Married at First Sight‘s Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis Lose Baby: Our Son Was ‘Too Beautiful For Earth’

07/13/2016 at 02:20 PM ET

Married at First Sight‘s Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis have lost their baby boy at four months along, they announced on social media Wednesday.

In a somber Instagram post, Otis broke the news, writing, “Our Baby Hehner was just too beautiful for earth. I love him so much – ALWAYS will – and can’t wait to meet him in heaven one day. Please pray for us.”

Alongside the announcement, Otis, 30, shared a message that read, “An angel opened up the book of life and wrote down my baby’s birth. Then she whispered as she closed the book, ‘He’s too beautiful for earth.’ ”

Otis was due in December. The pair confirmed that they were expecting to PEOPLE just last week.

“Jamie is the strongest woman I know,” a close friend tells PEOPLE. “And Doug has remained her rock through everything. Their love will get them through this.”

Jamie Otis Doug Hehner Lose Baby Courtesy Hehner Family

Otis and Hehner, 35, met for the first time on their wedding day, a match-up orchestrated by the reality series. Their unconventional romance has been documented on their spin-off show, Married at First Sight: The First Year (produced by Kinetic Content), in the time since.

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“We certainly worked on the relationship, and I think when you’re in the trenches and you make it out together, you become stronger as a couple,” Hehner recently said on the Today show. The couple had told PEOPLE they were excited for the challenges of parenthood.

–– Lindsay Kimble with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Ann Sorensen on

So sad. Prayers!

Anonymous on

So sad.

carolsercombe on

Beautiful words. Prayers

Susan on

Oh no!! So sad, sending prayers to you both..

Karmainaction on

Very sad for them. Perhaps this will make her think about her decision earlier in life to have 2 abortions. (It’s part of her autobiography so don’t say it’s a rumor)

Lolo on

Out of all the ‘couples’ on TV, Jamie and Doug are so real and you can really tell they have developed a strong love and marriage. I was genuinely really happy and surprised for them when they made the announcement…they are amazing parents already for loving this little boy through it all and hopefully they will be blessed with a rainbow baby when the time is right.

Much love and prayers for them.

Kathy on

I lost my baby about the same time as you last year. Take it one day at a time as losing your little baby is very hard on emotionally. Let yourself feel every feelings that come your way. Don’t ever feel guilty. I went through that, even though I had done nothing wrong. I know my little angel is in the arms of Jesus and one day I will meet my little girl.

I am pregnant and at 30 weeks. It will happen just give yourself time to grieve. My friend said you will have your rainbow (as she she just went through a loss as well). So you will get your rainbow (a promise of something great for both of you).

B on

I lost my son at 41 weeks (an unexplained stillbirth) and I am pregnant again with my rainbow. I’ll be keeping these two in my thoughts and prayers. This is a very very very sad time for their family.

Smh on

@Karmainaction Perhaps you are right but those kind of comments aren’t kind or necessary.

Traci on

I’m so sad reading about this. I was so happy when they announced their pregnancy because I’ve followed them from the beginning. My husband and I lost a baby girl at 20 weeks, and it was a living nightmare. I am now able to say that I’m thankful we lost her later than most miscarriages because we were able to hold her, take a family picture, and we have her hat and blanket. We also had a small service for family.

There are no words anyone can say to make it better. Stay close to each other and support each other in the grieving process. I’m so sorry for your loss.

J on

That’s so sad. I’m so sorry for their loss. 😦

Francine on

KarmaInAction, you’re quite the brainless, tactless jacka-s.

Makes one wonder about the horrible karma headed YOUR way.

Joann on

I feel so sad .😥 Jamie and Doug, you are in my prayers.

Anonymous on

It’s not at all unusual to lose the first baby. My friend had it happen to her, and she said that it was like a cleansing miscarriage. It’s horribly sad, but several of my friends had the same fate, though usually at 2 months or 3 months.

Sending my best, and hoping this time of year next year you are pregnant with a healthy baby.

Terri on

Awww, sending my prayers. 😦

Mom Of Twinz on

My condolences two the both of you and your families. I know your pain all too well, I’ve been down that road twice before the birth of my twins. Praying for you!

TLC on


mary on

So sad. How dare you say this is because she had an abortion(s). I am not a fan of these two at all, but regardless, they had a late miscarriage which is just devastating and has NOTHING to do with having an abortion. It was most likely a chromosomal abnormality, what an awful, judgmental thing to say to someone who just had such a tragic loss.

dancer92136 on

I know this pain all to well, and I wish words could make it better. Sending strength and understanding.

