A Dancing with the Stars Baby! Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Are Expecting Their First Child

06/29/2016 at 08:00 AM ET

Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are dancing as a trio these days.

The professional dancers, who got engaged in December, are expecting their first child, PEOPLE can confirm exclusively.

“I can’t wait to provide this baby with the tools to become a beautiful, kind person,” Chmerkovskiy says in the new issue of PEOPLE. “And they’ll have the best sneaker collection.”

Murgatroyd, 29, and Chmerkovskiy, 36, learned they were expecting just a few weeks into season 22 of Dancing with the Stars.

“I was so sick,” Murgatroyd says of her first months of pregnancy, which she spent competing — and eventually winning — alongside model Nyle DiMarco.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Expecting First Child
Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

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A Dancing with the Stars Baby! Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Are Expecting Their First Child

But now in her second trimester, Murgatroyd is enjoying life on the road with Chmerkovskiy — who is currently starring alongside his brother, Valentin, in Maks & Val: Live on Tour – and is looking forward to life as a new mom.

“I’m looking forward to nurturing something and just having the baby be the center of our world,” says Murgatroyd. “I’m looking forward to putting all our energy into this beautiful soul.”

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd Expecting First Child
Courtesy Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

They still don’t know whether they’re having a boy or girl, but “we’ll be in trouble with a little me running around,” jokes Chmerkovskiy. “So hopefully they’ll be a lot like Peta.”

The happy couple admits they were planning to start a family, but initially didn’t envision having a baby until after their 2017 summer wedding — not that they mind!

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“The timing is perfect, actually,” adds Murgatroyd. “I’ll have the baby in January and then I’ll still have about six months to prepare for the wedding.”

“The baby will make a wonderful addition to the wedding party,” adds Chmerkovskiy. “A wonderful, tiny addition.”

For more on Chmerkovskiy and Murgatroyd’s happy news, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Patrick Gomez

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Cheri on

Didn’t they announce this months ago?

Bella T on

Yes, they did announce this right after she and Nyle won.

Melanie on

You can always count on whatever comes out of both Maks and Peta’s mouths being lies. There are so many contradictions in this old news story my head is still spinning.

sharon Little on

How is this an EXCLUSIVE ? Erin Andrews let the cat out of the bag on the finale? This is old news PEOPLE.She asked them if they were PG ^& her mic was on,etc.everyone heard & next day everyone knew.Do your homework.

iceblurose on

I think that it had been announced, but neither Peta or Maks had officially confirmed the pregnancy.

Sabrina on

“I’ll have the baby in January and then I’ll still have about six months to prepare for the wedding.”…………What?

Teresa on

How did they find out she’s pregnant a few weeks after DWTS started if she’s due in January? These two can’t keep their lies straight.

Cass on

Why don’t they get married before the baby is born?

Francine on

Nooooo. He’s too hot for her. I liked him and Kate Upton together. This woman is a huge downgrade.

PrincessE on

so the ho finally trapped him so he doesn’t dump her again. guess she learned her lesson after last time.

Sarah Townson on

Is this a different baby/due date because I don’t even follow these people and I have definitely seen this news and her bump in the Daily Mail for a while now.

Emilee on

The only thing Maks is in love with is being in the news again and getting a kid. This whole relationship has just been a way for them to get money and attention ever since he took her back.

Debs626 on

Awesome News! Congratulations Peta & Maks!

dancer92136 on

The math is off. This was announced in the middle of May, and they said she knew from the start of the last season so it seem Nov/Dec is more likely the due date. And if she is in her second trimester that also means Nov/Dec. Regardless….I wish them well.

Poppy on

Uh, we knew about this months ago. What’s with the so called “exclusive” given to People? ROFL

Lars on

What a downgrade from Kate Upton. Poor dude.

Micheline Jacques on


MarjG on

People really cruel here. Why say anything? We don’t always know when first pregnant. Someone else guessing or saying is not the same as waiting the first few months for luck. Tradition! Both sweet people. My congratulations!

Cindy on

I used to be such a big fan of Maks but he’s turned out to be everything he always said he wasn’t — a fame hungry attention seeker with no dignity or self worth. I’m saddened to realize someone I used to admire is just a weak shell of a man who’s still living to please his mommy.

