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Blac Chyna Shows Off Growing Baby Bump While Filming New Reality Show

06/18/2016 at 08:15 PM ET

Blac Chyna stepped out Friday afternoon, showing off her growing baby bump while filming her new E! reality show Rob & Chyna. 

The 28-year-old visited Spilled Ink Tattoo in Encino, California, in a skintight, pink, purple and brown tie-dyed dress that showed off her pregnancy curves.

She was all smiles, with her curly red hair worn down. Chyna accented her look with pink eye makeup and matching nails — and of course, her sparkly engagement ring, shining for all to see.

Blac Chyna baby bump
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Chyna will be tackling love, marriage and parenthood alongside fiancé Rob Kardashian in the six-part reality series.

“Rob is still very excited about the baby,” a source close to Kardashian tells PEOPLE. “When someone asks how Chyna and the baby are doing, he smiles and says, ‘great.’ They won’t share any details. They are saving it for their show. Even when friends ask, they refer to their show and say they will share it all on the show.”

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While Kardashian may be saving it for the show, Chyna’s been candid about her pregnancy on social media. She recently revealed to her Snapchat followers that she’s gained nearly 30 lbs. since announcing her pregnancy in May.

“Like no lie, my goal is to gain 100 lbs. this pregnancy,” she said while munching on a chip. “I’mma tear it up, and then I’mma snap back.”

Black Chyna Pregnancy Weight 2
Blac Chyna/Snapchat

Chyna, who is already mom to 3½-year-old son King Cairo, says she’s “actually having a really good pregnancy,” adding in another Snapchat video recently that she’s had “no morning sickness, no cravings, just baby!”

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Stacy on

she looks good. congratulations to them both

Guest on

I was all for this relationship when it started b/c it pulled Rob out of his funk. Then, it seemed to be all about the $$. I now think the whole thing is fake and stinks to the heavens. I totally feel sorry for the baby they are bringing into this world. I won’t be watching but I bet alot of sheeple will!

Stephie on

She looks great! Sad that this is on e! I won’t watch that network. She could have gone with a network Pmk isn’t involved in…

jeannie on

No way in this lifetime will I watch anything Kardashian related. It won’t be just theses two but the coven of witches will be there.

Guest no#3 on

100 lbs? What is she thinking ? Does she want her baby being born with diabetes, or possibly having to have a C-section cuz the kid won’t be small enough to be born vaginally ? Sure…..go ahead Chyna, then people can name you the BLACK WHALE of the Chyna SEA…..That’s irresponsible behavior ya know…..
So, what’s up? Because you got yourself a little piece of the K/J pie…you think you can do and say anything and the public will listen ?
News FLASH……although PMK signed with E! network for another FOUR years for a HUGE SUM……something’s telling me that I think KUWTK’s won’t be around that long….and Chyna & Rob’s show….probably won’t last 10 episodes….Rob is nothing but a moron. Can’t hold a job, isn’t physically fit……
No one family is worth 65 million a year….that’s insane…..if they were all talented, sure I could see E! Network paying this sum….but really ? Another possible 4 yrs of Kim’s 4th grade brain, 1st grade antics ? This is what America as come to ?
Stacy ( commenter below) IF you think Blac Chyna looks good, I would hate to see what you think is terrible looking….This woman is disgusting…..right down to the fact that she not only goes for men who have no class…but naming a kid “King Cairo” ? Really ? It’s just as bad a naming a child North, Saint or Reign…..none of these people have any sense when naming their offspring…..sort comes from PMK…naming her daughter Khloe’ Alexandrea …..knowing full well that Khloe was and is not the daughter of Robert Kardashian but Khloe Alexandrea is the daughter of Alex Roldan…….thus the reason for the middle name of “Alexandrea”….What woman does this….flaunts an affair right in front of her husband’s face, and THEN gives the child a middle name that would remind PMK about the affair over and over ?
You people that adore this family are just as disgusting……This family has no compassion or empathy for anyone but themselves….What I mean here is to say that has ANYONE of these rich Kardashian /Jenners donated ANY money to the Orlando Shooting victims fund ? Hell, no, they are too self-obsorbed with themselves……

AnnaM on

It would be hilarious if the other Ktrashian shows get cancelled and this one stayed on air. None of the sisters are happy…..they are all codependent. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, after how critical everyone was of Rob, if he ends up being the happiest and richest. Maybe his father in heaven is watching over him.

Vinny on

Yup Blac on the show is for making money.

Renee on

I really think this isn’t Rob baby, I see Future name all over this one, I think she’s “Petty” as hell, and it will soon caught up with her. Will not be watching.

Gumby on

There’s no way in hell she weighed 135! Please….why do these K’s lie about their weight? She was a cow before she got pregnant. Just like Kim. I weigh 135 & I’m very thin. 5’6″. Who brags about wanting to gain a hundred lbs? She & fatso have more in common than I ever realized.

say what on

No, she doesn’t look great. She didn’t look great before, nor during her pregnancy, nor will she look great afterwards. The woman is drop-dead ugly. She looks like a cheap ho with a totally deformed body. Since she hit the jackpot with Rob Kardashian, she will of course enhance her features with continues plastic surgery. The guy is so dumb to have fallen for her, it is a super joke and I am enjoying the show while eating my popcorn 🙂

Just saying.. on

It’s a shame that Rob doesn’t see what others do. This ghetto-fabulous girl is into him solely for revenge, fame and of course the money! I hope one day he will find happiness with a woman who truly loves him because Blac Chyna will be gone and all he’ll be left with are huge child support payments.

Debra on

I am baffled at how Rob dropped out of the media because he did not like being in the show. And now he jumps right back in. SMH

Goodness on

Must take a lot of work to make her look like a drag queen. Yikes. All for money. No real love there and now they’ve brought a baby into their mess.

Zol on

They’re having new reality show? They’re in it for the money!

Geez on

Why the heck is she filming a reality show? She’s an even bigger nobody than the original Kartrashians.

Mandy on

She looks good to me, so happy for her. on

She looks much better than the kkjj bs go chyna get paid but i kn u dont like them people u was hurt deeply by them pay back go girl love u where is tokiyo toni

any way on

18 years, 18 years, 18 years

Ozona on

She looks fine LOL.