Sibling Love! Ivanka Trump Shares Adorable Photo of Her Three Children

07/03/2016 at 09:30 AM ET

Sibling sweetness!

Proud mom Ivanka Trump shared a photo of her three children — daughter Arabella Rose, 4, and sons Joseph Frederick, 2, and Theodore James, 3 months — on Instagram Sunday morning.

In the snapshot, her three children with husband Jared Kushner are all dressed up — Arabella in a striped blue dress that matches her brother’s button down while Theodore sports a classic cream romper — as the boys share a kiss on the couch.

Ivanka Trump children
Source: Ivanka Trump/Instagram

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Big little boy!

A post shared by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

“[Joseph] loves giving Theodore his bottle, he loves snuggling with us for books, he’s always trying to kiss him — and obviously, doctor’s orders is not to have your young child kissing the baby’s face but it’s really hard to stop that!” Trump, 34, told PEOPLE in April.

Since her youngest son’s March 27 birth, Trump has shared several photos of her elder children cuddling with the family’s new addition.

On Saturday, the mom of three posted a photo of proud big sister Arabella holding Theodore on the bed, while Joseph has been pictured with Kushner doting over the new baby in the past.

— Anya Leon

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Dump Trump on

Just remember – Trump said he’d DATE his own daughter. What a PIG.

guest on

She’s only posting these pictures to deflect from him insane father. She’s a not celebrity so why is People mag, constantly promoting her? Every time I see her it just reminds me of he father, and why we don’t need to vote for him in November

Sarah on

Theo is a cutie.

Mrs. B on

Her children are very cute.

Belle on

Regardless of how I feel about Donald Trump, his daughter is a class act. She always conducts herself in a proper and professional manner, and has a beautiful family. Kudos for giving her kids lovely and classic names, and not falling for the trending and ridiculous names celebrities regularly do. Congratulations Ivanka!

Guest on

She is a role model. Classy woman, her parents did something right.

Just a Duck on

Children the way I like them, scrubbed up for a couple of pics and then back to the nanny.

NoTrump2016 on

First of all, those children are gorgeous. Just like their parents. Who would have thought Trump could raise children to stay married to their spouses and have children with only one person???? Donald has six with his wife, and Ivanka now has three by her husband. Seems unbelievable they could turn out to be morally correct with the father they had!

lynn on

I lDonald Trump makes a joke about his daughter and all the ghetto sleaze perverts turn it into something sleazy. This is the same trash that takes an innocent picture of kids playing in a bath tub and see it as porn because of the filth in THEIR minds

Angela on

Love Donald Trump and will vote for him in November! I cannot wait until this classy family is in the White House.

Angela on

I love Donald Trump and will vote for him in November! I cannot wait until this classy family is in the White House. I feel so grateful that Mr. Trump is willing to lead our great nation.

mary on

There is nothing classy about Donald Trump, probably because class isn’t something that money can buy.
He does have a very classy, respectful daughter in Ivanka.. sadly she is the only one.

Donald B. Crazy on

Those kids are Jewish. I wonder how they feel when Grandpa Donald mocks Hillary for supporting Israel.

C on

Her children are absolutely adorable. Love their names too- very classic.

? on

How come they look Mexican?

Cindy on

Adorable children. BTW … Trump all the way! He can’t do any worse than our current leader, that is for sure!! Just my opinion, don’t hate!!

Trump White Supremacist on

Trump took an anti-Hillary ad directly from a white supremacist site bashing Jews. His grandkids are Jewish. Doesn’t he know?

Reine on

I do think the wrong Trump is running for president as he is very intelligent & rational, takes after her mother. She does have cute kids & I wouldn’t worry about a child kissing a baby, hell with doctors.

gracie on

When one posts all these “oh so perfect” family photos , it makes me think that the “oh so perfect” is not what it seems. Ivanka is doing this to try to show her family…her very wealthy, very entitled, very privileged family, is just like any average happy family. What a joke. Ivanka would no sooner identify with the average voter than would her father.The “perfection” is exactly what Trump sees as important. He makes fun of others way of eating and/or talking and/or behaving. He has called woman fat pigs and been demeaning of so many he sees as not perfect. I wish all those who think he is so wonderful would actually look at who he really is. He has no use for the very people who he has scammed into following him and probably has a good laugh every night before he falls asleep at how gullible and stupid his voters are.

stacey on

They are so cute!!!

Lily on

None of his children look Mexican! You wish!

Ovally on

Yup adorable pictures of 3 siblings.

AlexisPratt on

How do Trump’s KKK supporters feel about his Jewish grandchildren & daughter? I doubt they think they are cute or even to live.

stinky on

cute kids and mom!

stinky on

alexis pratt: interesting, i didn’t even think about that aspect.

Bobbie on

Those children are so beautiful!

Mark on

Lovely pictures LOL

Jude on

Cute family! I always admired Ivanka. She has so much class.

Not Trump! on

I agree, Guest. There’s also a story on her brother taking vaca with kids, definitely all to deflect from their nutjob of a pig father. They can show kids and their non celeb parents all they want, it won’t change the fact that Trump is a sick abomination that will NEVER get in the WH. Vile piece of crap is ALL OF THAT FAMILY!

Oleva on

Cute siblings and pictures.

Anonymous on

let he who is without sin, cast the first stone you are all hypocrites