Mindy McKnight: Breastfeeding My Twins Was ‘Not Natural’ for Me

06/13/2016 at 04:45 PM ET

Learning to breastfeed one baby can be difficult enough. But for Mindy McKnight, she had the added challenge of breastfeeding two at once when her oldest children — twin girls — were born.

” ‘You just [prop] the baby up, and the baby just feeds!’ ” explains the popular hair-tutorial YouTuber on PEOPLE’s Mom Talk, describing what she’d initially heard about how easy breastfeeding was.

McKnight, 37 — who has six children in total — adds that it just wasn’t a natural experience for her to feed her twins the way she’d always thought it was supposed to be.

“I had two, so that made it more complicated from the get-go,” she says. “It was not natural for me — it was very much a process to learn how to nurse my [children].”

Mindy McKnight

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McKnight also discusses the importance of being candid about how her fellow women may have completely different experiences than her own, and why it’s crucial to understand that just because breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally for someone it doesn’t mean anything negative.

“I have a sister who never could nurse,” she says. “Her babies didn’t take to it.”

“I think even just informing people that for some, it is just this amazing, natural, totally organic moment,” McKnight says, adding to her point that every woman has a different body and baby, and shouldn’t be judged based on factors out of her control. “And for others, it’s work!”

Jen Juneau


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Jen on

I have no idea who Mindy McKnight is and this article is dumb but yes, breastfeeding twins is hard! My twins are 7 month old and we are still going strong with nursing but it was very hard and stressful at the beginning. I just couldn’t imagine buying all that formula. I have been very lucky that I could nurse them.

Dana Stevens on

A baby doesn’t “take” to breastfeeding if there is a disability or if the mother offers bottles: if a healthy baby is only offered the breast, they will “take” to it. We should be supporting breastfeeding: not offering excuses to give up on it. Breastfeeding is better for the baby and mom for a myriad reasons, the environment, not to mention it is cheaper!

Mumoftwins on

As a mum of twins I can completely understand where she is coming from. It was hard work and a process that must be learnt. I often felt like a cow and didn’t find feedig as intimate as I know it can be. I ended up feeding both kids until just before their first birthday and was really proud of this. We need to be honest about breastfeeding – that it is something that must be learnt for most – and then offer women every support along they way.

Anonymous on

Omg, Dana Stevens, of all the stupid comments I’ve ever read on People, yours takes the cake. I breastfed for seven months, though excruciating pain and five lactation consultants. It was the worst seven months of my life, which sucked because it was the first seven months of my baby’s life. Not everyone can breastfeed, and people shouldn’t be shamed into it. Let each family make their own choice, and don’t force your sanctimonious views onto others. And as for “cheaper”? Only if you value your time at zero. Each of my “sessions” took an hour, so if you do the math, it would have been waaay cheaper for me to give formula.

Suzanne Gaia on

Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. A well fed healthy baby is far more important that proving a point. Just feed your kids and love them in the best way you can.

Francine on

So just pump it, bottle it and freeze it. No big deal if breastmilk comes from the breast or from a bottle, no matter what the militants want to insist.

Kellie on

I wish I was more informed about breastfeeding my first 3. My 4th, he had his ups and downs with it. By 6 months he was strictly formula. My 5th, well, he was all about the breast. He self weaned at 3.5 years. Today is his 13th birthday. All of my kids are healthy and happy.

Michelle on

People are forgetting that breastfeeding is a CHOICE. We all need to stop judging and allow the parents to make the best decision for their child. I did not breastfeed my first. With my twins, I had to try pumping because they were premature and there would have been a greater chance of brain bleeds. I tried my hardest. I pumped every 3 hours. All while caring for a 2.5 yo and traveling to/from the hospital. By the time they came home, I was not producing enough for one baby let alone two. All 3 of my children are happy and healthy.

Anonymous on

Hey Dana, What about a mother like my best friend that wanted to breastfeed and was heartbroken that she was unable to produce milk? These things happen. Her kids are perfectly healthy. Also, some mothers are adoptive mothers and have no choice but to formula feed. Stop judging other people’s choices.

corey on

Dana, What about mothers that adopt and don’t have a choice? Or women like my best friend that wanted to breastfeed and was heartbroken that she didn’t produce milk? These things happen. Please stop judging other people’s choices.

Just a Duck on

It makes absolutely no difference to me how women feed their kids as long as I don’t have to see it. Plus, I’ve never heard of her.

Aud on

UGH, Dana.

My thoughts? To each her own!