Sean and Catherine Giudici Lowe Welcome Son Samuel Thomas

07/02/2016 at 10:00 PM ET


It’s a boy for Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Lowe!

The Bachelor alums have welcomed son Samuel Thomas Lowe, they announced Saturday on Twitter.

“God is good! We had a healthy baby boy named Samuel Thomas. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!,” Lowe tweeted.

The new mom also took to Twitter to confirm their baby boy’s arrival, tweeting, “I’m in love with another boy, my son Samuel Thomas Lowe.”

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Samuel Thomas, I think I'm in love 🙂

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My boy and me.

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The couple, who were married in a fairytale wedding that aired live in January 2014, announced the pregnancy on Instagram in December.

“It’s happening! I’m going to be a dad!” Lowe, 32, captioned the sweet snap.

The couple enjoyed a Palm Springs, California, babymoon in April, and celebrated their baby’s upcoming arrival with a flamingo-themed baby shower in May. At the shower, both husband and wife wore polka dots, but Lowe opted for blue while Giudici Lowe’s dress was pink.

Giudici Lowe, 30, has been chronicling her pregnancy on Instagram, with various shots of herself showcasing her baby bump — from barely there to ready-to-pop.

And now that the baby has arrived, the first-time parents are counting on close family for help.

“[Catherine’s] mom and her sister are coming to stay with us for about a month once the baby is born,” Lowe told E! News in May. “I know to most husbands that might sound daunting, but we love them and we’re excited about it.”

And since family members live close to the couple’s Dallas home, “If we need to drop off the baby so they can babysit, it won’t be a problem,” he added.

— Jen Juneau

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Kinda Arzon Photography on

Congratulations on your baby boy!

Amy on

Oh a child for them to sell to the media with their marriage

Catherine on

Congrats to them, and they picked a normal name!

bugsforever on

Catherine- That was my thought, too. Thirty years from now, no one will be able to pinpoint what year this child was born or what names were trending at the time because this little boy has a timeless, classic name.
Congratulations to the three of them.

racontoor on

God is good! Thousands of people were slaughtered today, millions of non-human animals are tortured for food or entertainment, and 21,000 — yes TWENTY ONE THOUSAND people died of starvation today. And this twit is praising his invisible “good” deity. Jeez. Well, his life IS good and he should just leave it at that. He has food, he has water, he has clothing and shelter and love and good health. As for the name, Garner and Affleck chose the same one, as did Pollan and Fox…..along with plenty of others. It’s nice, goes well with “Lowe.”

Marie on

I’m sorry, but this comment got me the wrong way…
“And now that the baby has arrived, the first-time parents are counting on close family for help”.
My first time being a mother, I was hundred’s of miles away from family to rely on. The 2nd time, I was in another country. The 3rd time, I was again, hundreds of miles away. I never had any help because of the distance. quoted… “If we need to drop off the baby so they can babysit, it won’t be a problem,”. Really? It took many, many years for my husband and I to have date nights without the kids, but that was our choice!

Kelly on

Love the name!!! Congrats!!!

Mrs. B on

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy.

Heinrich on

Are they against homosexuality? , cause they are christians (this question has NOTHING! !!! to do with the baby.)

Heinrich on

Congrats guys , you guys are going to be awesome parents , I can already see it.

guest on

God help the kid with those self righteous parents.

Amber on

Mom and sister will be coming to stay for about a month? Wow… Okay.

Spencer on

They’re such a beautiful couple, and now a happy family! Congrats!

Debi M on

Congratulations to you both on the birth of Samuel Thomas. It’s a beautiful name. I bet he’s a handsome little guy. Glad you are doing good n I’m sure Sean is helping you a lot. I have nothing but good to say about a ‘hands on’ dad. Take care. 💙🎈😊

sam on

So happy for them. Congratulations.

goodie on

Why is god only good when someone has a healthy baby? or blessed by his works?
No one says this when a child is born with leukaemia. Where are the praises then?

Louise on

I am very happy for them. A baby who is wanted by parents who have so much live to give is a blessing. I don’t understand the people with so much anger in them that they begrudge this couple and their son the joy at this special time. Yes the world is in chaos and my health is very bad to those reading- but we should try and focus on anything that will help. If I dwell on my pain or the future that is bad so I live in the now. My cousin Michael had a preemie that no one thought would live and he made it against the odds. You gave to have hope.
I wish them all the best and especially health.

Kathleen on

What a nice name! Sad when a “normal” name becomes the trending comment styling. We are too used to hearing really odd names, I suppose. Interesting how they already have babysitting worked out for the immediate future. Family can’t be beat.

loophole on

I saw them on Celebrity Wife Swap with Jason and Molly Mesnick. I couldn’t believe what a control freak he is. It’s all about him. He even wants Catherine to iron his socks. Catherine is an intelligent woman who deserves more. He also sends out snarky tweets while watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette. He needs to move on past that, of course if he did, he wouldn’t get paid the big bucks for having a baby.

Qanna on

It’s very refreshing they give a normal name not like many other odd names celebrities kids have.

Dawn on

Haven’t even brought the kid home from the hospital and already talking about dumping him off to grandparents for babysitting haha Good to know how wanted this baby is. She’s very lucky to have a mom who can come help for a month! He’s gonna want his wifey back in fighting shape ASAP and she’ll need the help with the baby so she can work out!

Zol on

They’re cute couple. Congrats!

Anonymous on

Love daythe

Pinoy on

She is Italian and Filipino so are her family members coming from overseas.

vanessa on

Adorable couple, so happy for them.

Philosophy4u on

I’m incredibly happy for this couple and im all the way in London, UK. I love their son’s name- its a solid christian name! When a new life is born safely into the world- God is good!This was the only batchelor season I was truly invested in because of how good Sean was and how much I liked (and rooted) for Catherine.

For all those haters/trolls/unhappy people coming on to post nothing but negativity or mean-spirited comments it says more about the state of your unhappy life and/or miserable soul! Horrible things happen everyday around the world as the news remind us daily so whether you’re religious or not, it makes no rational sense why you cannot be happy for some good news or would come on to a positive news story to only say mean things. To these sad people I say:” get a life!”

Rita Hobbs on

~Congratulations Sean & Catherine! You have been and always will be my very favorite couple from the program. God has truly blessed you! Thank Heaven for Little Boys!~

Anonymous on

Congratulations y’all on your new miracle!

Zodia on

So happy for them on their new bundle of joy.

Stacy on

Congratulations on your baby boy! I’m so happy for both of you!!

annie on

He is so adorable. Congrats.

Olivia Goraj on

just read this congrats on the new baby😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