Pregnant Megan Fox ‘Hears Messages’ from Her Unborn Child: ‘This Baby Wanted Me to Live Somewhere Else So We’re Moving’

06/01/2016 at 01:30 AM ET

Megan Fox and her unborn child are bonding in ways they can only understand.

The actress appeared on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and chatted about how she and the baby are already communicating.

“You don’t hear an audible voice, but you hear messages, if you’re open to it,” Fox, 30, explained to the late-night host about her mother/child conversations from the womb. “For instance, this baby wanted me to live somewhere else so we’re moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles because I feel like that’s where this baby wants to be raised.”

Fox further joked about her “super genius” third child even comparing her baby to engineers Wernher von Braun and Elon Musk.

Source: JKimmel Live/Youtube

Also during Tuesday’s show, the mother-to-be admitted to Kimmel that she was far along in her pregnancy when she was last on his show in February.

“Yeah, I was definitely pregnant, I was already in my second trimester,” Fox clarified when Kimmel noticed her growing baby bump. “I had on like three pairs of Spanx and we were really harnessing that in,” she said.

In April, Fox’s estranged husband Brian Austin Green confirmed to PEOPLE that the pair were going to be parents once more. As Green and Fox get ready for their new addition, their sons Noah Shannon, 3½, and Bodhi Ransom, 2, are preparing to be big brothers.

“I’ve showed them with a baby doll, they know where the baby is coming out,” Fox told Kimmel.

“Bodhi thinks it’s really funny that you’re gonna feed the baby with your boobies,” she continued, adding, “Older one’s aware, but he’s excited.”

Besides moving houses, Fox revealed she’s getting used to be pregnant, though she’s not looking forward to the labor. “It’s easier doing it, I’ve had a baby every other year since 2012, I’ve gotten used to it,” she said. “With this one I’ve been a little more relaxed because I know how much it’s gonna hurt. I’m getting a little nervous about that, the pain is no joke.”

— Karen Mizoguchi

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guestie on

Did the baby also tell her to keep their ‘conversations’ private so she doesn’t start looking crazy to the general public?

Sally on

Yep, she definitely is the sharpest knife in the drawer…..LMAO

Jj on

Did the baby also tell her she’s an awful actress? If not, the rest of the world can.

Guest on

She’s losing it…and it’s not pregnancy brain!

bbb1975 on

Oh…come on..

Mrs. B on

Is she okay? She doesn’t seem normal, and I am not joking.

mic on

did her other 2 kids communicate too, or just this one? do we want to know? she was joking i bet……

guestie on

Gee if I had a dollar for every time the rose bush outside my house ‘reminded’ me to trim it. .

What on

I’m not sure what’s more bizarre…her fetus communicating with her, squeezing her last fetus with Spanx just to hide her pregnancy, or giving one of her children “Ransom” as a middle name???

KZ on

Maybe staying with a guy she doesn’t want to be with is making her go crazy?

Charlotte on

I think she is nuts.

Pat on

Yeesh – she sounds a little wacky. How does an unborn child know about LA neighborhoods? And what about the opinions of her other children? I’d feel pretty resentful of the incoming baby if I were them!

sheri on

it’s called mother’s intuition.

Abby on

She’s as crazy as a bedbug.

Maria on

I believe her. Before I even knew I was pregnant, I dreamt one night about a ( 1-year old or so) baby girl, looking at me and giggling. The day after, I remember thinking how weird that dream had been. A few days later I discovered I was pregnant, but I had already forgotten about that dream and did not connect it with the fact I was already pregnant in any way.

My baby girl was born and when she was about 1 year old (she’s 8 now) , she once looked at me and giggled, in a very particular way – or at least a very recognizeable one, since – I swear to God – and I am not joking – it was only then when I recognized that face and giggle- it was the same face in my dream more than a year ago!

For obvious reasons, I have not hardly spoken about this with my relatives or friends but I have consulted with specialist and people with psychic abilities and they all said that my unborn baby was just communicating with me!

Believe or not – in my case it is true.

J on

She was JOKING.

ellwn on

Ummmm, kids, she was on Jimmy Kimmel, a comedy show. She was joking about the unborn child talking to her. As in hahaha that’s funny!
What’s even funnier are all these posters not clueing in!!

really on


Trish on

Koo Koo

Carole on

Crazy for sure.

Nica on

How sad is it when you’re barely 30 years old and you look like Megan Fox (whether she is your cup of tea or not, the girl was gorgeous) yet you feel the need to completely change your face? What a world.

Lynn on

Ohhhhh this explains a lot. Now I know why she went back to her loser husband, he is the only one who understands the crazy.


Either the baby is possessed, she is nuts, or she wanted to move..

jm on

This isn’t the first time she’s had conversations going on in her head -what a loon.

Jenny on

Leave her alone, if she says she feels that connection to HER CHILD, who are we to judge on that. This World is so miserable!

Mom of 2 sweet boys on

People! She was on Jimmy Kimmel! It’s late night COMEDY show…..lighten up! She was kidding around a bit….what’s strange is that all you commenters don’t get that…lol!

Nancy on

Stop with the hate, this women is pregnant with a gift from God. If she hears things or senses things that is for her to feel or understand herself. I wish her a healthy baby!!!’

blessedwithboys on

#normalizenormalfeeding #normalizenormalbirth