Blac Chyna Displays Growing Bump in Form-Fitting Baby Blue Dress

06/28/2016 at 09:45 PM ET

Could Blac Chyna be hinting that she’s having a baby boy? She has yet to unveil the sex of her child with fiancé Rob Kardashian but if wearing blue was any indication, fans could be delighted to learn a Kardashian heir is coming soon.

The mother-to-be was glowing in a baby blue dress in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Chyna, 28, showed off her growing baby bump in the form-fitting knee-length outfit which she paired with comfortable flats and diamond accessories, including her 7-carat engagement ring.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star popped the question in April – just 10 weeks after they took their relationship public. And in May, Chyna and Kardashian, 29, announced they were expecting a baby. This is the first child for Kardashian and the second for Chyna, who shares 3-year old son King Cairo with TygaKardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner‘s on-again boyfriend.

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The only thing shining brighter than Chyna’s massive diamond rock was her beaming smile. Just the night before, she and Rob bonded with his sisters at Khloé Kardashian‘s 32nd birthday. At the bash, the parents-to-be were surrounded by Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney, Kylie Jenner, and mom Kris Jenner along with their closest family and friends. The KarJenner sisters and Chyna flaunted their camaraderie on social media, sharing several photo booth snaps as well as videos on Instagram.

WATCH: Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Celebrate Khloe’s Birthday With Kim, Kourtney and Kylie

“The girls have really come around since Rob and Chyna first got together,” a Kardashian source told PEOPLE exclusively. “They’re trying to be as supportive as possible, especially now that she is pregnant.” Adding, “They’ve seen the transformation Rob has made,” says the source. “Just a year or two ago, none of them could get him to even leave the house, and now he’s happily celebrating Khloé’s birthday out in public.”

Though cameras didn’t follow Chyna on Tuesday’s outing, she has been filming her upcoming E! reality series, Rob & Chyna, near L.A. The mother of one was most recently seen displaying her pregnancy figure while shooting scenes in Encino. Chyna and Kardashian have been keeping all baby details under wraps as they will be sharing it later this year on TV.

“They won’t share any details. They are saving it for their show. Even when friends ask, they refer to their show and say they will share it all on the show,” a Kardashian source told PEOPLE. “Both Rob and Chyna are very excited about their show. They can’t wait to share everything with their fans.”

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Shel on

OMG Does this woman own a mirror?😨

Anonymous on

Looks like baby pigs fighting under a blanket

Anonymous on

OMG she is not cute….why is she famous again?

Vanna on

She actually looks cute.

ImNotskinnybutWOW on

My mother always said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…I’ll just leave it at that

Tyra on

Loved the pale blue dress, it fits her.

Vee on

She resembles Kim in that photo.

Not my circus not my monkeys on

The dad is a lardas* and the mom is a pig. The baby will probably be born grossly overweight, riddled with STDs, and clutching a tiny stripper pole.

Just Saying on

Must take a bucket of makeup to get her looking…kind of okay. Yikes. Every photo of her looks like a different person.

Shea on

Looks like she applied make-up with Homer Simpson’s makeup gun

Truth is on

She forgot to add silicone to her belly too

Dr. leroy Poop on

Stop covering this gross, deformed, violent Atlanta stripper please.

Paula on

If you don’t like her, just don’t read it, simple as it is.

Raidergirl926 on

I’m just here for the comments. What a nasty a$$ looking thing. Why give any attention to this grossness?? People magazine are you so hard up that you publish trash all the time? I’m sure you can find better people to talk about and that civilized people can relate to. This slob is not cute at all.

Anonymous on

She is on People magazine is because she is famous

Terilyn Grecu on

She is so so gross, I did not know that a woman could look do disgusting. NASTY

Rose on

She looks like Kim Kardashian in the pictures.

Guest on

I’d say she looks exactly like a huge whale but I don’t want to offend poor whales. And her face… 😖 She is the classic low class hag who wants to pretend she does have a good taste. Fail.

Al on

when you’re in love you’re in love but seriously Rob should’ve thought twice about getting involved with this woman. Trying to claim the Kardashian name for his unborn child is awful. She will be a Kardashian by Proxy but never an OG so I guess she should act like a proper lady and carry her own name with pride. I’m sure she’s with poor Rob only for the $$$…

Anonymous on

Somehow Kim was able to pull this look off. She just looks fat. Not pregnant….just fat

Remy on

Who is she? I’m not being sarcastic, but have no clue who she is.

Elsa on

Of course she is smiling. She went after Rob for revenge and now for 18 years is going to bleed him dry. This girl will not sign a prenup. Rob is an idiot. Poor kid!!!

Guest on

Ugly, nasty and gross and that’s the kind words to describe her.

Charlotte on

now that’s embarrassing.

Amy on

I will never understand why some pregnant women choose to wear such tight fitting clothes. Is she trying to copy Kim or something? It looks terrible.

Guest on

What does Kris think? My other thought is…she’s just all lumpy!

knitluver on

“…. fans could be delighted to learn a Kardashian heir is coming soon.”
What fans?? What has this woman contributed to society that she should be plastered all over People magazine…this looks like a foto that is being sent around via email of the customers of Walmart…..The woman is a pig….

Anonymous on

I know before she met Rob she owns her own Salon. She has a make up line and an eye lash company. I don’t know what else.

Jane on

Chyna has a right to live her life however she pleases and Rob pleases her. Period. No matter what you think of this woman or her future in laws it is HER and ROB’s life. Ugh. This is nothing new among humans the only difference is these people are in the public eye. Enough already. If you don’t find anything pleasant about these people don’t read the article, don’t comment. Simple. I wish them all well and to Rob and Chyna a healthy baby and a good life. Complete strangers, but I wish them well still.

Damn Gina on

She is so disgusting!!

Nan on

I don’t understand why you all are bullying this beautiful women, Rob & their unborn child. These are people with feelings, and shame on you all for hating words and acting like brats.
Chyna & Rob do not listen to these haters, you are beautiful people and I wish you nothing but joy and happiness. Congratulations on your engagement and your bundle of joy, God has blessed you, I wish you beyond happiness for your growing little family. Haters are only jealous and throw hate cause it makes them happy for a second to be bullies. Please don’t let them in your head and keep God close with love and joy.
Chyna you look amazing with a magical glow and Rob I have to say you also have a beautiful glow to you too. Happiness is showing on you both, that’s gonna be one lucky little baby to have you two as parents. I’m very excited for you both and to see the next chapter in your life. Be strong and don’t listen to the bullies and their hate, let God deal with them and their evil tongue, we all meet are maker in the end……. Keep happy and God Bless. Peace out 😉 Nancy R

Lacey on

Pure sausage + cankles= 1 hot mess

bkable on

I am really hoping she has a boy. Then they can name it Robert Kardashian III. It would be hilarious because Kim and (likely) Kourtney would freak out even though both have boys and neither named or middle named their son Robert.

Nina on

Chyna looks beautiful and she looks like she is actually having a girl, by the shape of her baby belly.

Tee on


Wow, that’s a LOT of hashtags for one picture…

kate on

She looks like those monkeys that play symbols..

R sure on

Her butt and hips are bigger than her belly
She looks bad can dress a lot better

Rhiannon Potter on

Omg she is so freaking gross
How is this pig horse famous

Omelz on

This is the first picture I saw she didn’t wear make-up.

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