Peta Murgatroyd Reveals Why She Couldn’t Keep Her Pregnancy a Secret from Dancing with the Stars Partner Nyle DiMarco

06/29/2016 at 01:00 PM ET

Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars wasn’t easy for Peta Murgatroyd, but that had nothing to do with her partner Nyle DiMarco.

“I was so sick,” Murgatroyd says in the current issue of PEOPLE. “Nyle would see me falling asleep on the couches and on the floor of the rehearsal studio. He’d look at me like, ‘What’s going on?’ And I’d go, ‘Oh, I’m just tired.’ ”

But in reality the pro dancer, 29, was suffering from nausea, a side effect of being pregnant with her first child with fiancé Maksim Chmerkovskiy, 36.

Murgatroyd had planned on keeping her pregnancy a secret until she entered her second trimester. But since she’d become pregnant just a few months into the season, it was impossible to hide by the May 23 finale.

“I had to make sure my costumes were hiding it as much as possible, but a couple of people noticed,” says Murgatroyd, who went on to win the season with DiMarco.

Peta Murgatroyd Nyle DiMarco
Byron Cohen/ABC via Getty Images

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In fact, DiMarco had known for weeks before he mentioned it during semi-finals week in mid-May.

“Nyle actually came up to me and wrote me a text that said, ‘I know,’ ” Murgatroyd, who is now in her second trimester and currently enjoying life on the road with Chmerkovskiy as he and his brother Valentin travel the country in Maks & Val: Live on Tour. “I just lost it laughing because he had known for about two weeks and didn’t say anything to me.”

But just because the happy couple were keeping the news private doesn’t mean they were keeping it completely quiet.

“The first people we told were our parents. We skyped them and they were all extraordinarily elated,” says Murgatroyd, who is due in January and is planning her wedding to Chmerkovskiy for next summer.

“They have been waiting for this for so long. My parents have wanted me to be pregnant for so long and Maks has been wanting a baby for a long time. I can’t wait to be a mom!”

For more on Chmerkovskiy and Murgatroyd’s happy news, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Patrick Gomez

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Anonymous on

How is she in her 2nd trimester if she is due in January? That would mean she got pregnant end of March beginning of April. Maybe I’m just confused on my math.

Congratulations to the both of them. Wishing her a happy, healthy and smooth pregnancy.

Poppy on

Someone needs to explain the pregnancy timeline to her. She either is not in her second trimester or she isn’t due in January. If she is in her second trimester, she is due in November.

uio on

Nausea is a symptom of pregnancy, not a side effect.

timelines on

If she just entered the second trimester, the baby would be due at the end of December, early Jan. It would not be due in November. You can’t count June because it is over.

Anonymous on

Just FYI, I was the same with my pregnancies. Would get so nauseous. My health-food friend (I’m the Twinkie-kid) told me to try taking Red Raspberry Leave capsules. After six weeks of misery, I tried it. It takes away 70% of the nausea. If you try this, don’t get it mixed with anything else…just red raspberry leaves. Always tried (with my following three pregnancies) to go it alone, made it about three weeks and then out came the Red Raspberry leaves. It was a lifesaver.

talkdtwo on

Just FYI, I was the same with my pregnancies. Would get so nauseous. My health-food friend (I’m the Twinkie-kid) told me to try taking Red Raspberry Leave capsules. After six weeks of misery, I tried it. It takes away 70% of the nausea. If you try this, don’t get it mixed with anything else…just red raspberry leaves. Always tried (with my following three pregnancies) to go it alone, made it about three weeks and then out came the Red Raspberry leaves. It was a lifesaver.

1Hope4All on

Wow, if it wasn’t in the plans, they shouldn’t have had sex. That’s a MARITAL Act not for unmarried couples.

Cheri on

So, by May 23rd she was showing… but is due in Jan?

KatYanna G on

Whatever happened to getting married first? Sad yet predictable.

Jade on

Received my tee shirt today Nyle I will wear it with pride. Thank-You and Congrats on your win Dancing with the Stars.


Anonymous on

These two are part of what’s wrong with this country when it comes to having kids out of wedlock. Why advertise stuff like this ‘People’ magazine?

Shannon on

If she is 14 weeks, she would just be starting her second trimester.

