Tia Mowry-Hardrict Says Endometriosis Has Made Getting Pregnant ‘a Challenge’: ‘I Don’t Want to Put Too Much Hope Into It’

06/29/2016 at 10:30 AM ET

Tia Mowry-Hardrict and her husband Cory Hardrict are completely open to adding to their family, which also includes 5-year-old son Cree Taylor. But there’s one problem standing in the actress and author’s way.

“I do suffer from endometriosis,” Mowry-Hardrict, 37, told PEOPLE at the 2016 BET Awards, where she sizzled in Roberto Cavalli on the red carpet. “So there’s a little bit of a challenge there, but I will say this: I am working on my diet.”

She explains that her plan is to follow “a diet I do when I want to just clean myself out and get rid of inflammation in my body.” She also cites her upcoming cookbook, A Whole New You, as something that will help her do just that — since, according to Mowry-Hardrict, “Endometriosis basically grows from inflammation.”

“[We’re] trying, but I don’t want to put too much hope into it,” she adds. “I don’t want to be let down.”

Tia Mowry BET Awards
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Although Mowry-Hardrict doesn’t want to just assume she will become a mom again, she’s also optimistic about her chances.

“We’re going on vacation tonight to Anguilla, so who knows!” she jokes.

Her desire to add to her brood is no surprise, though, considering family means the world to the former Sister Sister star. The day before the BET Awards, she was at the park celebrating Cree’s fifth birthday with an epic shark-themed extravaganza, orchestrated by celebrity planner Mindy Weiss.

“My son had the best freakin’ party,” Mowry-Hardrict says. “I felt like a really good mom. He turned 5, the whole thing was shark-themed, we had a huge submarine jump tent … incredible food from hot dogs to hamburgers to fries to vegan salad and all different types of treats.

“We had a bubble section, where kids could play bubbles and bubble guns,” she adds, admitting that she may have enjoyed that more than the kids. “My sister and I had more fun in the bubbles. We were shooting each other. It was just great.”

The party was part of a family tradition of celebrating five-year milestones. The next one is her 10-year wedding anniversary, when she plans to renew vows with her husband.

“This time, I want to go away,” she said of the vow renewal that will take place in two years. “We were married in Santa Barbara, we love Santa Barbara. We renewed our [five-year] vows in Malibu by the beach. I went to Pepperdine, so I have a connection with the beach in Malibu.

“We want to go to Italy or Europe [this time],” she shares. “It will be intimate. I think it’s important to continue to make it special. So every five years we’ll do a big party for my son and a celebration, renewing the vows.”

So it made sense that, on Sunday, Mowry-Hardrict’s pride for her husband beamed on the red carpet.

“I’m here because of Cory,” she said. “He won the grand jury prize for best actor for the American Black Film Festival. This is a film festival that has put Halle Berry on the map. BET is partnering up with the film festival. I think it’s amazing. They’re giving the African-American community a spotlight to showcase their talent.”

She continues, “We’re all talking about diversity — here, there needs to be more in television. This is a film festival that’s been going on for 20 years. I like that it partnered with BET to give some of these young African-American writers and producers some love and a little help.”

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Kathleen on

Note: The “best party” does not equate to “best mom.” She also has an interesting approach to fertility with “cleaning herself out.” Hopefully, it works for her.

TheStork on

She clearly doesn’t understand endometriosis. Your brain controls what grows where. The missignalling that tells endometrium to grow where it shouldn’t starts there. You can’t “clean yourself out” with a diet and expect it to affect your brain signals in any way, shape, or form. There is absolutely no scientific support.

The newest evidence, however, is that endometriosis is NOT progressive, as it was believed to be for many years, but cyclical. That means it will only reach a certain point of severity (which varies woman to woman) and then the superfluous growth will stop. Her best bet is to ACTUALLY get herself cleaned out — through a laparoscopy — and then try to get pregnant immediately afterward.

I’m honestly surprised she’s still struggling so much with it after having a baby. In more than 85% of women, the first pregnancy generally causes endometriosis to become much less severe or go dormant altogether.

Anonymous on

TheStork- she has a book to promote, which is why she’s advertising this whole diet thing. There will be women willing to buy it in hopes of cleaning themselves out!! Haha my sister had endometriosis. After getting pregnant through ivf at the age of 39 (she was diagnosed at 22), she spontaneously got pregnant on her own with another baby at 41! It does tend to become less severe, but unfortunately not for all cases. Anyway, point is celebrities will say anything to sell something.

Tee on

Cree is absolutely adorable and I pray they are able to give him a younger brother or sister soon, as they clearly desire to have more than one child. But I have to admit that I’m quite curious to know where she learned this information about endometriosis. I battled it for years and finally wound up needing a complete hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oophorectomy last year. It has nothing to do with inflammation. Makes me curious to know who told her it did! Best of luck to them!

Anonymous on

I hope you get pregnant Tia, I love you and your sister so much and you deserve every joy girl. I know you will get pregnant in Jesus name. God Bless. from South Africa.

Tammy on

Their son is very cute, I hope they have another child too to give their son a sibling.

Sandra on

People if you watched her reality show that her and her sister had you would have seen where she spoke about the problems she had with endometriosis; and that she had to change her diet and that’s how she got pregnant with Cree. She also said that he were her miracle baby because she had to go through so much to have him. She only spoke about changing her diet, but there were other things she had to go through. I’m sure different people go through different things that suffers with endometrosis; so lets not judge and hope everybody involved get help rather to have a baby or just not go through the pain that it causes.

Rose on

I so wish that she had this conversation without citing her upcoming book. It would have made it more genuine. She seems driven in her goal to succeed in her career path and lately has thrown herself around in many different business endeavors. I applaud her tenacity to a certain extent. I believe that earning money needs to be kept out of certain very emotional conversion. And this is coming from someone who has struggled extensively with fertily before welcoming my first miracle and hoping that God will bless me with a second one. I wish her the very best. I would like to warn her though that some of her fans will now be overly occupied with her being pregnant and will often innocently inquire about the status of her uterus. It’s hard when people keep on asking you if you are pregnant or when will you have the next one. At these times, it is best to keep in mind that most of them mean well and want to be excited for you. I have found that it helps for me to be upfront and tell them I’m having some difficulties that I would prefer not to discuss all the time and I would truly appreciate it if they would keep me in their prayers.

Fran Shanaberger on

This article is so full of the wrong information. Anyone who has endometriosis knows what Tia is saying is not completely correct.
She loses all credibility when she starts pushing her book.

Anonymous on

She is a good person. This disease affects everyone differently. I had it and was unable to have any children. I bet my journey with this was different than her’s. If someone would have given me a cleaner diet to try I would have. Thank you for bringing this disease to the table..