Sean and Rachel Campos-Duffy Welcome Son Patrick Miguel

06/03/2016 at 10:00 PM ET

And baby makes 10!

Real World alums Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy welcomed their eighth child on Sunday, May 29. On Thursday, the reality star-turned-Republican congressman shared photos of the couple’s newborn son Patrick Miguel on Facebook.

Of their newest addition, Duffy — a star of MTV’s The Real World: Boston in 1997 — wrote, “Our family is so blessed! We are excited to welcome our eighth, Patrick Miguel Duffy, into the world! He is happy and healthy, and his siblings can’t get enough of him!”

His wife Rachel, a 1994 Real World: San Francisco alum, also shared photos of their son on Facebook.

Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

“Meet Patrick Miguel Duffy! He was born Sunday at 1:03pm & weighed 5.13 lbs. I know he is baby #8, but this “new life” thing never gets old!!! And the kids can’t get enough of him. A special thank you to the awesome nurses, anesthesiologist, and my nurse mid wife, Lynn Kerns, from Aspirus for a GREAT birthing experience. Welcome to the family baby Patrick. It’s gonna be wonderful life!” she wrote.

The parents-of-eight, both 44, first met on 1998’s Real World Road Rules: All Stars.

They are already parents to Evita, 16, Jack, 14, Lucia-Belen, 12, John-Paul, 9, Paloma, 8, MariaVictoria, 6, and Margarita, 2. Duffy is currently serving his third term as congressman for Wisconsin’s 7th District.

— Karen Mizoguchi

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Really on

Isnt this the idiot who says he cant afford to live on his 6 figure congressional salary?

Hey on

Wow. Eight kids. It is like the olden days. 8 kids is so unusual nowadays.

heatherhudz on

There is no such thing as “alums.” Any real journalist would know that. The correct word you’re looking for is “alumni.” You’re welcome.

Huh on

4 years between baby #6 and #7? Tsk, tsk, they were slacking there.

7Mary3 on

“alums” is a word, Heather. It has to do with metals. But I know what you are saying…its not correct with regards to ‘alumni’ . People magazine got that wrong…which isn’t surprising seeing as they’re posted articles using “your” instead of “you’re”.

Cara D. on

Love this couple. Such a beautiful family, always smiling, always grateful and joyful for the blessings they’ve been given. Congratulations Sean and Rachel!

Tara on

Great couple and beautiful baby. “Eight is enough”

Amy on

Ugh. Whenever I see her I just remember what a horrible bigot she is. He certainly picked up her politics. Looks like she’s following in the footsteps of the Duggars, and he’s a mini Scott Walker.

Amy on

This is also the same guy who whined about his $174,000 salary (3 x national average at the time), and his government healthcare package. Child number 8? Want to explain to everyone again how tough you have it?

youcheekymonkey on

‘Alums’ is an alternate word for ‘alumni.’ I am a seasoned journalist and copywriter, so I kind of know these silly things.

And…8 kids? For Christ’s sake…the world is so overpopulated. Stop breeding.

Brandi on

Lol the fact that this baby is named Patrick Duffy gave me a little chuckle 😉 I remember Sean vaguely from the Boston season (honestly after the Seattle season, they started becoming one big unremarkable to me) and don’t remember his wife at all. I also wasn’t aware that he transitioned from reality tv to politics. Congrats to them but wow, eight children is a LOT!

Brandi on

*big unremarkable blur

Guest on

I was too young to see her season but I remember watching his. I do recall reruns of hers and her odd relationship with Puck. Surprised she and Sean got together. Can’t imagine having 8 children in today’s world.

Shelly on

8 children is just selfish and narcissistic. This planet is already overpopulated!!

Nichelle Nicollette LeDoux on

I love the grammar corrections! Waste of time to bring it to these idiots attention.

Wilmer on

Wow I remember her on Real World. Congrats and best wishes to the Duffys and all their kids!

guest on

…ever hear of birth control?

Anonymous on

Stop. Just stop.

stinky on

wow they are good looking parents…didn’t realize these 2 were married….i haven’t seen her on tv etc in years….she’s still cute. Wow, 8 kids?! Congrats.

Stop on

Snip, snip dude.

Amanda on

There are lots of people not having children at all, so when the occasional couple who really loves and enjoys children has more than 2, it sort of evens out. I know people who wouldn’t even think of having one child, and I know lots of people who only have one child. Your personal feelings should’t govern how many children a family has unless they aren’t taking good care of their children.

Melanie on

The world has too many humans as it is. Stop breeding.

meghan on

Amanda, actually, no it doesn’t balance things out. The world is over populated. This man was belly aching about making ends meet two kids ago (on a very generous salary). I doubt two more kids have made things easier.

