Kristin Cavallari Slams Critics Who Say Her Young Sons Are Too Skinny

07/10/2016 at 02:15 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari
Teresa Pyskaty

Kristin Cavallari is used to being judged by complete strangers, but she’s not holding back when Instagram commenters questioned her kids’ weight.

Last week, the former Laguna Beach star shared a vacation photo of her sons  Camden Jack, 3½, and Jaxon Wyatt, 2, enjoying the Fourth of July holiday.

“Even though we’re not in the States, we’re still celebrating,” she captioned the photo of her “guys” playing with snorkeling gear in matching striped swim trunks. “Hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th!”

The innocent photo started drawing criticism from social media users saying her children looked too skinny.

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“I understand you live a very strict dietary lifestyle but these children are very obviously nutritionally deficient,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Seeing pictures of your boys and how they look is a bit shocking to see! I know you cook healthy but to see the bones just doesn’t seem normal, sorry!” read another comment.

Cavallari, 29, responded by blocking the offenders and penning a sarcastic response to their “concerns.”

“Yep, I starve my children,” she wrote. “Just blocked the most people I’ve ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th hahaha.”

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The reality star and her husband Jay Cutler, 33, have been open about her family’s healthy diet. In her book Balancing in Heelsshe explains how she’s “become a psycho about reading every single ingredient label and researching the ingredients I don’t recognize.”

She says eating mostly organic and only wild-caught fish or grass-fed beef has also helped Cutler manage his type 1 diabetes — and keep her kids healthy.

“His insulin use is down, and he’s off his blood pressure medication. And he looks the best he ever has: His weight is ideal and his skin is clear. I really believe that my family’s infrequency of getting sick is due to our diet.”

— Stephanie Petit

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Kristin on

Doesn’t concern the army of internet trolls. It’s between their parents and their pediatrician to decide their diet. People need to worry about themselves, and their own families.

Bella on

Wow, she sounds like a nutcase. And I agree, the kid in front looks really bony. His shoulder blades and spine are really visible, and that doesn’t look healthy.

Sam on

The normalization of obesity. The irony of 300lb. housewives ridiculing the parenting of a thin, attractive woman with healthy kids while their kids eat Cheetos and play video games is not lost on me.

Davina on

My daughter is 2 and also thin (15th percentile). I try to stick to unprocessed foods as well though allow some treats. I was concerned about her weight but the pediatrician stated he preferred kids on the slimmer side as there are “too many overweight kids”. I think our view of healthy is skewed due to the obeisity epidemic. Good for her for being invested and proactive…

Guest on

Well, if the starvation doesn’t do those kids in, the polio or whooping cough will.

Courtney on

Davina…wow…okay…so because there’s an obesity epidemic, it’s okay for your kid to be thin? That is your logic. Since there’s so many fat kids, it’s better than your kid is thin. Too fat and too thin are both bad.

shebee on

I am all for healthy eating and making nutritious choices for children but her kids bones are showing. That is beyond skinny, it’s scary.

WeAreStars on

They’re not vegan and looks like they eat meat regularly. If they were vegan and her kids looked like this, I’d think she was starving them. But I don’t think so, not when meat appears to be a part of their diet. It’s bad enough they’re not vaccinated without turning them into bone racks.

skinnygirl on

I was always that skinny as a child and even now as an adult, even though I can eat enough for two people. Some people just have faster metabolisms. You can’t possibly think that you care for this woman’s children more than she does; if they were unhealthy, she’d be the first to be concerned about it.

Annabella on

My daughter was born at 22 inches and 6.2 pounds. She is now 4 and is 3’9″ tall and weights 39 pounds. She has been under 40 pounds for 2 years. She is thin, and if she gets sick you can see her abdominal muscles and her spinal column. Her doctor is not concerned and neither am I. She is not on a special diet but is dairy intolerant.

Sara on

I wish these reality “stars” and wannabe celebrities would stop posting photos of their children. It’s not healthy and they are not the ones offering themselves up for public scrutiny.

Jen on

Slim is one thing, but bony is not a good look. I’m sure she’s not starving them, but they don’t look healthy, at least not from the back.