Just saying.. on

Maks is full of himself. I feel sorry for Peta and that baby. They won’t last.

PJS on

That is going to be one ugly divorce and custody battle in a few years!

Ronny on

Some lawyers are gonna get rich off these two………

Guest on

Um duh i thought everyone knew this months ago when Erin Andrews spilled the beans

lilly pond on

They are fame whores. Wonder how long this marriage will last. Maks is in love with himself and only himself.

Truth is on

Didnt erin tell us this before⁉️

L on

Just like PEOPLE, being on top of things..lol This news came out with Erin slipping with her comment on the finale show AND the on the news the same night of the finale…aren’t you like a month or so behind?

Keile on

What if its Nyle’s

Best wishes on

When they announced in May, she was probably VERY early in pregnancy. Women that are extremely physical in jobs/lifestyle don’t have periods regularly, sometimes not even for months. Today’s tests can confirm pregnancy a lot sooner than years past. Announcing that she’s due in January doesn’t mean she will pg the whole month. Her doctor could have told her she’s due Jan. 1st for all we know! First babies seem to be born either early or past the due date. As long as it’s healthy, best wishes to them!

Nicole on

Some people are so disgusting! Why take the time to leave such a negative and illogical comment. Any person with basic math skills can calculate around the time she got pregnant (which WOULD be a few weeks into the season) based off the January due date……Anyway congratulations Ms. Peta! I hope your bundle of joy brings you so much happiness!!
Ps. I hope you will return for season 25!

Rebeka on

Why do I feel the world is gonna have this baby shoved down our throats the minute it is born. Two desperate attention seeking parents are not gonna keep this poor kid’s life private, guaranteed. Guess Maks is happy that a rag mag finally paid him some $$ for the pregnancy announcement we have known for weeks now, thanks to Erin Andrews big mouth. LOL! I predict this baby is gonna grow up to be just as arrogant, annoying, self-centered, and vain as its’ parents are.

joker on

Don’t get too comfortable Peta. As soon as Maks gets that kid he wants so bad your days are numbered.

Good Lord on

No, Cheri and Bella. They didn’t announce anything. Big mouth Erin Andrews announced it. M&P only confirmed it to the public for hte first time today.

Cass…because its the year 2016, not 1950. Families come in all shapes and sizes. Not all couple marry before a baby arrives…gays have babies together…grandparents raise grandchildren…biracial couples have babies together. People do what they want not what YOU think they should do.

LOL..love how some of you cackling hens think you know these 2 personally. You do not. But you think you do, you delusional cackling hens. Put your Twinkies down and get outside for some fresh air.

Rebecka on

Why do I feel that his baby is gonna be shoved down the world’s throat. Maks & Peta are such desperate attention seekers, there is no way this kid is gonna grow up having a normal life. That pic of them with Maks in a towel about to kiss Peta’s preggers tummy reeks of desperation. And Maks is just happy that some rag mag (People mag) finally paid him some $$ for the announcement. Thanks to Erin Andrew’s big mouth, everyone knew about it weeks ago. I predict that this kid is gonna grow up to be just as obnoxious, arrogant, annoying and vain as it’s parents are.

Chris on

People is passing off a story that was leaked over a month ago by Maks and Peta with some help from his ex-girlfriend Erin Andrews as an exclusive? They must have pictures of the editors with farm animals to keep getting this much attention.

baron on

the ho finally got herself knocked up to keep him around

Alicia on

I follow them both on IG you can tell they are mutually in love with each other. Idk what Peta did to Maks after he cheated on her and dissed her on national tv but he is definitely in love with her now.

Karma on

Oh silly little Alicia. Maks is in love with Maks and the idea someone is obsessed enough with him to give him the little Maks he wants so bad. Nothing more nothing less.

Salc on

Some people are so pathetic!!! Why can’t people be happy for others? I say they are jealous. You don’t know these people personally so how can you judge??? I think they make a great couple and wish them a haealthy baby and happy life . A gorgeous and talented couple.. Congrats!!!

Nadia on

He is engaged to a dancer. I think the woman in the top photo with him is his mother.

