The journalist and her husband welcomed their second child, a baby girl on June 6

Lisa Ling Welcomes Daughter Ray

06/06/2016 at 08:30 PM ET

Lisa Ling just broke one of the biggest stories of her life: She’s a mom again!

The award-winning journalist and her husband Dr. Paul Song, a biotech firm president and oncologist, welcomed their second child on Monday, June 6.

Daughter Ray Ling Song arrived via c-section, weighing 6 lbs. 12 oz. The family is “doing great,” Song tells PEOPLE.

The host of CNN’s original documentary series This Is Life with Lisa Ling shared some clever wordplay in her Instagram caption on the day of her child’s birth writing, “Symbolic RAYs of light tonight. #imminent,” along with a photo of clear skies and shining sun.

Lisa Ling welcomes daughter Ray
Courtesy Lisa Ling and Paul Song

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Ling, 42, and Song, 50, who were married in 2007, are already parents to 3-year-old daughter Jett. News of their second pregnancy broke in December.

Lisa Ling Welcomes Second Child

Courtesy Lisa Ling and Paul Song

In May, Ling confessed to PEOPLE that although she was stressed and didn’t feel quite ready for baby number two, she felt “blessed” to have had another healthy pregnancy after miscarrying in 2010.

“I was never that woman that wanted to have biological kids, ever,” she explained. “And when I finally did decide, it was not an easy journey. But I just feel very lucky that we’ve been able to conceive two kids.”

Ling also shared that, despite her own stress, Jett was more than ready to become a big sister.

“My daughter is really excited,” Ling said. “She’s at an age now where I think she gets it. She’s willing to share. Really, this is a gift to her, because I actually am really happy with one child.”

— Jen Juneau with reporting by Cynthia Wang

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sam on

such a shame their father is misogynistic, disloyal disgrace.

KL on

Yay Congrats! And today is my birthday too 😀 Happy birthday to me and the new baby girl!! 😀

KiKi on

So happy for Lisa & family! Glad she is healthy! Congratulations!

Kb on

All I got from this article is she didn’t want one kid much less two. I guess her husband forced her to breed.

Mrs. B on

Congratulations to Lisa and her husband on the birth of their baby girl. She’s precious. Also, happy Birthday to KL!!

Tyra on

I thought she wants one child, guess it’s my mistake.

Rose on

Love the name, happy for her.

guest on

@sam, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re describing yourself and let me add a m*r*n also.

LisaT on

Sam. He apologized for that comment and has done more than enough to explain his use of language. Let it go already

Guest on

She’s lucky to have gotten pregnant either time. She was already 39 with number one. Most are not that lucky. Best wishes to the family!

anonymous on

Ray looks so cute!

Shame on

God the whole time she keeps saying how she is isn’t ready for this baby, and was happy with only one, and how this baby is really just a gift for her 3 year old daughter to have a sibling, because she was happy with just one. Why in God’s name did she have another baby for then?!?!?! Lovely things to say in an article her baby can one day read online. And again she talked like this months ago in her previous people interview. I remember reading it. Just terrible. In sure she is in love with this baby naturally and thrilled now that she has her, however. If I was a celeb. Like her where my daughter could read this online, I would never say those things.

KL on

Thank you Mrs.B!!

Nardia on

The baby looks adorable.

Claire on

Here we go with the complainers.
She wanted one child but also,wanted her daughter to have a sibling. A lot of people do that – especially if they were scared of having just one healthy kid.
‘This is always the way it goes: some people have fertility issues and no matter what is said, they retort with chastisements because not everyone can have a baby and having another so easily should thrill her. No story of an abused or neglected child goes by without them offering to have taken that baby….and yet, how many foster families are there? A minuscule number. My friend had 2 and has adopted 4 more after having them as foster children and the parents gave them up.
For the religious, why don’t you accept your infertility as your god’s way of saying no and take another route?
So many people scream about needing more good old fashioned conservatism but the minute they have an infertility problem, out come the meds.
Hopefully, once you have created a family, maybe you can calm down and start viewing the world from a normal place instead of one that feels like you’re punished or unlucky. Maybe you’ll also stop splitting hairs over every word when talking about another woman’s uterus.

Ann on

I think people are not getting what she meant. Sometimes when you are focused on your career and haven’t found anyone to share your life with, you don’t really think kids will be a thing for you and you find a way to be with that. Then you meet the right person and suddenly you find you do want a child. Then that child is such a joy you want another. But obviously if she had a miscarriage in-between, she might not have felt mentally ready but age dictated she couldn’t wait. I fully get what she is saying as I have experienced some of it.

Sandy Cheeks on

I think they really misconstrued her interview here. I’m pretty sure she didn’t end the interview herself saying “I really didn’t want any of these kids!” Way to go people mag. 😛

Mina on

Congratulations to the family..Just look at those chubby cheeks..all pink..So adorable!

Sue on

Nice Lisa, congrats! You’re needed back on the View!

lindy500 on

Lisa Ling was the only person with any class on the View and I left when she left..Glad to see she is happy and healthy and I wish her and her new family all the best!

sally on

Love the name! What a sweet baby. I hope she embraces her girls and appreciates all the joy they bring to her life- especially since she made a point of telling us how she didn’t want kids, nor a second child!

Anonymous on

Nice name and nice picture.

jeanlund on

There’s always at least 1 in every thread! Too much negativity in the world! Smh.

Pinky on

You have to read the article with the perspective of what she has been through. Lisa Ling dealt with miscarriages and infertility. She even started a support web site for women to talk about these topics and support one another. Knowing that I read the article as she was happy that she even has one child. Not that she only wanted one, rather she was grateful and more grateful that now she has a sibling for her daughter, which is a gift for her daughter to have, the cherry on the top.

Vanna on

So happy for the family.

anonymous on

Ray is a cute boy!

Tyra on

Didn’t she say she only wants one child!

Jennifer on

Wow, lovely family.
Paul and Lisa looks so good together.
Two daughters now and what a lovely family.

Ednissa on

I’m so glad she decided to have a second child. Being an only child isn’t always lonely, but it can be awesome to have a sibling to share growing up with.