Gordon Ramsay’s Wife Tana Miscarries Baby 5 Months into Pregnancy

06/13/2016 at 11:15 AM ET

Gordon Ramsay‘s wife Tana suffered a miscarriage five months into her pregnancy.

Ramsay, 49, shared the sad news on Facebook, explaining that he, his wife, 41, and their four children are “healing as a family.”

“Tana and I want to thank you so much for your support over the past couple of weeks,” he captioned a photo with his wife. “We had a devastating weekend as Tana has sadly miscarried our son at five months. We’re together healing as a family, but we want to thank everyone again for all your amazing support and well wishes. I’d especially like to send a big thank you to the amazing team at Portland Hospital for everything they’ve done.”

Gordon Ramsay and Tana Ramsay
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

The Ramsays, who wed in 1996, announced that they were expecting their fifth child in April, 14 years after the birth of their youngest child.

The couple are the parents of Megan, 18, twins Jack and Holly, 16, and Matilda, 14.

— Stephanie Petit


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Cassandra on

That is so tragic. I am so sorry for your loss.

Becky on

Prayers for the family, sorry for your loss.

Robin on

I am sorry for their loss. I guess after 14 years it was shock to her body. It’s the same as a woman having her first baby in her forties. Bodies can’t handle it.

Anna on

That’s a devastating experience. I went through something similar when I was four months into my first pregnancy, and while the pain dulls, it never goes away completely. I’m keeping Gordon, Tana and their family in my prayers, and wishing them the best.

Odetothemountain on

That’s so sad. My deepest condolences to Gordon, Tana and their children.

Meg on

@Poof my mother miscarried once in her twenties and once in her thirties and had me in her 40’s. Explain that then? At a tough time like this is so sad to see idiots making such nasty comments.

Shiela Kerr on

My heartfelt sympathy.

PCC on

I’m not a fan of people having children when they are older in general, but the people claiming she miscarried because she was 41 are off base. Very sorry to hear this happened.

Tieraney on

Sorry to hear this..I thought the baby was another girl though?

Anonymous on

So sorry for the family’s loss but stay together and support each other during this time like you are. Your family’s love will help heal some of the pain.

Anonymous on

So sorry for your loss. Prayers for your entire family. Those who can’t say anything nice need to just be quiet. Being in your 40’s is not uncommon these days to have a child so please mind your business.

Anonymous on

This is heartbreaking . I miscarried twice but only at 10 & 11 weeks. Still devastating, but I cannot imagine the pain of losing a baby so far along. My deepest condolences to the Ramsay’s 😦

KP on

This is heartbreaking. I miscarried twice, but only at 10 & 11 weeks. Still devastating, but I could not imagine losing a baby so far along. My deepest condolences to the Ramsay’s 😦

Jen on

How sad :*(

Kathy on

How very sad. He was so tickled about becoming a father again.

Anomynous on

So sorry for their loss. To those commenting about her age, please do not do that. Although age is a factor I personally know much younger women including my own sister in her twenties that experienced miscarriage. It can be related to so many different things. Many women do have successful pregnancies in their 40s and beyond. Words can hurt.

guest on

Sorry very sorry for your loss.

TK on

I’m not sure why people aren’t fans of parents being “older”. I don’t think 41 is that old and obviously these two have the resources and the support to successfully raise a child. What does age have to do with it? As if having a baby at 20 is somehow better for society and for the child than having a baby at 40.

Susan on

If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything. My heart goes out to the Ramsey family.

Shannon on

This happened to me in October 2014. It is the worst thing anyone can go through. I wish so much grace and strength for them. This is something they will never get over, but learn to live with. Studies show women who suffer this tragedy are much more likely to have PTSD. I know I did.

Lady Cage-Barile on

God is watching over you and your Family Chef Ramsay. He knows that you and your family are loved by millions of fans all over the world. I pray that you and Tana will be blessed with as many children that you all want to bring into this world. Hey, the more Chef Ramsay’s we have, the better this world will be. Love all of your TV Series.

Tee on

::winces:: That’s not a miscarriage, it’s a still birth. Ach, the loss of a child is incredibly devastating. Praying for the Ramsay family through this rough time.

megan on

Why does everyone feel they have the right to judge whether getting pregnant past 35 is okay or not? Can’t you just say, “That is sad” and leave it at that? You have no idea what caused her loss. It might have to do with age, it might not. You are probably n ot a fertility doctor and have no idea what is going on in her body…why make nasty j udgements? I don’t think she cares whether you are a “fan” of people having babies when they are older or not.

