Eighth Child on the Way for Mick Jagger

07/14/2016 at 08:40 PM ET

Mick Jagger girlfriend pregnant Rob Kim/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order for Mick Jagger.

The Rolling Stones co-founder, 72, is expecting a baby with his girlfriend of two years, ballerina Melanie Hamrick, U.K. newspaper The Sun reports.

This will be the first child for the 29-year-old dancer, who has not offered any details on the pregnancy.

Jagger is already father to seven — Georgia, James, Jade, Elizabeth, Lucas, Karis and Gabriel — with his oldest being 45 and his youngest 17.

Welcoming babies in life seems to be more common among Rolling Stones band mates, as Ronnie Wood welcomed twin girls — his fifth and sixth children — at the end of may.

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Jagger has not publicly commented on the news.

— Naja Rayne

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Guest on

OMG, wrap it up for gosh sakes! Yours shouldn’t even be potent at 72! I would hate to be one of his older kids and get this news!

Vee on

He got over L’Wren quickly, I’d say.
The poor child will never know much of his or her father, but at least the mother will be wealthy now.

Meena on

At a certain point you would think he would want to snip that thing up. Old dude trying to prove he still has it, I guess.

Meena on

@Vee-Men move on. That’s what they do. Some of us women could take a lesson from men on how to move on and keep going.

Harcinab on

Gross! Time to get the snip, Mick!!
While mama is set for life, baby will hardly get any time with her father. Sad.

kelly on

This couple is garbage

cj on

shit. i hope he plans to live to 100 to see that kid get married. ballerina doesn’t care .. she’s getting in on some major cash. cha ching

Christine Finnegan on


Joan on

She’s 29, he’s 72. His oldest is 45 and now is having a baby. Wow. At least he has the money to support it. Hope the baby is healthy.

Shazam on


really?? on

when your wife is young enough to be your oldest child’s granddaughter…..it’s time to stop making babies! disgusting!!!!

KL on

Gross!!! just gross, WTF is a 29 and 72 yr old doing together thats not grandpa/granddaughter ?! effing gross… WHY would u be wanting a baby at 72?!

Catherine on

I don’t get why all these women still have unprotected s*x with this man. I’d be afraid of catching something.

Anonymous on

@Really??, you really need to work on your math skills. His oldest child is 45, and the girlfriend is 29. Kind of hard for a 29-year-old to be the grandchild of a 45-year-old. Either that, or you live in a really skewed, banjo-playing reality.

Liz on

I’m impressed that at 72 years of age he’s still able to get it up.

Cathy Bozzomo on

Have been a Rolling Stones fan for a long time, but I am disgusted by this!!!

Cloey on

8 children with how many women? If this was reversed, the woman would be shamed and labeled a terrible and immoral role model.

Andrea on

Mick’s daughter Jade turns 45 this year. Her daughter Assisi turns 24. Two years ago Assisi gave birth to a girl named Ezra (Mick’s great-granddaughter). So, this new child will be a great-aunt or uncle to Ezra.

skigirl25 on

It still works?

kitty62862 on

I realize he can afford to support his children well, but honestly!

How many of them got to have him as an involved father?

It does matter!!!

J on

Wow, 72 and 29? It’s like me (34) dating someone my father’s age (70). To each their own I guess. Best wishes to them.

Sara on

I think I just sicked in my mouth..a grandfather and a young toygirl procreating ..that kid will have all kinds of disabilities..gross old man

Mendocino on

@ anonymous , your a rude twit . The point that Really was making is that this is so very disgusting . And why bring Banjo playing into this . Are saying Banjo players are somehow lacking ? That you are better ? Because you strike me as a narrow minded unimaginative hag .

myuntidydesk on

That is disgusting.

jae on

you forgot to list son harry styles lol

Anonymous on

Men don’t think! This child will only remember his/her father in his wheelchair. But hopefully his/her mother will get enough money to have him live the lives equal to his brothers and sisters lives. I’m sure there is plenty to go around… congratulations…

sergeant2 on

My first knee jerk reaction was, What! Jagger is 72, when the kid is 15 Jagger will be 87 (God willing) The child will not feel the pride of his Dad attending his HS graduation and all the other milestones in life that happen. But on second thought, the child will at least have some memories of time spent with Dad, not to mention being financially set for life and all the other perks that come from being wealthy. And props to Mick for still having lead in his pencil at 72 years of age. Most of all if Mick and Mom to be are happy, than good for them. You only get one ride on the merry-go-round of life, cherish the happy times, as they are fleeting and far between.

jo on

Pretty sure this is the piece Mick was seeing when L’Wren killed herself. As I recall, a prescient blind was published just before her death saying that she was in a bad state due to his cheating. Then just weeks after her death, guess who he was photographed on a hotel balcony with. So glad to hear he’s been thriving.

