Blac Chyna on Her Pregnancy Weight After Revealing She Currently Weighs 165 Lbs.: ‘My Goal Is to Gain 100 Lbs.’

06/06/2016 at 12:15 PM ET

Blac Chyna isn’t worried about pregnancy weight gain.

In a video posted to her Snapchat account, the 28-year-old model and fiancée of Rob Kardashian takes viewers through her entire process of cooking a delicious meal, then gets candid about her extra maternity pounds.

“Like no lie, my goal is to gain 100 lbs. this pregnancy,” she admits while munching on a chip. “I’mma tear it up, and then I’mma snap back.”

Black Chyna Pregnancy Weight

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Chyna goes even further by actually getting on a scale in another video to show how much she has gained so far.

“Before I got pregnant, I was about 139,” she says before stepping on the scale to reveal her current weight of 165.6 and letting out a scream.

Black Chyna Pregnancy Weight 2
Blac Chyna/Snapchat

This isn’t the first time Chyna, already mom to 3½-year-old son King Cairo, has shared details about how her body is reacting to her second pregnancy.

“I’m actually having a really good pregnancy,” the future Rob & Chyna star, who announced in May she was expecting, said in another Snapchat video Wednesday. “No morning sickness, no cravings, just baby!”

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me on

Your GOAL is to gain 100 pounds? That’s not healthy or even typical. Go ahead if you want a ton of stretch marks and saggy skin. If someone gains that much, whatever. But it shouldn’t be a “goal”…Can’t get my head around this apparently.

peggy on

Bad goal, she’ll become a high risk pregnancy and may jeopardize her and her child’s life.

Lillie on

Of course she is having a good pregnancy! No money worries, kaaadscheeng, Robby pays for everything and life is good. That woman is so vile and disgusting, I just threw up in my mouth

button on

Personally, I’mma disgusted!

Pilar on

She’s repulsive now. Can’t imagine her 100 pounds heavier. What a dumb person!. Model? When was that you liar!? Pathetic leach.

Damn Gina on

She’s an idiot! All she is doing is taunting the trolls.

Markus on

She’s hideous. Ugly and fat now. Great goals dirtbag.

Jamie on

Gotta have goals!


In a 100 more pounds she will weight he same as Kim

Tina on

Love her as an outspoken person.

really on

you should only gain 25 pounds when you are pregnant

Ally1 on

Great work, Chyna. Keep those goals healthy, girl 😦

Kathy on


gymluv on

Yes. It is all about you. Who cares what damage a 100 lb weight gain will do to the baby. Such a idiotic and selfish decision. Of course her goal isn’t about weight at all, it is about headlines, so she succeeded.

SmartGirl123 on

I get it! Gain 100 pounds and then hope for a new “reality” TV show to help her lose the extra pounds. Smart just like the rest of the family.

Duh on

She had a mansion and cars BEFORE Rob’s MOTHER bought him one recently after Khloe kicked him out for messing with Blac. She won’t be able to get money from him that he doesn’t have.

Sigh on

Like, no lie, you are nothing but an uneducated no talent stripper. Go ahead and gain all the weight you want. Make sure to ignore your doctor telling you not to. You do you, skripper.

Von on

Good for her to have a goal, as long as she is healthy.

Guest on

Is she trying to turn into Harambe? Go ahead and gain 100 lbs! Wow! How unhealthy!

Mom Of Twinz on

I gained 35 pounds with twins, both over 7 lbs each. That was enough for me.

elle on

what is wrong with this woman? she plans to endanger the life of the child she is carrying by placing herself as previously mentioned, in a high risk pregnancy situation, by reaching a goal weight of almost 300 lbs!! Does she not like herself? Okay, then, but don’t take an innocent baby down with you. And how Rob K, what does he think about this or is he just as immature? Lord, I pray not. This is downright wrong and I think Ms Chyna should be cited for endangering the life of a fetus. Anyone else?

Rose on

100 Ibs is kinda too much.

Paula on

That mindset is “intellectually indefensible”
In other words “you can’t fix STUPID”

Tee on

Every pregnancy is different but it’s not a good idea to gain 100 pounds unless you’re severely underweight to begin with. While I’m glad to hear of a celebrity that recognizes it’s healthy to gain weight during pregnancy, it’s a bit concerning to me that she’s bragging about the plan to gain 100 pounds. However, I reckon that is between Angela and her doctor! Just praying she and her baby are healthy.

Paula on

Her goal to gain 100 is not a good goal.

Sandra Lindsay on

Gaining a 100 pounds would not be acceptable by any gynecologist!
First off- your supposed to eat HEALTHY. Eating cheeseburgers, chips and deserts, fast food is not doing the baby a bit of good. Your at risk for diabetes and an overly large baby. I hope her doctor reads this and gives her hell for having such a lazy attitude!

sfmom on

Hopefully she is getting medical attention from a qualified professional who will tell her she needs to sit down and shut up about gaining 100lbs, but something tells me she wouldn’t listen.
100lbs of weight gain in a normal weight woman is not healthy at all. It puts tremendous stress on the joints and the vital organs – which are already hard at work (GROWING A BABY!)…fastlane ticket to gestational diabetes, hypertension, pre-eclampsia and potential problems for the newborn.
Stupid really shouldn’t reproduce.

Em on

Lol…she’s joking. Nobody picked up on that…

Mandy May on

She has goals LOL

Robin on

Doesn’t she know about Gestational Diabetes? Or thst she if gets that while pregnant, there a strong chance of passing it on to her baby?

Qy on

Personally I don’t think she could gain 100 Ibs.

Betty on

Losing the weight will make great fodder for the reality show though..
Smart Girl. No one wants to see a 4 week snapback.

anonymous on

Blac needs to consult doctors about planing to gain 100Ibs weight.

Sam on

Maybe she is only joking.

Christine on

Am I seriously the only one who is more dumbfounded by her claim she weighed 139 pounds before getting pregnant??? I have a real hard time believing that number!