Blac Chyna Reveals She’s Gained 20 Lbs. During Her Pregnancy So Far

05/22/2016 at 01:15 PM ET

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is embracing every part of her pregnancy.

Since announcing that she was expecting earlier this month, 28-year-old Chyna has shared details about her pregnancy on social media, including her weight gain.

In a Snapchat video from Saturday, Chyna stepped on the scale to reveal she’s currently weighing in at about 163 lbs.

“Let’s see,” the mother of one says as the numbers increase. “Mommy gained 20 lbs.”

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Chyna also talks about the baby with King Cairo, her 3-year-old son with Tyga. As the mom and son cuddle on the couch, he asks, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“I don’t know, what do you want it to be?” she asks back.

Earlier this week, Chyna slammed critics online commenting on her pregnancy body.

“To all you people out here with negative comments and insecure words (obviously because you have nothing else to do but criticize the next) I AM HAVING A BABY!” Rob Kardashian‘s fiancée responded on the @thacelebriteanews Instagram account.

“Exactly what do you expect to see?! If I walked out in makeup and heels every day to be beautiful to your means I WOULD BE MISERABLE AND UNHAPPY which are two vibes I refuse to transfer to my little one.”

— Stephanie Petit

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HELP!! on

She’s going to out weight Rob if she keeps up this pace.

Eww on

She’s sagging and flopping all over the place. She needs to stop sausaging herself into these heinous Lycra get ups. And I thought Kim looked tacky as all hell when preggers…

Kathy on

How far along is she? She needs to start eating wiser, or at this rate she’ll put on 70 pounds.

goodie on

So she’s not one of the “fit” moms?

Ellekay on

Why is it that when Kim Kardashian puts on pregnancy weight, she’s a cow, but when this one does, she’s “embracing her pregnancy?” Women are SUPPOSED to gain weight when pregnant… that’s a thing. Granted, Blac Chyna needs to wear something MUCH more flattering than this “get up” but no expectant mother’s weight should ever be the main point of a story.

And Please God, can we STOP CALLING HER BLAC CHYNA!? It is, by far, the WORST possible name you can use as a celebrity. Go by her real name…at least it doesn’t make me sound racist every time I mention her. “First there was Chyna – the wrestler who recently died. But you know… the other Chyna…Blac Chyna…” Not cool.

Claire on

Really? Just 20? Looking at those legs, though it would be more. She’ll end up like Kim – 100 lbs ++

UDontNoNe on

Sooo…following KimKong’s pregnancy diet and & clothing tips then?

BBQ on

She is so gutter..

Guest on

She must be eating some really fattening groceries to have gained 20 lbs. already. That’s all I gained total for the whole pregnancy. Ghetto girl is going to be ginormous by the end. Spandex only accentuates the problem. She’s hard to look at…

Mirandel Richardson on

It’s amazing how much your past contributes to what people think about you. Beauty is subjective.If he loves her than who are we to judge. How many of you trolls commenting are overweight? Huge butts on a women in some African American culture is a sign of beauty.

Carrotter on

She is really, really ugly and unattractive. Even without being pregnant, she looks totally deformed.

pcc on

For someone who was a stripper, she never appeared to be all that in shape or toned to begin with. She probably only kept herself together because of her former profession. Now who cares? She’s got Blobby Robby on the hook for years. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is still drinking and smoking weed, too.

Marina on

This girl is going to gain big – you can tell from her body type – oh. . and her eating habits.

Em Dub on

Ghetto Khaleesi.

Lol on

She is one huge ghetto mess. She was smart–caught Rob at his most vulnerable and pounced. He probably couldn’t reach his junk in order to get protection on it. She played him well, and boy is this a big EFF YOU to Kylie!

sharon on


Vinny on

I think she looks fine, not overweight.

smpalesh on

20 lbs already? She is at most 4 months pregnant. By now she should have gained maybe 8-10 lbs. You don’t want to gain more than 30 lbs if you start out at a normal weight. If she is already at 20 lbs weight gain it is definitely not the baby causing the weight gain, it is whatever she is eating which is clearly not healthy.

Guest on

WOW…..not many stories about poor Kim ? Rob & his idiot gal have the spotlight now, so Kimmode does a preggars test on a plane to get attention ? REALLY ? Is this that interesting ?
Ghetto Gutter Family…..Most of you people somehow think this family is worth reading about ? For what reason ? Just because it’s news and they have money ? Don’t you realize that Kris HID evidence in the Nicole Brown MURDER….someone she considered to be her best friend ? IF I had a friend like that, I surely wouldn’t want any enemies !

Guest on

Of course she is gaining weight…..after this gutter baby is born off to the plastic surgeon to look fabulous ….of course she never has looked fabulous so any surgery she has will be an improvement. Secondly she needs to learn how to spell….

OVP on

She may have to eat more carefully to control the weight gain.

Lana on

She’s not just announce the pregnancy, she didn’t just become pregnant.. Isn’t she at least 4 months along as I read/understood it when I read the original cam out, so she’d have to be close to 5 months along or halfway through by now..Correct?

KL on

Holy she’s just pregnant and already gained 20 pounds ?? Isn’t that a lot, Some women gain like 35 pounds in the whole pregnancy … Yikes..

Vonna on

She could loose the weight once the child is born.