Edie on

Okay, I know we are a sickly, obsessed crazed, body shaming, skinny yearning society, but WHEN did we start critiquing little children on weight issues??? This is way out there! I am SURE that these parents take their children to their pediatrician for regularly scheduled appointments. If he/she saw some warning signs of malnutrition, I am positive that they would educate the parents and tell them what needed to be done.
CALM THE HE__ DOWN, PEOPLE! It’s none of our business when it comes to the celebrities’ children. Judged the adults all you want, but leave the poor children ALONE!

Taylor on

I may mot agree with her on her stance about vaccinations, but she seems like a good mom who cares for and loves her children deeply. She is feeding her children healthy foods. Since when is that a crime? And who are any of us to jump to conclusions? My three year old brother is very skinny for his age, but do my parents or family starve him? No. He eats normal. For the most part, we eat healthy, but he deffinitly has treats too. My other brother and I were the same way at that age, and are still considered “underweight” but we’re all healthy. You also never know, they may have a medical condition or something. But also look at their mom. Kristin is very skinny, but healthy, as well.

cucu on

People are ridiculous, the kids look normal and healthy. Lets face it, all this hate and judgment comes from her anti vaccine stand.

Julie on

You people are idiots!!! Her children are perfectly healthy looking!! You’re staring at their backs and the one in the forefront is extending his arms and his muscles are flexed. My goodness, I am quite sure these parents take their children to the pediatrician regularly and if there was a problem with their diet the doctor would say so. I have a 4 year old that is as tall as a 6 year old and she is skinny. She eats constantly and is always on target for weight at every check up! I am wondering how many of you, that are judging a child’s health BY A PHOTOGRAPH, are actual parents? Give this family a break and go live your own life!

Smithy on

Those boys look fine to me. They are simply scrawny little boys. No big deal. People are morons.

Francine on

Some kids are just skinny. People that I knew and didn’t know used to comment on me being skinny all the time when I was a kid, but my parents were not starving me. I was very active and they made sure I ate a good meal three times a day and let me have snacks. I just wasn’t that interested in food. Unless you live in her house or her kids are talking to you about it, you don’t know what’s happening.

Louis Ferris on

Her kids aren’t too skinny. That’s what normal looks like. Since most people are fat nowadays and many of their kids are too, they’ve forgotten what healthy looks like. Leave her alone.

Peggy on

There is no real way to be certain the beef is grass fed and the salmon are wild-caught unless she is raising the cows and catching the fish herself.

Meeee on

Her boys aren’t skinny but she is a boney ass

Guest on

The child’s back looks that way b/c he’s exerting his arms! He’s playing with some type of water toy and using his muscles.

Her kids are fine. She is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, more power to her. She’s smart to want her family to be healthy. My prediabetes is now under control due to dietary changes, too (and yes, I’m skinny, active and always have been).

Everyone should mind their own kids and their own business.

Kristen on

My sons are just as skinny and they eat me out of house and home! They are perfectly healthy. People are so quick to judge situations they have no info about!

Anonymous on

My boys both eat like pigs and this is how they look too. We are a pretty healthy family but my kids basically eat all day long. I don’t think they could get chubby if they wanted to. Just because your kids aren’t super skinny doesn’t mean her kids are unhealthy.

Guest on

Meh. A lot of kids are naturally skinny. I was as a kid and now I can’t lose a pound to save myself. Everyone should stop judging everybody else. Sheesh.

Kristine on

I don’t blame her for being upset about people criticizing her children. And blocking the people who do so is totally appropriate. But there is a classier way to respond verbally without sarcasm and sounding immature, “hahaha”.

Julie on

It is quite shocking to see the responses that its OK for the children to be this thin. The fact of the matter is, my daughter who is 9 has a tall and slender build and weighs 20 lbs. less than some of her girlfriends but she does not have bones showing! That is a sign of malnutrition. So I don’t care what she is feeding them, something is missing. She should be focusing more on health and bones showing like that is not healthy.
Also I am a type 1 diabetic and her reporting of her husbands health is irresponsible. Type 1 diabetes will never go away and cannot be cured by diet or exercise. As with any human being that is the healthy thing to do (to watch your diet and exercise) but her husband’s pancreas will never work again. Yes the fewer carbs he eats the less he will need to take but the way she is stating it is why there is so much confusion about the differences between type 1 and 2 diabetes.
He must take insulin, every day, multiple times, for the rest of his life in order to stay alive. 4, 3, probably even 2 days without insulin and he would be dead.

erer on

As long as their pediatrician isn’t concerned, why should fans be?

