Lil’ Kim’s Daughter Royal Reign Makes Her Red Carpet Debut at VH1 Hip Hop Honors

07/12/2016 at 11:15 AM ET

Lil’ Kim‘s Monday night date couldn’t have been any cuter as daughter Royal Reign stepped out with her mom for the VH1 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail the Queens awards in New York City.

While Lil’ Kim sported an all-black ensemble — including a black mini dress and thigh-high velvet boots — 2-year-old Royal donned a sparkly gold jacket over a white-and-yellow dress and capris, complete with a matching headpiece and purse.

The “Magic Stick” rapper and famous fashion risk-taker was honored for her influence in and contributions to both music and fashion, and helping to carve a path for other women in hip-hop.

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In her acceptance speech at Lincoln Center, Lil’ Kim — who was also celebrating her birthday — gave her already stylish daughter a shout-out.

“My beautiful baby, Royal Reign, is in the building! Hi!” she says, while the camera pans to a smiling Royal.

Someone else who couldn’t resist in joining the Grammy-winning artist onstage to accept her honor? Sean “Diddy” Combs, who had a lot to say about Lil’ Kim’s impressive career and the long friendship between the two.

“I want to ask VH1 and MTV what took so goddamned long to honor our queen?!” he addressed the crowd, giving a shout-out to other honorees including Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa and Missy Elliott.

Diddy attended the event with his daughters, who looked beautiful in their custom Mischka Aoki dresses.

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During Lil’ Kim’s big moment, the singer and record producer had no problem giving his friend the props she deserved.

“You always push the envelope — there’s only one queen bee,” he tells her. “As soon as I [first] heard her rhyme … it was something I’d never seen or heard before. I knew she was going to be a superstar.

“Kim is always taking risks that nobody else has even considered taking,” Combs continues, referring to the legend as his “sister” and giving her a hug, assuring her he would never have missed her big night. “You brought glamour to hip-hop.”

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Lyn on

What is it with black people giving their children and/or themselves such self aggrandizing names? Prince, Queen Latifah, John Legend, Saint West, Majesty Rose? Now ROYAL REIGN! Delusions of grandeur.

IMO on

LYN you’re an ass. Now for the actual comment. What did she do to her face?

whyandwhynot on

She needs to stop already with the facial reconstruction. She looks like a troll.

whyandwhynot on

@Lyn – Prince, Queen Latifah, John Legend are all stage names. Entertainers of all ethnicities choose memorable stage names. It’s a marketing strategy. If you’ll remember, Kourtney Kardashian has a son named Reign, so your racial call out is invalid. Her face…that’s another thing. She looks like an alien.

Lw24567 on

Omg wtf lil kim?!?! She is so botched just awful

marilyn on

Oh dear, what a mess! Sack your plastic surgeon love! Aww cute little girl…does she have a poorly eye? It looks like it on the pic.

Ivory on

Lyn, do your research please. Queen Latifah and John Legend’s names are stage names. And most celebrity names including those of Caucasian people are unique and/or baffling. Any explanation for Audio Science, Apple, Pilot Inspektor, or Moxie Crime fighter? Google them. I’ll wait.

Joy on

@Lyn Queen Latifah real name is actually Dana so I’m not understanding what you are saying. Have you heard the names Palin have for her kids?
@Marilyn She has the same eye disease like her dad. She could have surgery performed to correct it but it is a risk of losing her eye sight that I guess they don’t want to take.

myuntidydesk on

What is with that little girl’s hair?

Seriously it's 2016 on

First I was concerned about both of their eyes, but seriously there’s racist comments here?

carolsercombe on

@? What’s wrong with Moon Beam? Lol on another note what’s wrong with the child’s eye?

Tina on

What happened to the baby?

Zeph on

She’s black again?

Gina on

LYN- you are an idiot.

guest on

sorry, but this kid looks as distorted as she does. this is proof that drinking & drugs will affect your offspring

Jenna on

That child is not a girl.

rebelmavvy on

Prince is not a stage name. It was his real name.

Jennifer Mendez on

What’s wrong with her daughters eyes?

Sweetea on

Looks like a proud Mommy out with her little girl. They grow up too fast! Enjoy it 😁

Hannah on

I’m white and a teacher in Brooklyn. There’s enough crap going on than to speak about names and physical features and skin color. Names historically were meant to identify meaning, class, town living in esc. Who cares about names, skin color, physical features. What I see is a beautiful little girl who’s healthy spending time to honor her mommy who worked hard to break stereotypes and achieve success by making the public discuss issues that just 15 years ago were too taboo to discuss openly. Give her some credit being a parent is hard enough let them enjoy their beautiful bonds as mother and daughter.

rach on

Hey Hannah – thank u for ur positive comment — wow people can be so mean and outright racist — and as for Lil Kim’s GORGEOUS daughter – her eye wasn’t always like that and she does have the same disease as her dad – who btw looks completely normal now in terms of his eyes – Royal looks exactly like her father so I’m not surprised that she could suffer from same eye disease –

are all people stupid? on

is lyn really that stupid that you don’t know that queen latifah and prince had a real name and it was their performing name. don’t come for that generation of music unless you know the facts… UGH… stupid people

mypiecesandbits on

@are all people stupid: Prince was not a stage name, Prince Rogers Nelson was his given name.

As far as Lil Kim’s daughter, I think she is very cute. Kim on the other hand is barely recognizable, and not in a good way.

sherri on

I am getting so tired of these bigots that get on here with the racist comments. You guys have so much to say behind a keyboard that you would never say to someone’s face. Yes, she has done alot of thing’s to her face and body but it is no different than the skin tanning,body piercings,lip plumping weird things that white people do to their bodies. It doesn’t bother me so “Mind your business” and stop judging! We are all beautiful!

? on

Kal El is Superman by the way… awesome name

marilyn on

Ah, I see Joy…thanks for letting me know, she’s a gorgeous little girl xx

Hea on

Ahh, the long lost youngest Jackson sister returns!

Jen on

How cute, that’s such a fun age. I don’t know if I’d bring my kids out on the red carpet if I was famous. It’s just too harsh out there to be picked apart. The comment by Lyn about black people having names like that…well I’m sure people of every race have what you’d call weird names so let’s stop with that. What would be the point if every male was named John, Thomas, etc? Did we forget that we are all equal and we are to love each other as ourselves and then everyone will be judged later after life?
Everyone has the right to free speech and thoughts so even if someone says something you do not agree with, do you think the right thing to do is call them stupid? That’s just as wrong.
People just worry about your own life and when you come across someone who looks different or is expressing their thoughts that are different than yours either let it go, pray for them, or say your opinion but in a nice way.

Anonymous on

little Kim must have a low self esteem.
she reconstructed her face to look like a blonde Asian woman.
Where are her closest friends and relatives