Jaime King Launches New Gender-Neutral Kids’ Clothing Line

05/31/2016 at 05:30 PM ET

Jaime King is breaking down barriers.

The Hart of Dixie star is teaming up with children’s clothing retailer Gardner and the Gang, led by Kristin Nystrom, to design the Gardner and the Gang ♥ Jaime King Collection: a socially and environmentally aware, gender-fluid clothing brand that aims to make children feel empowered and accepted.

“We have set limitations upon our children and babies, whether that be consciously or subconsciously. Somewhere along the line of ‘dos and don’ts,’ we relegated children into little boxes that are so restrictive,” King, 37, tells PEOPLE exclusively of her inspiration behind the collaboration.

The actress and model adds: “Somehow, the world decided that boys belong in blue and girls belong in pink and anything other than that is weird or strange and in some ways frowned upon — as if allowing a boy to wear purple or hot pink is steering them in the wrong direction.”

Jaime King Gardner and the Gang 1
Abbey Drucker

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King’s collaboration with Nystrom not only takes care to focus less on stereotypically “male” or “female” colors, but also incorporates prints that are just as meaningful as they are fun.

“When I see my child at the playground holding hands and playing with another boy — regardless of age, race, situation or circumstance — all I see from him is loving, and the powerful and effortless ability to connect,” King says.

“So that’s where we came up with the idea to take animals that you’d typically not see in the animal kingdom getting along, sharing a milkshake,” she says of The Lion’s Heart collection. “Because that’s what our kids do.”


Jaime King Gardner and the Gang 2
Abbey Drucker

“The reason I wanted to design a collaboration with Gardner and the Gang is because the moment that I saw what Kristin was creating, I felt an electricity inside of myself,” King continues. “My immediate thought was that this is not only ahead of its time, but the future of children’s clothing.”

King, who is mom to sons James Knight, 2½, and Leo Thames, 10 months, with director husband Kyle Newman, 40, didn’t stop at wanting to create clothing that was gender-fluid and empowering. The line is also meant to keep kids dreaming and playing creatively, both together and independently.

“The most important thing for Kristin and me was to make sure we’re not just making clothing, but we’re making clothing that really excites the imagination, that shares the message of camaraderie, togetherness and playfulness,” the Sin City actress says.

Jaime King Gardner and the Gang 3
Abbey Drucker

“This collection is vastly important because we want any boy that likes our dresses to rock them,” King continues. “[For] any girl that doesn’t want to wear a skirt to put on some sweet leggings.”

The Lion’s Heart collection for Gardner and the Gang ♥ Jaime King is available now at Gardnerandthegang.com.

Jen Juneau

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Jenn on

Dumb. Its ok to be a boy or be a girl!!! Our society is so focused on the wrong “issues”!

Jenny on


Dena on

Ridiculous! This is why children are so confused. Jamie you are not being society. You are helping cripple it!

Dena on


Crapola on

Great, just what we need another “star” shoving this crap down our throats!! So sick of this crap!!

Michelle on

This is RIDICULOUS!!! A child’s sex is determined at conception and you can’t change the chromosomes. This fluid stuff is stupid. Lord please come back quick.

Lily on

Absolutely ridiculous. Let children be innoncent children without bringing sexuality/gender into it all the time. Not to mention that those clothes are hideous…nobody is going to want to wear them in public. Everything looks like pjs.

Raginia on

Seriously, her kid is 2 1/2 and 10 months!!! She’s a parent expert FOR SURE! Give me a break. Kids gravitate towards their own interests and likes, period. My little boy loves pink because his big sister likes it but he also liked trucks (which he request on a shopping trip) and action figures. She played with them to from time to time but you know what, she’s not a boy and he’s not a girl and they know that. He climbs rocks, likes bugs and loves to be gross. She’s dainty, petite and afraid of most bugs. Men and women are NOT created equally, try as you may to tell the world different!

Regina on

And those clothes…. Freaking UGLY!!!! I’ll stick with Crewcuts

mindfuldeals on

Fine. But if your goal is, as you say, “a message of camaraderie, togetherness and playfulness” then the first step is to DROP THE BEST FRIENDS sweatshirts. It is quite alienating and isolating to a child who wishes to play. The BFF message promotes separatism & exclusion. I would hope that you could recognize that on your own, especially during the launch media for your “inclusive” line of clothing.

Guest on

I guess neutral genders is the “it” thing of the minute? Can’t wait to see what these morons latch onto next for some attention and a little $$$. Pathetic.

myuntidydesk on

Is it OK if some little girls want pink and purple and some little boys want blue and green? Yes, let kids where what they want within reason, but let’s not make such a big damn deal out of it. My cousin’s 9 year old son wears a little bit of hot pink every day… no biggie. But I don’t know… just make things available in more colors and see what sells and what doesn’t. Then take it from there.

Taylor on

I mean, if a little boy wants to wear pink, then he should just go to the girls section and pick out a pink shirt? Same thing if there’s a little girl who wants pajamas with trucks on it. Why do you have to label it “gender neutral” for both genders to wear it?