Bryan on

Kids need fat in order to properly develop brain cells. Just because you’re tempted by food doesn’t mean you should deprive your children, Kristin.

sally on

Trust me, her kids are healthy! We are SO used to seeing big FATSO’S now, that seeing little boys who are active, healthy and eat the right foods is shocking. My kids were the same way. I did not feed them junk- they ate healthy fruits, veggies and drank lots of water- and even today as teens- they never ask for soda. Skinny does not mean STARVED. Do your homework people!

Meerelda on

I was a “skinny” child. The neighbors called CPS on my mother when I was 5. I can assure you, my mother cooked enough for armies at every meal, and I ate like there was no tomorrow. It wasn’t until I turned 30 and had my first child that my metabolism finally slowed. How I long for those “skinny days” ! LOL!

swren1 on

Anyone who is worried about these children allegedly starving is more than welcome to make a donation to their local food pantry. Canned meats are always appreciated, as are hygiene products.

Feedthebirds on

There is skinny, and there is too skinny. When you can see the backbone, ribs and every other bone poking out through the skin, its a cause of concern. I was a skinny kid….always was the most skinny of all my friends, but my bones never poked out like those kids. Someone give those kids some burgers, chips and real food stat!

Guest on

People are just so used to seeing fat kids, that they don’t know what healthy, active kids who play outside look like anymore. Go look at your childhood pictures from the 80s and when people still played outside with their friends and this is what they looked like.

THR on

Our shoulder blades in our family stick out like that. And so does my back bone and you can count my ribs in my back if a bend slightly. HOWEVER, I have read her book and she does not IMO provide her kids with enough food. She even gives them a “special” homemade formula that her Dr. has approved. Sorry, but most docs don’t know everything and her formula is basically sugar water.

She has a lot of money and a lot of time and that can make people very weird in a lot of areas. Healthy eating is so important, but when taken to an extreme, healthy eating becomes unhealthy very quickly.

BTW, her husband could lose a few lbs. and exercise more.

Guest on

People will JUDGE anything and everything….FYI: Some people are naturally skinny. My son is and I consider him to be very lucky!!

michelle on

My son was a rail until he was about 14 or 15. I mean he was active and ate heartily and was very healthy but just very, very thin. If he had his shirt off you could see his heart beating through his rib cage. It drove me a little crazy but the pediatrician said not to worry a bit.

Rachel on

Wow, some of you are so critical and don’t know anything. My 5 year old is perfectly healthy and active and he weighs only 34 pounds!! He has always been that way. It took forever to get him out of 30 pounds. I pretty much let him eat whatever he wants. I am not strict.
Guess what, he is just picky. This is also just his body type. Some kids are just naturally skinny like that and can’t seem to gain weight because they akre so active. First, kids are to obese or kids are too skinny. Damn if you do and damn if you don’t. Smh.

CLee on

My daughter was in the 5th percentile until she was 3 yrs old, she spent her childhood eating like a trucker and playing rep soccer and swim while still being as thin as a rake. Each child has a different metabolism and shouldn’t be judged. Neither should their parents for one photo. So many people are way too judgmental. Please just send positive comments out into the world or pass on commenting at all.

sweetpatata on

Oooo. I really hate to agree w/bashers ever. But you can count his vertebrae! Just hope the kids are healthy. They do look like they have no zero healthy little boy body fat. We do need *some*.

Lp on

My son is 7 and even skinnier than Kristin’s boys. Not because I starve him, of course, but because that’s just the way he is built. He eats a ton, and I’m sure eventually he’ll begin to gain more weight, but he comes by his slender figure honestly –my mother in law told me that years ago, a neighbor once had her in tears after commenting that my husband was much too skinny. It’s in my son’s genes to be thin, and probably in Kristin’s children’s genes as well.

