Blac Chyna: ‘Why Should I Watch My Weight When I’m Pregnant?’

07/07/2016 at 09:00 AM ET

Blac Chyna is not afraid to pack on the pregnancy pounds.

After previously declaring her goal was to gain 100 lbs. during her pregnancy, the 28-year-old fiancée of Rob Kardashian showed off a photo of her growing baby bump on Instagram. She poses in a pink dress featuring cut-outs around the torso on the back of a couch.

Why should I watch my weight when I’m pregnant,” she captions the photo.

Blac Chyna
Source: Blac Chyna Instagram

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Chyna previously made this controversial statement (doctors generally advise against extreme weight gain during pregnancy).

Y'all Know That I Don't Play 😌👑

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The model has been documenting her baby weight on social media. In June, Chyna, who is already mom to 3½-year-old son King Cairostepped on a scale and revealed she weighed 165.6 lbs.

In an update earlier this week, Chyna shared her weight had climbed to 170.8 lbs.

“Like no lie, my goal is to gain 100 lbs. this pregnancy,” Chyna said in a June SnapChat, adding she weighed “about 139” prior to the pregnancy. “I’mma tear it up, and then I’mma snap back.”

— Stephanie Petit

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Amy on

Seriously! Is she really that stupid. Talk about putting her baby in danger. She fits right in with the Kartrashians…dumb, dumb, dumb!

jg1965 on

Stupid beyond belief. Stupid, just profoundly stupid.

elda on

duh, maybe you should think about the health of your unborn child??
before you shove all that fattening food in your mouth

rachel on

This is one highly uneducated woman.

nope on

Rob could not have picked a more perfect girl. She fits right in with the rest of the dimwits in his family.

Emily on

Gee, maybe because the weight doesn’t just magically slide off once your baby is born. Or, it’s really bad for the baby. Or, can you possibly be that stupid?

taxi21 on

The child’s health should be priority. Look, I actually really was starting to like her, but it is clear she can’t stop competing with Rob’s sisters for attention. She wants to one-up Kim’s post-pregnancy weight loss.

Heather on

Maybe because its very unhealthy for your baby to gain excessive weight during pregnancy. It leads to babies predisposed to issues with blood sugar post birth. It increases the likely hood your child will spend time in intensive care after delivery and also increases the likelihood of a difficult birth leading to cesarean section. This is about your BABY, not you. This is about your BABY, not headlines.

Sonia on


Tieraney on

I’m finding it hard to believe she only weighed 139 lbs beforehand.

trinspin on

Selfish, self centered. Who cares about my baby, just look at ME… I can’t tell which side is her baby bump. She is just as disgusting as the rest of the “clan” she will fit right in.

charlotte on

What a ridiculous question? On the other hand, I’m laughing at sweet revenge on that ding bat Kris Jenner.

TY on

That question alone says a lot about her intelligence level. It’s dangerously low. Yikes!

Dana on

That’s ridiculous and selfish to the unborn baby! She’s not smart…poor choice Rob K for your baby mama.

jm on

Clearly an upstanding member of society here! SMH

Anonymous on

She looks a beached whale.

Lynda on

Looks just like Kim except Junior size

Catherine on

Does she HAVE a doctor? Is she going to check ups? Her doctor should be explaining the health risks to her and to the baby. Why would you want to gain 100 pounds for anything?? I even think it’s crazy when people gain weight for movie roles. It’s fun to gain but so hard to lose!

Tina on

Well, if I didn’t already know how stupid she is, she just cleared it up for me.

PCC on

The only thing sadder than stupid is someone who is militantly stupid, which describes this chick. You can’t tell them anything because they know best no matter how uneducated they are. What does she care about the baby any way? It’s just a meal ticket for her.

Anonymous on

Sad someone like her is given a public forum to express her dumb%#*% comments. Sad world!

Anonymous on

Stupid piece of trash. Wow.

Peggy on

Your baby will survive but you might not. Your heart can only take so much. The weight gain coupled with the strain of pregnancy could permanently damage your heart. It might be the lesser problem like mitral valve prolapse or the deadly chordae tendineae rupture. If you have to have a C-section, the immobility brought on by the bedrest and limited activity post c-section could lead to blood clots and one could travel to your lungs and give you a pulmonary embolism. (Yes I work in the profession, yes I’ve seen it ALL.)

Jacquie Layne on

She fits right in with that family. Dimwitted and uneducated. But really did we expect her to be any different from the rest of the “river Rats?”

Anonymous on

WOW…the lights are sure not on in her head. It is called, taking care of the baby and your health. What happens you get diabetes? You are putting your baby and yourself at risk. Not, to mention the weight does not come off that easily. I usually don’t post comments on this site. But, this girl is a dumbass!!! Rob sure did pick a real winner!

Shelly on

She looks horrible.

Mary Lynn Rather on

I hope her doctor gets down on her.
That is so horrible. She is putting her health and her babies health at risk.
She could end up being a diabetic, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and toxemia

Stormin Lorna on

Blac Chyna is trying so hard to compete with Kim Kardashian. Kim gained 78 pounds, Chyna is gonna show up Kim by gaining 100, then she will ‘snap back’ STUPID PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PROCREATE!!

Guest on

For real? Becuase you’re an irrelevant low class fat whale (sorry, whales!) with zero brain capacity, that’s why.

Kar on

What a complete moron! How about because it’s not healthy to gain an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy? Doesn’t this idiot see an OB/GYN for some guidance? What a complete idiot!!!

Too Shy on

Does anyone remember the cr@p that Jessica Simpson got for putting on 90 lbs during her pregnancies? It’s not healthy to use pregnancy as an excuse to pig out. In part, because the great major of women who do this continue to pig out after the baby is born and never lose the weight.

me on

Why not gain 200 then. Live it up!!

Anonymous on

Because it’s not healthy for mother or child.

rubyovertherainbow* on

Because it’s not healthy for mother or child.

Anonymous on

Because if you don’t, you can end up with gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or even death of you and/or baby. Idiot!

Gina on

Umm…well, because it’s not healthy for either the mom or the baby if the mom makes poor nutrition choices and doesn’t exercise in moderation.
Of course, this baby is nothing but a prop for Kris’ sick empire so it will make for a great storyline when both Rob and Chyna tip the scales at 200 and 300 lbs.
Then they can get lipo and hurl themselves into ‘amazing post baby bodies’.
What a shame that innocent children have been brought into this filthy, worthless family.

Guest on

Maybe so you can stay relatively healthy for your baby’s sake — and not look like a whale on top of that!

cjm on

“I’mma” is not a word. And gaining that much weight is dangerous. Gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and other complications can result. It’s not a good idea even if you aren’t pregnant. It’s so hard to lose weight! She’s an idiot.

myuntidydesk on

Next she’ll say people are body shaming her because she got so big during her pregnancy. We need to quit giving stupid people fame.

Stacey McRae on

165 lbs? She already looks well over 200 lbs. She and her sperm donor are just uneducated trash.

Carol Loman on

Well, I thought when I heard that she was preggers she would fit right in since Rob looks like a bloated whale too! But in reality, I’m sure she will take it off the same way Kim & Kourtney do, liposuction & a tummy tuck after C-section & she will pop into shape instantly, it’s how all the rich do it dummies!! If she risks becoming diabetic & having her baby w/all complications I’m sure it’s no worry!!

Poulette on

You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the girl …

anonymous on

Why not gain more!

Oliva on

She looks more than 165 Ibs

Kathy on

Model? Really?