Meghan King Edmonds Opens Up About Pregnancy Hormones: ‘I Was Happy But I Was Sad’

06/21/2016 at 04:00 PM ET

Meghan King Edmonds pregnant
Melissa Babson

Mom-to-be Meghan King Edmonds is expecting a little girl — and isn’t holding back about how hormones affected her during the early stages of her pregnancy.

After exclusively revealing to PEOPLE that she is pregnant, The Real Housewives of Orange County star opens up about how she was feeling after IVF.

“I was feeling a little bit nauseous around week 8 and just really tired,” Edmonds says of the beginning of her pregnancy.

Since her husband Jim Edmonds had gotten a vasectomy and had frozen his sperm, she had to go through IVF even though she didn’t have fertility issues. That meant going through a rotation of hormone shots to stimulate her body and start the process, which led to a lot of ups and downs emotionally.

“It was just weird, I felt a little bit sad,” Edmonds admits about her emotional state. “I think my hormones were just going crazy, haywire. I was happy I was pregnant, but I was sad about everything else.”

The hormones were so bad that she admits she “kind of became a recluse” and was tired all the time. That fortunately didn’t last long and she was back to feeling herself a few weeks later.

“After I hit about week 10, I started feeling better and better and now I’m great,” she says. “I’m happy, I feel good, I have energy — everything is great!”

Even better? Edmonds reveals she hasn’t had any weird pregnancy cravings — the baby prefers tasty treats!

“I think the baby really likes pizza and ice cream,” Edmonds says happily.

Edmonds’ journey through the IVF process will be chronicled on the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, airing Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

— Emily Strohm and Ale Russian

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Callie on

I feel terrible for this unborn baby. Her mother is such a nasty hag and her father is absent all the time. Nice……

Dav on

Apparently her newest crusade is now for infertility awareness. Infertility is unimaginably heartbreaking…for women wjo actually endure it. When this inarticulate young women babbles on under the guise of advocacy (actually relevancy for the show) it comes across as so inauthentic. Megan you arent experiencing infertility, youre significantly older husband is just on family v 3.0 and doesnt want any liability while he frolics elsewhere.

Holly on

I’m happy for Jim and Meghan! I wish them all the best.

JB on

Jim seemed a lot nicer to Megan in the first episode this week.. maybe last season was a wake-up call.
Good for her, here’s hoping for a healthy pregnancy and that she gains a little weight.

Jojo on

She is the last person who should have a kid. She is a nosy judgemental hag. It’s clear her husband is not into her. At all. Kisses her on top of her head like a father or grandfather would.

Ossana on

I haven’t watched The Real Housewives of Orange County, she seems a kind of depending on her husband person though.

Canter1 on

This prima-donna works too hard on trying to be ‘mature’ … sadly, she has a sugar-daddy-father figure who treats her as an annoying appendage. Big mistake to be having a child…custody battles will be on the horizon.

guest on

I don’t care for her but I did feel bad when she was trying to talk to her husband about the process and her appointment and he was completely ignoring her because he was too interested in is candles!!! He seems like such a jerk and probably doesn’t even want another kid. There is a reason he was divorced two times. Jerk!!

RH Girl on

Her hubby is in the closet.

Tracy on

She is just a nasty very inmature leech who only wanted to get pregnant to guarantee her sugar daddy will have to pay!!! His St. Louis whores are happy now that he will spend more time with them and less time in CA with hiis baby mama who will now get fat and he can dump her

Becky on

Holy cow, you people are brutal! Didn’t your mothers ever teach you if you didn’t have anything nice to say, you should s t f u ? They’re not my favorite people, but what you all are saying is just downright mean and unneccesary.

S Steve on

She is so rude and judge mental ! Her whole storyline last year was bashing Vicky ! She was a bore to watch . I surprised they gave her another season! I guess so many people have infertility issues that she was deemed relevant . She is still not cast worthy

Just Saying on

Honestly seems like a well-planned storyline for her. Everyone knows Jim is always absent so at least she can talk about this. Jim wasn’t even with her throughout this process, as depicted on the show.

Anonymous on

Why is this news?

Cara on

Does this broad seriously think her husband wants a baby? No…he wants her to be occupied while he gets with one of his numerous side pieces. Wake up dummy.

Miss S on

Congratulations to Meghan and Jim!

I cannot believe all of the nasty things that have been said. Do any of these people actually know the couple?

You’re watching a character on a tv show. I’m sure some of the things you see are true but plenty has to be an exaggeration of the truth. Or set up to gain ratings (looks like it worked)

This should be a happy time for the couple and to have so many people jump on them isn’t nice

Bettie003 on

I find it odd, that her husband who seems totally uninterested, has four children, and froze his sperm? Or was it frozen from previous IVF attempts with previous wives. Women freeze eggs, never heard of men freezing sperm

Amber on

So bravo will be following her IVF journey? I find this absolutely ridiculous. She was not suffering from fertility issues – let someone who actually went through the emotional struggle of learning they could not conceive on their own to share their story. Bravo is wasting their time on these people – which is exactly why I don’t watch this garbage anymore.