AnnaM on

The boys look just fine and healthy. Every child grows at her their own rate. I don’t think these boys are neglected. My son looked just like him growing up. Everyone in his father’s side was super skinny until they hit twenty. He is now 25 and very full bodied. My grandson is following in the same direction. I don’t know why this article is even being written. Must be a slow day on reporting.

mina on

I agree this child looks VERY thin- however, I also have a super thin child so I can sort of sympathize. My daughter got ONTO the BMI chart for the first time when she was 5 years old. She is now a tall six year old and has yet to hit 40 pounds. I tell my husband the poor thing is going to be in a carseat forever! There are a lot of tall, thin women in his family, and my side runs pretty petite, so her doctor is not concerned (neither am I). She eats a lot of really healthy food. She’s just stick thin!

O on

Here in ‘merica you must be chunky or obese or you’re considered unhealthy.

Chris Meyers on

LOL You think THATS skinny? Americans are silliest, fattest slobs on the planet. Thats normal honey.

Lucy on

Her kids look healthy to me. I have 3 boys and they all look just like her sons. They eat everything and they are very active and very thin. I think people are just used to seeing fat people and then they see someone who is fit and thin and they don’t know what to make of it. Are her kids supposed to be chubby because they are little? I say not.

Natalie Kondratenko on

My 8 year old son eats McDonalds, frozen meals, ice cream, cookies and healthy stuff too and makes these kids look chubby. My Mother in Law is always giving me lectures that I don’t feed my son enough. Whatever, he is skinny cause he runs non stop and I am not worried about him being too skinny in America. Leave Kristin alone.

marie on

My youngest son was so chubby until he was 13, my 2 older kids were thin. The youngest in now a body builder, his body is huge with muscles. The other 2 are thin and tall, all are very healthy. They all ate well as kids, and played hard.

Guest lady on

She’s upset at the comment on her children’s weight
So a bit of the problem must ring true
or else she would just ignore,move on.
Beyond me why these “happy” has been reality stars HAVE to post their kids, their lives , their feelings, their food, their booty.
Just enjoy ur vaca.
And if you publicly post stuff….the public will comment!

Chris on

I clicked in ready to defend her. My grandson seems to barely eats and is also quite thin. And then I saw the photos… and decided my grandson’s okay after all. These kids are probably doing fine on nutrients, but I would guess they need a few more calories.

Georgia on

Let me tell you, because I know, because I live here, the majority of crunchy moms find pediatricians that cater to their whims and tell them their kids are healthy when they are not. It’s like a weird service, like getting your eyebrows waxed. It costs a lot to get into those practices, so it’s limited to high-dollar crunchies, but it’s a real thing. Those kids look 10 lbs underweight at least. She’s crazy. The good news is, very very soon they can start getting food from other kids at school, grandma can sneak them stuff, they will have pocket money for sure. They can get the calories they’re missing on their own, soon. It probably won’t permanently damage them.

Aja on

The people anonymosly criticizing her boys have obviously never been around young boys (or young kids in general). They are so active you have to try to force them to eat (and stay on task with all that energy). Its up to the childrens pediatrition as far as health matters, im so happy there are so many “doctors” on the internet so Kristin remembers to “feed her children”.

Chris on

Here we go with parent shaming again and it’s disgusting. My kids were the same way and my pediatrician was NEVER concerned nor did he ever suggest we must be starving our children!

If these people spent as much time worrying about their own lives as they do shaming others, perhaps the world would be a nicer place.

My gosh, keep your ridiculous opinions & comments to yourself if you don’t have anything nice to say.

Eve on

Fine don’t feed them processed foods, but meat and potatoes with a side of fruit, veggies and dairy will not make your kids skeletal anatomy be visible!! They are malnourished.

suzie on

this is absolutely normal some kids from 2-6 years of age have a hard time eating, at this stage all kids do is eat and start running and jumping which counts as excercise this is absolutely normal around this stage, for those who are uneducated and arent parents need to take child development classes to learn a few things! im a mother of a 3 year old!

Noneya on

Obese is the new normal, so if your child doesn’t have a double chin, you are “starving” them. I had the same problem with my naturally skinny child, as his doctor asked “if something was going on”. I am guessing this picture of Kristin’s kids were taken when they were flexing their muscles (ie not sitting on the couch being lazy with a video game controller in their hand)? Looks like it from me, but what do I know as a fitness and nutrition expert with two healthy children who appear to be “starving”..

