I hope she’ll get some help and lives her life in privacy. She probably wasn’t pregnant at all.

marilyn on

So sorry for your loss.

Hea on

This is what happens when you’re on drugs and mentally ill. I’m thinking phantom pregnancy.

Cheri on

Really bad math PEOPLE because she was further along, not due in May or having the longest pregnancy in history.

lowest of the low on

I agree with everyone calling this, yet another, publicity stunt. Everything about this girl is fake, including her “pregnancy” & subsequent staged & photographed fall. It’s an insult to everyone that has actually had miscarriages, including myself.

Janis on

Old sperm.

Patti on

It’s sad when one doesn’t believe she was pregnant in the first place

Nikki on

So sad. I feel so bad for her. I hope and pray that she and her family will find peace after what happened. Absoluetly heartbreaking. 😦

Guest on

I started to believe her so-called pregnant is just a lie for publicity. So she can announce the “miscarriage” for the another publicity after months. We all know this woman loves attention-seeking.

sally on

I feel really sorry she had a miscarriage- but she is a hot mess!
I don’t think their relationship is solid and she is too young to be a mother. She has a lot of growing up to do. Plus-
she said at the time that she felt “happy about [her pregnancy] but extremely overwhelmed.”

sally on

Let’s face it- we have NO clue if she was ever even pregnant. These two are nut jobs.

JR Jake on

Personally, I believe the devil wanted a different couple to raise his offspring and heir to the throne.

Guest on

How horrible. I am so sorry for their loss. This is truly heartbreaking.

Curious on

She was never pregnant. These two wackos will do anything to stay mildly relevant, yet absolutely nobody cares. They aren’t good actors and they’re both clearly narcissistic. Shame on them.

ash on

Nick, nobody is saying that it caused the miscarriage – it’s a superstition that many follow. I didn’t say anything about my pregnancy until 20 weeks and I found out she was a girl. The first 12 weeks are a danger zone for pregnancy so if it makes someone feel better to not talk about it so as to not jinx it, go for it. It’s because they WANT to celebrate their babies that many do it.

Lucy on

That’s sad! Not a fan of this couple, but this is horrible.

DUH on

Oh my GOD morons! She ANNOUNCED the pregnancy in May. Reading comprehension really is your friend!!!

Bella on

She’s very young. As crazy and outlandish as I think she and this union is, I do not wish this on anyone who wishes to be a mother. Sorry for them.

Sad on

What happened is incredibly heartbreaking and I really do feel for them both. BUT you have to wonder what kind of life that baby would have grown up in. Grandma allows her then 16 year old daughter to marry a man in his late 40’s. She later confesses she let her do it because she herself had a crush on that man. So we now have a young lady married to a grown man, shes parading around half naked acting like a stupid no brain child. The whole situation is very disturbing to me.

Grifter on

When she announced her pregnancy, I told my friends that she was too vain and self-absorbed to worry about taking care of a newborn. At the time, I said it’s probably a fake pregnancy and we’ll hear about a miscarriage in a couple of months – before she starts showing. Well, guess what happened…? Bingo. She’s a liar and attention seeker.

Madison on

So very sorry for your loss. If you would like privacy, pls stay off social media.

... on

I don’t think she was ever pregnant so there is nothing to be sad about, announcing at 4 weeks, as soon as a pee stick dries when promoting a television show, then announcing a miscarriage before 12 weeks, b/c she wasn’t going to start showing and the gig was up. Nah.

Amy on

She is so not spending the rest of her life with him, seeing as he’s older than her father.

michelle on

She probably doesn’t really care. She has got to be bat shizzle crazy. Poor young lady.

lonni on

Stop getting sucked into these silly stories. This was never real…none of this site is real.

Shanno on

Shame on all of you with your awful theories about her lying about her pregnancy, her announcing it too early, being too young or the baby “dodging a bullet.” None of know the true circumstances of her life and how terrible of you to say these things if she has truly had a miscarriage. I have had two ectopic pregnancies and two miscarriages, I know the heartbreak of losing child and would never say the terrible things that have been said here. Consider yourself lucky that you have not had to endure such pain. Shameful.

Brain Bug on

Who cares? Who is she?

Look Behind You on

Two things I wanted to mention or get some clarification.

-What the hell happened to her face?? Are those fillers, plastic surgery…what?

-I know plenty of people who have experienced infant loss, miscarriage or still birth and it is beyond traumatic. I really hope this is legitimate and she is not stooping to that level for attention.

Liz on

This man is a pedofile. She was a teenager when they met. She is clearly young and clueless, but this man should be in prison.

L T on

Condolences! Is that her in the pic above?

Jill Nailon on

I’m so very sorry for your loss! I’ve been through this myself and truly sympathize with you both. You’ll all be in my thoughts and prayers. Kindest regards.

Andrea on

I always watch Big Brother and I cant remember her. I feel sad for her if it is real but I dont have a clue who she is.

Dale on

The whole story is suspicious, she announced she was pregnant about two days into it two months ago, and she was devastated, she didn’t think she could handle it, she was too young, many people said watch what happens about two months down the road, she will have suffered a miscarriage and sure enough…..publicity stunt…I doubt she was every pregnant. Why announced that early….

HercMulligan2531 on

I don’t care who they are or what I think of them personally… losing a baby you really wanted is one of the most heartbreaking things you can go through. They’ll certainly be in my prayers. Geesh.

lankyjane on

Young and troubled girl fakes pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage so she and her much older husband stay relevant. Sound familiar? Gabi Grecko did the exact same thing last year!!

Anonymous on

I am not a fan of hers but some of you need some serious counseling. A baby dying is not ‘lucky’, even children with not so great parents are worthy of life. And it isn’t anyone’s ‘fault’ for announcing early. I announced all of my pregnancies early. I am an open book with my family and friends and have no desire to hide anything and knew if by some chance something happened to the pregnancy I wouldn’t want to hide it. People complain all the time about how there needs to be awareness for pregnancy loss, how so many women go through it but ‘nobody talks about it’, that is because for some odd reason everyone feels you need to wait until the ‘risky time’ is over before announcing a pregnancy. If you want to keep a loss private so be it, but if you plan on announcing a loss, why not announce a pregnancy and at least let people celebrate and experience joy with you in the even that you will expect them to mourn and experience sadness with you.