Holly on

If we were all selfish enough to have 8 kids, the world would die a lot faster.

sally on

I bet that’s a fun household during the holidays!
Congrats- he’s adorable.

mary on

she is worse than Hasselbeck, and I didn’t think that was possible.

Ologius on

I wonder what religion they are, if they are against using any form of birth control. Perhaps they abstained, that many kids I’m sure you don’t get much time for baby making nookie. Unless they are going for an operation like The Duggars, mom puts out for dad every day while the kids actually raise each other. When they aren’t milestone eachother, that is.

BMiccolupi on

Eight is it Enough??

Stacy on

Truly disgusting!!

NoDoubt! on

Love Sean Duffy and thank him for this politics, but why all the kids? I didn’t realize that was still thing up north in Wisconsin!

sally on

OMG her kids are adorable and she looks fantastic! I don’t blame them for having a lot of babies- her kids are adorable!!! Plus they seem like really good, devoted parents. God bless them.

Sunny on

What’s TRULY disgusting are some of the comments here. Get a life people!

Nicoleca on

If they want to have 50 kids, that’s their right. Stop acting like you’re going to raise them.

Congrats to the Duffy family!

D on

God said to be fruitful and multiply! None of you know any better to say otherwise. Your opinion is meaningless. God’s world, God’s rules.

Claire on

Seriously, just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. The world doesn’t need 8 more people and it definitely doesn’t need 8 more little conservatives.
No parents can handle all 8 kids and give each the time they deserve to get. We don’t need to birth farmhands, people. The Duggars aren’t going to win any prize and look at what they’ve suffered. You want that?
Stop having babies just to feel special. Then maybe you won’t have to dredge the pond for more crappy names.

Hea on

D – what God?

Robin on

WoW! I am utterly shocked to read some of these comments. WHY are people questioning why they have chosen to have 8 kids?? They can afford to have eight children and have beautiful children!! If I could afford to have eight kids, I would have! It amazes me that what should be such a joyous event, people are soon narrow minded to question why someone else would bring eight children into the world. To each his own…..

Von on

8 kids? Amazing.

Nadia on

The children look very ethnic looking.Like majority of Mexicans that have native ancestry.

Katie on

Sean Duffy always stated on the show that he comes from a large Catholic family, and that he also wanted a large family too when he married. He found Rachel Campos who comes from the same background. They have been together for nearly 20 years, and they have the family that they have always wished for. What’s the big deal? He can afford his large family, and at least he doesn’t have children from 5 different women living on welfare walking around.
He is also a Congress and lawyer; a very accomplished man.

Jennifer on

What’s the big deal about having eight kids? There is a HUGE deal. I want my one child to be able to enjoy the planet, to be able to enjoy the natural world. I’d like her to be able to live in a house (if she chooses), not a beehive of an apartment her entire life. Space is a limited resource that we aren’t regenerating. Other species of animals are constantly becoming extinct due to human development, which is the logical consequence of increasing population. You want an entire planet that looks like Beijing? No thanks.

alex on

Although I wish them and family well, its important to point out that they are hypocrites, more so because they are injecting themselves into the political arena. Their husband is on essential a taxpayer salary,claims its not enough, and has 8 children. Rachel,at a stay at home is being subsidized by her husband’s income, and the tax/welfare code that benefits a lifestyle where one stays home/has little work history/and one has high income.

She criticizes welfare programs and demonizes the poor. She says we should promote marriage, well government marriage was loosened because we don’t want government forcing folks to stay in unhappy marriages. Meager welfare programs for stay at home mothers were exaggerated and propaganda saying its lavish and causes people to be lazy were there. Beyond that her koch initiative and lack of regulations means that folks who get injured/lack lack recourse/protections which is an easy sell for a a couple who doesn’t do manual hazardous labor jobs. Beyond that,Catholicism, having lots of children,don’t use contraception,have one type of marriage,regulation, this is not like dark ages where church ruled government. Again I am sort of happy for them, but she is being used as a mouthpiece for the right and attracts tv audience just because she happens to have spanish blood in here, of course if your parents are from spain and are white you may still qualify as hispanic, but that’s another topic even for affirmative action.

Katri on

Jesus Christ, use a condom!

Trudy on

They are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Can you imagine when they have grand children what the holidays will be like? It should be AWESOME!

Maureen Bland on

Incredibly beautiful family! Brave unselfish and happy! Thankfully those with faith continue to accept children willingly from God!
Look at the love compared to most celeb family! What do you think could be the reason?
Beautiful example to so many!

Tammy A. Nelson on

Congratulations! You have the most adorable kids and I wish you and Sean nothing but the very best! Rachael motherhood suits you so well and Sean keep up the great work, you are doing a fantastic job! God Bless you all, Tammy