Now as for showing at the May 23rd finale….not possible. That was like 5-6 weeks ago. She is very physically fit and this is her first baby. She would not be showing that early.

Maybe she’s purposely giving a wrong date so the media doesn’t join them and she can quietly have her baby and then announce the birth well after the fact.

lilly pond on

She is a fame whore marrying a fame whore. Let’s see how long with marriage lasts.

Poppy on

@Cheri Exactly. If she is due in January, that means she got pregnant in April…so she would have been about 6-7 weeks pregnant at the finale. Not remotely possible to be showing that early for two reasons ~ it is her first baby and she is very physically fit.

Moonmoonmoon on

So happy for them both. Congratulations Maks and Peta! Will they tell us of the baby is a girl or boy? I want to know now! 🙂 Awww and the story about Nyle knowing before Peta said anything is hilarious and adorable. Nyle and Peta are one of the most memorable partnerships I’ve seen on DWTS. ❤️

Ann on

To people who do not understand the math of pregnancy:

Most likely, her LMP was the beginning of April. This is the official start of her pregnancy (though conception most likely the middle of April). Add 40 weeks (the end of her pregnancy) would land her due date at the beginning on January. At this point, she should be a little over 12 weeks which puts her into her 2nd trimester. Her math is correct.

Donna on

I wonder how many different stories these two attention whores will invent before the kid is actually born.

LouLou on

How many stories are we gonna have to read about these self-serving people and their fetus? Maks & Peta pimping out their unborn kid for $$ is pretty sad. But these two are desperate to remain in the news, so I guess anything goes. Peta will probably miss 2 seasons of DWTS and won’t be getting the attentions she feels she deserves. She is gonna go nuts. I hope she doesn’t return. Never liked her wild, provocative (slutty) dancing wearing almost next to nothing costumes. Hope Maks doesn’t get a DWTS judging job. He does not judge fair and I think he says controversial things to put the spotlight on him.

Puddles on

Is it just me, or does Maks look like he has really aged from a couple years ago? And now he’s gonna have a kid. That will age him even more. Ha!

timelines on

@Puddles if you don’t have anything nice to say, why bother saying anything?

Miranda on

At 36, he is no spring chicken. If he has aged so much, then he is doing the right thing by having kids before he’s too old. It only gets more difficult as you get older.

Rocket on

@lilly pond The article is about the child they are having and not the marriage. They aren’t even married yet so how can you say question how long it will last? Maybe you should ask that question once they get married. Married, unmarried or divorced, the kid will tie them together for life.

Anonymous on

To people going on the website and and calling a young woman who’s done nothing but worked hard (no sex tapes, no fake reality shows, just work) an ‘attention whore” or a ‘fame whore” – shame on you.

GingerSnap on

Maks and Peta are hoping this pregnancy brings them the long sought after reality show they want. But unless your last name is Kardashian, it ain’t gonna happen. Guess we will hear about this kid every minute of the day now since there is nothing else going for them.

DaisyLou on

Pretty sad that Maks and Peta are pimping out their fetus for $$. Maks and Peta got some $$ for the People mag interview. Erin Andrews opened her big mouth and let the cat out of the bag that Peta was knocked up a few weeks ago. It made Maks and Peta mad because I am sure they thought it would effect the amount of $$ they would get in announcing the pregnancy. Maks in now happy he got some $$.

sabrina on

daisylou, gingersnap, and whatever other name this troll is posting under – please give it a rest. Thanks.

Congratulations to Peta and Maks on their baby. These two achieved their success through work and perseverance. I have nothing but respect for people like that.

Amber on

Wow Maks is really in love. Did she put some kind of voodoo spell on him or something because I remember he dissed/cheated on her. But anyways congrats to them!

jennifer on

I wonder how different having morning sickness is from coming to work hungover every day like Maks, Peta and co. do.

Rachel on

The number of people who don’t understand how pregnancy works is baffling. If she is due the beginning of January (which means her last period was end of march and date of conception beginning of April) then she is currently 12-13 weeks pregnant and yes, in her 2nd trimester. The 40 weeks of gestation begin at the last period, not at conception (so a woman is ~2 weeks pregnant when she conceives. And many women develop a tiny bump at around 5-6 weeks regardless of how physically fit they are or if it is their first pregnancy. Every body is different.