Robin on

Is he ever going to stop having kids? He’s a great-grandfather for crying out loud.
Btw, why does everyone call this baby “she”? The article didn’t reveal the sex of the baby.

Ann on

I say MJ breed as much as you can! One day when those kids are older and there gone, we can say wow you had the greatest dad of all time, and you have his blood!

Laura B on

This reminds me of a song:

Superduper gross things are superduper gross…
hot garbage, superduper gross;
water park bathrooms, superduper gross;
Mick Jagger still breeding, superduper duper gross!

-Incredible Crew

Roaie on

It’s true love I bet……

ALM on

For a man with four daughters and how-ever-many granddaughters, he really has never learned how to treat women. Cheats on every one of them.

Karen on

That is so disgusting.

stinky on


Sara on

Gee, I wonder if she’s a gold digger? 29 year old having a baby with a 72 year old? Yep, she’s set for life.

mary on

I love Mick Jagger but he sure is looking pretty haggard. A father again? This 29-year old better be careful because he will leave her and get a new friend pretty fast. That’s what he does!

Rachel on

Geez!! My hubby and I are expecting baby #4 and we’ll be 34 and 37 when he is born. I was stressed my husband was too old for one more at 37. Guess I was wrong!!!

stinky on

well i guess she’s Plié’d on him.

Valerie Evans on

Love the jacket.

Marie on

Um….wow. I thought after a certain age men become “infertile”.

reh1259 on

What a whopping double standard. When the man is older, the world thinks nothing of it. When the woman is older than the man, then it’s gross and she’s a cougar.

Anonymous on

@Mendocino, you are as uneducated as Really is. There is no way a 45-year-old could have a 29-year-old grandchild, unless the 45-year-old had a child at EIGHT years of age and their child had a child at EIGHT years of age. Banjo playing reference alludes to inbreeding/child having a child/Deliverance. The only hag here is you.

Mmb on

Wow, really????? What a sad and pathetic state of affairs. She clearly has no self-respect and is an extremely self-centered person with no thought to the ripple affect for this innocent life, since the pregnancy was easily avoidable and could have been prevented.

phil on

the little blue pill is what gets it up

phil on

she will have a anchor baby–money, money

Stacy on

congratulations. wishing them a happy, healthy baby

Ally1 on

Ew. I can’t un-see an naked Mick in my head.

Me on

Well, .. at least he can provide for all of them. Doubt they are on welfare.

Anonymous on


Low class people fill people magazine these days on

If he lives to see the birth maybe they will both be in diapers at the same time and he can push the stroller from a rascal scooter. I think it’s unconscionable to have a child when you’re in your seventies. Unless you don’t care that another man will raise them for you.

Ologius on

And yet women have a span of only 20-25 years to have kids, so sickening. Goes to show you that the fairytale of a great big something or someone, is a woman hater. Men can father a child at any point after puberty but women only have a short time span before they crap out, such bullshit.

Awwwshucks on

…for the baby shower it might be wise to register for a ‘pram and walker’ at the same time. Just saying….

Julie on

Viagra or ViJagger

Patricia on

His sperm cells have divided so many times by now that harmful mutations are inevitable. Old over-divided sperm can lead to autism and schizophrenia. Hope he’s not as cheap with this one as with the others conceived when his sperm hadn’t had so many years to produce mutations.

Ann on

It is a good beginning for any human being, to have two happy, loving parents. Congratulations to Mick! Every baby is a blessing!

Patricia on

To “Me”: He is notorious for being “frugal.” So they won’t be provided for as well as one might imagine.

ImALadyToo on

This is really selfish. I don’t care how much $$ is left to him or her; having a father who will likely die before you hit 18 (and would probably be an invalid, at that) is just wrong.

IT--II--IT on

The 100% INTEL RUN Jagger.

NOTICE how globalist mafia never cuts back on their family growith.

LOOK in the mirror America !

HEAR the word – – – ‘SHMUCK’ !

Anonymous on

@Anonymous – unfortunately, there are a LOT of 16 year olds who give birth. And in metropolitan areas, too. High schools are full of them.

