Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Daughter Meets with ‘Auntie’ Kim Kardashian — and Even Gets Kanye West to Smile

05/29/2016 at 06:15 PM ET

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s baby Luna Simone is only 6 weeks old, but she is already making some very famous friends.

Teigen, 30, revealed that little Luna met with “Auntie” Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West during a post-church brunch in California on Sunday.

In one Snapchat photo, Kardashian West can be seen cradling Luna, who was born in Los Angeles in April. In another video, the reality star and her rapper husband can be seen cuddling with Luna at a table. (And yes, West even cracked a smile while looking at the adorable tot!)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with Luna
Source: Chrissy Teigen/Snapchat

Kim Kardashian with Luna
Source: Chrissy Teigen/Snapchat

Teigen was also joined at the brunch by her mom, Vilailuck Teigen, husband Legend and a large group of friends.

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Kardashian West and Teigen are very close. In March, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star helped throw Teigen a L.A. baby shower.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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Help! on

Neither one even look comfortable holding a baby. What a joke that they have children of their own.

Anonymous on

And where are there own children? They should have never never had children.

Anonymous on

Kim really, don’t kiss that baby. Whore we know where your lips have been. Any thing for photo.

Anonymous on

They all belong together. All a bunch of roaches. No talent low lifes

The Free Woman on

I feel bad for kim, she had it all at one point. Beauty, personality, fun…and over the years she has just lost all of that!

nobo on

ew, church.

Claire on

Holy jacket, Batman! Can we forget about the baby for a minute and just focus on the fact that Kim Kardashian HAS CLOTHES ON?!?!?!

Seriously, I feel like people are missing the true magic in this picture.

Barbara on

ADORABLE! Luna is such a blessing – I have HUGE respect for Chrissy and John Legend for the way the denounce and make minced meat of all the haters on these gossip rag comment threads and in social media. What a bunch of total losers…you guys GO! Your friends are your friends – none of these lowlifes who post hate and spew garbage have any friends, – sadly 😦

Anonymous on

Poor baby!!

Abbie on

This is the top story?

myuntidydesk on

While I am not a fan of any of these people, it is nice to see Kim in semi-normal clothes, with messy hair… not always on parade showing off her boobs and fake butt.

Zeph on

I wonder what they all look like without all the Botox and crap. I love that my children look like me. Its almost child abuse to state how much you hate your face and your daughter is listening and she has the exact same face. Why can’t anyone get that fact in Hollywood? Quit with the cat people look already.

cutiepie on

How cute is Luna!!

Mrs. B on

She’s a cute baby!

Me on

Well, that kid will grow up to be garbage. And hate BECK.

Sarah on

Ugh. Keep your baby away from these trash bags

guest on

Big baby for a month old. She is cute.

Shannon on

You trolls are really miserable, nothing about this picture requires, such nastiness and vitriol, it’s a cute pic inside their non pap world, where you get to see a little bit of them being normal, their kids are also there and they are enjoying time with their friends and their family, only a miserable soul would find fault with this and make nasty comments, what type of misery must some of you all be dealing with to be this hateful. Geesh

Cindy on

Beautiful baby! Can’t believe someone as classy as John Legend is friends with such trash!

erin on

It’s nice they can dote on someone else’s child but are never with their own two kids. What a joke. It’s all a PR stunt anyways.

Anonymous on

The baby is cute, but John Legend, who I always found to be classy, has gone down a few notches in my book knowing that he’s friends with Kim and Kanye, two of the least classy people in entertainment. Then again, Chrissy Teigen is not exactly a class act either, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised.

Lisa on

The baby is cute, I will just say that first. I always thought John Legend was a classy guy, but he’s gone down a few notches in my book knowing he’s friends with Kim and Kanye, two of the tackiest people in entertainment. Then again, Chrissy Teigen isn’t exactly known for being a class act, so I shouldn’t be that surprised.

Jana on

These poor kids every move will be shared with millions of strangers by their fame hungry parents. Nothing is sacred.

**** on

kim you , your husband and your kids all are super ugly

jezmyopinion on

Doesn’t Teigen know how transferable Herpes and AIDS are?

jo on

Topstory??? 😦

Kim always leave her children with a nanny.

Yoliewinecorporation on

She should be cradling and showing her own baby Saint and not keeping him hidden. IMO I see more of North

kitty62862 on

Mr. West, when smiling, is actually handsome.

Truth is on

Dimmy looks unnatural holding a baby even though she has 2 of her own…where is stain alone?!? Auntie bc Kris is Chrissy’s manager⁉️⁉️

Truth is on

*baby saint alone

Jenn on

What a cutie!

Don't Let The Kardashian Family Near Yours on

Kim Kardashian is ‘close’ with whomever is ‘in’ at the moment. Her list of ‘close friends’ never seen or heard from after 6 months of publicity is long. LaLa Anthony, Larissa Pippin, Brittany Gastineau, the list is endless.

SS on

Aw, cute pics. They seem fun together.

Just Saying on

It’s really nice to see them in normal clothes and actually smiling.



sally on

That lady shouldn’t let Kim’s lips or fingers anywhere near that baby. God only knows where they’ve been, gag.

Guest on

This is your top story really

seronna on

Kim the cow has to make the picture all about her, of course!
Holding the baby, and doing the duck lips.
Can’t let anyone else have one minute of attention.

Reeva on

Hope she wasn’t allowed to kiss the baby. Never know what disease the whore is carrying!!!!

Yuck! on

How much do the trashy K family pay you to report on this crap???

Joe on

The vainglorious Kim is probably looking at the child to be sure she’s not cuter than her own. She is that type of woman!

JIMMY!!! on

I hope they wiped Luna down with antibacterial wipes after those two man handled her

Gyl on

Great pics. Kanye smiling is
refreshing. But I am a bit surprised
that Kim looks so unnatural with
that baby considering that she haa
two of her own.

Hea on

Oh good. Maybe now Kanye and Kim will finally remember that they too have a baby.

Seriously, is there something the matter with Saint?

Anonymous on

I think Kim looks great here!

Allison on

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