Married at First Sight’s Doug Hehner Shares Heartbreaking Facebook Post After Losing Baby Boy

07/13/2016 at 09:29 PM ET

Married at First Sight‘s Douglas Hehner took a moment on Wednesday to address the loss of his first child with wife Jamie Otis, who was four months along.

“Even though you could only leave us with your footprints, you will forever be in our hearts, and Jamie Otis & I love you #BabyHehner! Thank you everyone for the love and support,” he wrote on Facebook.

Jamie Otis/Instagram

Along with the message, Hehner 35, shared a photo collage which included sonograms, a knitted baby blanket, a pregnancy snapshot of the couple and a footprint of the baby’s tiny feet.

Otis, 30, revealed in a Wednesday Instagram post that the pair — who confirmed to PEOPLE last week that they were expecting — lost their baby.

“Our baby Hehner was just too beautiful for earth. I love him so much — ALWAYS will — and can’t wait to meet him in heaven one day. Please pray for us,” she wrote alongside a photo of a message that read, “An angel opened up the book of life and wrote down my baby’s birth. Then she whispered as she closed the book, ‘He’s too beautiful for earth.'”

Otis was due in December.

“Jamie is the strongest woman I know,” a close friend told PEOPLE. “And Doug has remained her rock through everything. Their love will get them through this.”

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Curious on

It’s incredibly sad but they posted online they wanted privacy yet are posting every detail…. You can’t have it both ways. Grieve in private, as you wanted.

katiefanatic on

there’s no such thing as grieving in public when you’re famous. i think it’s nice they feel a connection to the fans to include them in what happened. I have a friend who has miscarried 3 babies and on the anniversary of all of them, she posts on FB. that’s the time and age we live in.

mommaro on

I am so very sorry

Harcinab on

That’s so hard and she was in her second trimester too! Sending good thoughts your way!

If you’re reading this Jamie, I understand your pain. I lost twins, one at 9 weeks, one at 13 weeks. I never thought I would get over it but I did. It took time and lots of love. I have two healthy boys now. Hang in there!

Sarah on

My heart aches for them. I’ve lost 9 babies in pregnancies…our one son was at almost 14 weeks. My whole body hurt- beyond the pain of miscarrying, it was a pain that physically weighs so heavily on your soul. I could not breathe, could not think, time stood still while the whole world went on.

The grieving process is hard, long and I am not sure it is ever “done.” Years later, I still think about how old he would be (and how old the others we lost would be too).

The main thing that helped me was knowing that my babies only felt love- love from the time they were conceived until the time they reached heaven. It was a pure love, free of pain, evil or any hurt.

And I know that time passes so differently in heaven. While it seems like forever until I see my children again, to them, it is mere seconds and then I am there. Knowing that they are being held by God and never alone is so helpful. And, each one had a purpose….I may never know exactly what but there was meaning in their existence, even if they lived for mere weeks or months in my womb and heart.

To go from such great celebration and joy and think you are passed the “danger” zone of miscarrying is so hard. I know. I was about to announce our son’s due date with a cute sonogram picture when I was hit with the news he had passed.

Prayers for this couple. Even if you conceive again, there is no replacing the son you lost and there never will be a day that passes that you don’t think of him or what he would have looked like, talked like, grown up to be, had he lived. While the rest of the world seems to go on, for them, the world has stopped.

May they have strength and comfort as they go through this.

sally on

Curious above- EVERYONE grieves in their own way. They want to share with others- so read or better yet, just move on! You actually read and posted a comment- but say it’s wrong of them to post details. SO you are the one that’s wrong and are basically a complete moron!

Settle Down Sal. on

@sal, I was providing an opinion, nothing harsh or mean. Why call me a moron for that? I think my PhD would disagree with you unfortunately. Settle down, people are entitled to opinions. This is unbelievably sad for this couple, I was suggesting to grieve privately as was posted via their respective social media accounts. Not sure that warrants questioning my intelligence. Have a good evening, God bless!

tcvajv on

So very sorry for your loss.

Anonymous on

Both of you are so brave to share…and im so sorry for your loss. You are amazing people.

marilyn on

How truly heartbreaking…I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you both lots of love xxxx

Jas on

I’ve never understood why stillborns are called too beautiful for earth. Doesn’t this mean that all living children are not beautiful enough for heaven?

Mel on

Prayers to them for their loss. So heartbreaking!

C on

I lost my son at 41 weeks (unexplained stillborn) he was perfectly healthy but his little soul and heart slipped away this past March. I am now pregnant with my rainbow. This is the a very sad time for the family and I’m so so sorry to hear this news. Prayers and love.

Dude on

“An angel opened up the book of life and wrote down my baby’s birth. Then she whispered as she closed the book, ‘He’s too beautiful for earth.’”
eesh. that made me almost cry.

ellwn on

Two things.

I had 4 miscarriages 28 to 33 years ago and nothing much was ever said about it. I’m not sure why, but no gifts or poems or cards ever. Just polite ‘sorry’ was said by friends/relatives and after medical care, on we went. I don’t get it now.

Also, I thought ‘rainbow baby’ was a baby adopted by or birthed to a gay couple. Their bright rainbow symbol is well known. Certainly everyone can use a rainbow, but why is this term used after a miscarriage now?

Smart aleck replies need not bother, I’m being serious here.

Rhonda Miracle on

I am so sad that Jamie has joined the 15% -25% of women who miscarry their first pregnancy. May she and Doug have the family they desire in the future.