Kara on


Selfish in so many ways. Firstly because of all the health risks associated with fathering a child over the age 40 (yes sperm ages), then there is the factor of him leaving this child to grow up without a father. I almost cried for that poor little baby. Sad on every level.

anonymous on

OK, I agree that it is very strange she is with someone this old, even if he is Mick Jagger. At the same time, stop saying she’s doing the kid a disservice b/c his dad might die before he’s 18. Lots of people lose their dads much younger than that. Lots never even have a dad. He’ll have 2 loving parents, even if it’s just for a short time, and then he will have memories of a father who loved him. She’s not ruining his life!

Debbe on

Very unethical, disrespectable to be a 72 year old man and date someone youn enough to be your grandchild. Sick to see men who cannot date their own age and date the youngest girl they can find this 29 year old is creating a life that won’t be able to have a dad in its life as an adult. Sad. She is going to be the only parent to this child. She will regret this one day. All for what, money? It won’t be worth it.

Dottie on

Of course this is true love! Which 29 year-old doesn’t dream of having a 72 year-old man father her child(ren)?

mic on

mic, you old dog you. on the other hand the child will want for nothing except— a dad

Anonymous on

Yeah, she’s 29 and he’s 72 and loaded—-she’s not a gold digger at all!

Steve on

if that little s**t kylie jenner can have babies at such a tender age of 18, so can our mr jaggy at 72. the only sad part that he may not live long enough to see that child go to college or get married. well i guess the man has seen and done enough of that already. ease up on the partying and you may get to see this unborn child finish high-school atleast 😉

Vamanos on

I love his jacket. I agree with Valery Evans!

Sonia on

it’s ridiculous !!!!

Charlie on

Just another example of people not thinking about the child! How is this child going to grow; develop; go through live without a dad! Having half siblings that are old enough to be their grandparents will be interesting! Sick, sick, sick!

Suzanne on

There isn’t enough alcohol in the world to have sex with this guy!!!

sally on

72 and his sperm still swims! Isn’t it amazing how men can continue to procreate? Personally I feel he should of gotten snipped years ago! Oh well, it’s his life. New children and grandchildren all at the same time.

sally on

Let’s FACE IT! If it was the other way around- a 72 year old women was sleeping with a 29 year old man- people would be freaking!
This is sick. At HIS age, he should at least aim to date women in their 30’s or 40’s. I find this revolting.
And yes, she is after a part of his inheritance- no doubt!

sally on

ALL THANKS TO THE LITTLE BLUE PILL! Now grandpa’s are having children.

Nene on

It is very hard to believe these little swimmers are swimming upstream!! I
would take a DNA test if I was him…

Anonymous on

This Melaie is just nasty!

NoDoubt! on

just gross.. yuck

Skiwoman on

Poor child will never know his/her father but will be wealthy.Wouldn’t want to be a 72 year old with a crying baby.

Anonymous on

Mary- I doubt she cares if he leaves her, it’s probably her hope now that she is pregnant. A 29 year old doesn’t have a baby with a 72 year old expecting he will be around long. Just long enough to pay some major child support and then leave a nice inheritance. Though she’d probably be better off if she can get him to marry her before her passes.
She’ll probably kick herself when the baby is born and she realizes how much she loves him/her. Giving the child a father who is not likely to see the major events in that child’s life….who probably won’t even be around long enough for the child to even remember much of who his or her father even was. Let’s face it, Mick Jagger has not taken good care of his body, if he makes it to 80 I will be impressed.

feh on

*at the end of May. Capital M.

guest on

Oh yes, sleep with a rich celebrity (age , looks not an issue) get pregnant, set for life pension and benefit plan.

REB on


Nancy on

Now that is nasty!! He needs to stop.

Poppy on

Disgusting old man. What is wrong with that 29 year old woman? GROSS!

Guest on

“Welcoming babies in life?” Well, I guess you can’t welcome them in death…..

Poppy on

@Sally Jagger is a great-grandfather. One of his granddaughters had a baby.

Susan on

There wouldn’t have been enough alcohol in the world for my 20 something self to have slept with a 72 year old man. Heck, I’m not sure my 50 year old self would do it!

Amy on

Um gross!

Savvygirl on

I remember reading L’Wren was treated unfairly by the exes with the kids and his kids. She wanted kids but Mick didn’t want anymore then. Thought that was even part of her depression. Pretty rude of Mick. Glad the baby is healthy though.

truthbe on

The truth is that this sleazy guy is still scoring young women because he is famous and rich. He can’t be this stupid to not know this. Why even bother getting with someone and having a child that will barely know you? How fair is that? Why not just have cheap thrills. And if that isn’t what you’re looking for than date a woman 50 plus at the very least. This guy thinks he is Casanova but he is just some old dude with plenty of cash. If this man were a nobody having coffee with the same personality and looks this 29 year old wouldn’t give him her time of day. I never got what the thrill is for men who only land women because they’re loaded. It comes off as paying for a service. Just saying.

