Kim Kardashian West Shares Adorable New Photo of Son Saint

06/24/2016 at 01:45 AM ET

Saint West is giving us serious baby fever.

Late Thursday, the 6-month-old’s mother, Kim Kardashian West, took to her social media accounts sharing an adorable new flick of the baby.

Posting it first on Snapchat, Kardashian, 35, then shared the pic on Instagram with the caption: “On my snap chat.”

In the photo, Saint is dressed angelically in all white, as he munches on his fingers.

Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

Two months after the reality star welcomed her second child with husband Kanye West — the world still oblivious to his looks — close family friend Malika Haqq offered some insight, telling PEOPLE that the newest addition looked just like his older sister North.

“[He] looks like Nori,” she said in February.

The proof was in the pictures when Kardashian released the first photo of Saint later that month, and shared another snap in March.

“You’re the sun in my morning babe,” the Keeping up with the Kardashians star captioned the later photo.

Similar to how she was with her first child, daughter North, Kardashian has remained private about her little one, sharing only three photos publicly since his birth.

— Naja Rayne

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xmnkjkl on

this one has no holes poked in his ears, lucky for him! But his phallus was probably maimed soon after birth? Hope not. He is a cutie!

Stephanie on

Oh my what a absolutely BEAUTIFUL little boy!!!!

Edie on

To xmnkjkl — what an oddly peculiar statement to make against circumcision. Is that really where you mind went when looking at this precious baby? Well, at least, you are on-point if you area millennial … #Clueless

Lizzy on

Cute baby , just adorable, i am not a Km fan or none of them . The baby s a cutie

Mrs. B on

He’s so cute. He looks like Kim with his father’s complexion. The person who posted something about holes in his ears is really weird.

Guest no# 3 on

Sorry, but I normally don’t make comments about babies that are negative, but there’s a reason why Kim hasn’t shared many photos of her son, I think she doesn’t care that much for the little guy….and let’s face it, he really isn’t that cute.
With all the money these people have, WHY would Kim continue to dress this little one in a white T-shirt ……The first photo she released Saint had the same type of clothing on.
Kim…you have no class…..

guest on

The baby is “breathtaking”. Seinfeld reference intended!

Reality Check on

Baby is average. Not that cute. He looks like his father. Just my opinion.

Von on

He is adorable, looks like his father.

Patrice on

You hatin a** people! Don’t be jealous all your life. You know that baby is the cutest!!!! I would love to see your kids!! smdh….

Paula on

Yay cute picture.

Cheryl S on

Guest No #3, apparently you missed the reference in the article that she has chosen to release very few photos of him and she did the same with North. They released very few photos of her until she was a toddler. Also, he’s a baby and they tend to wear onesies at home. If he was dressed to the nines, you would likely criticize that he’s a baby and she should just let him be a baby instead of a fashion accessory. I not a fan of this family but that’s a cute baby and it seems like some will look for any reason to criticize even if they look ridiculous in the process.

xmnjklistryingtobecool on

Edie spot on with your comment! xmnkjkl is clueless! Guess what millennials? Life is tough! Nothing gets handed to you and yes circumcision is a good thing! SMDH!

Steph on

You have to admit they have really beautiful kids. I can’t stand when I see people making hateful comments about their kids. Dislike the parents all you want but these are innocent babies.

How rude on

How disgusting people making fun and talking negatively about an innocent child. Children are precious gifts and did NOT ask to be brought into this world. Shame on all of you. I bet your kids are ugly as f u c k

Aaaahhhh on

What a beautiful baby!

Shauna on

He looks more like Kim to me with a dark complexion. He is a cutie though.

Sarah on

They make beautiful babies.

Pinky on

He is a cutie, looks a lot like North.

DaGuest on

Cannot stand Kim or Kanye, but their kids are beautiful!

Enough already on

Lots of adorable kids out there!! This one is no more special than them because his mom is a Kardashian!

Elvis33 on

Remember when they thought that they were going to get $10 million for their first kids photo’s? They got $300,000. Then they talked about $20 million for the second kid and nobody cared. It’s sad when your kid is nothing more than a paycheck. Also hilarious that the kid knows more words than the Mom.

Anonymous on

I don’t understand why people say mean and cruel things about babies. He is cute and precious. You don’t have to like who his parents are, but he is really cute and so is his sister.

dejohn on

Beautiful baby! I just feel sorry for their children. Kanye is nuts and Kim Kardashian just wants to get noticed no matter how she does it. Kim and family get their pictures and articles in People magazine almost everyday; how does Joe average get to do that? I have thousands of pictures of my family that I would love to show on People. Guess I’m not as supposedly famous as Kim and family or as goofy as West is (went to school with Kanye in Chicago; his mother was absolutely wonderful and tried to set an example for him. When she died, he just lost it, big time.)

