Jena Malone Welcomes Son Ode Mountain

05/31/2016 at 02:50 PM ET

Jena Malone and her boyfriend Ethan DeLorenzo are singing with joy this week — they’re officially parents to a baby boy.

The couple welcomed son Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone over the weekend, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 actress announced on Instagram Tuesday.

“The best weekend of our lives,” Malone, 31, wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of the family. “What an incredible blessing to be chosen by this amazing, kind, gentle and beautiful soul to be his parents.”

She added, “Humbled and in complete awe that we get to experience the most ancient and transcendent love that exists.”

Jena Malone
Source: Jena Malone/Instagram

DeLorenzo also posted a sweet video of his and Malone’s early moments with their son, which included snuggling up to the tiny little guy.

The pair announced the pregnancy just over four months ago, also on the social media website.

–– Lindsay Kimble

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What? on

Can’t say that I llike that name, poor kid.

JenaMaloneFan on

I’m so happy for her. Congrats!

moonie on

Jena is one strange person. I think it’s a very strange name to give a child, can’t even imagine the child “growing” into a name like that. Also, I see she included the father’s surname but gave the child her last name? Different.

fanfaren on

Great actress. Congrats to the new family.

Jen on

Ode Mountain???? Is that pronounced Oh-Dee? Like the dog on Garfield? That’s just a terrible thing to do to a kid.

Mrs on

Pilot Inspektor and Audio Science are happy to give their “Crappiest Name” title to him.

J on

Ode Mountain? I guess she wanted to pay tribute to the mountains, lol…

J on

ode to the mountainnnnnnn

Julie on

That has got to be one of the dumbest names I have ever heard. Don’t these people realize that this poor child has to grow up with such a name and imagine when they are 75 years old, the name won’t be “cute” anymore.

Carolyn on

Ode Mountain? Another dumb a s s name.

Anonymous on

Wonder where they’re at… Looks like there is snow on the railing.

Liz on

Cute baby, but ridiculous name. Also, FYI to daddy. That haircut was in style when I was born…

Megan on

Oh good Lord!
Sweet baby, stupid name.

Ellie on

Awful name. Ode. Maybe it means something beautiful in another language? But sadly, in English it’s just awful.

Sara on

I absolutely hate when people say that a child chose them to become their parents. What a bunch of crap. So does that mean that children who are abused by their parents made a bad choice?

ShutTheFrontDoor on

Stupid name! Poor kid. Maybe next time they’ll have a girl and call her Poem Creek.

Celly on

I like the name. It’s different but masculine. I’m happy for them. They seem like they want to have a loving life together and her love for that little baby is precious.

MrsW on

Ugh!! Shut up already about the name…you “women” are so petty…

Heather on

Seriously, another stupid ass name…

Dixie on

That’s certainly one lucky kid and one beautiful way to be welcomed…having a hard time getting behind the name, though. I guess “Ode” by itself isn’t so bad. Could be worse. They’ll probably end up calling him Odie. “Mountain” is kind of pushing it, especially now that the first thing I think of is The Mountain from Game of Thrones–NOT a positive association!!! xD;
I appreciate trying to give a poetic, unique, meaningful name that honors nature and sounds spiritual…this just…looks and sounds awkward to me. More like “old mountain” than a name.

mer on

The name is unusual, but not “horrible” or whatever the other comments say. Why do you care so much? I’m only wondering about the pronunciation.

West on

✨congratulations to them . What a strong name for their beautiful boy✨

DK Phillips on

The parents will be the only ones calling the child by ‘Ode Mountain’s. When child gets older and realize he has 4 other names to go by, he will pick what he wants to be called. Let’s not forget the grandparents will call him what they want from all those names tagged on ‘Ode, Mountain, DeLorenzo, Malone… (see what I mean?) And remember the parents really shows their low intelligence when they act, say, and try to act intelligent when they have a child and treat it and name it like a pet.

Ty on

Are celebrities competing with each other to give their children the most horrific, humiliating names? Poor kid with selfish parents.

Blake on

Her next child will be named Tribute Valley malone

Claire on

I love,how the people who say that it isn’t your place,to,dislike a name are too stupid to know how to pronounce it. It’s a word. It is an actual noun. A thing. You don’t know this? Garfield’s dog pal is ODIE. This is ODE. It sounds like ode, written like ode and it means ode: a dedicated poem, sonnet, play or other artistic creation.
Do I need to explain what a mountain is now?
How about the word ‘condescending’?

whodatwhat on

Welcome to planet Earth. Your name is Ode. Deal with it.

Bridget on

Ode is a German name meaning “rich.”. I volunteer at a nursing home and one of the residents who passed away was named Heinz and I called him Heinz 57.