Leigh on

So sorry for ur loss. N that karmainaction ur a ASSHOLES

Dawn on

@billie- you are horrible person. I hope you never are faced with this kind of tragedy and heartbreak. Loosing a baby, at any stage and especially later like 2nd trimester is devastating.

Anonymous on

3 in ten women have an abortion in their life time so abortions are actually incredibly common

Cali on

I can’t believe someone said that having a miscarriage is like a cleansing. A lot of people loss their first baby. Shut the F up. This is a a douche it’s someone’s child. Don’t speak.

Jessie on

KarmainAction – you are a vile human being. her decision years ago has NO bearing on her unfortunate miscarriage.

Kathleen on

@Karmainaction I don’t doubt what you said so much as I’m shocked that she has an autobiography out.

gracie on

Such sad news. I saw them make the announcement on Hoda& Kathie Lee. They were so excited and clearly so much in love. Miscarriages are often the result of a non-viable fetus. I have been watching the PBS series “The 9 Months that Made You.” It is a compelling and information documentation of the development of a human fetus from conception to birth. Watching this detailed account of the complexity of human development makes one thing very clear…even a slight abnormality in cell development in the early weeks can cause any number of complications as the fetus grows.
Hopfully , Jamie and Doug will love and support each other through this tremendous sadness and welcome a healthy a baby in the future.

anxiousadventurer84 on

Karmainaction – How sorry are you if that’s the kind of comment you’re making?

Jane on

Many neonates die between 1 day and 5 months gestation. In the old days most women didn’t even know for sure if they were pregnant so often didn’t realize they lost a baby either. I think that was less cruel than what we have today with women taking pregnancy tests at 30 days. That makes for a very long and risky 8 more months! When the body expels a fetus it does so because something is seriously wrong. They should rejoice the baby is in a better place and try again. I’m sure it will be better next time!

Annabelle Lee on

My heart is filled with sadness for this couple’s loss. I’ve watched every episode of “Married at First Sight” so I know how much this baby was wanted. My condolences to Jamie and Doug.

As for the hateful, hurtful comments by Karmainaction, there is always someone who loves to play the blame game and pour acid on an otherwise tragic happening in someone’ else’s life. I’ll bet you are just perfect, aren’t you? I have strong opinions about people like you who obviously lack empathy for others. SHAME ON YOU.

sm on

This is sad, but they are right about meeting Otis in heaven one day-he will be waiting…

hithere55 on

So, so sorry to hear this. It must be such a horrible thing to go through. But just think: everything could work out really well for you both. I was conceived because my mom had a miscarriage. I hope that’s what happens for you (and for all others reading this who have suffered the same thing).

PS. For anyone (I’ve seen one so far) saying she deserves this because she might have had an abortion: EFF YOU.

Anonymous on

Karmainaction is just one of those “sorry, not sorry” people.

Rachel on

Doug and Jamie, your love story is real. Together you can face this loss and hopefully there will be a miracle baby in your future.
Much love to you both!

Me on

If she had an abortion in the past, did she mourn that baby as much as she does this baby? A life is a life is a life.

Carrotthebunny on

I’m sorry for their loss. Having miscarried 6 years ago, I know how they feel. It’s a very difficult time for them and I wish them strength through their grief.

Bella T on

The loss of an unborn baby is tragic. So sorry this happened to them.

Yajaira L Joa on

So very sorry for your loss. Keep your love and faith strong, and the Lord will bless you with many adorable babies. God bless!

Brooke on

Karma – STOP WITH THE BS. Past Abortions have literally ZERO impact on future pregnancies.

Pinky on

It’s not a cleansing, nor does it mean the baby was not viable. Please refrain from offering women in your own life these types of comments when they tell you they have suffered a loss. As they often cause more hurt and grief then I am sure you intend. Instead simply say “I am so sorry for your loss, is there anything I can do for you?”

K.W. on

Very sad to hear this. is a wonderful group for grieving parents.

Yvonne on

So sad and sorry for the loss of your sweet baby boy. It broke my heart to read this post. You both have been through so much together already. I pray that you will both will lean on each other and the Lord during this sad and heart breaking time.

sparkles on

so sad, praying for you guys. 😦

Anonymous on

This is so sad. I know exactly how they feel. I was only about 9 & 10 weeks when mine happened, so I can’t imagine the devastation of losing a baby at 4 months. Much love to you both!

