Jeff Goldblum on Being a Hands-on Dad to Son Charlie: Taking Family Baths Is ‘Delightful’

06/17/2016 at 01:00 PM ET

Jeff Goldblum may have become a first-time father at the age of 62, but the actor has had a very good reason for waiting until later in life to have a kid.

“I never seriously considered it until [wife Emilie Livingston],” Goldblum, now 63, told Parade magazine of his 11-month-old son Charlie Ocean.

Adds the Independence Day: Resurgence star, who has been married twice previously, “I’m at a different place now. I was enthusiastic to marry [Emilie] and try to have a baby.”

Goldblum has been a household name since the mid-1980s, with his big break in the sci-fi thriller The Fly. And as it turns out, his newest film has even more meaning to the well-loved star than just the fact that he gets to reconnect with the ideas and people involved in the original, 20 years later.

“Charlie was born on Independence Day, July 4, while we were shooting Independence Day: Resurgence in Albuquerque!” he shares.

Jeff Goldblum son Charlie
Jeff Goldblum/Instagram

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Charlie — whom former Olympic rhythmic gymnast Livingston, 33, found out she was pregnant with the day before she and Goldblum married — has a moniker that has special meaning to his proud parents.

“My dad had a younger brother, my uncle Chuckie, whom he adored. ‘Charlie’ is a form of ‘Chuckie,’ ” Goldblum explains, noting that his son’s middle name is simply a nod to the fact that he and Livingston like the ocean.

“My uncle was my exact height, looked like me,” he adds. “Chuckie died in his 20s as a pilot in World War II.”

Charlie and I watching #NeilDeGrasseTyson on #cosmos.

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The Jurassic Park alum can’t help but rave about his wife, whom he refers to as “fantastic” and a “hard worker.” He tells Parade he met her at the gym, when he approached her — and she had no idea who he was.

“I was immediately thrilled by her and walked over,” he says, confessing that as soon as he learned his now-wife was studying acting, he said he was an acting teacher and offered to help her with her craft.

“The next couple of days I pursued her. I talked to my friends about her. I was like a teenager,” he continues. “She makes me and Charlie laugh. I like the way I make her laugh too. It’s important to me, the way we make each other laugh.”

As for a favorite bonding activity with his family?

“Charlie gets bathed every night at 6:20, the three of us together in the bathtub,” he says. “It’s just delightful.”

Jeff Goldblum son Charlie

The proud dad is extremely hands-on when it comes to taking care of his son’s everyday needs.

“This morning I made his bottle and I changed his diaper. And then I sat there and watched him play. He was very happy,” Goldblum says. “He’s standing up now. He can’t walk, but he’s crawling. He’s just started to say, ‘Dada.’ It’s thrilling.”

Goldblum continues, “He goes to bed at the same time every night and takes his naps at the same time. He’s been sleeping through the night since he was 4 months old.”

And at the end of the day, the new dad — who says he’s happiest “at home. It’s a very happy place with Charlie and Emilie there” — just wants his son to be happy, and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

“That he continues to follow his own curiosity,” Goldblum says of his hopes for his son. “At the end of the day, I hope both Charlie and I have lived lives that contributed something to the general good.

“In terms of our dignity and humanity, even our survival, it won’t work for any of us unless it works for everybody.”

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Nonamewillbegiven on

So selfish to have a child so old. At this age , is more of an ego thing and his wife’s insurance policy.

Ella on

One of the sexiest men alive!

PCC on

I love when these old men really believe that their wives or girlfriends didn’t know who they are. It is such a cliche, really. I mean she was studying acting so it is not like she wouldn’t have any interest in knowing who other actors are. Well, if she’s got no problem being with someone who is likely older than her old father, that’s her thing.

Brenda on

More old men having babies like they are novelty toys.

Yada yada on

So what kind of hopeful actress doesn’t know who he is??? She’s not 12. She should know who he is.

K on

LMAO All of these disgusting, bitter women commenting.

Sorry you’re so old and/or ugly that nobody wants you and you can’t have children.

Or, I’m not, really. We don’t need more people like you.

mer on

He seems genuinely enjoy parenthood. Good for him.

Marky on

Charlie probably gets more hands on love and care than the average child born to some guy 30 years old. Maybe his father will see him walk across the stage, and maybe he won’t, but that’s true of my niece whose father was 32 when she was born. Illness or accidents could take anyone’s father or mother at any time…. You have a child tomorrow, and you don’t know whether you will live to raise that child to adulthood or not. My aunt married a man 30 years older than she was , they had 3 children together, and finished raising his children from his first marriage (he was widowed), and she loved him dearly for the 32 years they were married before he died. He saw both their children married, and have children of their own. You have no idea what life brings, so put a sock in the criticizing, and let it go! Sheesh, pay attention to your own issues, and don’t try to make someone else’s life a misery!

jean on

I’m amazed at the bitterness of many of these comments. NEWS FLASH 62 is no longer “old”. A baby at his age is not a toy nor an ego boost. It’s the same to an older couple as it is to younger people. They just have the advantage of maturity, stability, common sense and tolerance. Get a life girls, you are showing your immaturity.

Julie on

@Sharon, thank you for your common sense post!! Some of the comments are so stupid. My brother died of cancer and left two little ones…..there’s no guarantee in life. Agreed, this little guy is getting loads of love and attention……that’s all that matters!!

megan on

“and she had no idea who he was”

Yeah right. Every other wife / exwife of a celebrity claims that. Heather Mills, anyone ?

anne on

Interesting how many snarky comments are made about Goldblume being too old to have a child. His wife is 33 and will be around a long time to love and raise this child—-and most importantly, it’s their business, not ours.

ELO on

I just don’t understand how people can be so rude. Does it make you feel good to be that unkind and unpleasant towards someone else?

I don’t think its selfish of him to have a child at his age. He and his wife are clearly in love and he obviously loves his son to pieces. I think it would’ve been more selfish of him to have a child with his previous wives when he has said previously he was not ready then.

Also, if you can’t tell from that absolutely adorable picture, Mr. Goldblum is crazy about his son and in no way whatsoever is using him as an accessory or toy. If you want to see an example of that you look towards someone like Kim Kardashian or Blake Lively.

mypiecesandbits on

^^I meant Kristin Cavillari, not Blake Lively.

OVN on

He is 63 years old and his son is not even 1 year old.

Aviah on

i don’t fallow actors lives, but i have been a goldblum fan from the film the fly and have seen most if not all of his movies.
i don’t think he or his wife cares what we think of them nor should they. we can die at any age. i lost 2 husbands the 1st was when i was just 17 he was 20 he dies 6 months after we married and yes i had a child 2 months later why do you think i married so young? i then lost my 2nd husband when i was 32 he was 33 and yes we had 3 more my children lost there fathers and they all grew up fine. some are married and have children one is even a grandmother holy poop that means i’m a great grandmother and i’m 52.

IMOP i don’t think most men are ready for children or wives until much later in life. lets face it girls men don’t really become mature until much later then women do.