Beach Babe! Blake Lively Shows Off Growing Baby Belly in Itty Bitty Bikini

07/04/2016 at 09:20 AM ET

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston weren’t the only ones showing some PDA during their star-studded Fourth of July getaway.

A pregnant Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds were caught locking lips as they splashed in the water near Swift’s Rhode Island home over the weekend. The Shallows star wrapped her legs and arms around Reynolds, 39, who lifted her out of the water for a kiss.

Lively, 28, displayed her growing baby bump in a red, white and blue triangle bikini. Reynolds also showed some patriotic pride in striped swim shorts.

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively & Ryan Renolds
Ryan Turgeon/Splash News Online

The couple only had eyes for each other despite being joined by the likes of Gigi Hadid, Karlie KlossRuby Rose and other famous faces enjoying the holiday weekend, which Swift traditionally spends in Rhode Island with pals.

Taylor Swift and friends
Ryan Turgeon/Splash News Online

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Lively is expecting her second child with Reynolds. The couple are already parents to 18-month-old daughter James.

“Having a daughter was a dream come true for me,” Reynolds told PEOPLE in February. “I never admitted it out loud, to myself or my wife, but I really wanted a little girl.”

— Stephanie Petit

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lucasmom on

James?! For a little girl? Why do these celebrities pick such foolish names for their children?

ameraleigh on

You do realize that her name is Blake right? A name traditionally used for boys and besides they’ve already explained why they chose the name James.

Peggy on

We call my Irish (girl) cousin James her real name is Jamie

Guest on

Ryan’s late father’s name was James C Reynolds. He died of complications due to Parkinsons. I think the name was to honor his deceased father. It’s lovely.

Anne on

Does he have to be grappling her ass and grinding on her in the middle of a crowd?

Sara on

I think it’s so cute just how smitten Blake and Ryan are with one another. They need to sit Taylor and Tom down and explain to them that you can be madly in love and affectionate simply by being in each other’s presence and not having to resort to childish antics like wearing I ❤ T.S. shirts.

LOL on

It only took People one whole day to pick up on this story after the pictures were published.

Ha on

For a famous couple who wants to completely hide their pregnancies and births until a 1/2 year after their babies are born, this picture must make them feel pretty violated. LOL.

Guest on

@Anne…First off, they are married, and secondly, he’s just holding her up out of the water. What kind of prude are you???

A girl with a female name on

It’s disgusting to name a girl James. You know they wouldn’t have named a boy Sarah if they had a relative they wanted to honor with that name. James is a classic, biblical name. It’s not cute on a girl.

Me on

Not a fan on her daughter’s name James, I prefer Jamie over James for a girl’s name.

Buster0169 on

Why is this a story. A couple kissing is not news.

Boynamesforgirlsarecute! on

It is none of anyone’s business what they name their child. Everyone just needs something to complain about. I’m glad to see a couple inlove, it’s a kiss he’s not groping her.

Von on

They’re have a good time lol.

Tulu on

Can we go back to where we didn’t hear her name all the time?! Man!

Betty on

I’m so glad People wasn’t able to (or didn’t think to) airbrush out Blake’s stretch marks. Finally some real tiger stripes!

Jo on

My name is Jo and I’m female. I love boy names for girls! Alex, Jamie, Elliot and the list goes on. I didn’t realize there was a rule about this?

jayne steiner on

Why would anyone name a girl JAMES ?

Luciana on

Cara’s looking at them like “get a room”

Love Love on

There is nothing wrong with some PDA between a husband and wife, it’s sweet. Perhaps there would be less divorces or marital issues if more people continued with this in their relationships instead of pushing that to the wayside in favour of everything else.

domino on

I’m quite sure they didn’t know someone was taking a pic of them, but a raw moment between the couple is awesome. When you are married, have a child and are pregnant… it’s great to see the spark still alive. Good for them!!

guest on

I like the name James for a girl. It’s cute and different. I also think Blake looks amazing in her bikini. When you got it, you got it!!

adison on

Yay a couple kissing news is here.