Elizabeth on

Anyone choosing this story to comment on Jamie’s abortions is a horrible person. No one except her knows how much those losses did affect her as well, but she is obviously at a much different place in her life now where she is married to a man she loves and wants to start her family. Prayers to both of them, and hopefully happier times are ahead for this couple.

Pick and choose on

It is sad. Also sad for the others 2 babies as they had souls and were beautiful angels well. Abortion causes trauma to the body of the mother as well. The truth hurts.

MomtoAngels on

My heart hurts for these two. This is a unique pain that that can only be understood by those that have been through it. I lost a girl in March of last year at 17 weeks. This past March almost to the day, I lost a son at 20 weeks. It is hard to imagine how you will get through it but you do. The pain is always there but it gets more bearable. Prayers to you both.

Anonymous on

Sorry, I can’t edit, not cleansing, but what she told me, and maybe it was to make herself feel better, was that it was a way to prepare the uterus to be ready to have a baby to term. She had a horrific miscarriage, so I don’t think that she wasn’t grieving. I know several women who have had miscarriages first and then a healthy child.

My hope is that this time next year we are hearing how they are either about to have a healthy baby, or somewhere far along in their pregnancy.

I think Jamie will be an amazing mother.

Anonymous on

Heart breaking

Noah on

Anyone who may read this, especially Jamie, who has lost a pregnancy and prior in life had an abortion,ignore
Karmainaction’s comment. No idea the correlation except there shouldn’t be one. I didn’t read further comments because this one pissed me off. There is NO good intention behind Karmainaction’s comment so for anyone else who wants to marry the two together,pass by. Not needed. Stay strong Doug & Jamie.

Kim on

I’ve always heard and read that having abortions can affect getting pregnant and/or carrying a baby to term. My niece had 2 abortions.. Later when she got married and pregnant, she had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. The drs even told her it could have been due to the abortions.

Kit on

Awe! So sad, and my condolences to Doug and Jamie!

Anonymous on

I’m so very sorry for your loss. I lost my little girl at the same stage. 35 years later, I hold bittersweet memories of what might have been. I’m sending prayers and positive thoughts for your healing.

Suzanne on

Unfortunately, no one tells you when you get pregnant that the odds of having a mis-carriage are high. Non one talks about it but it is more common than you would think. Just because the first pregnancy didn’t not come to term doesn’t mean the next pregnancy won’t. I lost my first pregnancy at 3 months and was able to get pregnant and have a child with my next pregnancy 1 year later.

AKrietz on

I had an abortion in 1976. It was the era of Roe v. Wade, and I was able to get a legal procedure in a proper doctor’s office. Physically I was fine, but mentally I was extremely depressed. Years later when I didn’t get pregnant right away while my husband and I were trying for a baby, I was convinced that Karma had caught up with me for what I did in college. After all I had gotten rid of one child, so why did I deserve to have another? My guilty conscience tormented me enough, so I didn’t need any one else to do it to me. So someone like Karmainaction needs to shut up, and keep their thoughts to themselves. I finally got pregnant a couple of months later, and had a healthy baby boy. That “boy” is now 31 yrs. old, and doing just fine. So Jamie, just ignore judgemental a-holes like Karmainaction. There is absolutely NO connection between your abortion and your miscarriage. I have great faith you will go on to have a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby. As a matter of fact I have a good friend who miscarried her first time, and proceeded to have 4 healthy kids. Keep the faith.

LilahK on

So very sad! Prayers of comfort to them.

gb on

This is very sad. For those being judgmental about her prior abortions please shut up. A good friend had 2 in college and went on to have 4 healthy kids, no miscarriages.

Guest on

If only karmainaction and pick and choose’s mothers had chosen abortion…we would have all been spared a couple of useless human tire fires.

sheryl on

I AM VERY SAD TO HEAR THIS NEWS. THEY WAITED A LONG TIME TO HAVE A BABY. THE RESPECT AND LOVE THEY HAVE FOR EACH OTHER SHOULD CARRY THEM through Also so many prayers are being sent to them. I love the sentiment that was posted. BE happy that your baby is in the arms of the lord.

