Baby Bling! See the Amazing Diamond Push Present Sean Lowe Gave Wife Catherine Giudici Lowe

07/08/2016 at 11:45 AM ET

Like most first-time dads, Sean Lowe had his share of pre-birth jitters.

High on his list: What in the world to get his wife Catherine for the perfect push present.

“Sean really, really wanted to do something very special to celebrate the birth of their child, but he didn’t know exactly what to do,” says jeweler Neil Lane.

So Lowe, 32, and Lane, the go-to jeweler for the Bachelor franchise, got to work. “We thought of creating something that would match her rose gold diamond wedding band — a beautiful, romantic, symbolic band to stack beside it to celebrate the baby,” says Lane.

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici push present
Source: Catherine Lowe/Instagram

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After going back and forth via texts for months — “Sean wanted to make sure it was done in time and I’d reassure him, ‘We’re good! We’re good!’ ” says Lane — the nearly 2-carat rose gold band, decorated with over 100 little diamonds, was ready.

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Lane, who also designed the Bachelor alums’ engagement ring and bands, sent the sparkly and romantic gift to Lowe’s parents’ house in Texas.

“It was very clandestine! Sean wanted it to be a surprise,” he says. “He was so sweet about it because he wanted the gift to have meaning and significance. He had his heart in it and was very excited.”

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici push present
Courtesy Neil Lane

Soon after their son Samuel Thomas was born on July 2, Lowe surprised Catherine, 30, with the ring and she was thrilled.

“They’re such a fantastic couple and Sean was so excited about becoming a dad,” says Lane. “He thought about this gift for months and it was a wonderful way to honor the continuity of their journey together.”

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Jennifer on

I’ve heard of push presents and they are f-ing ridiculous! Your gift is your child, not some sparkling object.

Pam on

Your child is the gift. Geez

heather on

Neil Lane? I’m shocked…

I love how Lane talks about these Bachelor “stars” like he actually knows them.

rubyslypperz on

What is with this new push present thing? You have to be rewarded for pushing the baby out, something we’ve been doing since time began? I mean, I wouldn’t turn down a diamond ring, but come on……

amanda on

SO really this was nothing more than advertising for Neil Lane.

Push Presents are the most obnoxious new trend. You want to do something nice for your wife who delivered your child? Change diapers in the middle of the night, cook for her, do her household chores.

maryhelenc on

Remember when your husband gave you flowers & made dinner for the first few days because you were tired? Now you get a push present? WTF is that? Ugh.

Vicki on

I was a very lucky new mom. Our son was born just a couple of hours past my birthday. Best present ever!!

Sam on

People give each other gifts to commemorate special events, get over it! You all reek of jealousy and bitterness.

boh doddle on

It is so ridiculous I am sorry but I just have to go here to put the point out there to get it across how BAD this idea is…so what does Sean and NeilLane do if there had been a stillbirth or who knows what kind of serious complications that they would NOT want out in all the media ?

Tick Tock on

Longest pregnancy ever.

Say what.... on

BE HAPPY with what YOU GOT but I guess they don’t get it. Also Catherine came from VERY HUMBLE beginnings single mom and like a 2 bedroom rental that looked like it had been lived in for 300 yrs check hometown dates and she saw Sean his kindness their personality etc worked fell in love AND trust me that girl WANTS IT ALL…I have seen how much she has made sure of that since being on the show honestly not quite as much as Trista but if she had Trista experience of having well Catherine would definitely been over the top of even Trista. I like Sean Catherine and NO I am NOT JEALOUS I am happy for them but I think they are too $ oriented I would like to see them give a thank you gift for their blessings when they have the $ to splurge to a say charity eg childrens orphanage instead of needing more bling or could it not have been a genuine birthstone and the childs name beginning of a rose gold charm bracelet I am sure she will get that two along with necklace and ear rings possible a tiara.

guest on

I didn’t care about a gift but a simple not flashy mom
charm or your child’s birthstone on a ring for mom is a sweet idea. It isn’t something that should EVER be asked for but if dad decides to give one that’s a nice gesture. I hate how some women expect a huge expensive piece of jewelry. The best push present would be a supportive and helpful partner who relishes in helping with the baby even if he is too tired to remember where the bottles or diapers are.