Joanie on

I don’t understand the comments about her age. So many women birth babies successfully over 40. This is just straight up tragic. I can’t imagine losing a baby at all let alone in the second trimester 😦

Laura on

This is a still birth, I’ am sorry for your loss.

Rach on

My sympathies to their family, my son was born still at 38 weeks 19 years ago and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and what he could have been. Losing a child due to stillbirth is one of the most cruel things in life – so many questions and never enough answers, thinking of Gordon and his wife 😦

Anonymous on

A loss is a loss no matter what gestation. That you for all those who spoke up that clinically speaking this was a still birth and not a miscarriage.

KL on

aww that is so sad, sorry for your loss…. You tell everyone at at least 3 months and yet at 5 months can miscarry… that is so sad..

Mom Of Twinz on

@Poof, do use a favor and disappear!

momofone on

My deepest sympathy for his family.

Emily Fulton on

My heart goes out to them, in a horrific coincidence I lost my son only a few days before theirs. He was born alive at 24 weeks but passed away minutes later. Her age is nothing to do with the loss of her child. Please say nothing if you can’t be nice

Mandy on

Ur’s ridiculous to claim her age caused her to lose the baby; no, it wasn’t any more shock to her body than it is to a 28 year old! Get some manners, and recognize you are being judgy and rude to make such a comment. Just say nothing, or say something sympathetic! So rude!

Linda on

@Poof, and others being rude about her age…do the world a favour and go away! If you can´t say anything nice, say nothing at all! And remember your words can come and hit you hard!
As for the Ramsay family, sorry for your loss:(

West on

Very sad news . Wishing them well during this time for healing . 🌸

Qnnly on

This is sad, sorry for your loss.

Jennifer on

My heart brakes for the two of you. cling to each other during this time of grief and do not be afraid to try again. Of course it is none of my business I only offer my sympathies and prayers. Many tears for Tana and Gordon.

Bree on

So sorry to hear of their loss. It just goes to show that we cannot take creating a life and bringing it into the world for granted. It doesn’t have to happen as planned. Love each other and treasure the four children you already have.

Anonymous on

My deepest condolences to the family. I have had 3 m/c and know how difficult this time can be for any family. I was fortunate to go to a local support group. Ironically, most of the members were in their 20’s and 30’s. Miscarriages are so common and many m/c thinking it was a heavy period. Actually, I am running into less women who have not had at least 1 m/c. We never forget the babies we lost.

mommygardner85 on

Awww… I’m so sorry for their loss! I’m sure it was very hard to tell the public but now they don’t have to hope no one asks questions about the baby while they’re healing. 😦 You’re also never too old to have a child.

Joyce on

I am so sorry for your loss.

Marny CA on

My prayers to each and all of you … Life can be cruel, that’s for sure.

Carolyn Brack-Jackson on

So sorry for the loss of your child, Tara and Gordon!

Ninette on

Devastating as it is I wish you all the best.

Jen on

I had a horrible miscarriage when I was 19 years old. I also had twins, naturally, when I was 38. My sister had triplets when she was 36, naturally. So, age does not necessarily equal miscarriage.

Nancy.Bryan on

This is too Robin that commented that being 40 our bodies can’t handle it, Well your so very wrong, I had my last boy at 42 years old and he was the easiest out of my 5 children and that’s being having a natural breach birth and my body did just great, just like some one in her 20’s. I am so sorry for your loss, chef Ramsey and family. It just wasn’t meant to be at this time, try again later and more than likely things will be just fine.My prayer’s are with you and your family.

Kathy Whited/Rowland on

My heart breaks for the two of you. Please take the time to recover. Everyone recovers from a death differently. I’ll pray for your whole family. Just love each other. Love, Kathy

stgeorgeschapel on

There was a time when information of this type would be kept private, or only shared with immediate family or very close friends, and they wouldn’t say a word out of RESPECT for those involved. I am disappointed that the Ramsey divas (both he and she) are willing to splash their intimate affairs on the front page, and moan about their “loss” to total strangers.

Close to 50% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, and to be so
dramatic about a common event, is ludicrous. Likewise, pressing universal emotional buttons, for personal attention, is immature. In fact, it would be surprising if this is Mrs. Ramsey’s first miscarriage; and with 4 living children, she has a nerve to complain. I suspect his ratings are down and he needs some attention. Intelligent people UNDERSTAND this is one of nature’s options. For some reason, abortion as a personal choice is something to cause consternation, while the much more common spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is viewed differently.