Kate Middleman on

ick Mick

Anonymous on

For @Anonymous who posted “@Anonymous – unfortunately, there are a LOT of 16 year olds who give birth. ”

Yes, there are a lot of 16 year olds who give birth. But in order for the oldest to be the grandmother, it would have had to have been EIGHT YEARS OLD giving birth, and then that child at EIGHT giving birth in order for the original to be the grandmother.

Anonymous on

@Anonymous who posted “Anonymous – unfortunately, there are a LOT of 16 year olds who give birth. ”

Yes, there are a lot of 16 year olds who give birth. But in order for the oldest to be the grandmother, it would have had to have been EIGHT YEARS OLD giving birth, and then that child at EIGHT giving birth in order for the original to be the grandmother.

Paula on

Disgusting! He’s old enough to be her grandfather.

Est on

So many different children by so many different women. Damn

Sunny on

I doubt they did it the natural way. His nasty old man dick and balls. YUCK!!!

Johanna on

I will NEVER understand why these famous/rich men are okay with dating a much younger woman knowing very well that the ONLY reason she’s with them is b/c of fame and fortune. If he was an average Joe there is no way she would have remotely looked his way. How can anyone be okay with this??!!

Tee on


Tina on

Wuuut! Why?

Heather on

Mick has always been a sleazy, disgusting, slimy creep. That hasn’t changed any. As for these young women, they have to be pretty sick to sleep with someone that old. It’s all about the money and having financial security. And these stupid, foolish old men will never learn that these women want nothing more than that. They will never learn to protect themselves and their assets by using protection.

sally on

His oldest is 45 years old!!! I would feel like a fool.
It sure didn’t take him long to get over L’Wren- who committed suicide in 2014! It says these two have been dating two years! Well, hope he’s ready to deal with a newborn again. He’ll probably go on tour and leave them at home. She got her golden ticket now- which is what she wanted.

Babs on

I’m sorry but I find this so disgusting on so many levels. First….if he wasn’t Mick Jagger I guarantee this ballerina would not let him touch her. Are you going to try to convince me that she regularly dated senior citizens?? NOT!! Second, I think of him as a pedophile now. He’s like the groping creepy Uncle at family gatherings where they cling to the young’uns. They only have 2 things in common: His money and her sex……barf!!!

Patricia on

It’s not safe to make a baby with 72 year old sperm. It just isn’t. A man’s sperm cells carry more mutations the older he gets. These mutations can give rise to babies born with autism or schizophrenia. At the age of 72 this risk becomes unacceptably high.

Syd on

It might not be his child…

Guest on

Good God, Mick, put it away! You’ll be in your 80’s when this poor kid is 10.

Anonymous on

At 72 years of age, he gets bragging rights and she, at 29 years of age, gets the baby an heir) and access to a share of the Jagger fortune. Everyone wins!

Belle on

I think this is why I admired David Bowie. Yes, we all know he had a pretty wild crazy, adventurous sex life (including the drugs) in his 20s and early 30s but when he was in his 40s, he was ready to settle down. Before he met Iman he was engaged to a ballet dancer who was 20yrs his junior. He described the relationship “older men, younger girl situations doomed to fail”. He wanted someone who was aged appropriate. He got his wish. Iman, and well, we all know how it ended (24 years of marriage, and one daughter). Both of his children were born withing the marriage (Angela & Iman). Even with him humping everything that could walk, he never had someone come out of the woodwork and claim to be his love child. Mick, can not say the same.

Laura on

I love the Rolling Stones. But yuck ! I suppose the girl and baby are set for life, Mick must be very interesting-he is-yet, what she had to do with a seventy plus guy…I hope he sang to her

Mike g on

Who cares…..just another child that won’t know it’s father…the real story is that a 29yr old screws him

Patricia Chamberlain on

I for 1 think it’s wonderful news. It’s their life and their business. Such judgemental comments, shame on you. By the way, I think it’s interesting the number of women that think his dick shouldn’t still be working at 72 years old. He’s healthy, good job Mick. Congratulations!

Hea on

What 29 year old gets all hot and bothered by a 72 year old prune? Never in my 31 years have I ever wanted to bed a geriatric man.