Sheilajae on

I don’t understand why people say mean and cruel things about babies. You don’t have to like who his parents are, but he is a cutie pie, and so is his sister.

erica2 on

Saint looks like a black Kim…he is adorable… Kim and Kanye can’t figure out how to dress their kids for s*** North was in Black her entire infancy and now Saint is in dingy white please add some colors to their lives

Mia on

Cutie!!!! Too bad his mom is Kim. Good luck fella!

Anonymous on

I actually think he looks a lot like a lighter complected Kanye. He’s an average looking baby, which much to some of the commenters dismay is not an insult to a baby. He is not any more cute or ugly than most other babies I have seen, nothing extraordinary, I have seen cuter and I have seen uglier (some babies are ugly, get over it, I know and love some people who were ugly babies that ended up being good looking adults)
And don’t worry to those who are worried about how he is dressed. I am sure that is a $200 onesie…even if it might look like a $5 one…

Samantha on

This is what you get when you mix in a petri dish

harry on

stop having children…please! I feel bad for this baby. Please don’t become an idiot like your family. Please learn morals and have some dignity.

Pol on


kathyfromfla on

He is a cute baby…Too bad he and North have Kimye as parents!

KIm is a MORON on

Oh look now there are two that are the ugliest babies/kids in the world.

Huhuhuh on

Looks just like his brother North.

Torence on

Didn’t they pick the sex of their son? In a petri dish?

Elvis33 on

Probably the first time not so slim kim has seen the baby. Between eating, complaining, taking selfies, and photoshopping photo’s of herself to make her look thin there is not a lot of time to give the nannies a break. Now pictures have been released she can go on vacation from her every day vacation and complain about how hard it is to be a parent.

bkable on

Sorry but I consider this to be the first picture of Saint. The rest were of a hand here or a foot there. This is what I consider a picture.

Kimberly on

Wow he’s a cute kid, so are a million other babies…give me a break cute babies are a dime a dozen!!! I actually feel sorry for these children. I think Kim uses her children as props. How can anyone so selfish be a mother.

Stormin Lorna on

GO AWAY!!! P L E A S E !!!!

UDontNoMe on

Despise the parents& family. But, the little guy is a cutie pie. Wish him the best. With that family, odds are stacked against him being happy. Doesn’t seem male children are of value to them and are ignored. Mason is acting/looking more girlie every day.

sunny on

Cutie pie

Nan on

He is much cuter than the first one, but poor kid is still cursed with some of the worst parents ever.

ah on

Kanye makes really ugly children

Paula on

He is just a mini North, they almost look like twins.

Enough already on

You people know that the little square design by your name stays the same when you change your name to comment again.

whatevs on

so the girl was dressed only in black and gray and the boy they dress only in white??? is she allergic to colors? babies looks cute in bright colors, like blues and pinks and stuff. i can only assume it’s so no one looks at the baby and thinks he *might* be cuter or styled better than she is….

Brooke on

He is STUNNING. Ugh, I hate that she makes beautiful babies.

Emma on

Just like North, Saint is absolutely adorable!!!! Say what you want about Kim and Kanye but they make the cutest babies ever. What a sweetie!! I actually think he resembles Kim the most, they have the same eyes and other similar features.

And @xmnkjkl – Grow up. This little guy’s private parts are NONE of your business. Why are you even thinking about it?! Why would your first thoughts about a sweet baby boy be about his privates? Goodness! As for North’s ear piercing, it is very common for little girls to get their ears pierced, sometimes it’s a cultural thing and sometimes it’s done just because – perhaps to spare the child the pain when they’re older. My mom had mine done as baby too, so I wouldn’t have to go through it later. I’m so glad she did, as it hurts more when you’re older. If North doesn’t like her earrings when she grows up she can always take them out and they’ll grow over. Not a big deal. If you don’t like it, fine, don’t pierce your child’s ears. Other people can do what they want.

Guest on

Much cuter than North, I must say.

acappellla on

WOW! What a GORGEOUS golden little baby! He is gonna be an absolute knock out when he grows up no doubt!

Avie on

Only 3 photos shared because she has been around only 3 times. She is too busy with her own naked selfies to even know she has kids.

Cecilia on

What a beautiful baby boy

Ugly kid on

Now we know why she’s been hiding him lmfao !!!! Ugly like his dad and so dark jeez doesn’t look like he’s mixed at all. Kinda ironic they with their massive egos named him ” Saint” (puke) when he’s not even cute. North the compass is obviously Kim’s favorite