Valnaj on

James is cute for a girl. It’s different and unique. James sounds unisex. Silmilar to Jane/Janes. Gorgeous couple. Keep it that way🤗

Em on

She’s soooo lucky to call that man her husband!!

Reine on

They only have eyes for each other for now as most celebrities are constantly falling in & out of love which proves it wasn’t love but lust. Lust is always exciting but it doesn’t last for 30 yrs as you need more than that.

Kimberly on

This seems like the Hollywood trend now, naming their girls boy’s names. It’s their baby so it’s their choice. Remember this is Hollywood so unusual names are the norm now. I would rather them name a girl a boy name than something really ridiculous, I don’t like the old fashioned names that even regular folk are naming their girls but that is the norm too. I like them as a couple, they are cute together.

ZAS on

I agree James is an unusual name for a girl but it’s not unusual in Hollywood standard.

Christina on

People really need to get over the name! I know men named Tracey and Stacey (straight, manly men), calm down!

Victoria on

For everyone commenting on how Blake and Ryan could name their child a boy name should realize that at one time, people named their girls with masculine names and boys with feminine names. Shannon was a very common name for a boy back in the day. Times change and so do trends. Just like pink was more of a boys color and blue for girls. Now some people would never dress their baby boy in pink because that’s what society tells them.

Lala on

To the poster — girl with a female name

No. I highly doubt they’d name a boy Sarah, but there are boys with names usually reserved for girls. Like; Jaime, Lindsey, Whitney, Dana, Harper (I personally know a boy named Harper) — and my grandpa’s middle name is Gale. So the name game works both ways.

I’ve always loved the name James, so I think it’s cute for a girl.

Two cents on

I’m a huge fan of this couple. I love them . I just don’t get the relationship with Taylor’s squad of giggling models and friends. They just look out of place to me.

Cici on

But where is James? Did they not spend this important holiday as a family?

Sarah on

Some of you are acting like your opinions matter. On the grand scheme of things, you are completely irrelevant. Another thing: you chose to comment on this post. No one forced you. These celebs don’t care that you are breathing. The majority of us regular folks don’t either #IJS

Met on

Everyone commenting on James needs to go home.. you’re old news.

Amabellie on

I don’t understand why everyone is being a hater on their little girls name. So they named her James. What’s it to you? It’s their child, they can call her whatever they want. & he’s not groping on her or touching her inappropriately. It’s a nice kiss & he’s carrying her. Since When is that x rated now? It’s beautiful seeing Hollywood couples this in love. Mostly everyone is cheating or falling out of love because the spark is gone. Definitely one of my favorite couples in hollywood. I love them & I wish them the best in everything they do in life. They both look amazing.

Court on

Hey Blake get a new bathing suit already – you look ridiculous!

heather on

That top seems too big. Were they out of her size?

Someone on

What happened to her? She always looked so tip-top, but this bikini top… She should’ve gone up a size or two.

Jackhogg on

Blake is a beauty ! after her marriage and a daughter she looks hot! All the best blake with your second child!

imaheidi on

What is that on Ryan’s left upper arm? Is that some tattoo removal or something?

SeattleDreamin on

OK, call me a prude (although I most certainly am not), but why even bother with a swimsuit if you are going to show this much? Seriously, think about it — really?!

Just Wondering on

What’s the deal with Ryan’s arm exactly?

Sherry Herron on

Why do you stupid people comment to an ENTERTAINMENT magazine that these articles aren’t newsworthy????? It’s PEOPLE magazine!!!! P-E-O-P-L-E…..about “people”!’ Sometimes the stories are human interest stories, sometimes about tragedies (which most of you imbeciles WANT to read)…but you are commenting negatively on a really sweet story about two famous PEOPLE enjoying their holiday! The magazine published this stuff for gossip (yes), but also to show that these “stars” live regular lives! And how dare you dirtbags make fun of a child’s name. Bullies much???? If you’re looking for news…about stuff, why not switch from people online to CNN. Absolute douchepoodles

Delphine on

There are women who can pull off string bikinis while pregnant, but Blake just isn’t one of them. Re-think those triangles, Blake!