She's on the right track on

You know what I like about her? I like that she chooses what’s best for her family. She clearly researchers what’s important. She doesn’t just take what a doctor says and make it law. I’m glad she takes the initiative, more should. I think those who knock her for it are referred to as sheeple. Just keep following the heard.

jessiemaystorm on

Those kids do look on the very slender side, but it’s no-one’s business but their parents and doctor as they are clearly loved and provided for. Some children are just built that way and it’s nosy and insensitive for total strangers to suggest that they are being malnourished.

Volly on

Both kids and herself looks skinny and only have bones.

Kiki on

It’s just a pic – I think people are overreacting. When I was a child, I always ate almost too much but was very skinny (getting just taller), too.

imeverywoman0214 on

Like I told people who criticized my son for being naturally “skinny” as a child – “I’m not concerned. When’s the last time anyone every said that 40 yr old man is too skinny”?

Renee on

What is wrong with those kids? Some kids are skinny no matter what they eat.

omelz on

I think they eat too picky that’s why they’re skinny.

BD on

just because normal american kids are fat, doesn’t mean these kids are starving….

szwesta on

Wow. Sorry but most of American people are a litte wird. I live in Europe and here most of the kids in this age look like that. That are 2 normal boys with normal body weight. And they are not starving for sure. They are healthy skinny boys. I was traweling to USA sooo many times and i’m always surprised how many overweight children and adults lives in USA. Look around you, your family, your chldren. Look what they eat , how they look and just then write your opinion about those little boys.

Anonymous on

Do children who can’t tolerate dairy look more bony than children who can? I’ve been around a few kids who have very little fat on them and come to find out they are allergic to milk and drink rice milk instead.

Danica k on

My children were always above the curve on growth charts and boney like this. My 3 1/2 year old son weighs more than my 5 year old niece and his back is boney like this. It’s all about metabolism. We have become so used o obesity that seeing a healthy child or adult makes people think they have he right to ridicule them for being healthy. My guess is, those people have some jealously flowing thru their veins. BTW grow up. What kind of adult criticizes a young child like that?

... on

Kristin has mentioned often being obsessed with eating ‘clean’ and organic and ‘healthy.’ If you remember her as a teenager she was a healthy looking girl, and she was healthy looking up until her early 20’s. Since her dieting, or ‘eating clean’ began she has been extremely slender compared to what she was several years ago. The boys are probably eating the very low calorie ‘health’ food as Mommy.

Good news is the boys are almost old enough to go do school and get away from her strict dietary demands, and since they have Dad’s genetics in there, they will fill out quickly once they get the proper nutrition.

Notobese on

Kristin – here’s the problem: the kids of today are all overweight. Parents work and are quilt ridden, so they leave them home with potato chips, and all types of unhealthy foods to appease them. Unfortunately, what was normal looking children 30 years ago, are considered underweight today. your boys are healthy looking and look like the kids when I was growing up, not obese! Keep doing what you are doing, and don’t let these comments get the best of you!

Anonymous on

The child does look bony and underweight but my big question / concern would be does the child see his pediatrician regularly. If yes, then I wouldn’t be concerned about the child’s weight. I read that an average 6 year old is approximately 42 inches and around 50 pounds. Last time I measured my 6 year old (a few months ago) she was over 48 inches and just finally passed 40 pounds, her BMI was less then 1 percentile for BMI of that age, so you can imagine she is very skinny. I mention her weight to her dr every year but her dr has never been concerned because my child is otherwise healthy and that has been her normal range her whole life (she was called long and skinny even in the womb!). My other 2 are normal weight, my husband is also naturally on the VERY skinny side. But it really makes buying clothes difficult!!

Elizabeth on

Seriously?! I must starve my two boys (2 and 4) as well! They are in 70-80th percentile for height and 40-50th for weight. Wait, they eat all day, everyday like most littles do…they run, jump and swim like active little kids and burn calories like mad. These kids look healthy and in no way under-nourished. Get a life, folks, and mind your own business.

