The actress and singer has a message for those who criticize her parenting

Jana Kramer Responds to ‘Mommy Shamers’ After Posting Photo of Jarred Baby Food: ‘Do Not Tell Me How to Raise My Child’

06/02/2016 at 01:45 PM ET

Jana Kramer is giving her social media followers some food for thought.

On Wednesday, the country singer — who welcomed daughter Jolie Rae in January — posted a photo to Instagram depicting a pile of baby food jars on a supermarket conveyor belt.

“And it begins. #babyfood,” she captioned the candid.

The photo quickly garnered comments from critics and supporters alike, ranging from telling her she should be making her own baby food to praising her for being a great mom.

Jana Kramer baby food
Source: Jana Kramer/Instagram; Inset: Kevin Winter

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Kramer wasn’t having the negativity, though. On Thursday, she took to Instagram again to post a message for the “Mommy Shamers.”

“Dear Mommy Shamers,” the handwritten note in the photo starts. “Unless you are Jolie’s doctor, her father, or her mom, do NOT tell me how to raise my child, or how to feed her. Sincerely, Jolie’s MOM.”

Kramer, 32, also used the caption section to expand on her reasoning behind posting the photo.

“I have been very open with pictures of my daughter and our journey because my true fans have been on my journey from day one and I want them to be a part of my new journey now,” she explains. “If you have negative comments about how I parent my child, keep it to yourself!!”

And it begins. #babyfood

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This isn’t the first time Kramer has dealt with “mommy shaming.” In March, she admitted she has already been exposed to it for not being able to nurse Jolie.

“Unfortunately, my breast milk never came in,” the One Tree Hill alum said at the time. “I had trouble with that — there’s so much mommy shame about not breastfeeding.”

PEOPLE blogger Kramer, who married former NFL tight end Mike Caussin in May 2015, has used Instagram to document many of Jolie’s cutest moments.

And she can’t help but brag a little about her supportive husband.

“[Mike] has been insanely caring, reliable, and to see him with our daughter makes me melt,” the new mom said in an April blog post. “I can’t wait to see the relationship they build and for him to show her how a man should treat a woman.”

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sjs on

If you can’t handle the positive and negative, don’t put your stuff out there. Comes with the territory

Dixie Bard on

Give it a break people if store bought baby food wasn’t any good they wouldn’t be allowed to put it on the shelves no baby ever died from store bought baby food my son’s are 40 and 43 raised on store baby food and store formula they are healthy smart and 6ft tall and oldest son only weighed 4lbs.7oz 7 weeks early …so give it a break you do your thing she’ll do hers

PassTheStrainedPeas on

We all grew up on jars of Gerber’s baby food and we’re all fine.

blessedwithboys on

At least it’s organic.

Baby food is junk. It’s overprocessed and can lead to developmental and other health problems.

Pregnant and new moms, look it up!

Feed Me on

the fact that parents out there are bashing her for buying can food is ridiculous. Bash those parents out there that put rice in their babies formula at a month old or let their toddler down mt dew. Focus on the REAL health issues. Canned baby food is there for a reason just like our canned fruits/veggies are there for us to buy. GET OVER YOURSELF

Guest on

Would it hurt to just keep your baby food shopping adventures to yourself??? Not sure why these people think the world is interested in this kind of krap…It’s kinda pathetic the extremes these B List celebs go to for attention. Then when people call them out, they get all defensive. It’s okay to keep some things private!

SouthernBelle on

@sjs, You’r an idiot! Please don’t breed…This is why the world is so f%$$-up. People feel “entitled” to say whatever they want, as they hide behind a “guest” name…And just so you know, meanness “does not come with the territory”. It never has and never will.

kdt on

Granted they post on social media (as do we people out of the spot light) about are children and daily living. We should not criticize one person because of the way they are raising THEIR child. It is NOT our child. So if you don’t like the way she is raising her child get over it cause it is not affecting your life.

Guest on

Would you give your child something you yourself wouldn’t eat? Perhaps she should try a spoon from every jar 🙂

Amy L on

Get em, Jana. People need to stop giving advice on things that are none of their business. She can post as she chooses on HER social media. It is hers to post. Get over it already if you don’t agree with it.

LT on

It’s a shame that despite all the child abuse/neglect that is prevalent in our country, we focus on how a mom can buy “processed” baby food and formula. Last I checked, a good mom and dad made sure there is food on The table, a roof over their family’s head, and clothes on their backs, along with giving their baby/ babies a feeling of live and protection. I am not condoning nor condemning this mother’s decision to post pictures. I just think our priorities as humans are a little backwards.