KB on

Pregnancy can make natural breasts look great, but with implants that separation between them remains and they just look like…well, swollen implants. A full coverage top with molded cups would’ve been a much better choice. And before anyone says “maybe this was more comfortable” she was at Taylor Swift’s 4th of July party, she wanted to be seen and photographed.


Lucasmom…it is a family Mom and means something to them…that is why.


It’s a family *NAME…lol

just saying on

She could afford more fashionable bikini than the one she is wearing now, the one she is wearing now is so plain for her.

nastiness on

I’m sure she doesn’t regret the breast implants, but I thought she looked nice before. Kissing in the ocean is never sexy, I don’t like it, water too cold and TOO SALTY!

Masuka on

He is a mediocre actor. None of the movies he made are groundbreaking or even entertaining, including cliche Deadpool (eye roll). I don’t get why people mag insists on reporting on two boring mediocre actors. There is something off about them.

Elizabeth on

I don’t get it. Blake said it was terrible for her to leave home to work and stay away from her family but seems really happy to leave her baby girl behind. Why do you keep having kids if you don’t take care of them?

Anonymous on

If you are looking at the pic Blake’s right boob looks huge!!!!

audie on

Yup agree her right boob looks huge.

Inge on

ryan had a flag painted on his arm but because of the water it washed off.. And its never good is it? When people are not married you complain, when they look not happy in a photo you complain.
This is a happy married couple with a baby and one on the way, what is the problem? Or do all of you guys only kiss when nobody is watching? Oh my…what if someone will see that you love your husband!

IsabelWhite on

What on earth is going on with Ryans left arm?!?
It looks like he burned it or something!

Yolanda on

James is not an appropriate name for a little girl! Wait till she starts school she’ll be the butt of bullying. Kids (young & older) can be cruel. Did Blake & Ryan think about that. It’s right what one person commented here … Would you name a little Sarah or Suzy? Don’t think so! But celebs are clueless (some of them) they like to start a trend! Wyatt is an awful name that Ashton & Mila picked for their daughter, too. So she’s pregnant now and if it’s a boy they will probably name him Nancy or Stephanie! 😱
As far as pda in front of hundreds of folks, yeah this couple were tacky & insensitive to the feelings of others. Yeah Cara had that disgusted look cuz she’s British and a little more reserved than her Yankee friends (get a room) Maybe Blake for horney from her raging hormones!

JamesC on

@Anne – It’s his wife, he’s allowed to.
Sounds like someone is Jealous there is no-one to grab her ass and ‘grind her’ in public.

(BTW, it’s her thigh, and it’s amazing that you’re able to detect grinding in a still image, bravo.)

Vas on

Yay it’s refreshing her daughter is named James.

Anonymous on

he’s deadpool. she’s mrs deadpool. it’s awesomme

Kelly on

I’m all for wearing a bikini, even when pregnant.,, but come on ,, buy one that fits,, this isn’t even sexy or attractive anymore,, its a trashy pregnant mom look!! Have some self respect!

cynmarso on

Why are so many people making a big deal from a kiss? He is not grappling her bottom and grinding as someone (Anne) put it, he is holding her up. This is a still picture, it was probably just a kiss that lasted a few seconds not a long, dragged out make out session! As far as them naming their little girl James in honor of his father, so what? That is their business! I think they are a lovely couple that are in love. It’s amazing that people always have to criticize. If they were having marital problems, people would be yapping that Hollywood couples never last but if they are happy together and God Forbid show affection, then they are being inappropriate! What a bunch of meddling old biddies!

Mike Hunt on

Those are some big ass titties!!!!

Suzanne on

Love it! She’s beautiful and he’s super cute. It’s nice to see a happy couple.

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