Anonymous on

This is a ridiculous non-story. Some people wrote something rude on an instagram photo??!?! I don’t care if someone is thin or fat.
The only opinion I will give about her is that her anti-vaxx stance is monumentally stupid.

woodsonby on

This is a ridiculous non-story. Some people wrote something rude on an instagram photo??!?! I don’t care if someone is thin or fat.
The only opinion I will give about her is that her anti-vaxx stance is monumentally stupid.

anonymous on

If she wants her kids look fashionable skinny, then let’s her starve the kids!

Dee on

My son is 12. He is 5’4″ and weighs 80#. He is tall and very skinny and very healthy and very active. His ribs and vertebrae are also visible because he has no body fat1 He is on the swim team, plays soccer and football and eats healthy food and drinks water. I dare someone to say my handsome beanpole is malnourished! He will be 6’2″ when he is full grown, according to his pediatrician. It takes a lot of calories for a body to grow that rapidly. What he doesn’t do is eat McDonalds every day or stuff his face full of Twinkies or Mt Dew!!!

Me on

She is so skinny herself

Linda G. on

Some of these comments are crazy! These boys look perfectly normal to me.

Diana on

I’m no fan of Kristin Cavallari and wish I didn’t have to hear about her all the time but this is ridiculous. I seriously doubt she is starving her kids give me a break.

behcetsnerd on

Some kids are just naturally skinny. That being said, she’s been so outspoken about restrictive diets, etc., that it’s easy to question whether or not she’s working with her children’s doctors to make sure they’re getting adequate nutrition. You can be that skinny and still be receiving all the nutrients you need, so I’m not rushing to judgment, but the child nearest the camera is clearly VERY thin, and it’s a little unnerving.

If she weren’t a celebrity, and you just saw that child on the beach, you’d wonder why he was so thin.

fattypie on

if she JUST didn’t read the crap ..but she’s much too VAIN and can’t get
enough of herself

luluastorbooks on

Such stupid people. My sons had the same look, maybe a tad less bony but essentially the same. It’s called genetics, people. My boys ate well and often, and though I ensured we ate whole foods as much as possible and were mostly vegetarian, they ate the junk on occasion too. They’re naturally thin as both my husband and I were and still mostly are. My boys are grown now and they’re still lean, especially my younger one. It’s lucky genes to be naturally slim.

Marsha on

Her children look NORMAL. When I was growing up, EVERY kid looked like this. We played outside. We didn’t sit in front of television eating chips and drinking soda or playing video games. We rode bikes, we climbed trees, we played ball……now, there is a rise of juvenile diabetes, in addition to an adult epidemic in obesity.

Suzy on

They look just like my son did at their ages! Some kids have incredible metabolism… mine sure did. Didn’t matter how much he ate, he was always thin.

Nadia on

Americans have became so used to being fat, overweight and discustingly chubby that they cant aknowledge the fact that some children just dont stuff themselves to death.

momof boyz on

I raised two sons, my oldest looked just like this as a little boy there is nothing unhealthy looking about these boys….that is just their body make up at this age…my sons are grown into healthy men who look like they should be on the cover of mens health magazine…both beautiful men

LadyV on

This really hits a nerve with me. When I was a child, I had a huge appetite, and ate normal balanced meals – and still was stick thin. My mom overheard comments more than once about my looking malnourished, which was far from true. If there was really a problem, I’m sure the boys’ pediatrician would have said something. People need to mind their own business.

maryhelenc on

My 6yo looks exactly the same & she eats like a horse! We eat well & have treats in moderation, but she’s an active kid & is quite thin. Her older sister gets called anorexic because she’s a size 00 & she can eat a rack of ribs in one sitting. They’re likely active kids & maybe we should be more concerned about our own kids & stop judging parents online.

Caroline on

Just ridiculous! They look the same as my boys, who are very well fed.

Antonia on

I hated to eat as a child and was healthy, energetic and never had digestive trouble. I was also athletic and while my parents tired to get me to eat meatballs, pasta, steak etc, I only ate what i felt like. Kids don’t need a bunch of fat and sugar. They need healthy meals and to not be over fed. People are like gold fish, we are very susceptible to being over fed to the point it kills us but are very efficient at handling lower caloric intake. Btw, only in America is this kid considered under. In Europe, Asia etc this kid is very normal.