Ali Fedotowsky Shows Off Her ‘Push Present’ from Fiancé Kevin Manno on the Way Home from the Hospital

07/09/2016 at 02:45 PM ET

Giving birth to a brand new baby deserves a little reward.

Ali Fedotowsky took to Snapchat as she and fiancé Kevin Manno drove home from the hospital Friday to show off the “push present” Manno gave her after she gave birth to daughter Molly Sullivan.

The former Bachelorette shared a selfie in which she holds up a rose gold bar necklace imprinted with her baby’s name.

Ali Fedotowsky push present
Source: Ali Fedotowsky Instagram

Fedotowsky, 31, sent several other snaps from the backseat of the car, including a video of her singing along to the all-too-appropriate “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes and a photo revealing that Manno drove a careful 5.5 miles per hour the whole way home.

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Ali Fedotowsky push present
Source: Ali Fedotowsky/Snapchat

On Saturday, Fedotowsky posted a sweet photo on Instagram of her wearing the necklace while holding her newborn in the hospital.

“I feel whole. Almost like I was put on this earth because I was always meant to be her mom. I love you Molly Manno,” she captioned the picture.

Fedotowsky and Manno welcomed their first child on Wednesday, July 6, at 8:22 a.m. Molly weighed 7 lbs., 6 oz., and measured 22 inches long.

— Andrea Park

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Showing 31 comments

Carolyn on

Sweet “push present?” Nauseating.

Nicoleca on

What is a push present? Are women just finding any reason to get gifts nowadays? The baby is good gift! Enjoy!

facelessbandit on

I don’t understand push presents. Why are women getting gifts for going through labour. A healthy baby at the end is all you should be focused on

Sam on

I wonder when people will stop clutching their pearls at everything. Getting a beautiful gift and being excited about it doesn’t mean your child isn’t priority number one. You didn’t get one so everyone who did must be selfish and materialistic. Pathetic attempt at building yourselves up.

KL on

Push present sounds too.. Ugh , stupid name .. Don’t really need a present for pushing out the baby, the baby is the best present ever.. But the necklace is very nice and the baby is so tiny and cute 😀

Lucky in Love on

“Push Presents” are so silly and ridiculous!

megan on

Ugly necklace. And that’s kind of sad she’s more concerned with attention seeking than enjoying their first ride home as a family of three

L on

When did you find time and energy to do hair and make up after hours of contractions and finally give birth !?

Jamey on

I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds “push present” disgusting. It’s right up there with “baby bump”. Insipid, rich people with nothing better to do than show off for the media.



Jennifer on

Push presents are one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of. You know what your present is for giving birth? THE BABY!

What's wrong with people on

It’s really no ones business if she got a push present or not. You people should just be happy or get off websites that have these kinds of stories. So she got a present? What’s it to you? So judgemental.

Guest on

My dad got my mom a present when she had me 40 years ago. It’s a nice gesture in my opinion

KL on

The name “push present” sounds so.. ick… stupid name for it.., you don’t need a present for pushing out a baby, the BABY is the present and the best one you will ever get, however.. i would not say no to a present 😀
The baby is super cute and tiny, and a lovely NORMAL name! congrats to them!

KL on

The name “push present” sounds so.. ick… stupid name for it.., you don’t need a present for pushing out a baby, the BABY is the present and the best one you will ever get, however.. i would not say no to a present 😀 and the necklace is very nice.
The baby is super cute and tiny, and a lovely NORMAL name! congrats to them!

jeans75 on

Sorry, but for what a woman and mother does to birth her child into the world, the words, “push present,” debases and disrespects the entire process and making of a family. People and those in general who would use such a quick retort to have a quick caption for an asinine headline shows how the people at the top of this rag are really at the bottom. Disgusting to call a sentimental wanting of a gift in the moments of making a family as a sign of love an affection have been forced to become a sort of relegated further abbreviation of language to have a pop sounding title for an article I can’t even read because of the title. Sexist as well.

Anonymous on

Wow everyone on here is hateful. A simple necklace w/ her daughter name is a sweet gesture, calm down!!!!

dippy on

“push presents”….sounds about as moronic as the “trash the dress” trend. what is wrong people nowadays? So petty and vapid. sickening.

Shan_40ish on

I’m not against the idea. My son is almost 20 and I received a small piece of jewelry from his father when he was born. What I take issue with is the term push present!

Push present Mommy on

My husband bought me a “push present” after each baby. I received a beautiful Tiffany braclet with charms and their initials engraved on them. The last baby he bought me a drop pearl earring and necklace set from Tiffany’s and I about fell over. It had nothing to do with me not appreciating the babies but more about him lavishing love on me and making the experiences just that much more special! So sad for all the women who are tearing her and others down who received gifts. Did you get flowers? Meals etc???? Not much difference!

Marie on

“Push present”? So crazy! I’m in my mid 50’s and given birth to 3 children. My “Push present” was my beautiful, healthy children. Why do women think they need a “gift” for creating a little, beautiful human being???

Anonymous on

Jealously is really ugly!

Katie on

It’s a simple necklace with her baby’s name. Very sweet & hardly extravagant or nauseating. I think it’s nice that some men give their wives a gift to celebrate becoming a mom. Yes the baby is a gift but it’s ok to get two gifts. We get birthday presents even though life is a gift. What’s the big deal?

Samantha Lewis on

Wow, some people on here are so vile and rude. I doubt she asked for a push present. Pregnancy is hard, and any man who has seen a women he loves go through the process of childbirth knows that. There is nothing wrong with your fiancé/husband giving you a gift to show his wife appreciation and to commemorate a beautiful time in their lives.

Zon on

“push present” is a stupid name.

Zon on

“push present” is a stupid name

zon on

“push present” sounds so stupid.

Anonymous on

It’s stupid name – push present.

Von on

The pictures are cute.

Marky on

Hmm…baby is a nice normal size, 7lbs 6 oz, and 22 in. long, so what’s with the “tiny” comment? Tiny is 3 lbs 8 oz, or less than 5 lbs. As far as her combing her hair after she had her baby, or putting on makeup…not everyone goes insane, rips off their clothes, and tears their hair out then doesn’t dress for days. I managed to have my babies, without screaming at the top of my lungs, and stripping down while threatening to kill my husband for “letting this happen”. For those who went that route, okay…that’s your story, but not everyone has that same experience. My DIL was in the shower, washing her hair and dressing in street clothes a couple of hours after having her last baby, and actually allowed my son to hold and bond with his new daughter, then she welcomed the grandparents to do the same. Her birthing experience is just as valid, as yours. Sheesh, what’s with the shrieking and criticizing of others who are sharing their experience…don’t see me making fun of the fact that you turned your deliveries into a 3 ring circus, didn’t shower for days, and wore the same sweatpants for a month! It’s a simple necklace, people…lots of people get one. She didn’t stick her tongue out and say , “Nanny, nanny boo-boo!”, now, did she? SMH!

Spread Love on

What’s wrong with you all?! So you’re telling me she can’t show off her small give that her man gave to her after delivering their precious daughter?!
These complains don’t make sense to me.
Unless this woman nagged her fiance into doing this gesture, then I don’t see the issue. Please stop the hate! It doesn’t look good on you.