Jenny Low on

My heart breaks for the two of you, Jamie and Doug. I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious little angel boy.I know we can never understand why these things happen and no words ever offer enough comfort. Jesus truly is the only one who can fill our empty broken hearts. I have been where you are more than once, and I am so very sorry that you are having to walk this path. Fall into the arms of your Heavenly Father and let Him carry you through this. My prayers are with you, Jamie and Doug, for comfort, peace and complete healing. I pray that what was stolen from you will be repaid sevenfold in Jesus’ Name. If you ever get a chance there is a wonderful book by Terri Mize (I think that’s her name) called “Supernatural Childbirth”. It is wonderful and really has some awesome helps and prayers to stand on for those wanting a baby. Love to you both, Jamie and Doug.

Jenny Low

Kat on

To every one saying previous abortions don’t affect future pregnancies maybe yall should get facts right. And abortion makez carrying another baby harder. Not karma just simple science.

coleyemde on

Thoughts for them at this time. Hopefully in due time they can try again.

People leaving not so nice comments: Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But there is something said about having some class and not pointing out an issue this young woman probably already feels a tremendous amount of guilt over right now.

Wow on

What is so wrong with Karma in action said? If she can make the choice to purposefully kill two of her babies in utero, then yeah, I agree with the “close friend” that she will get by just fine in time. Its not her first angel baby, it’s just the first she actually wanted.

Wow on

I find it sooo hypocritical that most women who’ve had abortions in their youth and miscarriages in their prime only remember their miscarried babies….WHAT HAPPENED ABOUT REMEMBERING AND HONORING THE ABORTED BABIES?!?! You’re not supposed to pick favorites amongst your children, and like it or not, aborted children do count, they should be greived, and yes guilt should be a part of it. Anyone who kills anything should feel something after or it isn’t healthy or normal. It’s not shameful or messed up, its truthful. Also yes, abortions do effect fertility and the health of your uterus which directly effects any subsequent children…..know your facts Ladies.

MissEliza on

Abortions do NOT effect future pregnancies or fertility. STOP with the propaganda. This woman lost a baby for crying out loud – let’s not turn her tragedy into a pro-life forum and shame her for her choices. 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime. It’s a common and safe procedure (far safer than childbirth). No one makes this decision lightly & yes, those babies are grieved for as well.

Annabelle Lee on

Miss Eliza said it best. Her post is the first one at the bottom of your screen.

Diane on

Wow Karmainaction…. nothing like kicking someone while they are down. that is a low blow for someone having such a heart breaking loss. If you can’t say something nice you should keep those thoughts to your self

DP on

I am so sad to hear about Jamie and Doug’s loss. (For those who may not know, Jamie is a RN, and Labor and Delivery RN. I am sure that she of all people is quite aware of what happened). Pray for them, send good thoughts, do whatever you practice that would be positive, instead of bashing her.

Kimberly M. on

Karmainaction, how ruthless and cold are you. You should be so ashamed of yourself. I can not believe people can be so cold…..

Jamie and Doug, I can not express in words how sorry I am. I felt sick to my stomach when I read this news. I know how badly you wanted this sweet baby. I have had numerous miscarriages, and I know the sadness it brings, but I also agree with what you say…. you will hold your baby boy in heaven. Don’t give up on your dream of having a baby. Don’t give up on each other. The love you share will get you through.

This is from a simple mom in a simple town who is loving and pulling for the both of you. God bless

Justme on

So sorry for their loss. Little angel.

Anonymous on

My thoughts and prayers are with them as they try to cope with the loss of their beautiful son.

coneyro on


That was a very inappropriate remark. SHAME ON YOU!

My thoughts and prayers are with you both at such a sad time. ☹️😔💔. My heart is breaking for you.
Stay strong guys. Better days are ahead. The Lord will keep your little one in His care until your reunion.

coneyro on

I already stated my condolences previously for their tragic loss.
However, inappropriate as my following comment is, I have to say it.

I wonder what this wanted but miscarried baby with say to his two aborted siblings when they meet in Heaven?

Did she cry for the others as well?

Anonymous on

Coneyro, actually, no, you didn’t need to say it, you sanctimonious witch. Go to hell.

denise owen on

So sorry for their loss

Linda stratton on

So very sorry for your loss. I, myself know what your going through. I’ll say to you, what one of the nurses told me when our Richie died at 22 hours after birth at 7 mo ths. You’ll never get over it, but it will get easier to live with. He would now be 32 yrs old and I still love him.
Prayers to you both…