Blac Chyna Steps on the Scale and Reveals How Much Pregnancy Weight She’s Gained

07/03/2016 at 10:30 AM ET

Miguel Aguilar/Pacific Coast News

Blac Chyna is working toward her goal.

After sharing with her social media followers that she is hoping to gain 100 lbs. during her second pregnancy — she’s expecting her first child with fiancé Rob Kardahsian — the mom-to-be stepped on the scale Saturday night to show off her progress.

Captioning the candid with a heart and baby emoji, Chyna, 28, can be seen cradling her bump as the scale reveals she now weighs 170.8 lbs.

In June, the pregnant reality star — who is already mom to 3½-year-old son King Cairo — shared she weighed 165 lbs. and wanted to pack on the pregnancy pounds so she could then work them off after the baby’s arrival.

“Like no lie, my goal is to gain 100 lbs. this pregnancy,” she said on SnapChat, adding she weighed “about 139” prior to the pregnancy. “I’mma tear it up, and then I’mma snap back.”


A post shared by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Super excited @robkardashian and I felt our baby moving today ❤️👶🏽

A post shared by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Hours before she took to SnapChat, Chyna was spotted at a Los Angeles airport, looking cozy in a black jumpsuit as she headed through security with Kardashian, 29.

Later, Kardashian had fun with SnapChat filters as he let followers in on a major milestone.

“Hello, so today I felt my baby move,” he says while giggling.

— Anya Leon

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Kb on

Idiots. Both of them.

Seriously???? on

I don’t mean to criticize but 100 lbs? She is tiny to begin with. She’s going to be bedridden with gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and force a C-Section.

Anonymous on

She is a special kind of stupid

Popp on

My god! We don’t need to know their every move! STOP!!!!!!!!

ally1 on

So, basically, she’s already gained more than enough weight and is only halfway through. *eyeroll*

Dawn on

Seriously–criticize away! This vapid and shameless self-promoter clearly doesn’t give a flip about the health of her little one she’s been given the blessing of carrying, much less her own health she’s potentially compromising. All in the name of what–potential sponsorships from a “get skinny quick” scheme to peddle? Pathetic. Shame on this society for allowing this kind of nonsense to become the new normal. Famous for absolutely nothing good contributed to anyone.

Serena on

This chick must not have a licensed, board-certified OBGYN, because anyone that is would refuse to have her as a patient with that mindset. Her goal is to harm herself and her unborn child—sick.

Guest on

Hoping to gain a 100lbs? Unhealthy for her and the baby. Sounds like an excuse to eat like a pig

Charlotte on

We don’t care.

LOL on

She’ll reach it in no time, she’s so fat and not to mention ugly and low class already.

Mindy on

What an idiot. Wants to gain 100 pounds so she can work it off? That’s got nothing to do with pregnancy and is about 65 pounds more than what’s medically recommended or necessary for pregnancy. Packing on additional pounds is just extra fat that does nothing to benefit the pregnancy and can be a health risk for the mom and it’s ridiculous that she doesn’t know or care.

kathy on

Terribly unhealthy and the baby will suffer from that. I really hope she’s being funny even though it isn’t.

Mrs. B on

She better be careful gaining all that weight. It’s not healthy and she might not snap back to her original weight like she thinks she will. Why would anybody want to gain that much weight anyway?

rachel on

Fortunately she has Kim as a sister now to ask her how its done!

Mily on

Not to mention saggy boobs, loose skin, stretch marks, bad idea.

Gaaaag me on

Gain a bunch of weight while pregnant, complain, then spend every waking hour taking about your weight loss in the media. Sounds like a play out of the Kardashian playbook.

Way to go People! You’re sinking further into the white trash medium. Keep going, you’re almost at 100%!!!!

Kelly on

She’s an idiot. Why would anyone who has sense about them want to gain 100 lbs? That’s unhealthy for the baby. It’s ridiculous.

Nope on

I mean, that’s just unhealthy. If you gain too much during pregnancy (or start out too big) then it puts your baby at higher risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer over their lifetime. Plus, it makes her at much higher risk of birth complications during labor and afterwards. But, that dollar sign resting in her womb must make her feel like she can do whatever she wants. Hope the baby is ok.

Damn Gina on

I’m still in shock that two people have knocked this train wreck up! She is so nasty.

whocaresreally? on

100? Lets go for 200 and well put her on the cover.

Anonymous on

another nut

Lola on

Gestational diabetes is no laughing matter! 100lbs of fat for what?? I hope she’s kidding…

ewww on

I hope they have a boy, so that kimTRASHian will be so jealous! and i hope they give him a name that starts with Q, just to make it even funnier. you know they will all pressure him to name it a K name. or even BETTER, i hope they name is Robert, the 3rd….#ohmahlerd that would be hilarious! and i can’t imagine her doc thinks it’s ok for her to gain 100 lbs during pregnancy

Kelly122 on

One thing’s for sure…the girl’s not stupid. By making that comment and putting up pics of her weight, etc. She’s got everyone talking about her. Of course she isn’t going to gain 100 lbs…..but by saying that, she courts controversy and people talk about her, which ultimately is the goal. She fits right into this family of fame wh0res perfectly, lol.

SC on

“and wanted to pack on the pregnancy pounds so she could then work them off after the baby’s arrival.”

Translation: So she can do post-baby body pictorials and get magazine covers and endorsement deals …

*eye roll*

Tanya on

It’s unhealthy to gain 100Ibs because it’s not healthy for the mother and unborn child, she needs to find a health professional and get professional advice.

Raidergirl926 on

Please stop publicizing this gross pig!! She’s Digusting!! Isn’t there any other positive news besides trash?? Who cares about this pregnancy? She secured her money train.

Molly on

That’s a crazy idea to gain 100ibs and then you think you can snap back. You may not snap back to the original weight.

D Med on

Hello Diabetes! Poor child, increased risk to have diabetes and probably overweight and hypoglycemic at birth. Not the best start. Ms Chyna is apparently not very educated.

Anonymous on

To be 170 Ibs for her height is over weight already.

Tawny on

Everything these people do is for attention. Clearly, she’s intentionally gaining weight so after the pregnancy she can sign up for one of those weight loss programs and get paid (ala Jessica Simpson, only she didn’t gain weight to get an endorsement). I do not follow these people. I think they’re all a bunch of trash that will do literally anything to get attention, BUT, I read this and had to wonder if anyone else put the dots together. She gains a hundred pounds (gets attention) since she’s doing it on purpose. Then, after the baby (which she’ll get attention for), she accepts a million dollar endorsement from weight watches or whatever (more attention). They plan ahead for this stuff. They’ve ALL done it. Numerous times. I just hope that after all this, all those contracts she thinks she’ll get offered WON’T COME. Wouldn’t THAT be something to actually report on. A Kardasian adjacent wanna be famous nobody DOESN’T GET THE ATTENTION they’re begging for.

Anonymous on

She is crazy

Anonymous on

She is crazy!

Me on

Maybe a little education is in order. Drs recommend 30-60. Stretch marks are more pronounced with that much weight gain. Also getational diabetes, also not ideal for the baby. When you are intentionally setting out to gain that much weight there are some serios knowledge deficits going on.