Kirstie Alley Is a Grandma! See the Adorable First Pic of Grandson Waylon Tripp

06/21/2016 at 10:55 PM ET

Kirstie Alley just added a new role to her resume!

The actress recently became a first-time grandmother, and took to Twitter on Tuesday to share the news.

“When your son has a son … bliss … yes this is my secret happy news as promised … Welcome Waylon Tripp Parker,” Alley, 65, wrote on the social media site.

Along with her message she attached a sweet black and white photo of her son, 23-year-old William Stevenson, cuddling his newborn as both of the boys sleep.

D Dipasupil/Getty

Kirstie Alley/Twitter

Unable to contain her excitement, Alley also shared a solo shot of baby Waylon hours later.

“Just GOTTA send one more … proud Gammy,” she captioned the photo.

Alley and her ex-husband Parker Stevenson adopted William in 1992.

Now that William is a parent himself, he and his mother can share in the joys of parenthood — the part of her life, Alley takes the most pride in.

“My best quality is that I’m a good mother,” she told PEOPLE in 2006.

— Naja Rayne

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Anonymous on

So sweet

Kathy on

Glad she’s a good mother, but IMO she is not a very nice person.

Kelly122 on

Beautiful baby. I just feel sorry over the fact he has to grow up in that whackadoodle Scientolgy cult!!

Xenu on

Is LRH reincarnated???

Laura on

I didn’t know she adopted a son

Carolyn on

Her son looks like someone I’d hand a dollar to on a street corner.

Mimi on

Is the baby’s last name Stevenson or Parker?

Just sayin' on

Did she adopt Justin Bieber??? What’s up doppelganger?..cute baby though..

stinky on

laura and mimi: Kirstie has an adopted daugher too…Kirstie was married to an actor along time ago named Parker Stevenson…So the babys last name is Stevenson 🙂

nancy on

He married before he was 18, right, so did he and his wife wait five years to have a kid? Well, that seems OK…he’s so young to be a parent, but…he was young to marry. And his name is True. Did he dump that in favor of William (the way poor “Freedom” became David, hahaha, and Barbara Hershey got rid of Seagull)? By the way, being a mother is not a “quality,” Kirstie. A “quality” is a trait. And her son isn’t asleep in that pic; he’s just copying the “naked torso “thing promulgated by Louis and Phelps. And it’s cool that the baby’s surname is his grandfather’s FIRST name! But Tripp? Please no! NO, not Bristol’s kid’s name! And Kirstie, don’t bleach your hair!

Anonymous on

Kirstie Allie’s son is Justin Bieber?! Wait…

Betty on

Glad you’re a proud grandma.

I’m curious, will she boot him out of her life if he grows up and decides not to be a member of Scientology? Will he be considered a defector? Love should be unconditional.
I know I love my daughter and my nieces and nephews. I would never let a pseudo religion tell me who I could and couldn’t have in my life.
I used to like her as an actress but she doesn’t seem like a nice person. The same with Tom Cruise. He’s ridiculous now.

Francine on

Nancy, William’s middle name is True. Nothing was changed.

Becky on

What an adorable baby boy. It appears that he might have two middle names, not that “Parker” is his last name. I bet she will make a really cool grandma.

Oline on

He is a cutie pie.

Anonymous on

Last name is Parker. Parker Stevenson is really Richard Stevenson Parker.

Cathy on

Why oh why oh why do People, and other website like them, have to clarify that Alley’s son was adopted further perpetuating that there is something newsworthy (i.e. Different) about that. F*** off , People. So lame. So 1987.

KatFer on

@ Mimi – I’d say the baby’s full name must be Waylon Tripp Parker Stevenson. The baby’s father is William True Stevenson, thus the last name Stevenson. “Parker” must be in there as it is both the first “stage name” and the real “last name” of the baby’s grandfather (Parker Stevenson, who was born Richard Steven Parker).

Daisy on

I hope that baby isn’t going to grow up in Grammy’s cult. He’s precious….

Mandy on

I didn’t know she had kids, that baby is cute! Congrats to them

Anna on

Cute baby! The second picture is adorable.

Phil on

Baby will have to grow up as a $cientologist or Kirstie won’t have anything to do with him. Think I’m kidding? Educate yourself.

Anonymous on

William needs a shave and a haircut! That is NOT attractive. Ally looks great. She needs to get away from the blonde hair and go back to her darker roots! Baby is cute.

ldstep on

The baby is beautiful, cute as a button. But her son looks ewwwww!!!! Gross. He looks nasty. Take a shower and get a haircut / trim.

Lauren on

Yay the baby is so cute.