Andrea Caviness on

So sorry for your loss.

vicki cross on

am so very very sad for your loss, I have seen your family on jr. chef and ”my o my what a happy and loving family indeed !!! again you all are in my prayers !! to those who can’t say the propers words—-HOW DARE YOU !11

Patricia pillig on

Sooooo very sorry my deepest sympathies……😣

Lisa Marcus on

I’m so sorry for the loss of the Ramsay’s son. I went through this same horrendous, sad thing too, but it was my who had a stillborn baby boy in November of last year. His due date was Christmas day. She was 6 months pregnant. He looked absolutely perfect. The family kissed and held him and told him we love him and how much we wanted him. We don’t know the reasons why this happens. God only knows. The good news is she is pregnant again and due the day before Thanksgiving. She’s having a boy. I will keep the Ramsay’s in my prayers.

madelaine on

stgeorgeschapel….what a horrible individual you are…..i am shocked by such a heartless and disgusting comment…..go away!!!!

Clara kent on

I a so sorry for your loss I will be praying for you both

beckykent on

We are so sorry for your loss God bless you both

Michelle Stilwell on

I am very offended at your comment. Hear this one..
My Grandma got pregnant at 44, my Grandpa was 14 yrs her senior and was elated! This was back in the early 30’s
Grandma had my Momma 9 months later. Momma married my Pop and then I came along.. If my Grandma didn’t get pregnant, I wouldn’t even be writing this.. God has his plans my dear….

Anyone on

I’m with poof, she is too old 😔

Someone on

I’m with poof, she is too old😔

jill on

God is not real honey and poof can say what he wants it doesn’t matter, and yes it was horribly what happened. And by the way Michelle it was a tragedy that u were born.

Mari Sorensen on

I am sorry for your loss. This is not a miscarriage it is a still birth. After 20 weeks it is considered a stillborn.

gary hill on

Anyone & Someone-you’re no one.

gary hill on

Jill-the only tragedy here is you.

gary hill on

stgeorgeschapel-first of all,move into the 21st century.Everything everyone does is out there. Second,sometimes cold ,hard facts/theories/assumptions,opinions are, at the very least unnecessary to the extreme of being wrong/nasty,and just plain sad. The fact that you bring politics into a simple story of loss is pathetic. You are a sad,sad person. By the way,Muslims revere St George.

Mary Mazzone Russo on

My mother had me at 40 years old. Thankfully she had me. That was in 1937.

mandy on

so so sorry for ur sad loss rip little one

Sue on

To those people out there that are so very disrespectful and hurtful, my question is why? Going through this type of loss is hard enough, I cannot fathom why anyone would want to add to it. Regardless of whether or not you agree with their choice to have a baby after age 40 (which by the way, is not the ideal age but it’s not out of the realm of healthy for baby and mother), it is their choice. All the best to the family as they cope with this sad loss.

stgeorgeschapel on

So, is Gordon Ramsey now about 12, or is he a way grown up 13? His need to be a “hipster” is pathetic. Ditto his “child bride.”

“Healing as a family!” (What a drama diva statement!) Are you joking? If he thinks his teenagers want another screaming brat around the house, he has lost all touch with reality. Please, GR, TRY to find some dignity!

stgeorgeschapel on

Those of you who are condemning the opinions of others, please, learn to argue! (Most of us learned in college English 101 or high school debate class; I have no idea how you missed both opportunities. Incidentally, the reason that it is taught so early is that it is impossible to pass any of your college classes without knowing how to argue (since most Western professors use the Socratic method). So, when you are exhibiting your lack of ability to argue, you are telling us more than you may wish to tell.

You can take a class for a few dollars at any community college. Or, get a book out of the library and try to teach yourself.

Have you EVER wondered why some folks never call names? Did you ever assume that it had to do with the fact that they are aware of the “rules of engagement” for argument?

(No, Gary, “everything” is NOT all out there; that’s only what those who use social media tell themselves to justify their lack of discretion.)

Michelle Ollard on

That’s such tragic and heart breaking news I’m so sorry to hear of ur loss I will pray for u and ur family xxx

arachne646 on

I am sorry for your loss, and your whole family ‘s grief is a tough road that you will be required to walk. Best wishes from Canada.

gary hill on

stgeorgeschapel-you constantly contradict yourself. Yes,jackass-everything is out there . Only people w/o any discretion use social media? The same social media you’re using to post . Your comments prove nothing-except the fact that your an arrogant,angry,blowhard who thinks he knows it all. Pathetic-at it’s best.

sam on

This is heartbreaking. I know the pain of losing a child because I lost my baby boy at 23 weeks into my pregnancy in 2010. Sending my thoughts and prayers to them. BIG HUGS

Sharon on

People today are heartless and with no love and emotion. They don’t even love members of their own family let alone the Ramsay’s, whom they don’t know. My sympathy to the Ramsay’s family.