No! on

While I would have thought nothing of this photo when I saw it I agree with sjs, if you don’t want negative comments, don’t make you posts public.

I know I am on an entertainment site talking about celebrities but I don’t follow any on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I don’t have time for that in my life.

To all the shamers, get a life. The kid is feed and not walking into the gorilla exhibit.

bbb1975 on

People need to stop with Mom shaming. Everyone doesn’t it differently, and as long as you aren’t intentionally harming your child physically or emotionally…it really isn’t anyone elses business.

B on

Good for her – you shaming a-holes wouldn’t talk to people you actually know like that, so shut up talking to strangers on the internet that way….

Lulu on

Didn’t breast feed and bought jarred baby food. Also let my kids cry it out at bedtime per the book heathy sleep habits, happy baby. The results – two happy, healthy, smart,loving independent kids. Stop hating.

Natasha on

You go girl! I hate judgmental trolls! Do you as a parent and make sure your baby is well taken care of, I hate know-it-all parents and people in general!

Natasha on

She has every right to post what she wants without people judging her! It’s the critical nobodies who need to shut up and mind their business. Go Jana, take care of your baby and post away!

Abby on

Here’s the thing. I have two children, both of whom I breastfed and made their baby food, and I work 14 hour days. HOWEVER, I also gave them formula when they were extra hungry and organic canned food when I didn’t make enough. And guess what, no one, NO ONE, became autistic or acquired developmental delays because of this. Despite what some posters say, that is a total lie. Canned baby food, formula, etc DO NOT CAUSE DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS.

Angie on

Jana honey do your thing, my boys were brought up on jarred baby food and I breastfed my oldest the first month then I had to stop due to some medical complications, I could not breastfeed my youngest at all due to the medical problem but neither one of em suffered any ill effects. Don’t let the haters dictate how you raise your daughter and what you are feeding her, there are some parents out there starving and beating their kids, you do what u feel best for daughter, she sure a beautiful baby.

K on

Ugh, so tired of brood heifers who haven’t done anything any woman with a normal reproductive system can’t do acting like they’ve really achieved something and trying to dictate how those of us who are educated and TRULY accomplished live our lives and raise our children.

No. I said no.

Katie on

blessedwithboys, there is no credible evidence that jarred food or formula cause developmental delays or autism. Perfectly healthy babies have been raised on both. I can google almost any information to fit my opinion, however obscure or incorrect, but that doesn’t make it true. It is unreasonable to be critical of someone whose milk never came it, and yes that does help sometimes. I had a grandchild who went into liver failure because she couldn’t tolerate breast milk…extremely rare, but after a month of trying to get her to tolerate it, the doctor said no more. I was, and am, a proponent of BF, and was a lactation consultant, but the craziness of women who act as if a child is being poisoned if for any reason the mother chooses or has to use formula is appalling. Get a grip! And the fact that she posts to her fans doesn’t justify others jumping all over her and criticizing her so rudely. She didn’t hunt you down, you clicked on her site.

Robin on

As long as her baby is happy and healthy and her doctor advises her who are we to say what Jenna does with her baby?

I’ve never understood why it matters if a baby gets breastmilk vs. formula and homemade baby food vs. canned.

Babies don’t know the difference (unless you switch from one to the other).

I wouldn’t ever stand there and criticize someone in how or what they feed their baby. As the baby is fed I’ll mind my own business.

Same applies to discipline. Unless a parent is beating their child, I wouldn’t undermine their authority in front of their child.

sally on

Although I do believe people need to mind their own business- when you decide to post a photo like this- BE READY to get every kind of comment under the sun- and most of them judgmental and negative! There are a LOT of people out there who get their kicks out of saying mean thing. Don’t want the shaming? Then DO NOT post pictures on social media! Plain and simple.

Simple Solutions on

Just a general comment…why is everything people do these days plastered all over social media and the Internet? Nothing, absolutely nothing is private anymore. People post a snap of their every move on Instagram, for example, and then freak out (publicly, once again) when observers have comments or other points of view. If you don’t like negative comments from strangers (because it will happen) then why put it all out there in the first place? Is is necessary? A lot of “social media stress/meltdowns” could be easily avoided if private matters are kept peacefully under wraps at home. Just a thought.

Olga on

As long the baby is healthy and happy, it doesn’t matter what the baby eats.

Anonymous on

Nothing wrong with giving jarred baby food. With that said, suck it up buttercup…don’t post something if you can’t handle negative comments. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows and people will disagree. Stop posting if you can’t handle it.

Bex on

I’ve never heard of her in my life. She clearly publicized the photos for a reaction or fame. Get over yourself, lady.

Torri on

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