Lola on

GIVE ME A BREAK! This woman has too much time on her hands trying to jump on the bandwagon for every leftist movement. There have been transgenders since the beginning of time and there will be transgendera until the end. The liberal leftist (loons) all of a sudden discovered them and wants to make a social issue out of it. Today they are standing up for transgenders and tomorrow they will be standing up for somebody who wants to marry their goat or horse. This woman needs to concentrate on being a mother and a wife. She must be lacking so much in her own life to always want to feel good about herself striving for social justice.

@lola on

Leave the political name calling out of this!!!

Charlotte on


Whatever freak on

Gender neutral my a s s! Those clothes look like girl clothes! There is no such thing as gender neutral. Society is so f ‘d up!!

What The He// on

This is exactly what we don’t need; kids thinking they can be either or at such a young age. This gender fluid and gender neutral stuff for little people is a crock of crap and it’s confusing for them! As a society, we are doomed.

Brooke on

I LOVE IT!!! Let kids be who they are, and not beholden to wear pink & blue, or trucks and dolls. Love it.

Lilly on

Any boy that loves our dresses to rock them ? Seriously ? Stupid idiots

Just me on

If you’re born with a penis, you’re male. If you’re born with a vagina, you’re a female. End of story.

CJ on

While I’m all about my girls liking trucks and wearing pants. My girls are girls and these children have already expressed to me that THEY think it’s strange if a boy wants to be a girl or visa versa. Confusing children and making them think about gender and sex is abnormal. My girl are girls and while they like blue, love dirt and trucks they love pink and purple, dressing up, and playing mommy.

Emma on

This might be a nice idea for some kids, but all this gender neutral stuff lately is a bit much (to say the least). It’s okay to wear these clothes but it’s okay to be a boy or a girl too! I’ve been dressing my daughter up in pink and bows since she was an infant and a few people actually criticized me saying, “She wears too much pink! She can wear blue too you know!!” and told me not to reinforce stereotypes. Please! How ridicullous. The world didn’t just decide to dress boys in blue and girls in pink to be negative – sometimes less confusion is a good thing! Not everything needs to be a question! When babies are first born and bald and look the same, sometimes people others to be able to identify of it’s a baby boy or baby girl – pink and blue help with the identification. Is pink and blue absolutely necessary? No. But some people are happy in their gender roles. My is a daughter now a toddler and loves to wear the same girly clothes I’ve always been putting her in. She does have other things – and I give her options and let her decide (she loves deciding things out even at this age) – she always wants the dress or the sparkly bow or the pink pants. She’s a girly-girl like me. If other girls want to wear boys clothes so be it, but I don’t know that it’s the best idea to start kids off confused.

Dawn Wyman on

I hate to break it to her, but if her son goes to school wearing a dress, then he’s going to get his butt kicked on the playground.

patti on

Dena I agree. They are destroying our country and our way of life. These stars need to stay out of everyone’s life. Just because they talk does not mean we have to listen. We can think for ourselves.

Ella on

Ridiculous. Just because there is the very rare child that ‘thinks’ they are a different gender, doesn’t mean we should encourage it. Acceptable clothes for boys do not include dresses. Ever.

Anonymous on

Please stop this! Your child is a boy or girl! Hollywood, please stop trying to force this on society! We all have individual rights! If you want to live like this, then go ahead, but do not make everybody feel bad for disagreeing!

100%girl on

The animals sharing a milkshake thing is cute. Thinking it’s normal for boys to wear dresses is not, and I don’t call that restrictive! Let boys be boys and girls be girls. Most don’t have a problem with that!

jena on

amazing. this is the type of celebrity i can endorse. congratulations!

guest on

Dear leftie loons of Hollyweird – S T F U and stop doing everything possible to destroy the human race. There is something seriously screwed up in the water in Hollyweird. There is NOTHING wrong with boys, girls, women and men. You can stick your leftie loon gender neutral crap. America isn’t buying it.

jena on

when people say they are “so sick of this” …we need it more. amazing! this is beautiful!!!!!!!!


those are some gaudy clothes.


Here we go all aboard the special snowflake train!!


Seriously? theses clothes are ugly first of all and look like some tripe outta the fifties. secondly, kids could care less about what the color is or what design is on the front they just want it to be comfortable. Parents are the ones buying the clothes and parents are the ones dressing them. Parents are the kooks that are trying to come across as pretentious, forward thinking, and look at me I’m okay and accepting of whatever my child wants to be.


For boy or girl, those clothe are ugly.. while man can wear skirts if they want, no one should wear clothes this hapless and simplistic.
Yes, you can make clothes that are unisex, but unless mother nature start making bodies that are unisex, everyone is going to look equally bad in those designs

nolanite on

Until about the 1940s, pink was a masculine color (because it’s a faded red) and blue was a feminine color. So yes, gender norms in colors and clothing change. Obviously women wear pants now. But efforts like this feel forced. Are there really lots of little boys clamoring to wear dresses? I’d truly like to see their market data on that. I suspect it would be the parents making this purchase and foisting it onto the little boy. That probably won’t go over so well on the playground, if I had to guess.

Stop Already on

Almost ALL of the comments posted on here are spot on. I like the one about her best friends sweatshirt.. This gives me hope that not everyone is losing it. How is a dress gender neutral? The outfits they show look more like pajama lounge wear for girls not gender neutral. But I guess she will be dressing her boys in all of these clothes so we’ll see.