Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Girl Luna Simone Is Totally Part of Our World in This Adorable Mermaid Costume

07/07/2016 at 08:45 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s 12-week-old baby girl Luna Simone is totally giving North West and Penelope Disick a run for their mermaid titles.

The model and Lip Sync Battle star shared an adorable photo of her daughter dressed in a crocheted mermaid costume, a gift from Vita Coco. Complete with a red sea shell shaped top and green monofin, little Lulu looks too cute for words!


Teigen, 30, and Legend, 37, welcomed their first child on April 14 after announcing they were expecting in October. Since Luna’s arrival, the mother of one has chronicled her daughter’s growth on social media. From her Instagram debut to bath time as well as daddy-daughter bonding, Chrissy’s fans and followers have been up-to-date with Luna’s first few months.

And if Luna’s love for mermaids motivates her to swim in the pool or the ocean, her parents will, no doubt, be there every step of the way as well. Teigen and Legend recently told PEOPLE they are learning how to swim for their daughter.

“I can’t swim, but I’m trying to learn for Luna, of course. There is nothing I want to do more than to get her into the water and for her to learn to swim,” she shared on Monday. “John can’t swim, either. And we don’t want to be helpless in any way, so we’re going to try to learn for Luna. We’re going to have someone come to the house,” Teigen added.

— Karen Mizoguchi

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KL on

super cute!

Stacey on

Why a baby needs nipple covers is beyond me.

Obkb on

She’s beautiful.

Mrs. B on

Stacey you need to hush. If she wasn’t covered, you’d be griping about that. Anyway, she’s a very cute baby.

Flounder on

Not even a paragraph in and already a freakin’ Kardashian mention. Because after all, Luna couldn’t be giving ARIEL a run for her money, it’s got to be the stupid Kardashian family.

@Stacey .. 1. It’s meant to be a costume. What Little Mermaid costume wouldn’t include the shells. And 2. Nipple covers. I just can’t. Like someone said, if she went without, people would whine that she’s showing off her daughter’s breasts or something.


Geminismom on

I know some people disagree with the whole bikini top thing, but seriously this baby is a-freakin-dorable and mom’s, especially first timers, can’t get enough of the dressing up and everyday photo shoots. It’s innocent fun that you indulge in, between all the feeds and diaper changes. I would’ve thrown a headband in there too, might as well! She clearly enjoys being a mother and that’s never wrong.

Anonymous on

The baby is very cute and so is the outfit. But I am getting tired of seeing Chrissy Teigen everywhere, not just on CBB. Can you just tone it down a little? She’s been on this site three times in the last day. Everywhere I look on the internet, it’s Chrissy Teigen.

Not Surprised on

She dresses like a total slut so why shouldn’t her baby . . .

Oliva on

Luna is a very cute baby. Love that mermaid fish dress, so cute.

Yuck on

She dresses like a s l u t so why shouldn’t her baby?

Guest on

Yuck, you should be ashamed of yourself. She is a precious baby, stop picking on her and her mother. Clearly her mother loves having fun with her daughter, NOTHING wrong with that. She’s precious and playing dress up is harmless.

Kathleen on

People’s writing staff should see if there are any teenage-based magazines hiring. They sound like stupid schoolgirls acting like puppy dogs or those trying to hang out with the cool girls. Irritating and obnoxious.

Stacey on

Actually I wouldn’t Mrs B. There are photos on her Instagram where she isn’t covered and I think that’s totally normal for a baby. This just doesn’t sit well with me in a culture where sexualisation of girls is becoming the norm.

Anonymous on

Thank you sponsored by…..


Actually, that baby was adorable to begin with, but she is starting to get ugly. Getting a 5 head like her Mom. Hopefully she starts looking like her Daddy more. Cute outfit.

Mom Of Twinz on

So cute!

Just giving my 2 seashells. on

@Yuck — Are you seriously turning a 2 month old baby into a s*x object? Please seek help because you have some sick views. Only a sicko would call a baby knitted mermaid costume s l u t t y?

@Stacey — 1. You do realize that the child is wearing a mermaid COSTUME, right? Without the shells, it would look silly. And 2. In what universe are you looking at that and thinking those are nipple covers? Who thinks of that? My god. I’m sure if she left the shells off, people would accuse her of showing off her child’s breasts.

It’s scary how mind numbingly stupid people are.

And People, REALLY!? Not even a couple sentences in and you’re bringing in the Kardashians, once again. WHHHHHYYY. Is there any reason why you couldn’t say that Luna was giving, oh I don’t know, maybe ARIEL a run for the mermaid title.

I just can’t even anymore. This site is run by 13 y/o’s who have a limited repertoire. It’d make sense as to why so many articles have so many grammatical, information and spelling errors.

Anonymous on

She is so darling!

Pat on

This is such a precious photo!
Oh, and Stacey and Yuck should get together over a cup of coffee and discuss their over the top comments.

phre on

Cute baby, stupid costume.

ddp on

Yes. Because babies are like dolls to be dressed up and posted on the internet.

Claire on

If,you have an issue with a bra top, go,to the beach and see the stupidity people put their daughters and this looks take by comparison. One pieces? Maybe 1 out of 20.

My point here is: who doesn’t know how to swim? Good for them and their reasoning – I hope they do the newborn swimming lessons because it’s sooo much easier for babies then – but seriously, it doesn’t take forever and everyone gets into a large amount of water deep enough to learn.
Even idiots can do it. Even trump supporters can….well, maybe not them but everyone else.

Hmm on

Teigen’s best feature by a long shot is her body, Legend has a great face. Baby got Teigen’s face =/

Irene on

This baby is a cutie pie.

bellasansmerci on

Chrissy Teigen often joked about what her and John Legend’s baby will take after, from their features. She stated many times about their hairline being both their prominent feature. Guess what? She called it on point. Fivehead, instead of forehead.

Traci on

Luna is a cutie pie….the outfit is adorable.