Game Time! Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Take Luna to First Sporting Event

06/02/2016 at 09:55 PM ET

Baller baby!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s daughter Luna Simone is experiencing things in her first six weeks of life that many grown men only dream of in a lifetime. The NBA Finals — in living color!

On Thursday, Legend took to Snapchat sharing an adorable video of his leading ladies as they arrived at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, to watch the Golden State Warriors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in game one of the final series.

John Legend/Snapchat

In the clip, Teigen, 30 — in aviator sunglasses and back to sporting her shorter blonde locks — smiles broadly as a sleeping baby Luna rests peacefully in her arms. Legend is heard in the background saying, “Luna’s first basketball game. Oh my goodness!”

Courtside @nba #nbafinals

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“Luna at the #NBAFinals!!!” Legend, 37, captioned the pic.

Aside from enjoying the game, the family was also in town for Legend to take the stage, as he performed the National Anthem at Thursday’s game.

“About to sound check for Game 1 #NBAFinals,” the “Glory” singer wrote across another picture on Snapchat.

Look who's at the game?

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Since welcoming their first child in mid-April, both Legend and Teigen have shared their little girl in healthy doses, saying before her birth that they had no plans to keep her out of the public eye.

“We’re not going to go out of our way to hide because obviously it’s such a big part of our live to show everything: the inside of our homes, my parents living with us, our animals, everything,” Teigen said. “I’m not going to do sneaky back shots of her or anything.”

— Naja Rayne

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jmquinnn on

I wouldn’t take a baby that young out to such a large venue. At six weeks, she isn’t old enough (need to be 2 months old) to have had her first DPT shot and Whooping Cough is everywhere!

stinky on

i’m not a hater….i like john & chrissy…..but i wouldn’t take that little baby to a stinky, crowded & loud arena….but hey, it’s not my kid!!

Natasha on

The perfect know-it-all parents are about to complain why she’s taking a newborn baby to a game and not at home in 3…2…1…

DV on

Agree with jmquinnn. Not to mention the noise level being bad for her tiny little ears.

Anonymous on

Natasha, it isn’t being a know it all when pediatricians tell you not to expose your baby to large indoor crowds at that early age. Their immune systems are too weak and they get sick too easily.

Odetothemountain on

Ugh, why are they still in the spotlight! Go away!

Dragonsheart on

I was thrilled & thoroughly enjoyed Ohio’s own John Legend performing a heart warming rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at Game #1 of the NBA Finals. I had a sick feeling that his performance would be the highlight of my viewing experience….couldn’t bear to watch…channel flipped back & forth with an impending sense of doom. Thank you John & family for providing the light in an otherwise crappy chapter of the perpetual Calvary that Cleveland sports fans endure.

Ishan on

She is hardly 2 months old…and already enjoying NBA finals…Lucky girl!

Sherry on

Oh, please…they aren’t doing anything that many of haven’t done…the grocery store or the mall isn’t safer than the basketball game, and I’m sure the doctor has told them it’s fine. Honestly, some of you are perfectly happy to have your baby at home in the backyard with all your friends around, but you can’t wait to ridicule Chrissy Teigen because you have to have someone to hate. People takes their babies out all the time at this age…..

Meeee on

I just watched her snapchats and she didn’t take the baby to the actual game. The baby was with her mom while the game was going on. People are so quick to judge and mommy shame. Yes I am so over the mommy/daddy shaming. If it isn’t your child don’t worry about it……I get she put it out there but please know the whole story.

hanf on

typo “than many men” … ungrammatical … “donned in…”

Sally on

these two are becoming more and more obnoxious by the minute. First of, this venue isn’t a good place for a newborn. Secondly, this ongoing exploitation of their child is disgusting. Thirdly, she is wearing sunglasses, while her poor baby is exposed to noise and God-knows-what.
These two lost all my respect!!

Erika on

I think they are a lovely couple and I love their daughter is with them!

jg1965 on

The baby does’t belong there. The noise, people, crowds et al are not safe for her – germs, loud sounds, jostling about…BAD choice on the parents part. They are parents and need to curtail what and how they do things.

Molly on

PEOPLE, please consider editing the sexist sentence about men dreaming of attending the NBA finals. Believe or not, women, too, enjoy sports and also dream of attending the NBA Finals.

Tati on

Just because someone gives a suggestion does not mean they are judging you as a bad parent. Its ok to take the baby out. And bring her around people. But an arena is too big and she could catch something. Her system is still weak and she hasnt gotten her shots. Plus, chrissy talks crap herself. If she doesnt want comments she shouldnt share.

NoDoubt! on

Leave that baby at home. That is not a place for a newborn. And Chrissy – you are such an attention-hoe, leave the baby out of it. Just be a mom.

Meena on

This isn’t your baby. Go watch your own kids.

Anonymous on

Chill out, everyone. They didn’t take her to the actual game. They took her on the court for a quick picture before John Legend has his sound check, and then she went backstage (backcourt?) into a quiet room with a nanny.

Ellen on

I was in the new baby haze and took my newborn to public places. Our pediatrician said it was okay. I definitely wouldn’t have gone to a basketball game though. You live, you learn. She does invite the criticism by posting. I agree ultimately that people are way too hard on new mothers. I wouldn’t take my next child out as much but you can’t live in a bubble.

Carole on

I’m surprised she didn’t try to sing backup. So annoying. He sang beautifully.

maryhelenc on

I took my baby out when they were teeny weeny, so I’m not going to judge her for wanting to take her baby with her. But she always comes off so phony that sometimes it feels like poor Luna is a shiny new toy to her.

StevenSampson on

That’s obvious a doll you people! It’s a joke cause they know how judgmental people like you all are >_<

Ilona on

Take a baby just of “look at me” it’s creepy !!! Stupid woman !!!!

Tee on

Alright, I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Chrissy. I don’t know much about her but the reason she came to annoy me is because she threw a fit about some things that were said about her early in the pregnancy and declared that she was going to be keeping things to herself from then on out since people were so rude. Well, that was fine. I agree with her, people can be VERY rude, downright nasty, and she had every right to keep things to herself. However, she didn’t. She continued to put herself out there time and again while still complaining about how rude people are. Now, I’m of the opinion that celebrities should be able to share their personal life without being attacked at every turn. However, there was just something about her attitude that came across as if she was doing nothing more than seeking out attention. That bothered me.

That having been said, the comments on this article have me a bit surprised. They took their daughter out to a ball game and apparently kept her “backstage” during the game itself. I’m not quite seeing the problem, not sure why people are criticizing her for that? I think it’s nice that they take their baby daughter places with them instead of leaving her home with a nanny or her grandparents all the time. (Nothing wrong with parents going out without their children on occasion, of course! I’m referring to parents that leave their children in other people’s hands seemingly around the clock.) Little Luna is absolutely precious and Chrissy and John seem to be quite happy to be parents!

I am a bit confused by the fact that she’s wearing sunglasses inside, though. Never understood people that did/do that!

mar on

how about knowing the whole story before judging her. her mom was in a dressing room in the back taking care of the baby the baby wasn’t at the actual game watching like everyone else. some of you are embarrassing

Molly on

They’re a lovely couple and their daughter is cute.