Ali on

SO FAKE! Always hocking ads they get paid for! Sean is a big fake guy, fake emotions, treats Catherine like his personal slave. She used to be independent until she got with this guy who lives in the 1950’s. Notice almost every post on Twitter is a paid ad for something he’s getting money for. PHONY.

gina on

Exactly, well said, A child is a gift. We simple folks feel that way. Flowers and cards make us ordinary people very happy

JessieD on

Why does Catherine require gifts in order to have her baby. No gift means — no baby? Honestly I don’t get it. The free stuff they get just because they sell out doesn’t mean much of anything. Sean is a major sell out. He doesn’t seem to have a sincere bone in his body.

gina on

ironic that sean describes neil lane as one of the most genuine guys he ever met ! coming from one of the least genuine guys ! oh the irony lol

Jay on

Oh come off it everyone. Her husband spent his own money, not yours. I myself think push presents are cute and sweet. And it’s not just a rich people thing. My father got my mother a push present (it was sort of late since we’re all grown up somewhat) but it was still a gift to commemorate all the hard work and sacrifices she’s made as our mother. That was his special way to honor his wife and mother of his child. Same for this couple. Hell, my own fiance is planning to get me one when we have kids. To each his own!


Jealousy will get you nowhere. what, he bought his wife a gift…if he didn’t give her a gift you would all be hollering about that. I think it’s wonderful…but I guess the days of romance and thoughtfull things are non existent now ,Sean’s way of showing her his love . Keep it up sean , never mind the haters.

Xol on

I guess this is going to be on the Bachelor show after special lol

AJ on

So Neil Lane gave him a free ring to give his wife and Sean should have said no way? That would be crazy. And notice how Neil is the one who released this with quotes, not Sean.

Also, Sean serves on the board of a pediatric cancer research charity. They asked for charity donations instead of wedding gifts. They’ve done some game shows to win money for charity. So they help charity. And that doesn’t include those donations and actions done in private.

herbie on

Can’t keep anything private anymore? Have to share it all. Humble brags is all it is…

xoxo on

Next thing I know my husband is going to want a push present for when he goes poop.

Kim Olson on

I don’t know how you put up with her controlling, ugly ass! Ugh I feel sorry you picked her. The runner up was way better and not demanding. You guys wont last. Too bad you deserve better

Kim Olson on

You did not pick a good woman. She’s ugly and controlling. I feel sorry for you. You guys won’t last. You have horrible taste. She’s an awful person.

1234 on

@Diane Mugridge – He didn’t buy his wife anything. It is a promotional gift to advertise for FREE the Neil Lane ring. It is presented to him, he says yes he will agree to participate, and then he Tweets endlessly about it to make himself look good, to make himself look like a really thoughtful, generous person. LOL. Sean doesn’t make a move without endorsing something or getting freebies to hock. So, take your little “haters” comment, and go find something else to do besides sit on your family’s computer trying to attack others.

1234 on

@Diane Mugridge – He didn’t buy his wife anything. It is a promotional gift to advertise for FREE the Neil Lane ring. Sean didn’t pick out anything. It is presented to him, he says yes he will agree to participate, and then he Tweets endlessly about it to make himself look good, to make himself look like a really thoughtful, generous person. LOL. Sean doesn’t make a move without endorsing something or getting freebies to hock. Go find something else to do besides sit on your family’s computer trying to attack others.

yolander on

Oh his gift is paid for by Neil Lane, very generous of him.

Jackie on

Sean doesn’t make a lot of money. He moved her into his tiny little house – WHICH – the outdoors area was redone for FREE, all new FREE furniture. There’s that word again. FREE. That word gets Sean all hot and bothered. Anything he doesn’t have to work for. Come to think of it, he didn’t have to work for Catherine either. The Bachelor producers picked her out for him. He then got to travel for FREE while kissing one girl after another for FREE while deciding which one he wanted to get married on TV to for FREE.

Anonymous on

Lucky for him everything is for FREE!

suzee white on

they met on a scripted tv show ,,, heavily edited silly scripted tv show, i might add. sean doesn’t have much of an imagination so it was lucky for him he was chosen and everything was already laid out before him by bachelor producers ,,, where they would go, what they would say, what he would give the “winner”, what abc would give them if they agreed to have the wedding televised. it’s all so ridiculous. sean can’t make a move on his own. it has to be what someone else tells him to do.

Anonymous on

And some more jealous people. Ugh.