Lynn Sabourin on

I understand what you are going through, and yes is in the healing mode.
I went through this not to long ago and I usually don’t talk about it but I don’t if you have faith in God, but I do and I asked him to mend my broken heart and make my child an angel. So she could come bother me from time to time. I’m really sorry.

anastaciamoore on

Chef Ramsay, so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your wife and family.

Debbie Natiss on

I’m so sorry for your loss. I am so saddened and send my heartfelt wishes to.you and your family.

Roger and Vickie Walker on

You can never know a loss unless it is your own! May you and your whole family heal and know that our prayers are always with you all! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY always.

Charlotte Hill on

I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to you and your family.

Vanessa on

So sorry for your loss Gordon and family. Thoughts and prayers for you.

Faye Tackett on

So very sorry for your loss…sending prayers of comfort to you all♡

Shelley on

I ‘m so disheartened by some of these comments. My son was born sleeping at24.8 weeks pregnant. I was not in the 40s. Who are we to judge anybody right to bring a child into this life unless it is our child. If We cannot say anything nice we can move on we don’t have to say anything at all. my heart goes out to the entire Ramsey family on the loss of their child.

Annabel on

Very sad loss for them. I wonder if she had a recent flu shot or TDAP vaccine. They contain heavy metals, formaldehyde and other neurotoxins and miscarriage or stillbirth can happen after both. The package inserts state they have not been tested for safety on pregnant women and yet doctors and midwives push them routinely, whilst still cautioning women against other toxin exposure, eating shellfish or coloring their hair. Cognitive dissonance.

Delilah on

A miscarriage is sad…but tragic? Then why is an abortion not labeled as such?

Peggy on

This happened to me as well. Age does not have anything to do with it. I was 27 and healthy. The pain never goes away, no matter what age. The loss of any child is devastating enough, but hearing people make hurtful comments is wrong. No one wants to go thru, but the love and support of your family and friends can make it better. Stay strong Ramsey family!

Charisse on

I feel horrible for them! I know how they feel because when I went into premature labor at just over 5 months, my daughter was a stillborn baby girl. I’m I now 47 and married to a man who wouldn’t want to have a child this late. He’ll be 48 next month. RIP to Baby Boy Ramsay. I still feel. I am a mother. I do wish my little Lauren had survived. I hope the Ramsay’s children are understanding.

Lori Traskos on

stgeorgeschapel- What a MISERABLE life you must have..Such a cynical ploy, and for attention- it’s VERY difficult to imagine a human being lashing out at such a tragic time. In ACCUSING Mr Ramsey of attention seeking you have outted YOURSELF. Trolling around spreading your misery wherever you can. I sincerely hope that you recieve the mental help that you so desperately ( and obviously) need. I’ll pray for you from my happy place.😏 Healing thoughts and prayers to the Ramsey family

carol on

My sincere sympathy goes out to Gordon and his family.
Proof must be a uncaring person to say such a thing. This is why they call themselves Proof…cause they have no feelings.,

Sandra Meinzer on

I am a firm believer that GOD and only GODgives us the gift of children but he also is there for us when we’ve lost one. That child is an Angel in heaven now watching over your family Gordon!!!

Stanley on

My wife miscarried at 4 months with our first child. Our second, a girl, was premature and lived only a few minutes in the delivery room. Our third. a boy, was a normal birth and yet lived 3 months a 2 days before dying in his sleep in an afternoon nap. He was a SIDS baby. At that point we were both in such shock we could not bear to see other couples with 2 or 3 children in stores or malls. Our son died 35 years ago and I still cry at times before sleep thinking about our lost family. I am so sorry for this family but I see they still have 4 beautiful children. I am also sorry, then, that I cannot feel the sadness many of the commentators here feel. I now do not fear dying since I am so hoping I can see our choldren again. My wife died in 2006 and I hope God is with them all and they are happy.

Meg on

Very sad. Fortunately, you have a loving family, that, sounds like you will be surrounded by each other and hug and work through it. Peace.

babette on

I wonder at people who comment that they are not “fans of people having babies” when they are older. Who gives a s**t what they are fans of ?
This is sad, no matter who it is or how many babies they already have.
There is so little compassion in the world, that is also very sad.

Erika on

I’m so sorry for your loss, my heart & prayers go out to your wonderful family.. God Bless…

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