Beck on

When you decide to invite the world into your private space, you’re inviting them to make comments. If you don’t want people to make comments, don’t invite them into your private space. Example: Ryan and Eva

RJ on

Unplanned my foot. He wanted to knock Karina up before he married her too but she wanted no part of that. She’s looking pretty smart now.

H on

Super classy to make a pregnancy announcement in a towel and a bra…. imagine if a friend in your real life did that.

Olay on

Congrats to Maksim and Peta.

Jennifer on

Yeah, I don’t think they would have lasted until the wedding without the pregnancy and she likely knew that,

It’s too bad she’ll miss next season as she missed the previous season because of her injury, That’s a lot of lost time when you’re an ageing pro.

Debra on

Good thing their fans are so young because I don’t think anyone over 14 is buying what they’re trying to sell!

Anonymous on

Soory they are ugly together!

Anonymous on

What a group of mean spirited people!

Anonymous on

^^^^^^ I agree that Maks and Peta are mean spirited.

Anonymous on

How the hell are Maks and Peta mean? Peta is a sweetheart and maks has matured. Val on the other hand..

sarah on

So happy for Maks and Peta on the pending bundle of joy.

RobertL on

Maks will get the pleasure of paying for a kid who calls another man “Daddy” !

Anonymous on

Maks and peta wish you all the best. The baby will be a blessing for the both of you.

Z on

Maxs tradition is marriage before baby. Wow whats maxs mama saying now?

BB on

Zero tradition. Peta traditional wedding gown! Max’s traditional wedding! Poor baby! Immature parents traditional values! Maks and PETA are doing it backwards. First baby then marriage are traditional values??! Where were they raised? Ha ha they lied again! Have no respect for these two now!!!

Anonymous on

Pets forget the traditional wedding gown now you will look out of place!! Wear something like you did for the engagement party. That has a nice sluttiush look. And maks wear a a white towel!

Anonymous on

Make looks nervous now. He realizes its all work even more now but they will do OK I hope! Peta looks anxious and ready. I just wished they were married already for the sake of the baby!!!

terri d on

i’m happy for them and they are certainly old enough to have a child, but i don’t understand – did she forget her birth control pills or did the condom break???????????? why do young couples or women have to get pregnant and then think of getting married. what happened to the old fashion way – love and marriage then baby carriage????

Anonymous on

Please be good to one asnother!

JOhni on

Why are people so ugly. I wish Maks and Peta the very best. May you both have lots of love, laughter and a long healthy relationship. Mostly God Bless your little one. Enjoy!

Ron Gustinella on

Best Wishes to Maks & Peta!!! Hope you both will be Able to Return to DWS Next Season!!!

Ryan S on

Really terri d? Maks has been porking her on and off for years without any accidents and as soon as he gives her an engagement ring she gets knocked up. Not very hard to figure these two attention whores out.

Pat on

It doesn’t really matter when Peta got pregnant. All that matters is the love they have for each other & for the baby. I’ve always been a big fan of Maks since I first saw him on the show & I hate that he doesn’t compete on it anymore. Maks will be a great daddy, Peta will be a great mommy, Val will be a great uncle, & their mom will finally have a grandchild to spoil. And don’t forget about Pete’s parents. Any child is a blessing whether the parents are married or not. Congratulations, Peta & Maks!!!!! Enjoy life!!!!

Hartmut on

I remember, she already announced being pregnant inn May. Her saying so was broadcast on the TV in a training segment prior to her performance.

Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and successful birth. I hope, they will teach ASL to the child.

Anonymous on

Maks are you sure Peta is the one? She flirts too much with a lot of men. I do not trust her?!

Anonymous on

Just get married already!! Stop making a big deal over a wedding when you already did what married couples do!! Shame on both of you!!! Constantly lying in public PETA oh I m in no rush to get married! Who are you trying to fool with that statement! You are such a liar!!

Jeanette on

I can just imagine how beautiful their child will be. Baby will be dancing before walking.

Dawn D Gerner on

Maks and Peta congratulations on your new baby and your upcoming nuptials. may God bless you and your new family and may you have a long and happy life together and have many more children. congratulations your adoring fans. PS can’t wait to see the baby and the wedding pictures..

Liz on

Lets wish them good. I’m happy for both of them.

Delia Allen on

I’am so happy for Peta and Max. I wish them all the best and Congradulations on theeir new baby.