Kim Kardashian West Wishes Kanye a Happy Father’s Day with Cute Family Photo (and Lots of Food!)

06/20/2016 at 07:50 AM ET

Saturday was all about North West for her birthday celebration, but Sunday was all about Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian shared a cute photo of her husband and children during a family beach day on Instagram for Father’s Day. While the 35-year-old reality star lies on a surfboard, West holds 6-month-old Saint with his back to the camera and North, who just celebrated her third birthday, runs towards her mom in a white bikini.

From left: Kanye West, Saint West, Kim Kardashian and North West
Source: Kim Kardashian Instagram

“Happy Fathers Day babe!” Kardashian captioned the picture. “Thank you for always putting our family first and being the best dad to our babies! I couldn’t ask for a better husband and more perfect family. We love you so much!”

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The family was spotted having lunch at Nobu in Malibu on Sunday, but the food kept coming. In a series of Snapchats, Kardashian reveals how West, 39, wanted to spend the holiday.

“All my husband wanted for Father’s Day was a home-cooked meal, so in the kitchen, cooking,” she said, showing off the sizzling fried chicken on the stove along with green beans, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread.

Kardashian also posted a shot of banana pudding with vanilla wafers, her “favorite part.”

Earlier in the day, she paid tribute on her own dad, Robert Kardashian, who passed away in September 2009 from cancer.

“Happy Father’s Day dad!” she captioned the black and white photo of the dad and daughter. “You were the best dad in the world! The last conversation I had with you I told you that I was so lucky to have had the best example of what a dad should be and one day I will have kids and pass on everything you taught me. In so lucky to have had you as my dad. I love you.”

–Stephanie Petit

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Kimberly on

Kim is certainly a wonderful role model to her children. I’m sure her children will be very proud to see their mother in her sex tape one day. This family is disgusting. I can’t fathom how anyone can watch their show. Are people really that bored!!!! Kim acts like Kanye is the only father in the world. Telling him he puts his family first is really a stretch, they are both selfish and only use their children as props, I actually feel sorry for these poor kids!!

Lisa on

Beautiful photo. I hope they’re always this happy, but I don’t believe for a minute Kim cooked that food. Lol More than likely she had a friend do it, and drove over to pick it up everything while he was napping. A banana pudding too? Kiiiim!

Carolyn on

I just took a look at that sex tape and all I can think is that if I was Kim’s child and I saw my mother f—ing on a tape readily available on the Internet I would be so embarrassed.

marie on

Her cooking leaves a lot to be desired.

Anonymous on

Nice family time.

Stephie on

Thank goodness they have a chef. We know the buffalo can’t cook.. Nice staging the picture at the water..

Jackie on

Um … Robert Kardashian died in 2003. If you’d had a 2004 or 2001 I would have said typo but 2009 is not a typo, it’s an error. Pretty sure he wasn’t around to witness any of Kims tv antics.

Joanne on

Yeah.awww sooo cute. They were “spotted” when this photo was taken. And just at the right time too. Everyone lined up, mommy on the surfboard looking perfectly positioned, daddy, just standing at the right spot so we can see mamas smiling face. Which by the way is perfectly done. And not a hair out of place after a day at the beach. After surfing and all. Northie holding onto daddy’s hand instead of running around. I mean when my kids were 3 I remember all they wanted to do was hold my hand at the beach and watch me surf. And my gosh, they never ever got sand on their butts either! That just seemed like such a NOT planned photo opp shot to show what not good parents they are fun day for the kids day at the beach!!!

Vanna on

Yup looks like they had fun time.

L on

Kim – I’m sure you are a good person we don’t want to know your feelings details…. So much intimacy there

heather on

She cooked that meal like Khloe made those pies.

heather on

Love the staged photo so no one can see what her disastrous butt really looked like.

lynn on

She and her husband are looney tune NUT CASES–She is PURE TRASH in fact that whole family is. Do the Kar TRASH ians own this magazine because there has never been one day where there is less than three stories about this TRASH. get rid of constant, make me sick, endless coverage of this ghetto/gutter trash stupid fat a$$, plastic surgery nightmare family and it would greatly improve your magazine. Also, tell this lying trash to stop trying to get free PR by constantly lying about and using Taylor Swift and tell this sicko trash family to stay the hell away from using her for your BS PR.

Lee on

Sad that the little girl’s bikini is see thru. This couple is truly pathetic. No amount of money or fame can buy intelligence or class. These two prove that every day.

Guest on

It’s always about Kanye. How was Sunday any different?

Gail Germanson on

All about Father’s Day? Why is it the only face we see is Kim’s?

lynn on

Tell these lying gutter trash sickos to stop stalking and using Taylor Swift to get attention for their sleaze projects and . to get attention and free PR. They use these kids as nothing but props. One day I saw this porn slut go all the away out and into the car and then to go back into the hotel because she forgot her baby PROP and had to come back out with her to put her in the car. Do they own people magazine because with all the other issues in the world that are going on why is there at least three stories on this trash family every single day are you their PR agent.

amyinoaktown on

I’ll bet they eat out a lot…guessing those are canned green beans given their gray, overcooked color.

Jill on

What a nice private family day. From the picture,they obviously took a photographer with them to get all 4 like that. You would think by now she would know how to not make it obvious someone is taking the pictures to at least make it appear to be unstaged. Does she even know how to have a special intimate moment without a photographer? Oh yeah, I saw her night with Ray J, lights and cameraman clearly there too.

Sloan on

In this staged picture they made North very black. Most pictures Photoshop her to white

Pinky on

It seems they’re having fun time!

jean on

Yaeh right! keep fooling the world, Kim.