Jennifer Lopez Homeschools Her Twins When Needed: ‘The Most Important Thing Is That They’re with Mom’

06/16/2016 at 05:05 PM ET

Nothing about Jennifer Lopez‘s life with twins Maximilian and Emme is ordinary, but it works for them.

In an upcoming interview with Fox 5 New York’s Rosanna Scotto, Lopez opens up about life with her 8-year-olds, and how they make school and mom’s time in the spotlight work.

“We don’t have a normal life, I don’t have normal kids,” Lopez says from Las Vegas, where she’s currently in residence at AXIS Theater in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. “I’m not normal. So our life is not normal. I’ve come to terms with that.”

Jennifer Lopez
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

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She knows, however, that not everyone is on board with her parenting style: “Everybody’s like, ‘You should have them in school, they need friends.’ It drives me – it can drive you crazy.”

The kids, Lopez’s with ex-husband Marc Anthony, are thriving regardless, she says.

“They are super happy, well-adjusted, loving, caring kids, and that’s the most important thing,” she explains. “We’ll get them educated – homeschool is great for them, when we have to do it. The most important thing is that they’re with their mom — that they don’t feel abandoned by a parent.”

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And she prides herself on being a hands-on mom. “I want to be there with them,” says Lopez. “I don’t want to miss it, it’s gonna go so fast.”

Lopez’s full interview will air on Fox 5 New York Friday, June 17.

–– Lindsay Kimble

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Rudy on

They should go to school. She’s just to lazy and selfish to be bothered with that. And she figures they will just live off her money later on anyway. Just because she dropped out of college, doesn’t mean they should be educated. They need to be properly educated! Not just when she “thinks” they need it.

button on

“I don’t have normal kids”? What a flake and she homeschools them? Riiight, when she’s on some tour, they just don’t go to class. Got it….

Lisa on

They go to school some of the time and are homeschooled the other half and I am sure they have extra curricular activities as well. They don’t need friends at school when they have their siblings and cousins. Sounds great! They have the best of both worlds. I would have rather had private tutors growing up while traveling the world with my mom instead of dealing with the monotony of every day school life and feeling like I didn’t fit in and living in a small town I hated. If my kids wanted to be home schooled I would consider it.

HSMom on

You go, JLo! Rudy, kids do better without all the junk that goes with school. Properly educated? My two are in Ivy League schools. They’re were both ahead of their classmates.

Liv on

I agree with HSMoM.

MJ Praton on

Jennifer’s kids only get schooled when they need it? They have needed it since they turned 5 and should have been in kindergarten – Sad.

Mooo on

When did JLO turn Chinese ?

Callie on

Seriously? She comes off so self-absorbed it’s disgusting. Her kids should be in school even if it’s a private school! The kids need to be around their own kind to learn how to socialize and interact. I believe she is doing more harm than good! Hey HSMom – take a chill pill, relax

Callie on

Her kids only get schooled when they need it, really? Don’t children need school daily or are her kids just that special? I give her kudos for not using nannies (her parents and sisters watch them when needed) but schooling?

Vanna on

She seems a hands and good mom, but her kids need to go to school to be around with other kids, so they can learn many things including social skills.

Yowza on

Kids don’t need public or private school to learn. Homeschooling and relaxed schedules do wonder for a child’s education. The only plus that comes with public/private is the “socialization” which is easily fixed with regular trips to a playground.

The only thing I can’t comprehend is that they are only 8 and she makes it seem like they are 18 and fully educated. Umm, it’s not “when they need it”, they need it as often as you can give it as a homeschooling parent.

Doesn’t have to be a fully planned lesson but they should be learning something age appropriate nearly everyday. The simplest tasks like reading and measuring recipes can teach kids plenty.

Lisa on

The children have homeschool when they travel the world with their superstar mom and the rest of the time they go to an expensive private school. They have the best of both worlds. I remember Jlo saying Emme has dance class and Max has karate. They also have half siblings and a cousin aroud their own age so I am sure they socialize plenty and are not missing out on anything. JLo is a loving beautiful mother.

Kat on

Why does it seem like everyone read this article wrong. She clearly says that they get homeschooling when they need it. As in they probably go to regular school most of the time, but when she travels she takes them with her and they’re homeschooled.

Jen DC on

Why do kids “need” school? That’s silly. They need socialization and interaction with a broad array of people and places; education (obviously); and physical outlets. But no one actually needs to get any of those things inside a specific building, in a room full of about 20-30 other similarly aged crumb-snatchers. Plus, whatever education they are receiving? I’m sure they test just fine on whatever state-mandated measuring stick is available – like most well-off, private school kids.

Is this selfish of her? Sure, but it’s not exactly torture for those kids…

Anonymous on

thewy do home school and regular school

Real talk on

She is not a hands on mum. She never is pictured attending her kids events or just out her kids first. She has not changed or submitted her ego. It’s all about her and getting an award she will never get. She feels attention and awards are much more a goal then the satisfaction of building children bigger than her self. Look at Jennifer Garner she is alway seen with her kids, outting them first. The fact JLO is standing their solid, she had great parents who put her first, which is why she is standing there. She is not successful, doesn’t stick or hasn’t not mastered one field. Selfish woman. No wonder Ben left her. She cannot have a true meaningul relationship until she submits her ego. She has not learnt form her lessons and is going to pay the price when she is older and her kids become unstable

sandra on

She is not a hands-on mom! You will never see her with her kids at their school events, or at a park or on a vacation. She takes them to HER events to show off or HER movie set or HER Vegas thing. The kids see her for a few minutes between breaks from work, that is not hands-on. She is such a self-absorbed person! She works all the time and never takes a vacation. At least the kids can spend some fun time with their dad in the summer

guest on

How about she raise her children the way she sees fit.
For some reason people love to tell others how to raise their children.

Zon on

Doesn’t matter if her kids are homeschooled or not, as long as the kids raised right and have good value.

Greta on

I don’t like how this turned into general mom bashing and homeschool bashing. Celebrity parenting advice is inherently annoying but nobody is being harmed by what she does with her own offspring.

Olava on

Jennifer did say that they are homeschooled when they need it, so they more like going to regular school most of the time, and when she travels she takes them with her and they’re homeschooled.

Sandy on

That interview didn’t really come off well. JLo, nobody really cares about your stupid career. I think you’re rich enough now to quit the touring (touring for what exactly?) and stay home so your kids can go to school every day like other kids. It’s not about you anymore!! What the hell. Same goes for that troll of a rat looking ex-husband of hers. Where is he? Why can’t he stay home with the kids if she feels the self-important need to go off on a tour? I don’t get Hollywood.

Ilona on

“We don’t have a normal life, I don’t have normal kids” it’s so ridiculous !!!! Poor Jennifer

Becca on

…..let the mom shaming begin! If everybody would just mind their own damn business it would be great. She’s doing what every good parent does…loving and taking care of her children. Go spread your negativity elsewhere.

Louise on

Well done Jennifer, home schooling when they can’t be at their regular school.

I left school with no qualifications and I home school my 4 children aged 15, 11 & twins age 4, full time and they are all way ahead of their peers that go to school.

All my kids are well socialised as they mix with all age groups in our day to day lives, not confined to one age group of people they are forced to put up with 5 days a week.

Schools are forced socialisation, real life experiences are true socialisation.

Louise Thomas on

Why do people believe that home schooling means no education? In the majority of cases it means superior education as kids aren’t competing for teachers attention in a class of 30+

Paula on

She is so self pity that she said she doesn’t have a normal life and she doesn’t have normal kids, at least she has nannies’ help than most people.

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