Gold Chains! Mini Yeezys! Kim Kardashian West Gives a Peek Inside Saint’s Designer Wardrobe: ‘Yeezy for Kids Is Coming Soon!’

06/07/2016 at 02:00 PM ET

Not surprisingly, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West‘s 6-month-old son Saint is already prepped to take the style world by storm.

“Saint has so many amazing designer pieces already!!!” the reality star, 35, wrote in a blog post Tuesday. “Many of them are inspired by his dad, so I think it’s appropriate to share them with you guys during The Week in Kanye!”

One of the standout pieces of the littlest West’s custom collection? A tiny black bomber jacket to match his mom’s.

“My friend (and one of my makeup artists!) Joyce Bonelli‘s boyfriend Ben has this line called Unravel, and they made Saint and me matching bombers,” Kardashian West wrote. “How cute is that!?”

Saint West Bomber Jacket
Courtesy Kim Kardashian West; Inset: Getty

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Saint won’t be lacking as far as jackets go. Aside from his black one to match Mom, he has a custom brown Ralph Lauren one, whose lining was signed by Lauren himself and whose box came with a note to Saint’s parents, also written by the designer.

But of course, Saint’s wardrobe doesn’t stop at outerwear: He already has quite the stash of stylish accessories, too.

“A gold chain just like his Kanye’s!” Kardashian West wrote alongside a photo of a large gold necklace next to a tiny, baby-sized one — a gift she also shared on Instagram last year before Saint’s birth.

“This baby necklace was a gift from our friends the Ridingers; they got it from the legendary L.A. jewelry store XIV Karats!”

Baby Ye #1of1

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The couple, who are also parents to 2½-year-old daughter North, have made sure their son is outfitted with kicks from Daddy’s clothing line.

“Of course, Saint’s closet isn’t complete without tiny Yeezy 350s,” Kardashian West captioned a photo of adorable tiny black-and-white shoes that match their larger counterparts perfectly. “Yeezy for kids is coming soon!”

Jen Juneau

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Michelle R on

Baby ye…lol. Baby homeless wear for 1000’s of dollars awesome. Just what the world needs.

KimISAnutjob on

“Saint has so many amazing designer pieces already!!!”
DISGUSTING! I am in utter awe of the lack of their poor children just being allowed to dress like a “baby”. A gold chain and leather jacket???

Dajoka on

Yeah that’s what we need a bunch of toddlers running around in pink latex.

Pork Chop on

Do really think Taint gives a crap about gold chains and leather jackets at that age. Seems like Mommy needs to grow up more than the kid.

Anonymous on

Looks like crap just like them.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

I just cannot get over how self absorbed these people are. I have never ever heard of one story about this selfish family donating anything – anywhere. I just really wish they would all go away 😦

crysrandy on

I just cannot get over how self absorbed this entire family is. I have never heard even one story in all these years how any of them have ever donated anything – ever! I just really wish they would all go away 😦

Holly on

Hopefully some of their money makes it to children’s and animal’s charities.

ddcook2 on

I hope other kids and families are not influenced by this trash.

Carina on

She looks so scary in that lil pic on top. Like a pale faced recently possessed next gen exorcist o.O but we all know she sold her soul years ago. It’s just age and desperation peekin through the photoshop

I do like the aviator and bomber jackets. If I had a son, I’d want less expensive (obvi) versions of them. The chain is tacky though, too heavy and clunky for a tiny neck that is still developing to support itself. What’s sad is they have a son and forget all about North. No more duds for her as shes no longer news.

Guest on

Where in the world does Kim & Kanye think they live ? Do they honestly think that there’s parents out there that can afford to dress a baby like this ? Really? It’s time for Kim to quit acting like a 14 yr old…..Honestly, I really believe the post I read somewhere ( Huffington Post I think is where I read it ) about Kim Kardashian having the reading level of a 4th grader, and I really, REALLY believe this to be true !

Enough already on

Vomit. What a disgusting display of excess. This woman is utterly clueless and her kids are going to grow up entitled and useless to society.

Zon on

Yup the matching jackets and shoes looks lovely.

rocky on

why does she think any of us would put our children in her crappy clothes,time for this group to go away.

Really? on

I think Kim and Kayne need educating when it comes to raising children.
Giving your kids EVERYTHING & anything they want is setting them up for a very sad future. What is there to dream about or pine for? These kids end up feeling empty and worthless. She concentrates on frivolous, material stuff – just like Kris did with Kylie and Kendall. I don’t think any of these people are truly happy. They live in their little pathetic self absorbed world. I feel sorry for those kids.

Brooke on

Saint?? You mean He Who Shall Not Be Seen Until A Magazine Gives Us Millions??

Jennifer on

Maybe if they stopped spending dumb money on clothes the baby is going to grow out of Kanye would have money for his “projects” Maybe he can stop begging everyone else to give him money. He can use his own damn money.

Paula on

Those matching outfits looks adorable.

Violet on

Ugh is all I can say.

Just a Duck on

Babies pee, poop, eat, sleep. A onsie and a diaper is all they need.

Anonymous on


This people needs to just go the hell away black gettho dont buy this ugly shit its tainted lil that lil boys name is taint because kim kum kk u are tainted fingers in the boota rember u paid balheaded amber to stfu. Please please leave black people alone kim k u are tainted nasty looking for all u do hide

Tyra on

wow love the little pair of shoes.

Realism on

It is common knowledge that designers throw expensive gifts at celebrities so that it boost their sales. As insane as it maybe to some people fans actually buy those labels when they see a celebrity (celebrity children) that they like in that label, hence the reason Ralph Lauren gives a free jacket to Kim Kardashian’s son to have. It is sad that more people prefer to speak negativity into the world instead of positivity. Everyone has been taught if you do not have anything nice to say do not say anything at all. Not to mention Proverbs 18:21. People are so quick to judge. You are not without sin so stop casting stones.

Anonymous on

Aww what a rich family!

Olly on

No body cares what they wear.

onemom on

Since they’re so rich, they should donate money to charities.

Anonymous on

Love that everything is matched.

Wiliam Smith on

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